Caught Thief Receives Brutal Kicks to the Face While Bound on the Ground

Caught Thief Receives Brutal Kicks to the Face While Bound on the Ground

A flaite was caught stealing in Chile and received some Latin American street justice for it. The captors bound the thief and while was laying restrained in the dirt, they kicked him in the face a few times. Nothing like playing football with a thief’s head.

Needless to say, since the only Spanish word I know is “flaite”, I did not understand what was being said in the video, but my Chilean gore connection tonces told me the kicking guy was an immigrant from Colombia. The flaite’s response to the brutal face kicks was: “Yo no fui hermano, yo no fui” which translates as “It wasn’t me bro, it wasn’t me!

I fucking hate thieves. I’ve been victimized on many occasions myself and I barely scrape by. Yet in spite of how little I have and how little I make, I still struggle along. And then a piece of shit thief, instead of trying just as hard himself, resorts to stealing my shit. Like I had enough to spare to begin with. I have no sympathy for thieves so if this flaite did indeed try to steal other man’s shit, than he deserved every fucking face kick he got and more. Hopefully next time the police will not come to save his ass and he receives ass whooping so hard, he won’t even glimpse at OPP, let alone touch it.

Props to Best Gore member tonces for hooking me up with videos from Chile:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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70 thoughts on “Caught Thief Receives Brutal Kicks to the Face While Bound on the Ground”

  1. Hey your a thief so take your lics. These dude’s could have cut off you fucking head so take it like a man an eat it you piece of shit. Steal from me an you get much worse than what these guy’s gave out. You got lucky punk..

      1. J3ZAB3L, I’m partial to beautiful women. Had you stole from me i would have a hard time laying a hand on you. I’m not sure how that would be resolved but violence toward a docile female would not be my reaction. Now if you looked and acted like that yard ape in Atlanta recently, for sure there would be lots of kicks to the melon.

        1. (In my best southern accent) “Well thank ya kindly killthefilth. You are just too kind!” 😉
          Really though thanks. I can assure you and all my BestGore brothers and sisters that I am most definitely not a thief nor am I a “filthy yard ape”. I can also say that it doesn’t matter how “docile” someone thinks you are, if they want to lay a hand they will (experience first hand from an ex male friend of mine. He fractured my eye socket and cracked two teeth. Basically I was very hot looking for a few months!) Was I stealing you ask? The answer is no, lol. He was drunk at a get together. Ahh! I know all you ladies are jealous! 😉
          I don’t think anyone like to be stolen from…blood starts to boil and start to spill.

          1. Sorry Killthefilth, I said, “ex male friend”. As in he is no longer my friend anymore because he is a douche. But thank you, much appreciated!

    1. the only thing worse than a brown hispanic midget, is a fucking NIGGER hispanic midget, which is what the guy in blue is

      I’m very sure, had there been no camera, the nigger midget would have shot and killed that guy on the ground

      come to think of it, Latin america is a great place to send all these niggers spread across america, europe etc., if they can’t be sent back to africa for some reason

      they all come from the same filthy, slimy, primate stock and they deserve to be together

      1. I believe we might have all been a tad bit electrocuted when we were younger. It wasn’t a fork but a stupid butter knife for me, I still remember it and I do t believe I will ever forget it. To this day I am afraid of electrical currents. Yes, I admitted that. (Amongst the man behind the shower curtain, who I know is always there.)

        1. I disagree, I’m from stgo de Chile and there a very nasty places arround here also. But a have to mention that the Colombian kicker works on a gas station “COPEC”, Flaites commonly rob “COPEC” and “Shell” stations, but at night time….

  2. The guys doing the street justice were telling him why doesn’t he work just like they do, instead of resorting to what he was accused of. He definitely deserved every kick and more. No misery for those who cut corners and kick back, while we bust our asses to get by each day.

  3. The worst shit is that this motherfucker was released a couple hours later.

    Here in Chile we have to deal with this kind of scum everyday. shit! I can’t even use my cellphone downtown because there will be some motherfucker trying to steal it from me.

  4. In this video, this little prick stole at gun point a cell phone and the wallet of the guy in blue. The thing was that several people started fighting with him and then disarmed him. Just to realize that the gun didn’t have any bullets. The thief says that he was payed for doing this (rob people). The guy in blue is an immigrant from Colombia and working in Chile. I hope this gives you a better understanding of the raging mob… 🙂

  5. If the nigger loves colombia so much, what is he doing in another schizz hole of a country? He’s like “colombia this”, and “colombia that”, and “If we were in colombia, i would have chopped you up”

  6. I’m latin and I can tell you in few words what they where talking

    camera man: “why you did that shit?”
    thief: ” cus I got kicked out from my house and I…I needed food for living ”
    camera man:” but i work bro”
    ..*people arguing at background*…
    Angry man ” where is my cellphone and stuff”
    thief: ” I don’t have it bro”
    thief: ” heey nooo”
    angry man: ” Where is my cellphone *kick* you son of the bitch ”
    thief: ” bro bro I don’t have it ..bro I don’t have it ”
    Angry man: ” fuckin faggot where is my cellphone and keys you son of a bitch, WHY DONT YOU GET A JOB THEN!?
    I came from Colombia from working for a thief like you come to rob me my keys and cellphone!? *kick*
    thief: “It wasn”t me bro, It wasn’t me”
    angry man:” ‘ it wasn’t me’ faggot I fuckin saw you I saw you, you took my wallet and my passport with it, fucking son of bitch”
    thief: ” was the other guy”
    angry man: what other guy?, i came from colombia from working like…like a decent person * grab gun* you wanna die?? wanna die??
    thief: ” no no no”
    angry man: ” Faggot…where does the other live??”
    thief: ” please don’t stomp my head, don’t stomp my head please ”
    angry man: “next time I will kill him, here is the fuckin gun he had”
    thief: ” bro…”
    angry man ” what bro, I’m not your fucking bro you son of a bitch ”
    thief “…bro i was paid to do this…”
    angry man ” WHAT SHIT, WHY DON’T YOU GET A HONESTLY JOB… I came from colombia and see what you did to me, you took my passport you was going leave me here ”
    thief: ” I didn’t know that my bro ”
    angry man ” ‘ I didn’t know’ FAGGOT”
    thief: ” bro look what you have done to my face ”
    angry man: ” SO WHAT ? why do you go and steal then …pointing me with your gun and stuff”
    thief: ” it had no bullets”
    angry man ” no bullets? then why you stea…..OOHHH I SEE, no bullets, but you still have the courage to *SLAP* fuck up what’s not yours, faggot!
    work, work….get a honestly job. *walks away*
    *few seconds comes back*
    In my Colombia I would cut you cut you…..DISMEMBER you faggot son of a bitch ”

    then arrives the police at the scene
    the angry man explains again what happened and that’s it pretty much all of it

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