Guy Attacks Homosexuals, Gets Knocked Out with Sucker Punch

Guy Attacks Homosexuals, Gets Knocked Out with Sucker Punch

A wannabe tough guy was attacking a group of faggots seemingly for no reason other than to be a jerk but someone surprised him with a sucker punch he didn’t see coming and it got him knocked the fuck out. The black shirt ass muncher was super faggy with his hand movement after the punch, but he didn’t do nothing to deserve being punched so it’s only fair that someone took the jerk out. Sucker punches are lowly, but the jerk was asking for it.

The sucker puncher can now officially call himself the protector of faggots.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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149 thoughts on “Guy Attacks Homosexuals, Gets Knocked Out with Sucker Punch”

      1. He stated that he was a bad ass, and that he could take any homo from this side the Mexican border.
        But his feminine dancing only drew big gales of stupid laughter from the crowd.
        When he struck butt-hole Billy, it was long dong Dicks final straw.

      2. Not sure he was a faggot, he certainly was a “captain save a queer” for sure.

        The reason I say this, is because faggots can’t throw a punch, and this guy did.

        He could be just a fag hag. He hangs around gays for money.

        His tactics were sound. He used a “flanking” attack maneuver. Very effective.

    1. Don’t you just love these asshole bullies who pick on someone weaker than them? This douchebag knob got exactly what he deserved. Street fighting means anything goes, including a sucker punch. He got the KTFO and his manhood was greatly diminished.

      1. Wanker. Cocksucking wanker. Not many things I hate worse than a bully. He should have a snow shovel rammed up his crack, minus any lube. I’d pay to see/hear his screams as his asshole becomes his spinal column. 😉

  1. This was in SXSW festival in Austin,TX 2013. Crazy video the flaming fag couldn’t even connect with a kick while his bully was knocked down. I dont give a fuck what anyone says hitting a man with a nigger shot is the lowest possible subhuman shit you can do, i dont agree to pick fights with fairies, but if you going to fight square the fuck up. Dont come from the background and deck a guy when he isn’t looking thats some pussy shit. Its not like the dude was with a gang or crew he was alone, and you were with your boys..i know that street fights are not fair thats why i try to avoid them , they are so unpredictable.

    1. Yea they do! People are ignorant as fuck! If there weren’t gays, this world would be a boring and ugly place! Full of flabby men with bad haircuts!! Haha!! Fuck the haters! They deserve to die!

  2. Is it San Fransisco or any similar gayish US/Canadian city? Welcome to Russia, my friend, you can ask for political asylum. I’m not kidding. We are at least trying to revive our economy and preserve traditional family values.

    I’d not be surpised if plenty of people from libtard European countries/US expatrite to Russia full soon (as Gerard Depardieu fleeing from the French 75% wealth tax did).

    1. Russia is a hell anti white.

      Putin created laws that prohibit and punish discourses nationalist
      ? and pro white.

      he dissovel all nationalist parties and arrested hundreds of political nationalists. books denouncing the crimes Jews are banned in russia

      1. You seem to be an immigrant from Russia to US or Canada to me. Russia is the only white country left that stands against Jews in every possible ways. What are you talking about? Are you a former USSR dissident, mate?

  3. Why didn’t they kick it when it was down? Drunkin piece of shit thinks its invincible. I talk about it like a piece of shit because its brain capacity isn’t any bigger than what I shit out in the morning.

    On an important note: Not 1 flip flop. I don’t know what to think about that :/

    1. Because in the US the mob mentality isnt to go apeshit and dish out mob justice like beating a man when hes down, thats thailand/philipines/indonesia/brazil. Also most/all niggers, and I say there is a difference between blacks and niggers.

  4. He’s lucky that the police were there otherwise he might have got his ass beaten in more ways than one.

    I have never liked the word homophobe, it means a fear of gays but I would say that a lot of people just either dislike them or absolutely hate them for what they are, I personally couldn’t care less what adults do behind closed doors but I do find it very annoying to have to see gay Pride events, feminine type, over the top type gays and gay marriage and adoption.

    The above is not because I hate gays but because I hate to see minorities dictating how it should be for the majority and whereas I dislike religion I find it obscene that gay people can force change on thousands of years of tradition and as far as gay adoption goes, well, lets just say I very much frown upon that one.

    It needs to be pointed out though that whereas the gay voice should not carry weight in their small numbers it is our governments who magnify this voice and create rule change for them, just like mass immigration you should focus less on the sub group and more on the real enemy, our governments for they are the ones who wield the power of law and they are the ones fucking us in the ass.

  5. The dickhead picks on non aggressive people having a good time till he comes along. He’s probably the asshole that has no friends because of his inability to socialize with everyday people. I would think that he may be a closet gay, why else pick on these guys unless you have a reason to hate…because your self hating ass pirate.

  6. For a gay basher he looked pretty queer himself. I am 100% he is a closet homosexual by the way he punches. I think that was more like a love tap that told the offending homosexual my place or yours. When he comes out of the closet I am sure he will become accustomed to their ways.

  7. I kind of caught shit a while back for defending the bus driver who kicked an asshole off his bus a while back. What is the difference? If you fuck with someone then you get what you get. This Guy did actually assault someone though, I’ll give you that.

