Iran – Muslim Man Beats His Wife for Interrupting His Camera Moment

Iran - Muslim Man Beats His Wife for Interrupting His Camera Moment

Iran - Muslim Man Beats His Wife for Interrupting His Camera Moment

We all know Islam is about as synonymous with equality as Justin Bieber is with Music. Islam follows the teachings of a man who appears to have had some major beef with women and it big time shows. So when a Muslim man is having a camera moment and a Muslim woman, who always has been and always will be deemed the lesser of him, even if (or especially if) she’s his wife, says something, he ain’t letting it pass without a beating.

The video is from Iran. You got your typical Muslim household with husband, wife and kids and because husband is having his big movie moment, it pisses him right off them his unworthy wife opens her mouth. She’s a woman and they are Muslims. How dare she speak when he speaks?

Notice how after the man delivers beating to his wife, another male behind the camera gives a chuckle. Clearly, the cameraman was also a Muslim cause he found senseless, unjustified beating of someone physically predisposed to be weaker – a woman by someone physically predisposed to be stronger – a man funny. Religion of peace indeed. Why not also call it the religion of understanding and compassion while we’re at this ludicrous liberal faggotry?

Some pretty brutal stomping in the video too. Most domestic violence takes place behind closed doors but Muslim men don’t even bother hiding the fact that they beat their wives. Must be a societal standard:

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289 thoughts on “Iran – Muslim Man Beats His Wife for Interrupting His Camera Moment”

    1. “Da Fuq ?!!!!! BITCH!!! u killed my song, imma kill you now. ” doubt they believe in divorce, you can tell he’s ready to disappear the bitch and find a new one. Funny how she had to have the last word.

    2. this dude was just keeping his pimp hand strong. as well he should. gotta keep dem bitches in line otherwise they get uppity and start to sass you.

  1. This guy was supposed to be the chap who freakin luka magnotta shoulda went after , In my opinion this guy should be fucked over medieval style where he is hanged quartered and fucking beheaded . Fucking Mujahadeen cant beat that can they now ..bloody stupid cunts .

    1. Maybe he’s a repressed homo, and because his Islamic mind virus won’t allow him to smoke another man’s meat hookah he feels guilty every time the woman he was culturally forced to marry opens her mouth. So, he’s got to stomp her out like his flaming sexuality.

        1. Cool. I didn’t want my suspicion of his repressed homosexuality to sound anything like something one of us Westerners would do. I don’t think an Iranian would appreciate that. Especially him, the catty bastard.

      1. Well, you know, faggotry is common among the muslime vermin yet carries a death sentence if that info is ever known to fellow muslimes. That is exactly why I believe in encouraging muslime queers to “come out of the closet.”

          1. I have never liked the “nuke ’em” solution. Even though I don’t like Middle Eastern culture I don’t think anybody deserves to be totally bombed out like that. Well, maybe the American negro, but we’re talking about Arabs here! Too many innocents (make of that word what you will here…) would die, and the land would get polluted. No nukes.

    2. That sucks isn’t it. Wife beating is a part of their culture and is legal according to the teachings of their religion. Poor Muslim women, their culture looks like it is more focused only for males. This wife seems a fine mother to her children and a martyr wife…to bad she got a beating just for that. This is one example of a religious law taken advantage by this bloody cunt Muslim husbands.

      1. He’s a practioner of feng shui, as demonstrated by the propitious use of numbers in his username. He’s also pointing out that the husband will be sleeping on the sofa tonight.

          1. Excuse my redundant comment. This site is currently infected with the sheep virus.

      2. He’s a practioner of feng shui, as demonstrated by the propitious use of numbers in his username. The wife was incorrectly located, thus interrupting the flow of chi. She was promptly relocated. He’s also pointing out that the husband will be sleeping on the sofa tonight.

    1. It is a pretty nasty video.

      Yet it is, unfortunately. Too common an occurence.

      It would be absolutely great if we could get this translated… The song sounds great!


      No, I really want to know what the wife said to make her fella go ape shit on her.

          1. Or wash his willy.

            She is tired of pulling ‘debris’ out of inbetween her teeth.

          2. Usually Mark would be onto your case about said Grammatical skills.

            But seeing he is rather busy.

            I didn’t want to let standards slip during this tumultuous period.

          3. You know, it’s really not hard to have correct grammer. I just assume people don’t look into technicalities like correct spelling.
            I guess if people can’t understand me, i will start typing with no mistakes. it’s not English class, it’s the web.

