Criminal Cries as People Deliver Street Justice

Criminal Cries as People Deliver Street Justice

A video from Pinheirinho bairro in the city of Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil shows people delivering street justice to a captured criminal of sorts. It wasn’t very clear as to what exactly the guy did but several people joined in on the beating, including a motorcyclist who threw a few blows with his helmet so hopefully the criminal deserved it.

Considering that the video is from brazil, the beating was rather light. The half naked criminal was wearing flip flops and cried a lot, like he was being anally raped with a huge dildo. Police arrested the criminal with which they rescued him before anything worse could happen.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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32 thoughts on “Criminal Cries as People Deliver Street Justice”

    1. ” much more powerful than a motorcycle helmet ”

      Oh yeah, eons ago I was at a pub when upon leaving I was hassled by some fucker as I was about to don my helmet but instead I grabbed it by the chin guard and swung it 180 degrees at full force on his face………… What a mess he was with smashed nose, cracked eye socket, fractured cheekbone and unconscious.

      Lucky for me his head didn’t hit the ground after loss of consciousness

      It was a pretty silly thing to do really as I could have accidently killed him.

    2. Same kind of mentality that costed an innocent kid his life when he was wrongly accused of molesting a child. Kid didn’t have any criminal record, was contributing toward society, was going to school for accounting. And he was falsely accused, later of which was found out after medical examination of those in questions showed no signs of any sexual contact. GG dude

  1. That guy looks & sounds mentally disabled. If that was indeed the case ,i would love to feed some good-ol street loving to that fag holding him down and that helmet swinging homo. Any man crying like that over getting roughed-up can not be normal. I truly hope MS. KARMA takes care of those pricks.

    1. He looks and sounds like a bitch. Ive seen “normal” people scream like that when they revieved a beating. Hes probly making so much noise because hes getting locked up and doesn’t want to get raped.

    2. THat’s what I thought! Some people are so quick to judge without any real evidence, proof or even a story for that matter. there’s no explanation to what’s going on here so really you can’t say you can be for or against the punishment.

    1. Hey Nasty, i’ve been looking for you, hope you read this. Sorry, this is way off-topic, but I would like to hear your theory . Perhaps you would care to help me out here? I was browsing through some older posts lately and came across that Mexican guy buried in concrete . Now, I can’t find out how a corpse covered in cement, buried undergound, can still go and stink hard. Your opinion would be appreciated. Thx in advance.

      1. I have a theory which could be totally wrong.

        If a body is buried shallow in dirt with a house slab on top I can see how it would smell with all sorts of dirt creatures and microbes creating decomp gasses.

        But…….. is a body is encased in cement I have no idea if it would smell……… It may come down to the thickness and quality of the concrete ( ie….. less chance of decomp gasses escaping.

        Again, that could all be codswallop 😀

  2. He’s in for a rough time if they put him in lock up. The jails are notorious for violence and this little Mary is going to have to get tough (hahaha), or suck cock, lets just figure on the cock sucking for this sad sack..

  3. Jeez. I’ve heard less crying from a spanked 4 year old! Brazil=living proof of the “success” of multiculturalism. Don’t ever become a shirt or sneaker salesman down there. You’ll go bankrupt in a week. Now if you’re a flip flop or motorcyle helmet salesman you’ll prosper-assuming you don’t get accused of a crime and lynched before evidence proves it! haha Brazil=Shithole

  4. From where I got about it, it wasn’t supposed to be a lynching time. They’re holding him down until police shows up, but he didn’t calm down and rage came out (prepositional verbs are fucking up my whole statement here).

  5. This only happens in foreign countries. The other day I was in the gas station buying some gas, while I was in line the girl in front of me got some glasses off a rack and put them in her purse. The cashier asked her if she was gonna pay for the glasses and she said what glasses? And left with the stolen glasses. The cashier asked me “did you see her take the glasses” and I replied no mam.
    My point is not 1 fuck was given by me because I’m not a poor savage.

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