Milwaukee Man Beaten by Spiggers for Allegedly Stealing Their Weed

Milwaukee Man Beaten by Spiggers for Allegedly Stealing Their Weed

Milwaukee Man Beaten by Spiggers for Allegedly Stealing Their Weed

According to the info I got, this happened in Milwaukee, USA. A pair of spiggers accuse a man named Delvin Mendoza-Chaparro of stealing weed from them, and pull Mexico on his ass by kidnapping him, and beating the shit out of him while filming it on a shitty camera (though they had to take it a whole step further by going vertical).

The video starts by showing a close-up of Mendoza-Chaparro’s swollen face, as he’s lying on his back on the floor, and a spigger who calls himself a Superman, and apparently has a tattoo to match it, says:

You got knocked the fuck out, bitch. Don’t ever come and steal. You know who this is. This is Superman.

The video then shows Mendoza-Chaparro lying near a doorway with blood coming from his face. Later, he’s pissed on and when he tries to get up, he’s kicked back to the ground by Spicerman. Apparently, Delvin Mendoza-Chaparro was beaten to death, though the video doesn’t shot his death. The spiggers reportedly uploaded the video to Snapchat.

Props to Best Gore member @Wallabeast for the video:

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74 thoughts on “Milwaukee Man Beaten by Spiggers for Allegedly Stealing Their Weed”

      1. My def of Junkie= heroin or any opiate abuser ,Crack HEAD , meth head. Using beyond your will. Weed= Basically you’re fine . You start w weed and a lot of xs unfortunately it leads to the above. However if you get off the hard SHIT and stick w trees you’re in a way better spot. If you haven’t used drugs you wouldn’t understand. Those that use or hopefully beat the top few for the moment know what I’m talking about. He got beat up for stealing. So yeah he could be a junkie. He’s just a thief that stole from the wrong people in my eyes.

    1. If that was my Brother and I saw this shit on snapchat. These fuckers would be dying a long drawn out death. Mess with my Family and you get fucked up. However I believe the moral we learn here. Don’t fucking steal Superman’s shit. You will die with your head in kitty litter. 🙂

  1. Spigger, that’s me. I’m Cadejito, and I approve of this term.

    Thieves deserve to get beat to hell, but this “superboy” was dumb enough to film himself, so now the cops are looking for the perpetrator of this assault, a drug dealer, and a potential murderer as well. Of course, if you’re going to live that kind of life, you should have prepared yourself long ago for the inevitable prison sentence.

    And prison, no doubt, is where this superboy is going to come face to face with Doomsday, Lex Luthor, Darkseid, Apocalypse and all those other villains who even Superman can’t completely destroy.

    1. yes the ultra strength, endless nightmare is what I call it, and possibly a date rape drug. you are probably out of touch grand parent with adult children jack. picture this a ruthless bully(rapist) with ultra strong shit and a camera cellphone for pics and video and some harmless girls. hell yeah totally harmless

  2. I think it was a bong that he stole. You can’t blame weed for assholes like “Superman”. He was already a loser bully. They probably had shitty weed. If it was good weed they might have just made him eat cat shit and laughed their heads off, but even good weed can’t cure everyone.

    1. Dirtbags always have dirt weed. Goes hand in hand… When I used to smoke I never once got the good stuff off of a loser like this. It was always sold from the guy you wouldn’t expect to be selling. The people you’d expect sold the dirty stuff.

    1. Deth some places they will kill you for a $1. We see it everyday on here. We live in NYC. Can’t even use any public restroom for a $1. SPeaking of. I gotta take a shit sooo bad right now. I got a turtle head. I hate turtle heads. Better not clinch a cheek w a turtle. Hope this helps. Valuable shit to know.

    1. yer know @Gnat, it was the last thing i kicked.
      wasnt even really aiming at kicking it – just stopped smoking tobbacco, (with vape) and said to myself “stop the weed just for a month while i get over the nicotine, then just smoke the weed neat”
      a month went by, and (to my surprise) i wasnt really bothered about startin the weed again.
      its definitely saving me a few quid. bin 2 years in feb. cant say i particularly miss it
      (made me able to cut down on the buscuits also 😉 )

      1. @sekritajun I don’t hear per say, I know its getting dangerous. Last month I was there some 10 year old kid shot a gun near the alley by my house, and I heard someone screaming bloody murder right next door like someone was trying to kill them!! And just a couple of weeks ago a swat team were near my house because of some crazy shit the block down. (My sister called me…) So yeah, I KNOW it’s getting shitty, just said hear because I don’t live their anymore but my family does. Not to mention the abundance of ex pedophiles in my neighborhood. “I should know…haha”

    1. kids in sheffield will rob a man blind to buy weed nowadays. fuckin millenials, not a bit of strength in their weak-arse bodies. go to water over a joint. “meh-he-he! mummy!..i cant TAKE the withdrawals!!…”

      bunch of fucking jessies

  3. A stolen bong and weed? Sounds like serious first world problems.

    Definitely worth beating someone to death over and then getting arrested, going to trial, and spending the rest of your life in prison getting ass-raped over. Enjoy grabbing your ankles for Bubba’s cock and tossing those endless salads dip shits!

  4. Minorities here in the US are a cancer to our society. Thank God my city is segregated where the niggers and spics are on the east side and the whites on the far west. Make America white again. Trump 2017. God bless Trump, God bless white America.

  5. someone once said don’t get high on your own supply, i think this dude here went a bit too far with that. as for the punk that kills people for stealing weed, hope the only joint he rolls for the rest of his life is a turd wrapped in toilet paper.

  6. I went to school with the guy that pissed on him, Branden Katzfey. Him and his brother Devin ‘Superman’ are Puerto Rican. Delvin wasn’t kidnapped, he had spent the night at their house and was woken up to being beat on cause they found their bong, pipe and Branden’s phone in Delvin’s bag.

    1. Im from milwaukee too and have been following this story. I fucking hate poser ass motherfuckers like this who act and talk black/urban. Its all a cancer on society and we all need to raise up. I defonately know some intelligent sophistocated blacks who feel the same way but milwaukee is a huge part of the reason people are fucking racist.

  7. Im from milwaukee and have mutual friends with the victim. So i have all the details.
    2 men and a woman were indicted for this heinous act and they should never see the light of day again.
    They pissed on him and made him eat fucking cat litter after beating him half to death over some “alleged” stolen pipes and weed. SERIOUSLY??Anybody who can go this far without any conscious kicking in is pure evil.
    Milwaukee is a fucking cesspool and I moved the fuck out for this exact reason. Irony is; he recently moved to the city for a better life and opportunity. Poor judgement to say the least…
    Ultimatley you are who you hang out with though and I’m ashamed to say this kid had a picture of him holding a gun on his facebook. Still, nobody deserves this sort of treatment at all. They dumped his ass in a snowbank and left him for dead. If they would have brought him to a hospital, maybe theyd be facing assault charges instead of murder. Whats a spigger though? Perps look white but i just read the comment above theyre puerto rican. They can vary alot in skin tone and often pass as white.
    Milwaukee is just that gutter that all the people in certain areas talk like that because they think its cool.
    Milwaukee people litterally make me ashamed to be black.

  8. Well, it’s never the greatest feeling in the world to be black. So what’s your point?

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