Burmese Girls Beaten by Fellow Men for Turning Into Whores in Malaysia

Burmese Girls Beaten by Fellow Men for Turning Into Whores in Malaysia

Burma (or Myanmar – as it is now called) is believed to be a very corrupt country with poor standards of living. As a result, many people of Burma flee to foreign countries in search of a better life. This is a video of a few of those who relocated to Malaysia.

As Burmese men found out, girls who came to Malaysia with them, started whoring themselves out lured by easy money prostitution brings. Needless to say, after men who struggled along to make it to Malaysia found out how low their women descended, they taught them a lesson by beating the shit out of them.

At first I thought that this was a disgraceful example of a stronger specimen abusing his nature given gift of strength over a disadvantaged, weaker specimen (aka men beating on women). This type of behavior is not uncommon, especially when it comes to places like Egypt, yet it still outraged the pacifist in me. But then I found out the real back story behind the video and thought it was kind of righteous. Sometimes you just need to use your strength to beat sense into a whore or else she’s gonna disgrace herself and drag all of her relatives down to hell with her.

As seemingly brutal as the video appears, I think the attackers deserve props for merely slapping the bitches up, instead of punching them with fists or using sticks on them. They needed to beat sense into the women, but didn’t want to leave them bruised up. There is a pretty good sense of “doing the right thing by resorting to violence” from the video. It evokes confusing feelings, but is an interesting watch. Take a look and tell me what you think. Justified beating or what?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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80 thoughts on “Burmese Girls Beaten by Fellow Men for Turning Into Whores in Malaysia”

  1. We can have the freedom to enjoy any sexual activity we choose. I personally do not agree with prostitution myself, however, as long as others have the freedom from being forced or coerced into participating, sex work should be acceptable if the male/female is liberated and empowered in themselves to seek their own sexual experiences.

    Apparently, these “men” are not supporters, lovers, let alone any kind of parter and don’t give a shit about these girls’ well being. Absolutely unacceptable. There is a difference between “teaching someone a lesson” and educating them.

    1. While I think it’s revolting that women would resort to prostitution, I agree with you about the men. Seems to me it’s just an opportunity for them to exert power and control over women. I wouldn’t be surprised if they went out and bought a prostitute’s services the next week.

      If what these women did was any of their business in the first place, why wouldn’t they simply choose to discontinue associating with these women, rather than beating on them? This video disgusts me.

  2. if they were lovers.. yes id agree.. doing this to a friend, travel companion.. its a disgrace.. yes whores in my eyes are dirty fuckers (red light amsterdam 8 times) but its prob the only way for these girls to get cash to live on, and prob making a good lot more than the faggots beaten them! why were only 2 getting beat? girl in green got it bad. when you said they got off lightly with slaps.. id say them slaps would hurt a hell of alot more than they could throw a punch.. 1 guy loved doing double slaps lol.. i would have forgiven them for a blow job each

  3. Considering the culture.. These chicks got off easy. Had this been at least 10 other countries I can name off the top of my head, they’d have been stoned, forced suicide, any sort of “honor killing”, got a nice acid face wash, hanged, and then left to the dogs.
    The key to this is: these women understand that they could face this type of punishment for their actions. Living in your culture means you understand the rules. If I knew that my brother & fellow male family members would stone me to death for having a boyfriend.. I sure as hell wouldn’t be sneaking around looking for a boyfriend. I’m a woman and think violence against women is disgraceful but I also can see where these women brought it on themselves because they understand their culture. That doesn’t make it okay in my mind, I’m saying the women got the inevitable & they should thank their lucky stars they’re alive to get it in for $2 tomorrow.

    1. I’ve been cheated on twice!! I will NOT get married again. I should have been able to beat the shit out of both of my wives for committing adultry!! What upsets me most is that I have a 14 year old daughter that the second whore has turned against me. I am very bitter now. FUCK’N WOMEN!!!!

  4. Knowing the rules in your own culture is important, however, they were in fact relocated. Although this type of behavior does not justify any kind of violence, we as human beings are the first of any kind with the potential to actually use language to educate and talk things out. There is no reason humans even need to raise their voice.

    This is another reason to justify the quotations around the word “men”.

  5. I think it justified. They know societies rules. You break them, you get what’s coming. I’m all for hitting any other person as long as they deserve it. Beating a woman for no reason isn’t cool, but if she cheats and whores, she’s gonna at least get a humiliating smack. People who say violence isn’t neccesary make me sick.

  6. Myanmar is a Buddhist country, but Malaysia is Muslim. In Muslim societies, women are considered inferior to men. I wonder if being in Malaysia had any impact on those men looking down on women.

  7. i laughed when the girl in green in the middle of being slapped around grabbed her phone and started texting hahahaha……..why did only two girls get the slaps and not the other ones sitting against the wall…….id say when the camera stopped they alll got shot in the head

  8. I agree with prostitution as long as the person is not forced into it, or kidnapped to become one. I would like to see governments regulating prostitution to get rid of, pimping, and all that shit that is associated with prostitution. I deem it a legitimate service, and collecting taxes from this service should be enforced by governments. The same can be said for marijuana.

    1. What lesson would that be? That pussy men beat women? The thought ever occur to you that the women were forced to support themselves in such a way by being beaten until they were submissive?

      A justified beating would be beating your ugly misogynistic face to a pulp just on general purposes.

  9. Well, its an harsh fact that people would treat anyone like this thesedays. i personally think that they are scum and the girls have freedom to do what ever they want. ( apart from killing etc… ) .The people that done this were nothing, they pick girls to beat up. I would like to see them try to hit me im 5″11 and weigh 204 LBS also part time weight lifter.
    As i said these men are just scum. But there is nothing we can do about it there will always be people like this.

    1. well thanks for your support to female community. prostitution is of coarse a bad means of income. but if it is their will ,and their situation then no one has any rite even to touch them.these men are just rotting piece of shit.how dare they beat those women up?if they are so cared then it was their responsibility to take care of them.if they couldn’t do that then why are they beating these poor women.

      go to hell you crazy men

      1. i agree with you
        man like these makes me beyond sick.
        They’re so pathetic, how the fuck they would feel if woman do the same thing to them.
        using their power to abuse woman. Cowardly and Unacceptable.
        even if these woman had cheated on them, it is never an excuse to use violence and abuse woman.

  10. short of a women coming after me with a weapon, i would still seriously consider not hitting them XP in any case, the “no women and no children” applies to me. i’d never strike either unless under EXTREME circumstances.

  11. Wow , are they tough. I am about the size of 3-4 of them so put them in a locked room with me until all you hear is me. I will squash the little mice they are after I let them hit and kick me for a while to get me mad. Lice infested little fucks.[ fee fi foe fum and whatever the rest of that is!

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