Girls Beaten by Russian Scumbags

Girls Beaten by Russian Scumbags

No gore in this video, but WTF? It takes a super macho loser to take full on clenched fist swings at girls. Russia is home to some of the world’s biggest scumbags, but honestly… beating up girls like that? How about you pick someone your own size, tough guy? Oh, you can’t. You were punching girls and landed zero knockouts so picking on a man would land you on your ass. I get it…

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107 thoughts on “Girls Beaten by Russian Scumbags

  1. I would have taken my stiletto off and slammed it through that fuckers head if I was there. That guy was just wailing on them wth. Bitch beater.

      • Fuck all Niggers man they all bitches they don’t put nobody in their place unless they’re with a bunch of their ape looking friends I see that shit all the time in the clubs here in NYC and that goes to the fucking guido looking russian juice head trying to be tough punching some girl full force and bitch ain’t even drop lol I wish that homo hit some russian mafia’s girlfriend in this video because payback is a Bitch….lol

  2. bitches looked like they started it. wanna act like a man? take a beating like a man. bitches need to be kept in line. i keep my PIMP HAND STRONG! bitches always forgive me cause i’m hollywood handsome and they want some of this.

  3. Beating a woman isn’t wrong. Beating a perzon who is er than you is. I hope all you discriminators.can get that into your thick skulls. We can take more pain on average than our male counterparts, and that’s not just.genitals.

  4. I want to know what the fuck started this. Dozens of fully grown adults dressed in skimpy clothes fighting eachother in what looks like a lobby. Really? Not one of them could say, “Wait. Why the hell are we ALL in here punching eachother? Let’s TALK it out like the mature adults we are.”
    SMH this is pathetic.

    • “Wait. Why the hell are we ALL in here punching eachother? Let’s TALK it out like the mature adults we are.”

      Are you being sarcastic, or are you seriously wondering that? I mean, we are talking about human beings here…right?

  5. Holy shit. Is everybody fucking blind? The guy wasn’t randomly beating up girls. He was fighting a guy and then one dumb bitch grabs him and pulls him back. She got a bit of a smack. Then a stupid bitch gives him a proper good whack in the head with a stilletto heel. I’m sorry but if i’m in go mode and a bitch hits me in the head with a heel, she’s fucking going down. Best thing a girl can do when a guy is losing it like that is get the fuck away and stay away. Dumb fucking bitches got what they deserved.

  6. They should really legalize this. Fuck’n women stickin their noses where it don’t belong. A lot of women think because they ARE ladies, men won’t hit them. Fuck that shit…Beat them all back into the kitchen where they belong.

    • Cooking actually started out as a male hobby. There have actually always been more male cooks than female. So when are YOU getting back in the kitchen? It isn’t your place nor your right to decide where women belong. But look at you, another ignorant, chest thumping cave man who likes to deem himself king. Meanwhile you don’t have a dick bigger than 3 inches or a buck to your name.

  7. Exactly, LongBallLarry got the point.
    Those bitches attacked first and they got what they deserved. As far as I can see, those bitches made a “team attack” on the man. Who the hell said that there’s a bad thing to hit a woman if she deserved it ??!
    If I was in the same position as him, I would beat the shit out of them !!

  8. dumb bitch expects a free shot without consequences. bitches want equal rights then they must take a few clips when they get out of line.

  9. Most of the grils he hit came back for more, he probably hits like a bitch oh and BTW i would like nothing more than to agree with everyone here that the guy’s a faggot, BUT to me to BIGGEST FAGGOTS here are the other “guys” standing there who ain’t doing shit about this loser hitting girls.

  10. bitches with overly-active mouths are one thing,but this dude should really see the end of a .45 ..I’m no abusive poopdick,and Id hate for that shit to go down around me.if that shit were to ever happen around me like at mickey d’s,I’d shove the sole of my shoe on the side of his battered skull.god I just wish for that to happen around me

  11. I must say, that half of ‘russian’ videos on this site are probably from North Caucasus. Dont you see by faces of these people that they are not slavic, but some low-educated scum from Dagestan most probably.
    There is a lot of scum among russians of course. Just for clarity.

  12. Word Russian woman are tough taking shot after shot and no one knocked out cold. But i cant stand a man hitting a woman fucking pussy fight a guy.

  13. Fight one of these russian bitches?? they are fucked up on steroids with blonde moustaches if you look at them up close they fight like the parasite gypsies.

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