Captured Chechen Militant Gets Beaten and Abused by Ossetian Soldiers

Captured Chechen Militant Gets Beaten and Abused by Russian Soldiers

Captured Chechen Militant Gets Beaten and Abused by Ossetian Soldiers

If I understood it correctly, then this is a captured Chechen militant that got beaten by Ossetian soldiers and once his face was turned into a bloody mush, the captors filmed the follow up abuse. Unfortunately, info I got with the video is very sketchy and barely makes any sense so this is all just me trying to paste bits and pieces together and hoping I got it right.

I don’t have sufficient knowledge of conflicts in Russia to understand whether Ossetian soldiers are a wing of Russian military or not. What I do know is that the Georgian–Ossetian conflict that started in 1989 eventually erupted into the Russia–Georgia war and remains unresolved to this day despite numerous cease fire efforts.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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43 thoughts on “Captured Chechen Militant Gets Beaten and Abused by Ossetian Soldiers”

        1. Too bad we won?t see them skullfucking this chechen scum,but hey, non-muslims are not idiots to film that shit and post it on the internet as you muslim turds are,like in a videos where you were slaughtering those Russian kids that were crying for their mom.Die,filth,die!

  1. I read “One Soldier’s War in Chechnya” by Arkady Babchenko ; described as JARHEAD meets CATCH 22 , the book follows the authors’ conscription into the Russian Army where he learns the defenition of the word BRUTALISATION.The story is more of an account of war rather than an embellishment of political ideology . The more senior you are a Russian soldier the more right you have to beat , rape and steal.And that’s just amongst their own ,the book is Graphic and Brutal .You all like it .

  2. at first I thought they were putting oil on his head instead of water, so they could have put his head on fire with the cigarette man which could have been a good entertainment also

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  3. The Ossetians are mostly Eastern Orthodox Christians with a Muslim minority.
    I am Orthodox Christian Serb and i know the difference when Muslim abusing someone or when Russians do it. None abuse is good and i’m not justify it.
    I just want to show you a difference with abusing in Russians again Chechen conflict:
    -Muslim do with hate.
    -Russians do with anger.

    I can see even just a little of some humanity in those abusers; When Alakuakbar guys abusing someone i just feel demonic presence.

    1. What are you fucking stupid? Havent you see those goddamed chechen imbaciles killing 19 y old kids without mercy?? and try to imagine the shit that is never filmed and posted for all to see

  4. As of Russian (And German) decent, a proud Marxist-Leninist Communist, I obsess over “Soviet” & “Russian” military equipment, from knowing every detail of a T-90 all the way down to the BDU’s (Camouflage Uniforms) as I wear them constantly and even to the extent of a 60’s-70’s Admiral uniform… Anyhow: Though I didn’t get to see the upper bodies of the supposed Russians which would have allowed me to make a more accurate decision, the camo in particular the: Green + White is mainly used be snipers the guy is wearing that walks in front of the camera several times. In the background the Blue “URBAN” camo wearing man was again in Russian/Soviet uniform but here is the problem… After the fall of the USSR everything flooded the market, therefore you can’t say in this situation that they are russian or not as not only do most eastern european countries use the same designs but also many military on different continents do as well. In conclusion what struck me as *very* odd was that you had such a diverse group of men in camo that each were made for a specific task and situation (Such as the blue Urban), therefore it doesn’t look like official russian military because none of those vastly different BDU’s would be mixed and matched… No this is not military but a small group of people obviously, thus that is all that can be concluded by this video. *SALUTE* – Turns Off Pain / Red Soviet

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