CCTV Video of Peterlee Police Station Assault on David Healer

CCTV Video of Peterlee Police Station Assault on David Healer

A police sergeant and a detention officer were on trial for twisting a man’s arm to make him answer questions after he had been pepper sprayed and complained of chest pains. It happened in Peterlee Police Station, County Durham, UK in March 2011. The Independent Police Complaints Commission described the use of force as “torture“.

40 year old David Healer had been arrested and was being booked for breach of bail and assaulting a police officer. CCTV video from Peterlee Police Station shows Sergeant Stephen Harvey and civilian detention officer Michael Mount twist the prisoner’s arms behind his back. David Healer screamed as if in pain to which 61 year old Stephen Harvey responded by asking: “Are you gonna talk?

Durham Police Deputy Chief Constable Mike Barton said the excessive force used by Stephen Harvey and Michael Mount was wrong and should not have happened. Stephen Harvey was told to pay £1,395 in fines and costs for his role in the attack, while Michael Mount was told to pay a total of £730. The men were both convicted of two counts of common assault. Of the fines and costs, the compensation for David Healer was £100.

Best Gore member Roamer who hooked me up with the video had a few remarks to add:

1) They tortured him to make him answer questions he had a right not to answer.
2) He was arrested for “assaulting a police officer” – sound familiar?
3) The cops weren’t suspended, even after they were charged and convicted.
4) The cops were only fined, not jailed.

David Healer struggled to stand because he has medical problems and was refused an ambulance. The officers that assaulted him during arrest confiscated his medicine. None of this featured in news reports. It’s these edited news videos that became fairly well-spread, leaving the extra details in the first original CCTV clips forgotten about.

Thanks a lot Roamer for the video and input:

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37 thoughts on “CCTV Video of Peterlee Police Station Assault on David Healer”

  1. I can’t say I feel that sorry for the guy. Clearly he was used to being arrested but was not willing to coroperate. The police officers had very long police service records that were unblemished.
    I remember years ago an arsehole drug dealer who lived in my buildings racing around in a car being chased by police. The most dangerous driving I’ve ever witnessed. Eventually he drove back around and tried to flee on foot but was caught by police and handcuffed. He was screaming like a little girl saying the cuffs were hurting him and that he was disabled. It was one of the most pathetic things I’ve seen. If he was behaving like that that guy at the police station I wouldn’t have blamed the police officers at all for giving him a few digs. If anyone was crossing the road at that time they would have been hit by him, he had absoloutly no regard for anyone else’s safety.

    The guy in the vid was forty years old and not new to being arrested, his lawyers are claiming he will suffer from a life time of pain due to spinal injuries sustained in the incident.

    1. Likewise, I don’t feel sorry for the guy AT ALL

      he was being difficult and obviously had experience in being arrested prior to this

      also, it’s difficult to get a complete and unbiased opinion of the video when clearly it has been edited

      I’m not sure also if his screaming is due to pain or just him playing for the camera

      If I were one of the cops, I would have shut off the video camera/pulled its plug, THEN I would have taken him to some sound proof room and then beat him up there

      fucking drunk ass bastard, he deserved it

      1. Because he was being difficult they had to assualt him? No police officers are supposed to be professional at all times and leave their egos and insecurities at home. The poor little cop had his feelings hurt when the man wouldn’t bow down to his authority.

    2. Experienced in being arrested? Fuck off dude! You’ve obviously never been arrested in your life.

      After you’ve been assaulted by cops, you try and act civilized inside the police station. I’ve been attacked by officers before, they knocked me out by slamming my head against the curb while I was handcuffed on the ground.

      Just try and look outside your pathetic point of views. These cops might not have ‘blemished records’, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t assault people like this when they’re not co-operating.

      This is a case of demanding authoritarianism over a guy that’s already arrested. When you don’t submit to them then they’ll hurt you, It’s unnecessary. They can just put him away until the ambulance gets there.

    3. Me either, he was acting like a complete dick, why do people think that officers are supposed to have the patience of saints? I don’t give a shit whether or not you have an ‘authority issue’, if you do, don’t do stupid shit and get arrested in the first place. Fucking whiny bitch, screamed like a bloody girl! Don’t want them to twist your arm? Answer the fucking questions! All he was asking was ‘what’s your name?’, not ‘have you ever fucked your mother?’
      GROW UP, not the LEAST bit sympathetic.

    4. I agree, the police should be allowed to twist some arms to not waste everyones time! I would even support more frequent beat and releases! Time is money and I don’t like goobers wasting my tax dollars because the want to be little bitches!

      1. The police are paid out of our tax dollars to be civil servants. If I were to grab your arm like that and push your hand up to the back of your head you would scream like a girl too. That arm lock makes you feel like your shoulder is being ripped out of it’s socket, MMA fighters will submit and tap out. I have done some time when I was younger and I have seen people beaten to death for something as simple as talking in line. Also these are people who are awaiting their day in court and have not been proven guilty yet. Just saying until your the inmate with no rights it’s hard to imagine what it feels like.

