Girl Beaten and Choked Unconscious by Bully in Sonora, Mexico

Girl Beaten and Choked Unconscious by Bully in Sonora, Mexico

Girl Beaten and Choked Unconscious by Bully in Sonora, Mexico

Best Gore member kaislaer provided the following information about the video:

It’s a case of a girl being bullied. It happened in Hermosillo, state of Sonora, Mexico. The girl is originally from another state (Jalisco) and was being bullied because her accent was different from the other kids. Eventually, she had enough and fought the bully boy who’s been picking on her back. The bully is being encouraged by the other kids to continue fighting her until he chokes her to the point of unconsciousness.

These are school kids six graders from Jose Maria Morelos school. After the girl was choked unconscious, the kids brought the video to the principal who said he was too busy to look at it, but one of the teachers took time to view it ordered the kids to delete it. The kid filming the video is the one encouraging the bully to attack the girl the most. He says: “you are a man, so beat her!”

As a man, you ought to be protecting girls. For that very reason you were born with genes that make you stronger. To abuse this privilege against those who were born without it is the lowest of the low.

I watched the video and my fucking blood was boiling. Bully, you piece of shit disgusting prick. Hope you’re next on the Z’s list to take care of. Girl is new to your school. She probably had no say in this and had to move because her family had to move. They wouldn’t have gone through all the hassle of moving if staying put was an option. What is she supposed to so, you little fat fuck? She’s already stressed out from having lost all she was familiar with – the environment, the childhood friends, et cetera. And you pieces of shit make it even worse for her? WTF? I hope Ms. Karma has severe comeuppance tailored especially for you.

Props to Best Gore member kaislaer for the video. A brief reminder just in case you still don’t get it – feminists are not to be confused with women. Feminists are a degenerate life form that deserves to be squished like a cockroach. I respect and admire women, but I detest and spit on femiroaches:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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98 thoughts on “Girl Beaten and Choked Unconscious by Bully in Sonora, Mexico”

  1. I´d ve expected, it´d be more violent in the mexican classroom when a brawl brakes out. I mean at the latest since the 5th there was furniture used after 1-2 minutes in my class. Baaang! No teacher couldnt enter, until the cruel kiddo minds were cooled down.
    But cuddos to that girl, her only disadvantage was that hair and maybe her hesitation, although she was high like a sequoia tree.
    Hey girl, send this prick to the zeta bootcamp!

    1. From the video, the little midget was the bitch! He got his ass handed to him until he pulled a bitch move and pulled her hair ans caught her off guard. Let her stand up and tower over your midget ass, see if you can reach her neck to choke her out then. Pussy!

      1. I want to beat that little shit senseless…And had that been me I would’ve given him the Aussie throwdown with a bit of America mixed in to cull that upcoming little dog syndrome he’s got coming in before even his pubes get the chance to start itching his sack.

        I guess growing up with a brother twice your size you learn a few things about defending yourself, I could get out of any headlock he put me in and do some sort of damage on my way out. I actually busted the lip of one “friend” of his and sent a nice fat ghetto bitch bully to the ER with a scratched cornea, and that’s not even mentioning all the scars my brother now has..I don’t play that shit. Ever.

  2. There isn’t anything more frustrating than seeing someone helpless and outnumbered. I think everyone at one point in their life has been bullied, and I know I have been. But by a certain age I realized if you fight back, especially with your wits, it quickly shuts the mother fucker up. That poor girl. That boy is in the making of a great drug cartel member.

    1. Whoa my poor ears.Bullying has been round for as long as we can remember, only back in my day they called it teasing. I was teased and picked on cause I was shy and quiet.

      I love how the girls all came and walked her outside.Why didn’t you stand up for her when she clearly needed it. She could’ve been killed.

      And where is the darn teacher?

      1. when i was in high school i wasbullied by a boy who was much taller and “stronger” than i. he kicked my book bag when ever i wasnt paying attention and ruined a few of my books. one day i became so frustrated and attacked him. he threw me down and tried to choke me so i pretended to pass out and he removed his hands… then i head butted him in the nose and broke it 😀 nobody bothered me ever again. haha he cried like a bitch! the moral of my story is… always use your head ;D

        1. I don´t mean to interrupt, but I have to agree with kill on this one. You see, most Hispanics (ESPECIALLY Mexicans) are misogynistic pricks. Mexicans are top of the list when it comes to treating woman harshly AND hating on different Hispanic ethnicities. My sister would get picked on by Mexicans because she had a different Spanish accent. That said, 3 things can happen to this kid when he grows up:
          1-Migrate to USA
          2-Become a drug smuggler.
          3-Become a “Coyote”
          Not all Hispanics are as misogynistic as Mexicans, it’s in their culture; they learn from their friends and their families. But, I have seen some Mexicans that are alright, though usually they have a higher social and moral status, homie.