          4. You know, it’s really not hard to have correct grammer. I just assume people don’t look into specifics like correct spelling.
            I guess if people can’t understand me, i will start typing with no mistakes. It’s not English class, it’s the web.

          5. i had to re-do it, BECAUSE i know people would be on my case for saying technicalities instead of specifics.

          6. Truth be told.

            I couldn’t care less about innocent spelling mistakes.

            It’s only when people use:

            ‘ppl’ instead of ‘people’
            ‘b’ instead of ‘be’
            ‘u’ instead of ‘you’

            If you get my drift.
            It isn’t anything personal, as I know it is a bloody hard habit to break.

            My reasoning for being a ‘grammar Nazi’ is because this is a unique site. And certain standards have to be kept.

            Now that you know. No hard feelings.

          7. ooops sorry trooper….i think i may have used the people one before…ive been a bad bad kitty!! lol

            no seriously i shall try to do better :)

          8. Ali.

            I am going to punish you.

            Your in for it now.

            Please stay there whilst I fetch a car battery and crocodile clips…

          9. Hey man, I can respect that. No hard feelings on my part at all. I’m just here to make friends. And your right, this site is very unique along with the people who are apart of it. It’s part of the reason why I come on this site everyday. You seem like a pretty good guy, so i can respect how you feel about it.

        1. hes so frustarted because asian men have the smallest recorded penises ,theyr lucky to hit even 5 inches . 3-4 is average for the singing sand-negro

          1. i really feel tho at the same time that were insulting innocent grains of sand by associatin em with them vermin cunts. poor sand.

  2. i used to be a very shy and reserved person until a relationship i was in turned extremely abusive…..for the first two years i took the beatings because he told me if i left him or told anyone he would burn my parents house down while they slept…….the third year i said fuck this and started standing up for myself… im no longer a shy reserved little person but a fucking hardass who will take no shit from ANYONE……sometimes im actually grateful to him for the person he turned me into………..women need to start defending themselves and fighting back

          1. My X beat the shit out of me three times, she even sucker punched me in a bar. That will never happen again, I wouldn’t hit women then, now?????
            ONLY in self defence.

          2. I have always maintained that you must defend yourself irregardless of who (or what) the assailant is. Although:

            You must NEVER hit a Lady (as a lady will never resort to physical violence).

            You can only hit a Woman in self defence.

            You can scrap with a ‘female’ lke any other lad.

            I say that. As a lot of the females round my area don’t class as ‘women’, let alone ‘ladies’. And wouldn’t think twice to wrapping a bottle of Lambrini around your head for a packet of fags.

          3. @ trooper

            i guess we can still hit a lady. Like in bed while doing it doggie style…give that butt a hard SLAP or two.

          4. Ah,

            Sorry Eggy, I forgot about that.

            A bit of spanking, scratching, biting, electrocution, branding, burning or hair pulling is all right. In bed.

    1. Damn…. very glad you stood up for yourself and showed that piece of shit that you’re not going to be taking anymore of that crap. I had a friend (she) who was going through the same shit that you went through…. her boyfriend was very abusive as well and didn’t tolerate her talking with anyone else other than him. I managed to convince her that he’s not worth her time or attention, she was reluctant to leave him at first but then I told her it’s only going to get worse the more time she stays with him, so she packed up her bags when he wasn’t home and left to live with her mother. Her friends told me when he found out that I talked her into leaving him he was seething with rage…. but knew better than to confront a guy who will fight back. Pussies right??? :)

    2. Good for you Razor.

      It is usually with people like that who have major insecurities about things. I wouldn’t like to speculate what.

      Just it is good that you got out of it. Found the strength to tell him to sling his hook. And are sharing this deeply personal information with us.

      We are grateful.

    3. at least it turned you into a harder person rather than crumbling to nothing. at thats usually how those relationships end. good for you. power to you razorblade.

    4. that’s pretty tough, respect. a good friend of mine got into kickboxing after she’s almoest been raped. i guess the next fuck who tries something like this will have a hard time.
      idk, i could never beat a woman, no matter how far she pushes me over the edge. except for physical attack.

    5. that’s pretty tough, respect. a good friend of mine got into kickboxing after she’s almost been raped. i guess the next fuck who tries something like this will have a hard time.
      idk, i could never beat a woman, no matter how far she pushes me over the edge. except for physical attack.

      1. Yeah, i could never beat a woman no matter how far she pushed me, and at worse, she physically attacks me and i try to stop her, or hold her down or something. I can’t remember the exact word for it.