  2. Compared with other countries, the British police are fabulous. We don’t know what led up to this or why he was arrested in the first place.
    It doesn’t look like the police used any excessive force. The guy was arrested and he clearly refused to co-operate. Not only that, he was abusive and insulting to the cops and they took it like gentlemen until the end. Holding him up to the counter to be ID’d and to account for his belongings by twisting his arm doesn’t strike me as all that bad – you should see what they get up to in Asia and the reputation of police in the US is pitiful.
    These cops were pretty well restrained. i wouldn’t have had the patience these cops showed and i would have smacked him if he told me to Fuck Off.
    This cunt who seems to be repeatedly arrested got away with it.

    1. Yeah you sound just like the not to intelligent robots they want. There was a study awhile back here in the states and cadets with to high an IQ score were let go. They want you just smart enough to do your job and not have any independent thought that might have you question just what in the fuck you are doing to people. So yeah, you think it’s alright to hurt someone for talking? Maybe one day you get attacked by some drunk as you are leaving a restaurant/bar and you defend yourself like you believe is your right. But when the police show up they charge you both with assault or maybe they just charge you. Next thing you know you’re in the meat grinder. Sleeping on cold concrete and eating shit food. Than you maybe bump into one of these roided out deputies while just trying to walk back to your cell. Next thing you know you are being pretzeled up in the corner while he takes out the fight he had with his wife the night before on your face. To make matters worse now you are charged with a felony for “assaulting a police officer” and your toothless. I’ve seen, heard and witnessed worse. Just food for thought.

  3. That PoS got what he deserved. The police were, IMHO, restrained and patient; even rather good-humoured about the whole thing. That felon was a whiny-assed drama queen; what a load of unnecessary screaming about nothing. He’d do well as a footballer.

  4. This might sound weird but by UK standards the guy wasn’t behaving that badly. You should see the real assholes, petty street robbers and drunken louts getting arrested. If you can go through years of service without ever going over the top on a guy kicking and screaming at you… Then wat’s so special about this guy? He’s harmless really compared to the shits who go through the cells day in, day out.

  5. It seems I will be going against the flow with my opinions but here goes.

    I hate the British Police service with a passion because they never actually bother to do their jobs.

    They do not come out to reported robberies, I speak from experience, they just give you a crime reference number. They never charge anyone with a crime unless you are caught standing over a dead body with a knife in your hand and blood on your clothes and in that case you will only get a few years in jail, in a cell with sky tv and a playstation 3.

    They are extremely politically correct, they seem not to want to recruit straight white males given the demographics of their personnel, the list goes on and on.

    However, the worst crime in Britain, the one that will get you prosecuted time after time with no mercy, the one crime the police do take seriously, exceeding the speed limit.

    Any poor bastard who dares to drive at 3mph over the limit will get the letter of prosecution through their door, which states that you have to pay a ?80.00 fine or end up in court paying thousands.

    I have been a victim five times in the last ten years, all my stated speed limits were only between 3mph and 6mph over the limit and yet I have had to pay the fine every time.

    I have never committed a crime, I have always been a law abiding person and yet I have to put up with this shit.

    So please people, do not feel sorry for the British police, they do not deserve your sympathy.

    1. @empty,
      can you imagine how frustrating it is for a police officer to have thier hands tied by political correctness. To see people they’ve charged and spent hours working on thier cases being let off with a slap on the wrist.
      I’m not disagreeing with what your saying I’m just pointing out that so much of your argument is completely out of the control of the average copper.

      1. Hi wicked mama, When I refer to the police service am I referring to the service as an institution and as an institution it is rotten to the core.

        I do not despise all police officers because I judge people on an individualistic basis.

        However they do have to operate based upon the rules and regulations set forth by the police institution who are controlled by the government and our government are rotten to the core therefore the police service by proxy are also rotten.

        Every British person knows how few criminals are punished and how many motorists get targeted and we also know that the police have their hands tied behind their backs with red tape but that does not excuse the fact that they do not do the job for which they are paid for.

        So forgive me if I did not seem clear at first, I do not hate all police officers however I do hate the system.

  6. Bloody hell I actually live in peterlee, I come on this site nearly every day and I never thought this tiny little town would make it on to these pages until I finally snapped and went postal haha,. But anyway yeah, thats our local constabulary on there usual fine form.. cunts

  7. That guy just happens to be my Dad and I love how judgemental people are.

    1. He’s tea total

    2. He now has a cage on his spine due to vertebrae being torn out of his spinal column.

    3. The police around here seem to take a dislike to my family just because we had one or two bad ones in our history. He was arrested on SUSPICION of breaching bale cos they said he drove past someone he wasn’t supposed to be near due to an altercation years ago.

    My Dad is a hard working man who has built his own businesses from the ground up. He’s not some criminal, even if he was, the officers in this vid were bang out of like… I mean “What’s the worst they can do to me?”

    My Dad wasn’t charged with anything and he was being difficult as he recently got out of the hospital with heart problems and was having another attack after taking a kicking in the police van.

    Hell I even remember my Dad being stopped by police every bloody morning when driving me to school to be told “He must be up to something because he’s a “Healer”.

    Thanks to all you guys who can see that some officers truly are bent and to those of you who feel you can judge my Dad on small minded assumptions then I guess ignorance truly is bliss…

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