    1. Little fag like this one should be closed behind the bars(and Parents,partly here are also responsible for this aggression), it does not matter the age.
      I do not know what I would do if i see my girl behaved like this.

  3. I’ll murder someone who ever tries that shit on my kids! Those little pieces of shit and that short little fucker deserves a beat down! As far as I’m concerned EVERY single person in that classroom was just as guilty! Let me kids come home with marks on their necks like that! And they need more fucking supervision on that campus! Where the fuck were the adults?! Playing his the pickle in the faculty room?! Fuck this! These little shits need to pay! Love how the girls cared all of a sudden after it was over! Fake ass friends are the absolute worst!

        1. I’m with you @Juicy…never like seeing someone being picked on.
          I’ve stepped in for some that were being picked on when it was over board, there were times when a person brought it on themselves though. I had fun making an ass out of the one bullying I have to say. I was a good fighter and stood up for people, and I didn’t start shit..I did finish things up though.

        2. @ Juicy I was thinkng the same, how the girls cared for her AFTER.Could of easilly been killed..I was teased something aweful in grade 8.

          As for fake friends, Id rather be by myself thank you.

  4. Those little bastards in the backround egging him on were what made me seethe. clearly that dwarf wanted to give up a number of times but they wouldn’t let him. She was holding her own in the fight if not better even though he was doing a girly and holding onto her hair. He did a total sneaky on her when she was sitting down though.
    I remember at school when the boys were so smaller , oh the good old days, if a boy was acting like a cunt to you could just fight them, in fact I used to fight boys much more often than girls.

    1. Either way, that boy needs his ass whooped! You don’t fight someone until they are unconscious by strangulation! Even if those girls were too scared to intervene, no thank you on the help afterwards! Seeing shit like this makes me understand a bit better why these bullied kids go ballistic!

      1. @Juicy my oldest son got so frustrated after being bullied by two jack offs he said he wanted to kill them. He was in 5 th grade 1992, way before all the attention being given today. The school called the cops and my son was arrested and held in detention for 2 fucking weeks. He had this on his school record untill the 8th grade upon him having no further trouble. I was detained by the cops when I went into the school seeking answers and lost my cool. These little pukes were never punished for tormenting my son but as soon as my kid said this threat he was locked up. My wife at the time always told my son not to fight against my belief of standing up for yourself. After that she whistled a new tune, and I taught my kid boxing skills and he knew to use this when necessary.

      2. I kept waiting on her to beat his ass!!! When I was her age I’d kick your nuts to your throat!! She’s got to have it in her! I was also bullied horribly in school and I’m bout the age of your son. Everything from the tiny gap in my front teeth to my curly hair. Then I started fighting them and was actually good at it! I want to take a trip to Mexico and find that girl, show her how to kick some ass! I loathe a bully!

  5. I think properly the girls who took care after her afterwards were probably the type that were to scared to intervene.
    I just made a long comment that didn’t post so i’ll just repeat the bit were I said how much I enjoyed the schooldays when boys were so much smaller and if they were stupid enough to try picking on you you could beat the fuck out of them. Sigh, such fond memories.

    1. I hate to agree with you amnyc. What Mark said basically melted my heart:

      “As a man, you ought to be protecting girls. For that very reason you were born with genes that make you stronger. To abuse this privilege against those who were born without it is the lowest of the low.”

      I wish all boys and men knew the great capacity they have to make a woman melt by their strength. When a man protects a woman and uses his strength and power to shelter her, a true feminine woman, will move heaven and earth to please him.

      Not only is chivalry dead, but so is the feminine woman. Just as men have a natural strength, women have a natural gentleness. A gentleness that can bring out the protectiveness of men. The death of chivalry is partly do to the fact that most women have taken over the masculine role and stripped men of their instincts.

      Any woman take this challenge… Next time you approach a door and there is a man near, stand there and wait, flash him a kind smile, and watch the lights pop on behind his eyes. Let his instincts kick in. He will open the door for you.

  6. Fucking hypocrites. First encouraging the bully to beat the girl, then all trying to get the girl conscious again and acting all helpful. The bully is bad, but I guess those sheeple who just follow every prick who wants to take the lead are the worst. I agree with you, Mark, that if Karma really exists, these kids all deserve the worst.

