Compilation of Torture and Punishment Videos from Iraq During Saddam

Compilation of Torture and Punishment Videos from Iraq During Saddam

This compilation is a collection of old videos from the Saddam Hussein era Iraq. Captions explain what is going on in each sequence but it’s anyone’s guess how reliable the translations and accompanying information are. If we were to believe everything that video claims then it contains the following:

Soldier’s Hands Broken by Friend

First video contains footage of what caption claims is a member of Fedayeen Saddam Militia Unit 18 by the name of Saad Azzaldeen Arif al Alousi. He was allegedly accused of not executing his assignment for which he was to be punished by being expelled from the unit and having both his hands broken. His close friend Talab Jum’ah executed the punishment in front of the unit.

Blindfolded Saad Azzaldeen Arif al Alousi had his forearms, one at a time placed on two sets of bricks with empty space between them and Talab Jum’ah smashed it with a stick in the spot where hollow was. The stick also broke in half when Saad’s left hand was struck.

Fingers Cut Off with Sword

Second sequence shows amputation of fingers by single blow of a sword. Well, it actually ended up being two blows cause the first one somehow didn’t deliver. Maybe the sword handler needs to be punished too for his incompetency.

Blindfolded man had his hand and arm attached to a wooden plank with fingers stretched. Powerful blow with a sword severed all of them except the thumb.

Two men are showed punished this way in the video.

Hand Surgically Severed in Abu Ghraib Hospital

This part of the video smells like bullshit of many sorts, but what do we know. The caption claims that in 1995, a merchant, one of nine accused of dealing in US dollars was punished by having his hand severed by surgeons in Abu Ghraib prison and sent to Saddam Hussein.

The amputation is shown to have taken place in clinical conditions with scalpels and other medical equipment, carefully separating the hand from the arm at the wrist. Amputated hand is then shown in the video laid on black fabric.

Tongue Amputations

This part of the video is the most ass cheeks clenching. Several men are shown having had tips of their tongues cut off with a box cutter or a razor. The tongues of blindfolded men are pulled out of their mouth with a pair of tweezers and sliced off.

This compilation was our “old gore classic” video for today. They were all filmed long before the introduction of digital cameras into our lives so quality is adequate. Props to boozo for the vid:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. To call this “Allah” character “merciful” seems pretty ironic, these blind, parasitic rats can all wallow in their shit while fearfully following a false prophet, but I’ll see myself at the wrong end of any firearm before becoming one of these cowardly martyrs…

      1. Muslims are scum. Of course its related to their religion. All religions have been used as an excuse to commit all kinds of atrocities. The muslims however still live in the stone age and have stone age beliefs.

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  2. No wonder why 99% of these fags of the iraqui army were running to surrender to US troops, (or US field robot drones) back in 2003 after the first two missiles where fired, the facts are clear: ‘allu aqubar’ method of training and conditioning troops DO NOT WORK.

  3. The surgical “amputation” seemed very “not-muslim” but more, well, surgical….just out of place.
    The tongue amputation part was excessively brutal in my opinion, and they didn’t do anything but just stick them out at the razor blade.

    Religion, if that’s what it can be called….BRAINWASHING, as a better descriptor, makes scenes like this excessively alarming.

    When these perfect examples of the evil of human beings do what they do to one another……I’m sure you can finish the rest of that thought yourselves.

    The WORST part about the entire circumstance is that ALL of our governments, from the U.K. to America to (tiger, correct me if I’m wrong) the most awesome content on Earth (Australia) they ALL cater to these monsters, and ignore the fact that they are the embodiment of the horrors of The Fleshy Virus.

    Things will most likely get very bad (WW3/massive Civil War style) in our lifetimes

    1. @Rotten they are ALWAYS in the news for some crime or another, be it planning to ‘blow-up’ a major Aust. defence training centre (can’t bloody remember it’s name!) to the rape of women “because they were ‘tempted’ by their mini-skirts”, to women refusing to prove their identity by lifting their burqa’s to police (who is under there? a man, a wanted criminal?) when pulled over for driving offences, some of them are MAJOR drug runners, Duh! their from Afghanistan! They DON”T want to blend in, become part of the community. They think they are ABOVE Aussies, they call us Aussie dogs, in our own country. They HATE us!

  4. Saddam kept Iraq in check, he’s what they need, actually you wont see Alqaeda [email protected] with him in his time of rule they wouldn’t bother because he didn’t give a [email protected], he’ll just gas all their women and children, so terrorist were scared sh!tless of him, now look how puss Iraq has become after taking him out of power and terrorist are having a field day.

  5. It makes me wonder how much better off they after NATO forces invaded their nation. I like to think that its better than the society they had under saddam. I’m glad saddam is dead, but how is it like for the citizens now that he’s gone? Have they become less brutal? Or is it a way out of the dark ages for them?
    They have been fighting for thousands of years, its the only life they know.

  6. And none of them said screw you ???
    I would fight to the death rather than ALLOW them to do any of that to me. I would try and take one or two of them out before I got it as well…
    They would never be able to simply walk up and cut body parts off of me.

  7. People claim that snuff films are a myth, but they were aplenty in Iraq. Videos like these and others, like throwing people off buildings, were sent out to video rental stores and used for propaganda, much like you see videos by terrorists today, except this was government sponsored

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