Girl Severely Whipped by Jealous Woman Whose Boyfriend She Dated

Girl Severely Whipped by Jealous Woman Whose Boyfriend She Dated

Jealous woman suspected a schoolgirl of dating her boyfriend and set up a revenge. She invited the girl to her house, locked the door and whipped her senseless with a sjambok. All together, the sadistic woman delivered more than 100 lashes to the terrified girl.

Since the video is from South Africa, it’s all apartheid’s fault. Naturally…

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      1. No thanks. I like this place. Times, regions, and cultures change over time. I don’t want to live in Europe. And I doubt they want to be flooded by us Americans. They think being invaded by Muslims is bad? Islam ain’t got shit on Hip Hop in the realm of cultural degeneration.

    1. How about all Mexicans and Native Americans can have the states closest to the border (so we won’t have to walk much when we’re crossing it) and White people can have Georgia and all those shitty states filled with, not racist, but prooooud American hillbillies. And black people can only have rhode island so that the hillbillies can slowly but surely start pushing them into the ocean.

    1. Where is that mall cop with a taser gun, I’d like to roast that fat nigger pig. She needs a cattle prod up her cunt, ass and injected with Krokodil in that whipping arm of hers. I’d fucking do it myself!

  1. This Is how I picture a confrontation between Aunt Jemima and Mrs. Butterworth ending up. I would love to see the guy who inspired such a beat down, he probably drives a taxi with wooden wheels powered by some over the hill and ready to die farm animal.

      1. Solid idea for a costume @nextie, maybe we can get together a couple of days before Halloween and reenact this scene as a gift. I’ll dress up as Mrs. Butterworth, and you can hook me up with one of those epic meltdowns you’re known to have from time to time. Don’t think I can do 100+ lashes, but 38 should do. Maybe an extra one aimed at my junk for good luck, I don’t know, surprise me.

    1. At first glance, I believed you were playfully characterizing yourself as the author of the Aunt Jemima vs. Mrs. Butterwoth showdown. Hillarious, humbled comedy. Once I realized the true nature of your remark, it was clearly much darker in nature, it was still hillarious!

  2. first of all i would have took the beat down to the boyfriend. his ass should have known better. and second that girl could have picked up that speaker looking tower and brained that bitch. i would have picked up the first thing i could have got my hands on and beat her ass.

          1. A spice girl my dear Juicy is a member of the unbelievably shit 90’s UK girl band, the Spice girls. This particular stool sample when examined under a microscope by an oncologist reveals that the branch of music called pop has terminal cancer and has had it for some time.

            From a medical point of view, now that the host has Mily Cyrus and Justin Beiber ravaging it’s internal organs I’m afraid that the prognosis is death.

          2. Ahh- thanks for clarifying @Empty! Lol. As in- “So tell me what you want, what you really REALLY want..” LOL (had to look them up for shits n giggles)! No thanks- I’m not a “spice girl”. If I were though- I’d be pumpkin pie spice! Love some spicy cinnamon, ginger and pumpkin! That music is horrendous! I can see why they’re not really around anymore! I’m more of an 80’s chick anyhow..

          3. HAHA! The Spice Girls were my favorite band when I was little girl, before Brittney came out. I remember being between 4-6 and The Spice Girls came to MI for a concert and my mom took my older sister but she refused to take me because she said I was too young and she’d take me next time. The Spice Girls broke up after that tour and I still bring this up to my mom still to this day haha

          1. When I was a little kid (as young as 4/5 years old) I was listening to 70s/80s metal like Iron Maiden, Metallica, The Scorpions, Motely Cr?e, Quiet Riot, Fastway, Twisted Sister, KISS, Dio, Black Sabbath etc.. And by the time I was in 7th/8th grade I loved Slayer, The Misfits, Danzig, White Zombie, Type O Negative, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse etc.. while every girl in my class liked The New Kids on the Block and Madonna. They would call me Wednesday Adams and Elvira, but I didn’t care bc they all think metal is cool now and kissed my ass as I got older and hotter.. Fuck mainstream music!! Now I listen to Death/Black metal with a little bit of old country/southern rock thrown in.. Especially JOHNNY REBEL <3

          1. That’s it? You don’t want me to bring my catsuit, corset, the cuffs, restraints, the rope, spider gag, bit gag, the harness, the blindfolds or the lube?