  7. Hey Jewminator,
    Your sister most likely blew a few of those Mexicans that hit on her, maybe that’s why you’re so butt hurt. According to your statistics it appears that you were raised in the ghetto, therefore exposing you to a lower class of people. Don’t fool yourself. The poor treatment of women exists in the lower end of every race, regardless if it’s blacks, whites or Mexicans. So shut the fuck up! And tell your sister to stop blowing random Mexicans.

  8. Just the sheer fact that you double posted the same comment shows that you are a massive tool.
    Of course I know that poor treatment of women exists in every race, but I am specifically referring to Mexicans. Your assumption about me are all incorrect, I lived in the ghetto for a couple of years before moving to a better place. Like I said, I know Mexicans that are cool, but most of them are still misogynistic. It doesn´t mean that I hate them or anything, it´s just an observation.
    Also, your assumptions shows that you don´t know chicken shit about Mexicans, so I suggest you shutting your mouth because you sound like an ass.

    1. Jew,
      The more you type the more you expose your moronity. I suppose its not entirely your fault though. I don’t have the time to explain the world to you right now, but I suggest that you start off by walking over to the Walmart located directly behind your low-income apartment and buy yourself a backpack to travel outside of that secluded bubble for a little bit, in order to cure yourself of that small mindedness. I grew up around 95% Mexicans and one thing I’m sure about is that they take a lot of pride in family, especially respecting their mothers. For now, we’ll just agree to disagree.

      1. Ok, I have tried to be civil with you, but that´s it.
        First off, It´s TheJewMinator. Get it straight.
        Now stop talking shit, and listen up. Just because you have a difference of opinion doesn’t mean you can flatter yourself by being a start ass. You are an arrogant fool by trying to defend something you don´t know jack shit about, just like the ubiquitous sheepish mentality you are demonstrating. Every time you make a comment you sound like all those starry-eyed-Mexico-defenders who hate it when anyone writes anything that can be perceived as critical of Mexico. Like I said there are Mexicans that are neither sexist, nor misogynistic, but if you truly know Mexicans AND their culture -and I don’t mean that “95%” bullshit your naive little gringo-ass is sputtering- I mean if you actually lived and worked in Mexico then you’ll know that man are sexist towards woman, it could be innocuous at first, but sexism is there. Let me put it like this, it is culture to avoid someone else’s spouse in Mexico; you might think this is no big deal, but if you live in Mexico and even look or talk in a friendly manner to a Mexican’s wife- he’ll make it a big deal, a real fucking deal. It is rude for a female to try to converse with someone else’s husband. Also, if you are someone’s wife and a Mexican is talking to your husband and you try to add to the conversation, he will completely ignore everything you (as a married woman) have to say- and this are all tamed examples (*ahem* narcos killing innocent female cooks). So, I will not be surprise and when this little fucker, in the video, starts beating on his woman when his is all grown up. Again, this is MY experience while I was working and studying abroad (in Mexico), and subsequently living in the USA (both in the ghetto, and in a relatively good neighborhood). If you didn’t understand what I said, then I am afraid your mother dropped you when you were a child.
        And, Sure, Mexicans can take pride in their family, but I would argue that Puerto Ricans, Costa Ricans, and Peruvians show more “family pride” for cultural and geological reasons, but you’ll just try to change the subject by making an asinine insult. But even if Mexicans are prideful of their family- and even if they respect their mothers (and/or single mothers), it would mean nothing if they do not respect their wives and/or teenage pregnant girlfriends; obviously you don´t know sarcasm from fact, even if I kicked you in the balls (*ahem* the teenage pregnant girlfriend was the sarcastic bit, dipshit). You see, I don’t have the time to further explain the world to you now, so I suggest you sincerely fuck off.

  9. Pretty sad when a guy beats up a girl. The only time I’ve ever choked a girl was when she tried to deep throat me and her gag reflex caused her uvula to get caught on the head of my cock. Luckily when I came in her mouth it loosened things up or I would have had some explaining to do to the coroner.

  10. Funny if he could hold her neck realizing she’s not moving he stop. Hope he does kill her and stop these bullshit suffering and have him a criminal record when he grows up since he s a minor he might nit go to jail.

  11. i choose not to breed. an awful lot of stress for no real payoff. if you don’t have children they can’t disappoint you or soil your name or genes or turn into race-mixing slutty drug-addicted shits. a lot less stress.