    6. People, men OR women, who stand up for themselves and stop letting others abuse them or treat them like shit, are some of my favorite people. Life is too short to allow oneself to be victimized by scumbags and losers. Personally, I would have killed the puke for making such a threat but that’s just me. Keep that attitude Grin, never change, and you will always be better off.

    7. More power to you! I used to be beat by my brother, after years of the abuse I tried standing up for myself but my ass got beat. I just try not to tip him off anymore, otherwise I will be hurt. But I’m glad to hear your story, gives me hope. I sound like a fag, but I’m glad you wrote your story.

  3. men like that need to have their willies lopped off and shoved up their a-hole…..uggh…did i say how much i detest paki/arab/muslim men?? Child raping bastards….i hope Allah is a woman

      1. @brokeback lol no worries! I am extremely laid back….open to all sorts of things. 😮
        I just have a personal issue with these dudes – i was assaulted by a group of them when i was a child so im a bit jaded about them now.

        1. Sorry to hear about that assault @ali, but lookin’ on the bright side, you learned a very valuable lesson, and it will never happen again, props honey!

          1. @lunatic thanks for your kind words but i dont know what lesson i learned from that……apart from being scared to death of men for most of my youth….damn muslims! Such a backwards religion

        2. I am sorry to hear about your unfortunate, disturbing experience with these ‘untermensch’ (they don’t qualify as Men). Yet as Loonie says. You took something out of that terrible incident.

          You took out life experience.

          It is experiences like that which can make or break a character. And seeing that you are here to talk to us.

          You must be a strong person.

          On a lighter note…

          You kinky tart!

          1. Do you prefer a paddle or a cat’o’nine tails (with studs)?

            I do enjoy a Lady with a sense of adventure.

          2. @trooper
            a cat ‘o’nine nine would be fine….
            look at me rhyme….
            I CANT STOP…lolol

          3. Ahhh. That is bad…

            I shall have to give you a stern talking to. Tomorrow, as I am absolutely knackered.

            G’nite, Ali.

            P.S. do you ship these fairy houses to the British Isles?

          4. I am looking for a fairy in every sense of the word…

            At the closest to ‘fairies’ I am getting at the moment is with the fuc#ing liquid I do my washing up in…

            Plus my Mum’s 40th is coming up. I want to get her something special.

    1. It’s not surprising that Muslim men have twisted and misogynistic views on women. The man they admire so much, Muhammad, married a 6-year-old girl and fucked her when she was 9. A religion founded by a sick pedophile can’t be anything other than fucked up. Muhammad had 11 wives and he said women’s main deficiency are their brains. Muhammad saw women as disposable cattle. It makes me sick that billions of Muslims all over the world pay homage to a benighted pedophile.

      Once a man is infected with this disease we call Islam, he loses all ability to think rationally.

        1. Cheers Jizzakh.

          You are truly a fountain of knowledge.

          I wish these bloody newbies learn how to put a sentence together correctly.

          And learn some spelling skills whilst they are at it.

          1. Cheers Trooper :) I think it’s really important to learn about Islam because of its belligerent nature (as well as its sheer size). Islam is dangerous and we need to keep our eyes on it. Know your enemy and all that.

            I’m the same when it comes to spelling and grammar, a lot of kids these days spell like they have fucking brain damage (probably because of texting). It annoys the shit out of me. I think I can be a bit too pedantic about grammar 😛

          2. I can’t agree more Jizzakh.

            Islam represents an existential threat to the west. Made even more worst by our ruling classes actively collaborating with the enemy.

            A part of me actually wants to speed up the effects of said invasion. So finally the ‘sheep’ can realise the action we will have to take.

            A fully fledged civil war will take place within the next 30 years.

            My only hope. Is that we don’t lose it.

      1. Wow, thanks for letting us know that. I had no idea about any of that. And yeah, i agree. There’s nothing good about Islamists. The “Normals” Beat wives, And stone any woman who even get ACCUSED of adultery(The stoning of Soraya, where she was falsely accused by her husband so he could marry a younger girl) And the “Extremists” Go around suicidal bombing. The “religion of peace”… Oh, the Irony.

  4. Shouldn’t woman be the protected species, not the persecuted species????????

    I’m not saying all men are the same – i’m sure there’s some good ones out there. But my personal ‘men’ experiences so far have been absolutely shit, and i’m not just talking about the few that i’ve dated either.

