CCTV Video of Soldiers Brutally Beating Two Marines in Plymouth, UK

CCTV Video of Soldiers Brutally Beating Two Marines in Plymouth, UK

CCTV Video of Soldiers Brutally Beating Two Marines in Plymouth, UK

In what is said to have been an unprovoked, adrenaline and booze fuelled attack, two soldiers from the Royal Logistic Corps in Wiltshire attacked two Plymouth Royal Marines outside a Plymouth nightclub in December 2010, leaving one of the marines blind in one eye. The 40 second attack full of kicks and punches was captured on a CCTV camera and the video later obtained by The Herald.

The names of the attackers (the soldiers) are Alexander Thompson and William Press. The names of the victims (the Plymouth Royal Marines) are Martin Jones and Ray Simmons.

25 year old Alexander Thompson is the attacker on the left in the CCTV video. He’s filmed delivering at least 7 kicks to the former Stonehouse-based commando Martin Jones, leaving him blind in one eye.

26 year old father of one William Press is the attacker on the right in the video. He’s punching and kicking Ray Simmons.

Judge Geoffrey Still handed the attackers 14 combined years in jail – 6 for William Press and 8 for Alexander Thompson. Plymouth Crown Court found the attackers guilty of causing grievous bodily harm.

The two guys you see come to the victim’s aid are the security from the night club. Kudos to them for stepping in to break the fight.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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75 thoughts on “CCTV Video of Soldiers Brutally Beating Two Marines in Plymouth, UK”

    1. Cockroaches is a good name for them, seeing as how they kept beating those marines while they were down. They probably sucker punched the marines and who knows how badly they were impaired by alcohol. I don’t know about British marines but I’ve seen some U.S. Marines drink till they were knee walking drunk. They don’t seem to always get along with the navy guys for some reason. Some of them want to fight after tossing down a few and if there is no one else around they will fight each other. The next day they are friends again. Albeit looking like hamburger meat. I guess it’s part of the culture. Glad those two roaches got prison time.

    2. They should make neuroimage scans to army and navy people, i bet they will show reduced brain activity when compared to normal people. And in USA thing probably get worse because of that notorious tendency towards STEROID abuse by servicemen (they look like fuckin uniformed GUIDOS).
      Around here in Banana Republic, navy and marine instructors loved to pitch their conscript trainees for their own entretainment, when training running, they would make the sailors/marines run towards each other in opposite direction. The usual outcome was that the sailors would yeld and turn to avoid the marines, if not, a massive “rugby scround” and battle would follow…..
      Army brass in first world top-notch armed forces should have already learned that encouraging this kind of brutish ape-like behaviours in their men are worth shit in modern warfare, as B.R’s macho marines showed clearly getting their asses royally kicked by the royal marines in that fucklands war.

      1. get that comment back ASAP, arrssee!!!….gnomes are behaving erratically as of late. Anyway, when in B.R’s army high school Tulio would ocassionally get into fights with pussies from the naval high school forced by his hot tempered dickhead schoolmates, bah, that naval high school was more like a normal private high school, outside of rugby, they didn?t underwent anything regarding military training…

        1. Hmmm…

          The RAF are known as the softest pussies on this little collection of rocks we call home.

          Although we think it quite hilarious that it is RAF officers that find themselves in danger instead of the enlisted fellows!

          It is the exact opposite in the Army.

    3. *Laughs*

      Royal Marines are infamous for their Sexual Deviancy (google: Soggy Biscuit) and tendency to getting into massive fucking scraps with other Squaddies…

      Chances are these RLC fellas had some score to settle.

      They wouldn’t have stood a fucking chance if they hadn’t jumped them from behind.

      Royal Marines are fucking hard as nails… So don’t get me started on US Marines. The Bootnecks do the stuff the yanks do with a fraction of the money and men.

      Shame our mate lost his sight in one eye.

          1. Ergh.

            This isn’t America.

            We frown on all of that overstated macho bullshit.

            It is usually the first thing that is kicked out of you at Catterick/ Lympstone.

            Rangers over here are the greatest football team to ever grace the earth.

            Other than them. We don’t have ‘Rangers’.

            Although the Republic does. But they don’t really do much.

          2. Haha…

            The Northern Irish campaign has been the only honourable campaign our brave lads have engaged in in the past 30 years.

            The Provos are a hard bunch. But they have all hung up their Armalites and have dusted off their suits.