    1. I am with you.
      It’s a long fight to save them from vaccinations, tel_evil_sion, bullying, drugs and many other shit’s.
      Woman are another special story…They are to rebellious and unfaithful.
      Treason possibility..You know what i mean.
      And all this situation in world that promise nothing for future born..

  12. What a little prick. Obviously her momma didn’t teach her to kick dudes in the nuts if they touch you that way. Poor girl should’ve brought him down to his knees with one kick. He’ll end up cutting someone’s head off in five years.

    1. Why do women always go for the nuts? Do you realize how sensitive they are? You might think you do but even a small tap to the testes is enough to drop a man to his knees and a solid kick will end his chances of being a father some day. So the next time you think about hoofing a guy in the balls ask yourself if you really want to fuck him up so bad. If the answer is yes then hoof away.

      1. If a guy tries to choke me out.. Or beat the shit out of me.. I’m going for whatever I can. If he makes the choice to hurt a girl then he makes the choice to get hurt himself. I would NEVER kick a guy there unless i could not get away from him. What do you suggest a girl does if she’s taken down by a guy and can’t get away?

        1. I would suggest reasoning with him in a nice way, smile and let him know that everything is okay. If that does’nt work then (and only then) kick his manhood so hard that his voice never sounds the same again.

  13. I’ll let you in on a little info about Mid-City schools in Texas:

    The Hispanic-Mexican youth were obnoxious power trippers, take it from the generation I grew up and we’re all living in. You know it’s a power trip when a Mexican kid refers to themselves as “black”.

  14. First-off, I don’t agree with bullying and that male kid should be put out of our misery, if nor nothing else than being week to peer pressure (I don’t smoke, do you?).

    But there is no way that girl became unconscious after such a short choke hold. What human on Earth cannot hold his or her breath for a mere 25-30 seconds?

    I just tested the worst-case scenario myself by fully exhaling and then holding my breath, and I lasted 23 seconds before the pain was too much, but I was nowhere near dizzy followed by fainting. Dizziness always precedes fainting, and I was at 0% dizzy. At that rate it would take no fewer than 1 minute and 20 seconds or so, which is many times longer than she was choked in the video.

    Try the experiment for yourselves. There is no one among us over the age of 3 who would pass out after only 25-30 seconds of a basic choke, even in the worst-case scenario in which you had just exhaled.

    I have seen real snuff videos with stronger chokes that lasted 10 minutes and she was flopping around the whole time. In fact when I was younger than her I was under water for 3 minutes without going unconscious (but on the brink). I’ve also surprise-choked one of my BDSM sex friends for 1 minute without her losing consciousness.

    Seriously? 10’s of seconds? Utter bullshit. She was definitely faking that.

    Still, of course, she didn’t deserve any of that, and if I had been there I would have regulated.

  15. given the recent videos to come out of mexico, this was pretty tame. Good on the girl. She stood her ground and pretty much slapped the we fat fuck about for the majority of the vid. Coming from Scotland myself, a country that suffers from a very serious bullying problem, I know the importance of making your stand on the first day. Although she was picked on there, she let them know, she wouldnt just cower, so that will probably the worst she gets. As a rule of thumb, bullies are uber-pussies so the tend to avoid fighters.
    If this happened in Scotland though, the we cunt would probably have got a couple of slashes down his cheek for hitting a woman. Il give Scottish bullies their due, they at-least stick to their own gender 9/10 times.
    I dont know if they were just taking the piss or felt a moment of social concience, but, when they all started fanning her, I nearly pissed myself.

  16. I can’t believe a kid that small was able to choke her until she was unconscious, I wouldn’t have thought he’d be strong enough or I would have thought she’d be able to get him off because she seems quite a bit bigger than him. Crazy!

  17. yea thats messed up. Poor girl. all those boys should be beat. They take out the rod and look. No respect for woman. looked like she had the better of him the first few rounds, but those little pricks kept it going.

  18. This was shocking! That little boy didn’t look like he would have been able to choke her until she went unconscious. I guess size really doesn’t matter. It is a shame that he is starting out early learning how to disrespect women. I really don’t believe in stereotypes but he probably will wind up dead later or something. Somebody will feel like he needs to be taught a lesson.

  19. I wish i was here on this day. I would of filmed the beginning of it where the little girl was beating up the boy. Then I would of popped out of know where and said hey. “All of you leave!!! (i would of then pointed at the bullying girl and said) Accept You” .. I would of then showed her the footage i had of her on film beating up the young little boy. I would of then said.. “Im going to show this to your parents if you dont do exactly as i say… when i say” i would of then told her to take off all her clothes and i would of raped the shit out of her.

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