  3. What a stupid bitch! First of all, if she suspected her boyfriend of messing around with a CHILD/ someone that young and she truly believes this than she needs to be whipping him! And also, leave his ass of course. I see this stupid shit far too often. Maybe not the whippings, haha, but the hole “Girl’s boyfriend is cheating on her and she takes it out on the other female involved instead of him” makes all women look ignorant. Dumb broads the lot of them who pull that shit. Oh! & this fugly cunt in the video? I hope her boyfriend does the same to her. What an awful thing to do to a child. Does anyone know what Country this is in?!

          1. Hahah Whenever I hear the word threesome now I always think of my birthday last year….

            My friends host a play boy bunny party at this club for my bday so we all dressed up. After pounding back drinks one of my girlfriends and her bf cornered me in the bathroom mid-pee and asked me to have a threesome with them. I said no because they were my friends and I didn’t want shit to be weird so I was trying to leave the restroom and her boyfriend whips out his dick and grabs me and starts making out with me with his girlfriend standing right there! I ran out of the bathroom drunk as a skunk not knowing what the fuck just happened.
            The girl wont talk to me anymore bc she found out her boyfriend just really wanted to fuck me. Oh welll, I didn’t ask for that shit to happen! Lmao that was one hell of a birthday though 馃槈

    1. @LilMiss: Cause if she did beat the boyfriend, then she’d have no “man” to take care of her folded, floppy ass. And, he would probably kill her for attempting such an act. Kill em all, let Future Days sort em out.

        1. Well I’ll play devils advocate here and say generally most women probably can’t physically do it . generally speaking I’m sure there are exceptions to the rule but hefty beast women are usually les or with weak ass norbit men who can’t Lol. Also ladies what say you on the idea of if a woman wants to fight a man as an equal then maybe she better be willing to take hits when she starts hitting? I personally had to restrain my step mom once but I’d only restrain a woman if it was me getting hit. I hate being hit whether I deserve it or not and if I’m hit in the face its like flipping a rage switch.

          1. To further make my point most women killers use poison or hitmen or other traps to get revenge or get rid of someone in their way, just how most women are, again always exceptions to the rule I’m merely generalizing and speaking about majority.

          2. realitycheck07, So, if I read that right, you’d only restrain a woman if “It was me” getting hit? lol That’s nice of you to offer, but Future Days and I get along great and we have zero tolerance for cheating.
            I agree with your point. Well said.

    1. Definitely! In most cases the other woman doesn’t even know about the man their seeing having a girlfriend. Either way though, whether the other female knew or not, she’s not in the relationship with you and she doesn’t owe you anything. It’s not her job to make sure your boyfriend is on a leash.

        1. Thank you lovely! It’s not my shirt, I’ve been growing my hair out for 6 yrs and it’s all the way down to the middle of my booty now! I guess it is ombre now but it wasn’t intentional even though I love it now. I’m Italian so I use to always die my hair dark, chocolate brown but since I moved to AZ I haven’t gotten my hair done in almost a 1& 1/2 now so what you see is the result of the Arizona sun mostly. I love it tho! I was planning on getting my hair done like this soon but now I guess I won’t have to 馃檪

      1. LilMissSunshine, if a woman knows a man is in a relationship, she may not owe his girlfriend / wife anything, but she should have enough self respect and class not to get involved with him in the first place. She should also be smart enough to realize if he cheated with her, he’ll cheat on her too, eventually.

        1. I agree! She should. I was dating a married man for 8 months and had absolutely NO clue and I felt horrible when I found out.. even though I didn’t know. I was the one that got the cussing out and threats and all that crap. And poor, innocent him didn’t get a damn thing. He got to go back to his wife and kid like nothing ever happened. Both are in the wrong, but the person who is supposed to love and care about you is a whole lot worst than some random girl who has no attachment or care towards you.

