Mother Caught on Camera Beating 6 Year Old Daughter with Stick

Mother Caught on Camera Beating 6 Year Old Daughter with Stick

At a house in the Aguas Locas sector on the Las Americas highway in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, a mother was caught on camera beating her 6 year old daughter with a stick.

I like how once she noticed that she was being filmed, she quickly directed her anger over to the person about to expose what great mother she is.

If you’re a father, and the mother of your children spends time with them when you are not present, you should probably get into habit of periodically checking your kids for wounds and bruises.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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68 thoughts on “Mother Caught on Camera Beating 6 Year Old Daughter with Stick”

    1. I agree 100% with you! If adults male/female beat up other adults I have no problem with it. But when it come to hurting a minor beyond the point where its abuse, they’ve crossed the line and I would love to FUCK them up.

      1. And to think, I feel the same way about men. *shrug* There’s legit one man that’s never hurt me and that was my grandfather. But to be honest? I think people in general suck, doesn’t matter the gender. My best friend/roomie does phone sex work, and do you know what 90% of the guys that call her want? Pedo shit. They want to fuck their own daughters, nieces, nephews, sons. And she’s been doing it for years now and it’s only made my view of the male species WORSE (I was abused by my dad as a kid but at least when my mom found out she got rid of his ass and pressed charges). But I’m going off on a tangent. In my opinion guys are disgusting pigs with one thing on their mind no matter WHO that girl is to them (and it’s a scary thought that you never know WHO is thinking those terrible thoughts about their kids). So no hard feelings for being what the gods made you, but ‘no matter how good y’all look, you’re just as ‘evil’ too.

          1. You’re going off what your friend says to these guys 90% of the time. There’s 90% and there’s the truth. I can’t fucking wrap my head around this ask her what the number is. SPELL out after 888- Prob 888-famfuck. that’s why

          1. @onthewingsofacrow the thing is though these disturbed guys might be ringing for that shit but whos actually DOING all the pedophilia and child fucking ? yes its you females. you are pedophiles by nature as its now showing. you cant even do a respectable profession like teaching without fucking your students. so whos the real evil eh cunt? you females are actually out there beasting and raping children. so get off your high horse little miss snowflake.

        1. @onthewingsofacrow I did read a lot on here as far as stats regarding child abuse. The stats show women are more likely to abuse. So, last night, I went and looked at a lot of studies that were neither bias in favor of women or bias in favor of men. To get an accurate number, you have to break down variables. Example: Liberals will point out more whites are on welfare than blacks. True. Why? Because there are more white people.
          So I started thinking ‘Are these overall stats because children are around women much more?’ And yes, that it is the factor. Of course, a higher percentage of females are arrested for child abuse. They are the parent most often with the child. If fathers were the primary caregivers and around the children more, guess what? The numbers switch. But if one chooses to look at raw numbers with no regard to situations, then the rate of abuse is high on the mother’s side.

        2. @Wing crow lady – so you ever heard the word ‘fantasy’ used before? Coz that’s all it is, and 98% people have no intention of living out their fantasy because a fantasy doesn’t really work in the real world.

          Also if your friend didn’t work at – 1800 ‘rape a kid’ service, and moved to 1800 ‘bone my big titties’ she would find no one would express such fantasy ideas…….

          1. 1800bonemybigtitties. I am calling. I love TITS lol. Bigger the better. Small waiste though. I want them huge and perky. Gigantic. Haha. Can your friend help me live out this fantasy ?? Helllllo?? Lol lololll

  1. Ooh, I grew up with corporal punishment, so this hit close to home. I consider it lazy parenting, very much like banging your laptop around in the hopes of speeding it up, instead of taking the time to diagnose the problem.

    Fortunately, this isn’t as widespread as it once was.

    1. I’m Italian and my grand mother beat me w a long wooden spoon. My grandfather beat me w a long ass ruler. I don’t beat my kids. Sometimes I wanna shake the shit out of them. All I say now is HEADS ARE GONNA ROLL. Hahaha.

    1. I would only condone this type of ass whoopin if it was that lil evil shit Isis shit bag. That lil fucker needs the SHIT knocked out of him. I wonder what that lil fuck is doing right now. Probably sucking on a bottle and loading his .45 I cant stand him lol.

        1. @deathsmellslikepoop I couldn’t stop watching that video. Just watching him waddle up. W that mean LIL Chucky face. SHIT his pants aiming and screamed alllllaaaaah Akbar. That’s not when I really wanted to squash him. Lol. Dying right now. This is fucking nuts that it’s happ. Then at the end he gave the OFF w the head signal. I wanna fucking omg what would u do if Tomm your doorbell rang and it was him. All alone. HAHHAHA

  2. this is sickening! when i was a child my father was very free with his fists and belt. what a horrible way to treat a child. that kind of thing mentally scars a child for life. I have 2 grown up children myself now. I made a decision to never put my hands on them or hit them. and I never did, there are many ways to discipline a child other than using violence. what a primitive way to deal with a problem. stick this bitch in a room with me for 5 mins and we will see what happens with that cane!