  8. I have no problem with gays being gays and whatever. But parading it is just trying to provoke people. Its again that “in a perfect world” mentality that just keep dragging humanity further into the shit. Some people hate gays, that is that make all the parades you want they will still hate you, so just suck a dick and stop trying to make everyone like you.

    I’ve never had a problem with gay marriage until I realized they are actually trying to force something on religion. So the question is not should gays be allowed to marry, it should be is marriage only of religious people. Then we can decide if they can marry each other.

    The guy in the video was asking for it. Trying to act tough in front of people you know won’t fight back is as low as you can get. Its like slapping 5 year olds in a kinder garden. (I am not saying gays are as defenseless as kids but I am pretty sure they wont fight back).

    Also if you hate gays, good for you but nobody really gives a shit what you like and don’t like so ignore gays and hopefully they will stop with their stupid parades but now its just an endless loop of stupidity: “We make parades because people hate us” – “We hate them because they make parades” If one group just cuts the bullshit out we solve the most meaningless problem humanity is facing now.

    I also have weird fetishes that people don’t like but you don’t see me parading around hoping people will learn to like me.

    1. Well ok if you want to say that then why is westboro baptist church allowed to preach their hate and bigotry? I would love to grab a westboro member and look into their eyes while I slowly strangle the life from said victim.

      1. Yeah probably because I don’t parade it around. If I did people would be pissed off at me most likely. I don’t really get what is your point here. Not really familiar with this “westboro baptist church” since I don’t live in the USA, I have heard of their ridiculous shit though and I don’t know why they are allowed to preach it but again I don’t see your point here. I am fine with gays even with gay parades I don’t give a shit but obviously it pisses some people off and I understand why people can get pissed off that. You might not agree with people who hate gays but that is how it is. I think gays should just accept that fact that not everyone likes them and move on with their lives. And people who hate gays should just avoid them and not try and engage with them. As for gay marriage like I said it depends on how we define marriage. If marriage can be preformed only by people who believe in god then gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry because you can’t pick and choose what you believe in from the bible. If that is true I shouldn’t be allowed to marry as well since I don’t believe in god either.

        1. @Obli, typical smart ass shit disturbing newbie who wont last a week here. They come…they go…and they learn nothing. If he spent any time at all as a lurker before joining then he’d sure as fuck know who I am and what I’ve been through.

      1. I hope you’re kidding cuz if you’re not then go search my name here and look what I went through. I’ve got metal rods holding my spine together from an accident that almost left me paralyzed. I’m also considered a senior member here since I’ve been here a couple of years. I’m getting sick of newbies who come here to be shit disturbers.

    1. Well, there are reasons people don’t like homosexual culture.

      Some would say homosexual marriages ruins the institution of marriage, ruins the family unit, and turns women into promiscuous sluts.

      I’d argue that was done a long time ago. I mean – Marriage simply doesn’t work in the West anymore, regardless of gay marriage or not.

      High rates of Infidelity/Cheating among females, incredibly biased divorce court that essentially robs males regardless of reason for divorce (Say, your wife cheated), Women were already super promiscuous (100+ Partners by the age of 25?) and the family unit was already being attacked before these gay/homosexual movement flamed up.

      1. ist not the Topic, but i married the man i fell in love with. so, just one man in my life till now. does this marriage makes me happy? no. would i leave him? no. i wait till he leaves me. hope, this will happen soon

        1. White females aren’t compatible with marriage anymore. They change every 2 or so years. Never know how much they will change.

          They can go from being an Emma Watson to a Kim Kardashian that quick.

  9. I was waiting to see him buttfucked by the crowd. Unfortunately police got there first and buttfucked him back in the station. If any police are reading this; please send Mark the vid.

  10. Very easy to knock someone out when they aren’t expecting the hit, that’s faggot shit right there in itself. Was it still kinda funny? Yes.
    But is that homo lover a hero cause of it? Nope, just a homo lover with a cheap shot. I wonder if he sneaks up like that during anal rapings 😀

          1. Yup. It’s all the rage now. However, I start with the pussy, dine at the Y for a long time, THEN I graduate to the asshole. And go to town for hours!

  11. This video makes me proud to be an American. If you talk shit and put your hands up, expect a fight. I am proud of the bystanders who got in this dudes face and let him have it after he got knocked the fuck out. And finally a good job by the police. lol

  12. I love how you are all cheering for this bitch who did the sucker punch. You don’t know how it was started but you are ready to cheer for the fags. Congratulation! You have been successfully brainwashed by the Gay Agenda!

  13. Funny shit! Sucker punch or not, I feel no sympathy for that dickhead. The guy he squared up to wanted none of it. And that’s why he wouldn’t leave him alone. He knew there was zero risk of getting hit back. For all the videos we see where people just ignore the plight of others, this was refreshing. And it was a decent punch too, guy went down like a sack o’ spuds bejasus

  14. I don’t subscribe to faggotry, and homophobe is a word made up by a queer ( George Weinberg ) tp male himself and other fags feel better about being turd burglars…I do believe in ‘to each their own’ and all that groovy shit.
    With that being said, I’d like to quote Gunnery Sgt. Hartman…
    “Because I am hard, you will not like me. But the more you hate me, the more you will learn. I am hard but I am fair. There is no racial bigotry here. I do not look down on niggers, kikes, wops or greasers. Here you are all equally worthless. “

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