Burglar and Stabber Rescued by Police After Lynching and Dragging

Burglar and Stabber Rescued by Police After Lynching and Dragging

Burglar and Stabber Rescued by Police After Lynching and Dragging

Brazilian state of Rondônia seems to be a state to avoid at all costs. Only yesterday I posted a video from Porto Velho, the capital of Rondônia showing a man in an incredibly rough shape who was rescued by police after brutal lynching. Today I have a video from Ji-Paraná – the second most populous city in Rondônia – which also shows a victim of lynching and dragging in a pretty rough shape.

Apparently, the victim was a burglar who also stabbed a mototaxi driver. If that’s the case then good riddance. Hopefully he learned his lesson. Piece of shit also better make up for lost time and wage his stabbing caused the mototaxi driver.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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19 thoughts on “Burglar and Stabber Rescued by Police After Lynching and Dragging”

  1. Who gives a fuck?! If he was caught thieving then let him pay the price! Not only that but he assaulted an innocent person too! He may look all helpless there, but that’s now how he looked when he was doing dirt! He kinda reminded me of a puppet on a string every time he moved his leg! Lol

  2. I commend the Brazillians. When you can’t count on the police to keep your community safe you have to take the law into your own hands. Unlike here in Canada where pedophiles are allowed to take up residence in our communities when they’re released from prison and the police protect them with the usual message “vigilantism will not be tolerated” and us pussified Canadians allow said pedo to live in the same vicinity as our children where as Brazillians would terminate the sick bastard on sight.

  3. Yeah this time I have to go with the mob. Stabbing people who try to make a fair living while you are trying to live like an asshole. Well then you can die like an asshole, dragged behind someones car.

  4. He stole the “moto-taxi” after he stabbed the driver, three times. Moto=taxi drivers came to his house and started lynching him. Moral of the story, dont rob a moto-taxi driver, in Brazil, because his home-boys will fuck you up.

  5. I remember as a child lving At an USAF base in Virginia seeing C130planes flying low over us and releasing pesticides to control the tick and other insect populations during summers. Can’t w e drop some sort of inhalant that permanently sterilizes all ghetto residents world wide including the children and pets/??

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