Brutal Sucker Punch Knocks Man Out Cold in Swindon Town Center

Brutal Sucker Punch Knocks Man Out Cold in Swindon Town Center

Caught on CCTV in Swindon town centre, county of Wiltshire in South West England. An 18 year old man was walking towards Bushwackers nightclub with a friend and stopped in the middle of a pedestrian zone. Another man from a group of people nearby ran toward him and brutally sucker punched him to the back of his head. The victim was knocked out cold before planting his face into the ground. The fall resulted in broken nose, cuts to the face and knocked out teeth.

The attack happened shortly after 2:15 am on Sunday March 3, 2013 in Fleet Street, outside the Subway sandwich shop. The victim was completely unaware of what was about to happen. After the sucker punch, the attacker danced off the camera view. Wiltshire Police are asking for help identifying the attacker.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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77 thoughts on “Brutal Sucker Punch Knocks Man Out Cold in Swindon Town Center”

        1. ??*~Juicy~*??..sometimes reminds me a school clout, when i was younger. sometimes hapened some stuff like this one 馃檪 if you want to have a unbroken head, just hit and run, but you lose self reputation in school, but in the other side if you lose the fight this is no option, you also lose reputation. then still HIT and RUN is better! 馃榾

          1. @lunatic you wrong, but i know the system. plainly i was not a wery tough guy in the school, but i had always a strong rearward, i have never done such things. now in my age(29) i can beat the shit out of the most of my contemporary guys.

    1. It’s the UK,
      he ‘s probably never seen the guy before.
      Weekends are no go areas in all of our city centres. They are full of drunken arseholes as they turn out the pubs and nightclubs. They love to beat people up for fun, that guy was lucky it was just one guy. Often a group will cross the road to beat someone up just for the hell of it.
      It’s a real problem, it’s one thing if they choose to fight each other but they just randomly attack innocent people as well.

  1. Wondered how long it would be before the swamp i was forced to grow up in made it on best gore. This is just a typical Friday night. The skinny little bitch carrying out this act will just be returning the favour, the town is full of cowards who sucker punch for shits and giggles.

  2. Punk-ass weasel. There’s nothing more chicken shit than attacking someone with a sucker punch. Seems like no one knows what the concept “fight like a man” means these days…He was probably pissed because his sorry ass was going home alone from the club.

    1. ok, watching again i don’t see how that skinny little faggot could knock that dude out cold with one punch. as someone whose been kicked in the head repeatedly by a nigger, thrown down a flight of steps and had his head slammed into the ground on several occasions i never once was knocked out. so i don’t inderstand this shit. maybe i just have a hard head…..

      1. I believe you do hun. Maybe he got hit just right though, like in boxing. Know what I mean? I got punched in the face by a man twice one year ago. I didn’t pass out, almost did though. I almost got knocked out for sure! Not too sure if I am a tough chic or not. All my fights with females definitely did not compare with that!

        You, my dear, should be more careful. We wouldn’t.want you to be seen on here (others might disagree, but not this chic). You look like a bigger man. How tall are you?

          1. Very true. Some chics don’t even try to fight correctly. They just pull hair and scratch. But that’s okay, let’s you lay in more. I agree, the stalls suck! Almost all of them have big gaps.

        1. you’re right, J3Z, sudden force applied to certain areas of the face/head (ie, where the jaw connects to the skull) can result in TKO. i tend to use my head in a fight, literally. if you can tell that someone is about to punch you, lower your chin to your chest and let them rail you in the forehead. i broke a man’s hand doing this.
          and i’m only 5’10”, i’m just built solid.
          but holy shit…what pig fucking pussy piece of shit saw fit to punch you in the face?! but you got him good, right? maybe an icepick in the crotch?

          1. Note to self* forehead breaks hands* Got it!
            5’10 huh? I would have thought taller but the”solid built” comment makes sense. 馃檪

            He was a drunk.douche bag of a friend(obviously not anymore). No, unfortunately I didn’t get him at. He had me on the asphalt in a parking lot and when he punched the second time it shattered my left eye socket. I was bleeding pretty bad from my mouth,eye, and nose. (I looked pretty sexy, you should see the pics, lol) I was a bit dazed. He took off in his car as soon as he hit me. Ha! Nice guy for all the ladies out there. 馃檪

            I fought against him in court though, only thing I could do. Was it satisfying you ask? HELL No! I wish I could have messed him up. Ugh!

        1. We’re seeing a particular kind of violent crime here, crimes that happen in our working class city centres every weekend. Many of these cities have little or no ethnic minorities. If you look at the vid you will see it’s all white people. Basilcally a lot of white working class people drink purely to get as drunk as possible and then want to fight. This uses up an enormous amount of our police resourses at weekends as they have to deal with large numbers of people who are either so drunk they need medical attention or who fight and then try to fight with the police when they attempt to arrest them.
          White working class people who go abroad act in the same manner and we have an absoloute dreadful reputation in cheap resorts that sell cheap booze. I get tired of having to say to people when I’m abroad that we’re not all like that.

          I’m not trying to downplay the huge amount of crimes that are commited by immigrants but watch any British cop show and watch what happens in a city centre at the weekend.

          Brits even did in the US, that championship bo

          1. championship boxing match in Las Vegas. When our man lost the British crowd went beserk and started tearing up the chairs and throwing them aroud. You could see the Americans standing there with total shock on thier faces.

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        1. Aaww man JJ. You need to be in LA. Ventura is north of la, considered the valley. And that is were all the magic happens. If you were daring enough, and really serious, I’d save up some cash, take a plane or train out there and try your luck. You could probably get some results over a weekend! But surely you could get some connections over the internet too. I would have loved the opportunity to work with you. Oh well. I’ll just say go for it stud! lol. Anyway send me something here: [email protected].. i look forward to looking!

          1. yes. very nice. the black and white was my favorite. I’m gonna put a few in my phone for emergencies. lol. check your mailbox too. I’m goin to go to bed early now, wink wink. 馃檪

  3. I’m amazed that the fuckin’ passers by do sweet fuck all as he dances away.What a load of fuckin’ shirt lifters they are in Swindon. ( BTW by “doing something ” i mean stabbing the protagonist with a handheld 3 pronged gardening implement and then dragging it down the length of his spine ) you’d get an apology out of the cunt that way, i’m pretty damn sure of it.

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