    1. Men are like bulldozers. Push the right buttons, point them in the right direction, and they’ll move mountains. Find an experienced bulldozer driver, and get some driving lessons.

    1. But on a serious note, that guy is a pussy, what I would do to him, HOWEVER, I don’t mind tiein’ up women, spankin’ them teasin’ them runnin’ ice cubes up and down their body,drippin’ candle wax on them, clothes pins on their nipples, a belt across their ass, pullin hair, makin’ them beg, but of course, that’s only if their consenting, and you always have to have a safeword, mmmmmmm, sounds good, don’t it ladies!!!

          1. @lunatic, ‘strawberries’ was my safeword! BUT I’ll have them with chocolate and whipped cream too!

      1. The cruellest thing I ever did to an ex girlfriend of mine. Was to tie her to the bed… Then leave her to play some Xbox. For an hour.

        Bondage purism I called it.

        She didn’t see it that way.

        1. You did that to me, you would have the story that answers the “What happened? Why is she your ex?” question.

          You leave me tied to the bed for an hour, to go and play PS3, I would understand 😛

          1. It usually would be PS3…

            But my brother just came in the house with COD: World at War.

            I had my priorities mixed in them days.

          2. Hahaha, understandable considering the circumstances. And as long as your priorities are sorted now, as you were, my good man 😉

        2. The cruelest thing I ever done is I jizzed in a girls eyes
          (lunatic knows what I’m talking about)
          I have a fetish for girls with big eyes.
          Especially german/dutch/nordic girls.

          1. I guess having ultra Scary sex on the sabbath will be fun…

            You could pretend you are taking part in conceiving the anti-Christ!

            Provided their was a storm on as well.

            It has been established that should I create a band. It would be called ‘Scary Sex on the Sabbath’.

  5. What also shocked me was the other women who sort of tried to stop him, was SMOKING! Maybe it was her sister, or sister-in-law? I thought smoking would be men’s business in those countries? Then again she was wearing jeans so she must be a ‘modern’ young Muslim woman!

  6. I don’t condone wife beating or the abuse of anyone who is helpless to deffend themself. That is bullying and as we all know that is just not right. I was deprived of my lunch money for several years as an early teenager so I can say from experience it just downright sucks.

    1. I hear ya @back. That’s what made me the prick/ rebel/ non conformist I am today.Bullies, now I bully the bullies, but does that make me a bully? Actually I don’t bully the bullies, I just don’t back down to them, and then their sorry they bullied me, ya know what I’m sayin’?

  7. I think this is the first time im able to laugh in this website, I love this video! how he’s so inspire and out of the sudden he goes all coach Hines on the lady, and then how she leaves talking shit with a HY O! Silver!!!!!!! at the end.

  8. har har har har har couldn’t help laughing my ass off this shit…..well, i’m not going to defend the akbur, but you know, people tend to do crazy shit when high on hachís, even atheists……. 😀

  9. Vermin like this should be scrubbed off the face of the earth, these men would probably beat up a woman if they just sneezed near them or looked at them funny. The woman said something near the end of the video to her husband, wonder what that was? Probably shouldn’t have provoked him any further though seeing as how the guy has a very short fuse.

    1. I know rite ….. This guy deserves to be shot …I wonder what he thinks of his mother when he beats women like this ….I feel pity for her for bringing this fag into this world . On a different topic apparently I learned bout this like 2 or 3 days ago while watching the jamie foxx film about his character going to saudi arabia and all cant remember the name but I researched about the royalty there and OMG i read about the saudi king during the 1970s or 1980s where the guy actually beheaded his daughter ” princess” for her refusal of marrying this bahraini or a prince from qatar …I mean he chopped his daughters head offf ….fuck me like !!!!!!

  10. So she wanted to join in on his song and she gets beaten for it – nice.
    I was glad to hear she got a few parting words in before high-tailing it out of the house.
    Just a little time with these cowardly men and I will make them into women too.

      1. Baked you are pissing me off…
        First of all this entire women degraded thing is just a made up issue by the controlling powers of the world,
        Don’t act dumb. Women are treated fairly across the world.

        1. My mother is a woman, I’m sure your mom is a woman too, Baked, So This entire sexist thing you have going on is just stupidity.
          That is final, Go to sleep.


  11. This guys a real bastard, though most people in the middle east are aswell but that’s besides the point this fuck it. And long time no talk anyone. How’s everyone been?