        2. Absolutely, I totally agree with you @Itwasme but sadly, the reality is that most girls in that situation don’t have any class or morals and don’t care that the man their with already has a stable relationship at home. Unfortunately theres a lot of insecure woman out there who except SO much less than they deserve.
          Sure, if I were in a situation like this and if the girl new, yea I’d probably rock her shit BUT not before I rocked his and dumped his sorry ass. Actually ya know what I just realized? I was in a situation like this hahaha!

          I was with a guy for 5 yrs, 13-18, he lived with me and my dad, put a HUGE rock on my finger. We had only slept with each other at that time in our lives and I always loved that about our relationship because i felt like the fact that we had lost our v cards to each other and never slept with anyone else, brought us even closer together. When I say he was my best friend that i’ve ever had, I mean this with all my heart. I’ve never been so close to another human being as I was with him. Anyways, for his 18th birthday I threw him a huge surprise birthday party at his cousins place, invited all of our friends, decorated, bought him tons of gifts and bought 9 fifths for everyone to drink at the party, all out of my own money. He thanked me by sleeping with my best girlfriend at the time. He told me the next day after we had already gotten back to my dad’s. Needless to say I threw him up against the sliding glass door and started punching him and then thrugh him out of my house with no shoes and made him walk bearfeet across town for 4 & 1/2 hours to his cousins across town. His cousin called me when he arrived and goes, “DAYYYUM GIRL he just told me you gave him that huge shiner on his eye! You hit good for a little girl hahaha” I ended up leaving him with a gnarly black eye for a couple weeks, Tehe! ^_^
          Oh yeah and I obviously dumped his ass.

          Oh & my friend that slept with him? Well I tried to beat her ass on several occassions but the bitch ran everytime she even heard from someone that there was a possibility that I could show up. Hahaha

          Okay, okay I’m done with story time now! Apologies if that was long as fuck 馃檪

          1. Aw that’s cute! I’m sorta like the baby of the family now, tehe! ^_^

            You lucky lil’ bitch you! I can’t wait for my 21st. Vegas for sure!!! Woooo! What did you do last yr for your birthday sweet pea?

          2. @lilmiss my cousins took me out to eat and had drinks, went to freight Fest in six flags as well. Was not crazy because I’ve don’t enough crazy shit in my life haha. Celebrate your 21 awesomely. 馃檪

    1. There would be a LOT of blood.
    2. “School girl “doesn’t attempt to leave.
    3. Who’s filming?
    4. Girl walks out without any injury, cries of “pain” , magically all better upon exit/end of footage

    Scene! Check the gate, etc

      1. Haha.ment i needed another drink…ugh..not anymOre..and fuck her bb.she’s a cunt for that man..there’s people out there that would kill to even have a child..while she beats and mistreats the gift God has given her…fucking cuntslut niger bitch…fuck!!!

          1. just pisses me off to see shit like this..ignorant cunt…plus i was really drunk last night..i think I’m just now hanging over..I was drunkover earlier..ugh..

          2. @Ladywicked. Alcohol makes the truth come out of most people. Some of the most brutal truths ever were exposed while drinking.

  5. That girl needs to go back to school and see if anyone has a high powered air rifle she can borrow. Go hide in the bushes and shoot her a couple of times in that big fat jacksie of hers. Also some shit parcels through the post, she’s a kid, get her friends together and they can make that fat bitches life a misery.

  6. My question is why did she have a sjambok? Do they all have them, or was she particularly kinky? Well you have to be quite the sadist to do this to a human being while they are screaming like that.

  7. hey niggy niggy lets get jiggy ,wiggle that big fat black jelly belly and screaam like a motherfucking banshee. fucking south african stonehut dwelling ape in all its primitive glory right there ,these fucking creatures are strange and very unevolved ,at least in murica though they seem to have progressed into the north american pavement ape. evolution is slow and tiring

  8. I just saw a video of a woman flipping a newborn baby around Ion Facebook. No one can identify the woman and I can’t find the original link to the video. If someone can help get it into the bestgore community, this would be of great help. After figuring out the Luka murder video, Ihave not one doubt that you guys can help. I ddon’t want to email Mark due to the computer confiscation.


      The problem is?that isn?t true. The FBI isn?t looking for this woman, and if you ask her, she?ll probably tell you she?s not torturing the baby.