            You will usually find them wandering the halls of Stormont… In a drunken, confused bumble.

            The remaining Provos that still continue to fight… They are nutcases. They will never recognise the futility of their campaign… And so. Must be given the bullet.

  1. This is why I’m always a little paranoid at bars, or drinking in public places like restaurants. I can handle my alcohol, but I know that there are other people who can’t.

    I live in a Navy city (Pensacola, FL), and I’ve seen many-a-bar fight between rival servicemen, and I can’t help but always think the same thing: In the end, you guys are on the same team. Stop fucking fighting each other!!!

      1. Hey Future you live where I was born =) I reside in Tampa now. And yeah,ya don’t see the marine gettin his ass whooped too often. I was raised in Fort Benning Ga. Witnessed MANY drunkin bar brawls from soldiers. Especially since a lot were just returning or coming off lock down. They all go straight for the bars. All hell breaks loose.

    1. The rivalry between the RAF, Army and Navy in England is fierce. I was on ELT on HMS Nelson in Portsmouth with the Army and what started out as a few friendly drinks soon turned into a 50 man brawl. All good fun though and no serious injuries just a few broken jaws and hands.
      The shore patrol are the real cunts in Portsmouth.

    1. They would have been jumped from behind most likely.

      Add to the fact that the Booties would have drunk many, many times more than the Squaddies.

      Trust me. The Royal Marines are the elite.

      Google the ‘Royal Marine Commando course’. You will se what I mean.

      Just don’t tell them that. They have big enough heads already.

      1. How did you come to that conclusion?

        Getting jumped from behind isn’t a ‘fight’… It’s a beating… Cowardly attack.

        If someone ran up behind you and sucker punched you… Best of luck getting back up.

        1. By your logic, anyone who is attacked from behind will be beaten. Obviously, that’s not true.
          If I were attacked like this, yes, I’d be have the disadvantage. But that does not mean at some point in the attack, I can’t do something to defend myself and get out of the situation.
          Again, I would expect at least ONE of the marines, to get themselves free. Because everyone’s reflexes, strengths and fighting/attacking techniques are NOT identical.

          1. Fate.

            I think you have been watching too much Kung fu.

            Yes. By my logic. If you are attacked from behind by two hard bastards fuelled on the drink. Chances are. You are going to get your arse handed to you.

    1. The infantry won’t dare try anything like this.

      As they know that when the Colour Sergeant grabs a hold of them… They would have wished that they had fucking died of Ebola the night before.

      Plus the infantry often go through the same shit the Booties go through as well.

      The scum responsible for this cowardly attack are members of the RLC… They do see combat but not on the same level as the RM.

      So yes. It was an ego booster.

  2. Fight, what fight? All I saw was two probably really shit faced guys on the ground, getting the snot beaten out of them…..My brother loved to thump people, absolutely loved it, saw him put his fist through another guys car window and pull him out by the face, but once the guy dropped, fight over. He didn’t keep kicking the guy while he was on the ground, but if the guy got back up….hehe, the “fight” continued.

  3. Soldiers kicking the crap out of Marines screams unfair advantage. My scenario is this: Marine 1 goes out for a bit of air when attacked by the pair. Marine 2 sees this and runs out, trying to help Marine 1, but Marine 1 is already pretty much incapacitated. Therefore, the pair of soldiers then proceed to beat the shit out of Marine 2. Only when both Marines are sufficiently down for the count do the soldiers separate and fight “fair.” Takes a real man to kick another while he’s down. :/

    Thank you for listening to my little story… I really do need to get out, but it’s so freakin’ hot! 🙂

    1. Great scenario. Makes sense. The only thing i could question about your theory is that one of the marines get up after the situation unfolds. But that could easily be the Marine number two. Marine number one didn’t seem to be going anywhere.

      Good work unknown, You figured it out! 😛

    1. I remember this case and it isn’t showing the run up and the jumps from behind, intoxicatedly falling receiving head wounds. Then the beatings continued in camera vision.
      You couldn’t get up after that

  4. long time lurker, first time poster.

    speaking as a 6. year ex-reg combat medical technician (now a civvie mental health nurse) did my p company and c company to be attached to both 4 para ( reserves in 1999) and 42 commando in 2004. i can confidently say..
    ha! makes a change from giving others a kicking bootie boys. shame about the eye though. and as for really lazy corps.. they can fuck off. i want my gauzes on time during an op, i buy them from boots. lazy twats.
    much love.

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