  3. in the good old days everyone would beat the retard out of the child. next time the child attempts to go full retard, you hold up the stick, the retard vanishes and the child behaves. it’s called parenting and it worked for millennia. who would have thought?

    1. That’s very true, but there is a distinction between discipline and abuse.
      Firstly, the child has to understand why it’s being punished so that the punishment can be associated with the unacceptable behavior. If the child is too young to know better or it was an accident then they won’t be able to make that association properly and the punishment is pointless.
      Secondly, the punishment needs to fit the ‘crime’ and the one doling out the punishment must stay in control. There’s a vast difference between ‘being punished for spilling your apple juice’ and ‘being punished for setting your sibling on fire again’.
      When the adult is using punishment as an outlet for their own issues instead of treating it as a learning experience for the child, that’s when it stops being discipline and becomes abuse.
      What we see in the video is a sibling-on-fire response to what is far more likely to have been an apple juice situation. That adult just wanted to beat the crap out of someone, the kid was handy, and their neighbor(?) was sick and tired of it.

      TL;DR Discipline good, abuse bad, m’kay?

      PS: I loved the phrase ‘going full retard’.

      1. No, I’m the one having fantasies about fucking her mother’s new boyfriend. He’s got one hell of an ass on him, and some righteous dick sucking lips. Prolly cries louder than she does when he’s getting his anus ripped open.

  4. My dad never hit me, never ever!
    While on the other hand my mom used to hit,slapped,kicked and even used metal on me.
    when i grown up, i started ignoring her curses and gave least importance to whatever she said.

    But then, even today i’m afraid of my father, who never hit me or even used any foul language !.

    I wonder why?

    We are still together staying under one roof, but i give least importance to her . she tried to make me an obedient but that surely backfired

    1. @shekar4evr “even today i’m afraid of my father, who never hit me or even used any foul language !”

      My family dynamic was much the same. Mom constantly lost her shit (verbal/psychological/emotional abuse) and Dad hardly ever said a word and yet my Dad was the one all my friends were afraid of.
      I asked them why and it basically boiled down to, “We know exactly what flavor of bat-shit-insane your Mom is but your Dad just sits there silently, watching everything. We don’t get any feedback verbally, through his body language, or in his expression. Does he like me? Does he hate me? Is he going to calmly decide one day that he’s had enough of your Mom’s crap and become a prolific serial killer? We just don’t know.”
      Nowadays I ignore my Mom’s freak-outs and truly value my Dad’s opinion because when he does say something it’s because it’s actually important.
      Some of my fondest memories are from the few times Mom would have an extra-special-extreme-bat-shit-episode and Dad’s patience would finally run out. He didn’t even need to yell or get physical, instead he simply had this monosyllabic sound he’d make in just the right tone and you KNEW it was all over. Mom would hear that and it was like a switch was flipped and suddenly she was calm and sane. In my child brain that sound was the most powerful thing in the world.

      TL;DR Mom was obviously crazy but Dad was the one who had people wondering if he was a serial killer.

      1. Wow I’m gonna try what your dad did. I wish I could. I can’t shut the FUCK up. Lol as u can tell. For years I never commented. Now u got me wondering how many sick fucks are just reading and stalking us? Heyyyyy lolollll

  5. the circle of life .. my parents especially my mother are terrified of me now. and they have good reason to because if you are in your twenties and thirties now and abusing small children just remember you will be the small and frail ones when they hit their prime and they will dish out what you dished to them. i have many plans for my mother and she knows she has alot of suffering to do into her old age as i begin a campaign of terror to destroy her final years the same way she tried to destroy mine. i will feed her hallucinogens, unplug her fridge, paint obscenities on her door,ring her number at 3am, send takeaways to her home, steal her mail and shred it, let her car tryes down anything i can to make her life hell and i am plotting to send her insane and i mean literally send her batshit gaga in the head so she spends her last days in a rocking chair chanting to herself i want her to suffer

  6. And to think this bitch has probably received cash via our government’s foreign aid budget, my hard earned being squandered on sub human fucking scum, day in, day out.
    Makes my blood boil.
    Bitch ought to be forcefully sterilized.

  7. Seriously idk why this cunt filming it doesn’t smash down the door and let’s her know how her daughter felt by beating fuck out of her with the stick. Helpless defenceless child cries are trauma to my eyes. Fucking pussy with the camera just runs off. Dickhead.

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