  12. Just so everybody knows what to do when you come across some pussy beating his girl or any woman. Put his ass in a choke hold and then snap his fucking neck, then let him drop and say “OH SHIT, I think something popped”

  13. As a muslim woman, I must say this. My husband is also Muslim, and I let him know the moment we got married, ” you put your hands on me, and i will fucking kill you”. I came to Islam from Christianity in 2007 married my husband in 2010. blah blah blah. But it says that ” The heavens walk under a womans feet” and I woman who dies while in labor will die as a martyr of Islam.
    THIS BEING SAID, ALL THIS SHIT IS BLOWN OUT OF PORPORTION!!! If I may say, Here in America, Men beat woman all day long, who are Christian,Jewish, or whatever. You don’t see Muslims going around say ” Christians or Jews beat their wives and dont care” I think its so funny when people think Muslim men are the only ones who beats people up all day long! It’s not a religious thing, it’s a cultural thing. AND it is not for sure that they are Muslim, There is a population of Christians who live in Iran. #JusSaying

    1. How does the heavens walk under a woman’s feet? Is there a smoke effect that comes with it? or its just the dynamite burning undernath her dress? I’m confused

      1. in my experience womens feet fuckin stink . and they stink a hell of alot worse than mens cos they dontt wear shoes most of the time,so thats heaven is it the sweaty stench of bitch foot ?? euuuuggghhhhhh i wana go to hell now.

        1. that should have been dont wear socks . lol . but they also dont wear shoes some of the time when theyr tip toeying round cleanin n shit . smelly bitches.

          1. The woman holding the goat
            with her feet while sitting on
            the camel,under the blazing
            sun,eating pickled onions
            and cheese stuffed sardines,
            not knowing that the camel
            has been eating fermented
            dates,and the goat smells
            like her husbands crotch,a
            deadly combination of odours.

          2. So odgoso…
            That highly mephitic abomination of stink beats the Devil’s Breath hands down. Especially when her husbands Fromunda Cheese fermentation plant is on a meltdown.

    2. Women have it worse in Islamic societies, there’s no debate there. Where would you rather live; Canada or Saudi Arabia? Women do get beaten in western countries too, that’s terrible, but let’s not pretend that women have any rights in Islamic societies.

    3. just keep showing tits and ass on the internet and hanging around the akbars, my dear, you will end up being featured in Best Gore sooner or later…

    4. Interesting.

      If Islam is having such a good influence on your life.

      Why do you have a naked picture of yourself as your DP?

      I believe it is because you are an American and you were not born a Muslim that you currently get away with your husband not beating you.

      If you were raised a Muslim. You would be told to shut the fuck up in front of your betrothed. And if not…

      A knuckle butty for ya!

          1. she looks like a tranny anyway. The prophet probably didn’t covered the cross-dressing subject on the scriptures

          2. Muhammed only likes little girls anyway.

            He wouldn’t like those big, dangly thangs on the frontage.

            Talking about boobs. I think they are a pretty decent pair. Tranny or not. I’m game for it.

          3. Dam, if I would’ve know she was a muslim I wouldn’t have flirted with her before, well no, I’d still flirt with her, but I still hate muslims, even the hot ones.

          4. LOL. Im far from being a tranny sweetheart. 100% woman! It’s a shame you don’t know a real woman when you see one.

          5. i usually know when i’m see one. But well, that little avatar does not count as seeing someone

      1. I am an adult as well as a Muslim. I will never deny that I am a muslim. I may not be a perfect one, but I am a Muslim. If I choose to show my tits or my ass or anything, its my fucking choice. And the last time I checked, My feet smelled amazing! So I will continue to keep laughing at all of your ignorance towards Islam. Read a fucking book.

        1. Suspect you are a nominal muslim
          @MA,like some trend setter who
          follows a fad,are you a spoilt little
          rich girl rebelling against your
          daddy ya’ll ???
          Do you think of your daddy when
          your “muslim husband” is grinding
          away on you, ?? with the stale smell
          of yoghurt and goat’s cheese mixing
          with his sweat.
          Or is it that you commit to something
          to defy its teachings,something that,
          when was first born was beautiful and
          noble,full of charity and honour,?? only
          to be corrupted by pride and greed.
          I think not MA,fly away now back to your
          turkish bordello,you are as much
          a follower of the “one true faith” as
          an infidel. Ta ta.

          1. Odgoso has you sussex me dear.

            A spoilt middle class tart rebelling against Daddy by hooking up with life’s biggest victims… The Muslims, I bet your hubby is a wog to boot as well.

