Haitians Fight 2 on 1 in Dominican Republic Over a Woman

Haitians Fight 2 on 1 in Dominican Republic Over a Woman

There was a time when I used to think a woman worth fighting for existed. I’ve long outgrown that foolishness.

Haiti and Dominican Republic share the same island (called Hispaniola). Haiti is the shitpile of the world – corrupt, dangerous and filthy – so many Haitians flee to the Dominican Republic to try a new life there. You can take the monkey out of the… nevermind.

Three Haitians living in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic got into a street fight allegedly over a woman. LOL. It was a two on one fight that also involved a stick but there wasn’t any clear winner. Stray dogs got all feisty over it, though.

Those guys should have spared themselves the trouble cause the woman was probably fucking with a fourth guy behind their alls backs. That’s how much fucking sense fighting for a woman makes. And I don’t even want to get started on gold digging Chicas Dominicanas.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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53 thoughts on “Haitians Fight 2 on 1 in Dominican Republic Over a Woman”

  1. I’m always bashed by my imaginary friends just because i don’t hit on women as they do. What is so good about sex? you smuggle your genitals in a tight skin bag, you cum and that is it. it is just a show of dominance really.

    1. +1
      It’s just a bunch of dopamine,oxcytocine, endorphins and other stupid neurotransmiters giving us pleasure for such a stupid act.

      Stupid selfish genes taking control over us and putting those mechanisms to ensure their reproduction.

    2. There’s more to sex than just that Baked, you’re not being romantic enough.

      There’s the oil massage, the finger fuck, or fist fuck depending upon the size of the pouch, the oral, the toys, the ass slapping, the nipple nibbling, the spanking, the clit rubbing, mutual masturbation, the role play, the threesome with a female dwarf, the two way lesbian action while you pound them from behind, the money shot, bdsm, hogtied, the list goes on, go on enjoy yourself.

        1. You’re lucky, the first time I got a footjob was when I insulted a girl in junior school, it wasn’t very romantic though, she didn’t have to put her all weight into it, and shouting obscenities at me didn’t help either, the cheeky bitch even denied it was a footjob at all even though I told all my friends it was.

      1. Yeah fuck those pussies above i want to handcuff every single of you broads to my fixtures in my house and bang the shit out of you like you know you all want. FIlthy cum dumpsters that’s it no more internets im going to get laid.

  2. How many people — I mean nig-nogs are there in Haiti? It would be neato if they could all be eliminated and humans could take their place. I bet it would be the envy of every island nation in the world in less than 5 years.

  3. Everyone says they’d never fight for a woman or man but wait till you fall deep in love. It’ll make you bathsalts crazy. Emotions are our chains.
    Hey, maybe her pussy was good too.

  4. So, ive just read something cool, obama is coming to south africa the 29th and the moslem association wants to have him arrested for war crimes. who thought my country can lock up the US president if we wanted to lol…soooo coooolll!!!

      1. I would have to disagree. there are only two instances where I would employ physical violence against a female. one would include whips and ball-gags, candles and, oh yes, CONSENT.
        the other would be if the crazy bitch was actually trying to kill me or mutilate me beyond recognition, I would be well within my rights to defend myself. not even if the gold digging bitch took me for everything I had would I lay a hand on her. i’m not going to jail for any female.
        you see its all well and good to have fantasies, but in the real world there is something called prison and assloads of fines and social stigmatizing that you will never live down.
        plus there is honour and chivalry. are many women today scum? yes, of course. but not all. don’t associate with shitty women and you will live happily and your bank account will flourish.
        I choose my partners carefully. they may seem weird to some but I could care less about that.

          1. well, I do enjoy breathing….maybe I could talk her into letting me be her pet.
            being a house pet for a higher being could have its perks.
            obliterator no taste good!

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