Man Viciously Attacked in a Mall in Czech Republic, Nobody Helps

Man Viciously Attacked in a Mall in Czech Republic, Nobody Helps

A man sitting on a bench in a shopping mall called Alcron in the town of Jesenik in Czech Republic was viciously beaten in what appears to be a random act of violence. The attack was caught on mall’s CCTV camera and shows that even though several people witnessed the beat up, nobody did anything to help the victim. Worse yet, nobody even as little as called the police

According to the spokesperson for the local police detachment, the attacker and victim did not know each other and had never met before. The attacker has meantimely been arrested and charged with causing grievous bodily harm and public disturbance. If found guilty, he would face 3 to 10 years in jail. The incident happened on March 5, 2013. The attacker was 33 year old, victim 34.

Props to Best Gore member CryBaby for the video:

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69 thoughts on “Man Viciously Attacked in a Mall in Czech Republic, Nobody Helps

    • We need to ship him to Chiapas with a Tattoo. This tattoo should be written in the common uneducated street spoken mexican gang spanish language.

      The tattoo:
      “I rape the mothers of all los zetas after I shit in their mouth and skin their faces when they’re still breathing, then I video it in HD on 1080p quality ”

      1. Revenge + Justice served
      2. Random acts of violence drops significantly
      3. Finally we start getting HD videos from mexico!!!

      • that is really sad. unfortunaly nobody was brave enough to help him or to call the police. but yes, the victim looks like a female. maybe the attacker was on drugs. you know, here in europe there is a anti-depressiva called tilidin. it makes you extremly agressiv. and it makes you absolutly fearless.

    • yep! My girlfriend is from CZ and im from UK, she said the gypsy’s take you at knife point and make you buy beer and fags for em….the bad thing is thats just the fucking kids….i shit you not!!

  1. Three questions…why didn’t he either:

    A) Run like fuck.

    B) Fight back/defend himself.

    C) Take out his light sabre and end him right there.

  2. idk how anyone could just sit by and let someone get a double ass whipping off on them…makes me want to kick them both in the face…unless the person that was attacked knew it was only a matter of time before someone gave them a visit

  3. This is one of those videos where I hope that maybe something was lost in translation… I just hope that, I don’t know.. the victim either did something to this guy or hell, maybe the victim did something really fucking awful in life and karma was getting him/her back. However if this is an accurate written account of the attack then, god fucking damn it the fleshies keep on showing just how fucked the human race is.

  4. This is foreplay in the gay community. They soften up the catcher by beating him about the head and body so he won’t complain when he gets a giant dildo stuffed up his ass. Anybody else have an explanation for this pathetic example of a man taking a beating like he asked for it?

    • killthefilth, I don’t understand why some people take the passive approach, and make absolutely no attempt to defend themselves, or even try to escape.

  5. the only things i can think of would be that he is homeless, or maybe he thought just fucking take it because he would stop sometime, or maybe he thought him fighting back would just escalate the problem even worse, or there’s that small chance that the attacker had a weapon. whatever the reason is, i would’ve stood the fuck up and made sure that the attacker wish he would have NEVER fucked with me in the first place, no matter how i would do it

  6. You can see a handbag on the bench so I’m pretty sure she’s a women.
    I don’t care how Ninja a women might think she is, if a big man punches you when your not expecting and then starts using your head as a football there’s nothing you can do.

    • Ha good one @drccoco, but when are the people of the Czech going to grow a spine and fight back.That’s the ONLY way to take their country back is to stand up against their aggressors (gypsies) and fight back with everything you’ve got!!!

  7. At first, I thought it was two men and total strangers. I just watched it a couple more times, (full screen) and now, I think it is a woman. The only reason I can think of, for her not fighting back or trying to escape, is because the aggressor is her husband or boyfriend and not some random stranger. If you fight back in that situation, it only makes it worse.

  8. i am very happy that the attacker will be in prison…
    hope he will be raped a looooooooot till his ass is as open as a well….
    it is a pity that they did not also arrest the witnesses that did nothing…

  9. seems to me that the “faggot”, is a retarded man begging for coins . the other piece of shit is a gipsy who got pissed off by this intrusion in his affairs , because thats the 3rd most profitable bisuness for those animals . (in case you wonder , the first business is stealing , 2nd is child prostitution)
    so here you can see a business dispute in the gipsy language .

  10. Interesting, no security or something in there..

    Shame to coward witnesses for not helping.
    And yes, you can clearly see that this guy is not “fighty” one. He is peaceful and non violent- and that cost him.
    It’s a shame that gun ban is everywhere in Europe because if someone have a gun this asshole will be down fast. And…That laws..You can go to jail even if you defend yourself and for hurting asshole badly.

    Please Mark give some update when he get prison punishment. I truly hope he get minimum 5 years.

  11. Picked on a poor weak innocent man, people like you I enjoy wiring ye jaws your nothing but skid marks on the underpants of earth, I would have your body In tatters within 30 seconds you fuckin worm, your a bully and nothing better than putting maggots like you asleep, I wish that we crossed paths 1 day and I’d fuckin maul u ye scruffy tramps arse, arggggggggggh I wanna grab that twat and eat him fuckin joker # dead scum

  12. This whole situation is fucked up. Maybe I’m wrong, but the victim doesn’t seem to have done anything to provoke the attacker aside from just being there. The victim did NOTHING to defend themselves and no one else even seemed to notice that someone was getting their ass handed to them. What the fuck?

  13. The attacker should have his hands broken with hammer and his feet broken into pieces with a sledge hammer. Those kicks to that poor guys face while his head bounces off the wooden seat was brutal… Fucking coward, pick on someone your own size, like me.

  14. this video is infuriating…I sure hope to see tough guy in one of the decapitation videos at some point. Fucking pathetic. There is almost never a time when I would support or encourage the torture of another living creature. But this guy…a fast death would dishonor the victim here. I’m just totally astonished. What a piece of trash.

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