Man Beats His Wife in the Street as Passers-By Watch and Laugh

Man Beats His Wife in the Street as Passers-By Watch and Laugh

This video is a display of incredibly despicable behavior on behalf of all involved, especially the passers-by who not only do fuck all to interfere with the beating, but even have themselves a laugh like blatant abuse of power over weaker human being was something to laugh about. Unfortunately the video does not show what lead to the attack so it’s hard to draw solid conclusions as to who’s in the wrong. For all we know, the woman could have behaved like these bitches but was stopped with the slap down before she could seriously hurt someone.

Whatever sparked the attack, there was a point after which it turned into a power tripping male beating on a woman when she was not resisting at all. That should not have been tolerated and the crowd certainly had the numbers to stop the attack with ease. But not only did they do fuck all about it, they utterly let it go on to enjoy the spectacle. The woman was being humiliated in public and for them it was something to joke about. Can human filth get any sadder than this? Props to the only guy who manned up and stepped in.

From what I understand the woman was the beater’s wife. Apparently it happened in the birthplace of the US president – Kenya. Kind of makes it clear where he gets his inbred desire to see the weak hurting from.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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136 thoughts on “Man Beats His Wife in the Street as Passers-By Watch and Laugh”

      1. I would have kicked the living shit out of that fuckin ape big-time. Let,s put it this way , He would of had a very bad day & the other apes would have been laughing at him instead !

          1. I understand the need to be a stand up guy when it comes to abuses. But I think in this particular situation, your chivalry would be met by disapproval of the tribe.

    1. shit like that happens in iraq and korea too. its fuked but in different cultures there are different means. here in ohio i pulled a guy off a girl. He was kickin her ass real good, and she was holding an infant. as soon as i pulled him off her she attacked me for restraining him. Lesson learned….

  1. We’re just a bunch of cruel assholes who take pleasure, secretly or publicly, in each others suffering. That’s what human beings do, and this is an example of it. I’m not excluding myself, either. I have made many a comment on here delighting in other people’s misfortunes. And I don’t feel bad about it. Not one bit. So, I’m not surprised at all by anything in this video.

      1. I am not into violence although i have in my younger days , after 10 years in kick-boxing , got into a few fights. But two things draw the line for me. Do not hit kids, and do not beat women. i wish i was in that video because i would have beat the living stink out that useless cunt & he would of had a VERY BAD DAY.

    1. @TheViolentCoroner well.. In today’s society kids especially from high school tend to have a twitch when every single time there is a fight or something out if the ordinary is going out they automatically pull out their phones and start recording.

    1. shut up chinese man ! in your fucking shit hole with only small dicked ugly men women are immolate by their husband, or run over by a car and they suffer and die on the street, people even don’t laugh cause they just even don’t watch and do as if nothing happened, so eat your rice portion and shut up, I’ll put some fried cat in it if you want

        1. What makes “China dude” any different than a majority of people who comment here on best gore? I think @future days was spot on in his assessment of people and many here often make cruel observations at the expense of those in pain. What is the difference? Also, Mark is explicit about personal attacks on fellow posters. @daja was over the line.

        2. people believe that I am a troll, I even didn’t knewn what it was and had to check on google, now that I know what it is I’m sure the chinese dude is one, he is as chinese as us, and I will ignore him ( at last try) from now

  2. And feminists believe they have it bad in the west. I feel very sorry for women born in African/Muslim nations (not that those are the only ones) who are consider lesser beings because of their gender.

    Imagine how helpless they must feel knowing that their men rule over them and almost nothing the men do is a problem to the majority of their society.

    It’s a cruel reminder of what the future holds for western nations that are being infiltrated by these groups at an alarming rate.

    Anyways long time viewer of The site and finally decided to register after the whole Juicy&BB fiasco .

    1. LOL! Foxy Brown. Bitch needs to get back to the 70’s. I was expecting Austin Powers to jump into the picture. I wonder if she has a matching bush? Like the American Presidential Legacy (Gag!) Big Bush and stinky Little Bush.