  14. To be fair, he sang better than the wife did!

    Jokes aside.

    Did anyone notice the daughter quickly telling her to be quiet? I am guess that is her dads pet peeve!

    1. I searched it up…take a look.
      Hehehe…The gaunt face this madman have and Don Ramon is similar. Hey Tulio,
      seeing Don Ramon’s face made me think of another actor…Danny Machete Trejo.

  15. Allahu akhbars….what good is about this religion…..may be only one….circumcision(carcinoma penis prevention),other than that its a hell with their fucking allah principles!

      1. A guy in England opened a pork rib grill next to a mosque. He called it Allan’s Snack Bar and he couldn’t believe all the free advertising he got every Friday.

  16. I’m thinking that next time the “old man” gives a whirl at singing a song and can’t remember all the words she wont be trying to remind him

  17. even if that dude beat the crap out of that bitch, my opinion doesn’t matter, because whoever runs this site selects proper comments, so good-bye freedom of speech. :-/
    that’s my opinion, so…..

  18. You never, EVER, beat on a woman. Well, you can if she tries to pull a Lorena Bobbit on you or tries to kill you for no apparent reason. OR if she is mouthing off and needs to be shut up, nah, just kidding about that last one.

    1. ive been here for a few years but only just started commenting . i dont write shit tho il only write funny or informative stuff. i feel like i even know some of you regular guys ur all hilaruios n part of the reason y i come on .

      1. @ Paranoidwhatever


        You say that you’ve been here for a ” few ” years but only just started commenting.

        The sites been here for only 4 or so years so it’s nice to see some dedicated BG followers……….. from the very BEGINNING.

        It’s Extraordinary……… the fact that you can be funny and informative and you don’t talk shit…………… at any one time in the same breath is trully amazing.

        What’s your secret.

        Kudo’s to you because you get a free ticket into the daily raffle for COTD………. Comment Of The Day.

        All proceeds go to the anti dickwad association.

        I tell myself to settle everyday but for fucks sakes……… WHAT THE ?

          1. I just don’t get all these people saying they’ve been here for YEARS, I lurked in the shadows for two months, before I had to open my mouth, maybe I’m super sick, I just buy it, “hey, I’ve been here for TEN fucking years in the dark, untill luka” Ha, careful people so you don’t step in the sheepshit.

          2. Hey Phatman…

            I was lurking here for a MILLION years before that Luka kid…

            I just had to leave Facebook and help you guys get him!


            I lurked about a month before jumping in.

      1. Yup………

        The best gore server was on overload but only for a few days.

        The ” visitors ” for the luka story are now moving on to what they believe are greener pastures……………… for a few extra dollars.

        Whoo Hoo…………. GO COMMERCIALISM

        1. Still.

          I reckon it is a bit too early too call an end to this unfortunate episode of BG.

          Even when it ‘ends’. It will not be the same old BG. For better or for worst though?

          We shall see.

          1. yeah ive been lookin on here for a few year . dont think because you comment more than other people that theyr not there. sounds like you have your own little “click” thing goin on here then n u dont like any 1 else invading ur little circle eh.

          2. I dent av a pro wit new membas.

            As lng as dey can spells proply, and can adhere 2 the standads.

  19. Women over there should start some kind of revolution. Not a feminist one, just defy there stupid excuses of men. Here in Sweden the media likes to talk about how 98% of muslim women wilingly hides their bodies and that if you say otherwise you are stupid.

  20. Yes it is, and the sad thing is, its all too common in the Maori culture here, thats what makes the movie so realistic, and heartwrenching. The fucked up thing is, there are men like that all over the world, white, muslim or Maori, domestic abuse is everwhere, and I too like yourself, was in an abusive relationship for four years with a Maori bloke, One day i snapped and fought back, just like yourself from this day i don’t take shit from no man, so I’m glad in some fucked up way I went through that, I mean the beatings were severe to the point I was bruised from head to toe, the fuckin loser is in jail now for beating up his pregnant girlfriend, good I hope he’s getting shafted by some big black nigger!!

  21. you white people are one of the most dirtiest hypocrites of all. Rednecks and inbreds and other white scums do this all the time. The only difference is that this muslim man was caught doing his acts while all you filthy disgusting white pigs do it behind closed doors and while pretending to put fake smile in public, behind your closed doors, you fucking crackers reveal how dirty and evil you are. FUCK THE WHITE RACE. I WISH AND PRAY that one day I will kill all the fucking whiteys.

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