      It?s a practice called ?baby yoga? and it?s apparently becoming increasingly popular in Eastern Russia, where it seems this video was filmed.

      If you can believe it, a different video depicting the same thing went viral in 2011

      1. Oh my goodness! That video made me cringe. There were so many points in the video where I thought she was going to drop the baby on it’s head. Whether it’s accepted or not, I cannot fathom how this can be good for any baby. There’s no way of knowing if a baby likes this or not (which I can’t believe this is something a baby would enjoy). Poor thing probably got nauseated from all that fast spinning and flipping. I just don’t understand how anyone in their right mind would want to do something like this to their baby, let alone a new born.

  9. damn that is going to leave a lot of damn marks… did you notice how manicured and how suburban that yard looked? All on the government’s dime I’m sure. Move 10 feet outside of the South African border and look what you get.

  10. I think the story might be wrong! Maybe she cut in front of her in the lunch line. How can someone be so fat in such a poor country. I know one thing, I’m cancelling Christian fund donation this bitch is eating way more than 50 cent a day. Scam! Haha

  11. PISS ME OFF! Bring both those bitches, the one with the strap and the one filming over to my dungeon and I would be happy to dose both with a variety of implements, a whip included, only I guarantee it’s going to leave a few marks. The fat bitch doing the beating probably sucked the cock of the man involved in her neurosis later that night. I hope she was arrested for her sickening and contemptible behavior towards the girl. Note: GIRL. how likely is it that a young school aged girl tempted and seduced a man? It doesn’t make sense. More information would be good.

    1. ”Note: GIRL”
      Oh, so now women are worth more than men? Is that what you are saying, you dumb feminist whore? And then you assume that a young school girl (in her teens, mind you) wouldn’t seduce a man? Really? It would be incredibly easy for any teenage girl to do that, and the amount of power it gives them isn’t even half-bad. If only you knew what guys do for young women, you wouldn’t have said such things.
      But what can I expect from a blind, double standard feminist whore?

      1. I am not a feminist you idiot. I am a HUMANIST and I am disgusted by sexism. The GIRL was wearing a school uniform. My comment was focused on her AGE not her gender. She beat a child and should have to face the consequences.

        Now, apparently you can’t respect when people have an opinion which is different from yours, and it seems you have an axe to grind with feminists, which by the way happen to annoy the hell out of me as well. Shows what you know. Insert your own dick in your mouth now. And you shouldn’t use the word WHORE so lightly, considering your mama might get her feelings hurt if she knew how you felt.

      2. I guess I have a thought construct that doesn’t sexualize children or young people. I need to remind myself that a great majority of people are a ok with children being sexualized. When girls and boys are still very young they should be thinking about age appropriate things, not seducing the 40 year old who lives next door or whatever. Some teens are more advanced but they are still wet behind the ears and don’t know half of what they think they do, which is why a responsible adult wouldn’t allow a school aged girl or boy to entertain such scenarios even if they attempted to. I guess in your world anything goes as long as it seems consensual? Sorry but I don’t agree with your perspectives and by the reaction you had to my first comment you are hardly qualified as an expert. Adults should look out for young people and children, rather than seeing them as conquests. But in my world there is this little thing called healthy boundaries. You can call me whore again if it makes you feel better, but I’m not the one saying it’s ok for adults to fuck around with underage kids. That’s YOU.

        1. If you took the time to read the follow up article, the school girl denies any association with the fat bitchs boyfriend the fat bitch who has since fled the village like the coward she is.

          It was also stated that the boyfriend tried to seduce the young girl with money. How sweet. Is that what you were referring to when you spoke about the power it gives girls and what older men are willing to do for them? Pathetic. I suppose you could see taking money for sex as empowering. No doubt that’s what he was aiming for. Somehow I doubt he was thinking ‘college fund”. But by your use of the word WHORE and combined with your comments I think you are a very confused person who hates feminists, LOL.

            Zound logic, idiot.
            Anyway I dont argue with retarded women such as yourself. I’d rather talk to a tree. Well actually it’s the same thing. Except that the tree doesen’t keep rambling about inconsistent nonsense. You have no idea what you’re talking about and I won’t bother trying to enlighten you.

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