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          7. @odgoso, Ok, sorry for the offense, you just made me realize I was very heavy-handed with that subject, won’t talk from this anymore, promised :S

          8. @odgoso, Thank you, my friend. @Future Days, I’m going to have to punish you again. >:) Get back in the box Gimp!! Thank you as always, my FD 😉 @Daja, I have nothing against you, we just have a difference in our dating preference’s.

          1. @odgoso geez what did black people do to you? Why do you hate them so much? I can understand if you hate niggers and wiggers, but then again you have to add in that some people don’t have most of the opportunities as some people do. Example would be education.

  4. The beating of others just to establish dominance is a very basic behaviour seen in most species, we humans are no different.

    Sure, there are those of us who control ourselves and use notions of chivalry and morality to stop ourselves and other men from hitting women, you might even say that we protect our females because it is ingrained in the male species.

    The truth is that aggressive wicked people will always hurt others regardless of gender because they have no self control and do not possess the reasoning of the moral person, they are just scum without merit.

    The conclusion is that we all have our moments when we lose control and sometimes us men can hit women, I would argue that some women deserve to be hit, after all It is a form of equality, but the aggressive person always takes it a bit too far and the Africans are a more aggressive race to begin with so you get a lot more of this behaviour over there.

  5. The reason nobody stepped in is most likely because this is common occurrence. It’s easy to say the crowd should have stopped it etc but, just like in the middle east, I’m sure women in Kenya aren’t treated as equals. If their society deems this acceptable behaviour then everyone there was probably just enjoying the show. The other women there probably get beat as well, the novelty of seeing someone else on the receiving end would easily override the urge to help.

  6. iam an afghan woman. and i have been beaten all my life. it is true that women in muslim culture has no rights. sure she can speak up, but then again she will be beaten and humiliated. and it doesnt matter if its your fault or not. noone helps you. i cant watch it. i wont watch it. iam sorry for her, i know how it feels.

    1. Hopefully, you’re still not being beaten. I understand you’re a Muslim and have to respect men to a certain extent (depending on the situation, of course) but being humiliated and beaten? Not acceptable, stand up for yourself and run out the country. America is here for you!!

      1. That’s what I have always thought she was. Looks like a white lady from Kansas, and I imagine her speaking in a Sally Struthers voice, because of how sympathetic she always comes across. Not hatin’ on her. That was just my impression.

        1. actually there are more white then brown* people in afghanistan. but in the news they show the pakistani lookalikes only, i dont know why @ City Girl, thank you . iam in germany. and it happend here. not that much as it used to be, but sometimes i catch myself with the thoughts that maybe ist better to be beaten then to be ignored. wiked and irritating, i know. but i cant help myself

          1. No problem, don’t lower yourself! Idk if that’s you in the picture you have but you’re pretty and I’m sure there’s a lot of men in this world that would love you and never hit you. I hope you find the strength one day to never get beat by some asshole, I wish you the best! 🙂

  7. Some times you just feel like beating your woman in public so all can see. Doesn’t everybody? She failed to keep the frige stocked with beer, or the cat box is dirty and my socks need ironing, get busy bitch. Shit, if it happens again I’m gonna drag you by the hair into the street and put on some whoppass…yes sir lol If my woman seen this she would beat my ass…lol

          1. @hunglikeamouse: Don’t think you understood my point there but anyways I don’t think there’s anything to yank on if you’re as hung as a mouse…

  8. I will not comment on the misfortune of others, unless it’s self induced.

    But I will comment on fashionism.

    Beating a bitch down wearing Nike golf shoes and a business suite is motherfuckin gangsta star.

  9. Kenya is a disgrace to humankind. Remember the “thieves” that the crowd in a marketplace thought may have stolen a potato so they burned them alive…? People are cheering as the two guys are being doused with gasoline and set on fire while alive. Then at least one guy is still alive and screaming two mins while burning as people stand around like its just another Tuesday at the market.

    Animals act more civilized.

  10. Anyone who takes pleasure in watching a woman, a child , the elderly or the downtrodden being taking advantage of , beaten, abused & ridiculed, and i am not talking about looking at it and joking about it on this site. i mean being there and doing nothing about it should be ashamed of themselves , and in my book a FUCKING COWARD. If people would be less selfish and self-serving our future would not be so bleak and then maybe more people would join in and fight the good fight.

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