Catfight with Brutal Kicks to the Head in Pattaya, Thailand

Catfight with Brutal Kicks to the Head in Pattaya, Thailand

Catfight with Brutal Kicks to the Head in Pattaya, Thailand

Vertical Iphone retard filmed two Thai hookers catfighting in the middle of the night in the world’s largest brothel town – Pattaya, Thailand. One of the prostitutes has a clear upper hand and delivers several brutal kicks to the head of her opponent. Audience appears to be on her side, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s in the right. Maybe all these bitches ganged up on one girl and she knew she had no chance so she just took whatever she was delivered.

Face kicks at 0:27 sounded like it knocked a few teeth out. Makes you wonder if the victim stole the evil bitch’s client…

Props to Best Gore member Magerz for the video:

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61 thoughts on “Catfight with Brutal Kicks to the Head in Pattaya, Thailand”

          1. Sheeeat honky! Mys buttcrack be juicin’ just thinkin’ ’bout your handsome cockbone! Dayam cracka!

    1. I wouldn’t have thought trannies fight. The ones i met were too nice & too faggy for that. And aren’t their looks so important to them they don’t want to risk any damage? I could be wrong though.

  1. The way the victim sprang up on her feet at the end looked like she was heading back to her corner preparing for round 2 !! Somebody needs to start promoting “Thai Hooker Boxing” out there on the streets !

  2. Yeah, if she tried to fight back the other girls might have joined in… But at the same time they seemed like they wanted to stop the fight but didn’t want to take the risk of getting hit…

  3. Sheeet my niggaz, I’z could dropa plate on dat beotch’es ass. I’z from ATLanta, an’ I knows how to bust some fuckin’ honky bitches up. Sheeeeet!

      1. RE.: SamHain. Shit honky! I didn’t know Rhodes scholars visited this website. You stupid piece of shit; maybe you should get back to your work on the String Theory, cocksucker.
        Back to ebonics mode: Shiat niggaz, I be perpatr8in’ to get sum fryed choocken & pigeon scabs fo my suppa!

  4. People who film video holding the camera upright are labeled “vertical Iphone reteards”. I prefer using the less offensive “horizontally challenged”.

    1. That’s what I was thinking. You always see those videos of “thugs” beating the shit outta someone, but in the end, the other guy just stands up – not even bleeding a little.

      Anyways, she kicks like a girl. And she slaps like one, too.

  5. Fucking incredible, loved every minute of this. I really want to fuck the girl who did the beating, she’d be on some adrenaline rush and the sex would be amazing. Then get her to fuck the girl she just owned. Fantastic.

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