Hands Chopped Off by Machete

Hands Chopped Off by Machete

One of gore classics, this video of a man getting his hand chopped off by machete will be well familiar to those of you who have seen a gore or two. I myself have seen it a few years ago, but had little to no information about it. I know a bit more now so I’m sharing.

This happened in Colombia. Low quality of the video may make it seem as though the punished man was African, but it didn’t take place on the Black Continent. The victim is a Colombian peasant accused of thievery. The punisher is allegedly a member of a guerilla force known as Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia (AUC) or The United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia in English.

From the video it’s obvious that the victim already had his left hand chopped off prior to this chop. The punisher tells him in Spanish to lay his hand on the rock or else he was gonna hit him with the machete in the head. The victim then asks if it was OK for him to run after the chop to help him bear the pain. The cling of metal on stone seals peasant’s fate who is seen dashing off having no hand left to wipe his ass off with. Life’s gonna suck with two stumps for hands, especially for a poor peasant. Life didn’t deal him a very good hand…

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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46 thoughts on “Hands Chopped Off by Machete”

  1. “Justicia popular” happens all over Latin America. It’s very effective. Thieves get a hand chopped off, repeat cattle thieves or thieves who threaten with a gun or knife get both hands chopped off.

    Rapists get burned alive, child molesters are stoned first and then burned, while still alive. Murderers are beheaded.

    Believe it or not, the system works a lot better than giving them a slap on the wrist and letting them go, or putting them in gaol to live at the tax payers’ expense.

    1. I hope you see the flaw with this type of punishments. Saying this is a deterent to crime is absolutely wrong… Crime is still rampant and alive where this is set into law. The problem with this system is that since there is not real and effective court system, many of the accused are innocent thus leaving the real criminal free to do what he pleases. But I do see the factor of fear as a preventative, but in actuality it really does not change anything.

    1. If it was just one hand, i would sacrifice it and stick to being able to survive, but this poor bastard already lost a hand so in this case, yeah totally i would do whatever too, fighting back or whatever even if it ends my life.

      1. I’ll agree with the above posts, too. Maybe it’s because I’m an American, and since I don’t come from the culture seen in this video I have a different sense of justice than people from other cultures around the world, but there is no way in HELL I’d willingly take this punishment. As the others have said, it would definitely be a fight to get me in that position. I’d rather be dead than have no hands. Fuck that quality of life.

        1. In all actuality, none of you know for certain WHAT you would do in a situation such as this. We can all sit here and say “I would do this” or “I would do that” but you don’t know wtf you would do UNTIL you were in that predicament.

  2. I live in Colombia and that seems to be old. And I don’t think FARC did it, FARC members are fucking terrorists, but they don’t act that way, they usually kill without torturing their victims first. I think it was the AUC, those right-wing terrorists even chop their victims alive with chain saws. This would have been in the sensationalist newspapers if this had been recent.

    1. Yeah it was the paramilitares, las Autodefensas. They hated blacks, too, in typical right-wing fashion, so most of the people they ‘punished’ were the dark ones.

      But truth be told, in Colombia most of the worst criminals are Black. A matter of chicken-or-egg too, since they are discriminated and often don’t have any way out but to become criminals.

      Fucked up planet.

  3. A lot of people slag off Islamic punishments (hudd) but like the man above said it saves money on jails, it is an example to other wannabe criminals but if you look into it properly the western media response to such punishments is based on fucked up countries like Sudan & Somalia.
    Maybe certain instances in Saudi & also Iran.
    But in fact there hasn’t been a truly Islamic society for nearly 1000 years. Look in to the life of Muhammad (S.A.W) & you will ALWAYS see justice tempered by mercy.
    A thief is advised to deny the crime by the court & then the punishment cannot be exacted.
    That experience of Nearly losing a hand should be enough to put the thief off crime for life.
    Also there are no prisons.
    Prison is a parody of God’s punishment in the hereafter.
    “ALLAH has made hell a prison for wrongdoers”
    In america, supposedly the world’s leading nation, young people are thrown in jail for simple weed possession in some states, thrown in the pit with the worst of the worst to be beaten, sodomised & turned into fucked up creatures filled with cynicism & hate.
    Forced to join gangs who make them maim & kill.
    It blatantly doesnt work!
    Surely swift exemplary justice is better?
    Also a thief who steals to feed himself is not subject to punishment, only the greedy who have enough already & want more.
    As for executions, they are carried out with a sharp sword wielded by an expert. Humane if a little messy.
    As for stonings & crucifixions, well thats a different matter but the point is that these punishments should be carried out VERY rarely upon the worst of the worst, like that John Mongrol character in Polsmoor S.Africa.
    The simple fact is that, especially in america incarceration is a very profitable industry used as a weapon against the poor.
    Shame on YOU america.

    1. I can see your point. However, Islamic system is even worse. It’s very hard to change a criminal, some of them have had a fucked up upbringing, and they are just assholes who don’t give a shit to kill a man for a few hundred of dollars, of simply for fun. Jail is the least cruel punishment, they just stay away from society, instead of chopping his arms and returning him to society.

  4. well this video is from the Dominican Republic , a little island between Puerto Rico and Cuba, how i know? well im dominican and he clearly speak my kind of spanish , and he cutted the hand of an Haitian, that was kinda cool , i remember that lovely sound of the machete(colin in DR) , i have 4 in the house of my grandma 😀

    1. I don’t know shit about Spanish but i saw some Colombians and Venezuelans on other sites who also say that the language spoken in this video is theirs.
      Well but it seems you’re right. I googled it and found many Haitians getting pissed by this video.

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