Mouthy Hood Rat Gets Tasered by Mall Security Guard in Atlanta

Mouthy Hood Rat Gets Tasered by Mall Security Guard in Atlanta

So this nasty hood rat comes to a mall in Atlanta, Georgia with her unruly kids in tow and since the kids keep going ape shit, the mall’s security guard asks for her to quiet them down. The hood rat takes offense and starts mouthing the guard off. The guard escorts them out of the Metro store and the rest is on the video.

Ignorant hood rat bitches keep venting their mouths at the guard, provoking him and nagging at him until he’s had enough and zaps one of them with a taser. Then, out of the woodwork comes a whole tribe of feral rats and the intimidation picks up the pace. Just another day in the hood.

Props to Best Gore member Tiny1 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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297 thoughts on “Mouthy Hood Rat Gets Tasered by Mall Security Guard in Atlanta”

    1. i agree with you man, these monkeys should all be sent back to africa where they can be with their own kind

      what kind of parent picks a fight with somebody else in front of their own children? and let their children pick a fight with that stranger too ???

      their all monkeys, the guard was pretty cool, handled it very well, I hope he didn’t get shot after work

      and somebody please explain to me, why is it all right for a nigger to call another nigger this word, and not all right for a white/yellow/brown guy to do so?

      1. Because white people used the word nigger as a way to demean them and make them feel less than human.We called them that during slavery and even after.So it isn’t proper to use the term if you are any race but black.

        1. I wonder if they even know how the word nigger even came into our language. In spanish Negro=Black now fast forward a bit. Anybody that has lived or lives in the south knows that in the southern slang there tends to be this added “er” examples.”tater,mater,bananner(watch sling blade Billy Bob says “Kinda shaped like a bananner”) You get the point! Anyway negro became negras and eventually the full southern metamorphosis into nigger. So it just means black. Would you rather me say Huey,Duey and Jigabooey?Chocadile? more harsh imo

        2. yes it does sound that way huh? So when did it stop demeaning? It hasn’t! Somebody who doesn’t have the self respect ,education and conviction to NOT constantly use “The N Word”( fucking pisses me off that that term is used at all) are doing more harm than not. The whole racist bullshit being constantly shoved down our throats is a powder keg about to blow. If you refer to any of your friends as black or whatever that is a form of racism itself. I could debate this all day but not gonna get into great detail clogging comments area. Some of my best friends happen to be black. I don’t see them like that though. I battled a massive heroin addiction for 20+ yrs and the ONLY people who helped or made any kind of impact were those “black” friends. I saw them just as people who are my friends. It is such a taboo subject now. Nothing wrong with talking about it with one another but for some reason it always gets twisted around and so like always incoming racist protests.

          Richard Pryor for example used to aI don’t lways use nigger in his comedy,when he realized that he was doing disservice to his own heritage and never used it again. Words hurt only if you let them. Call me whatever names you wish. I refuse to let them get a response in a negative way.

          1. Yes I have used the Nigger word too but as told theres white niggers to called wiggers or crackers as blacks call worthless white people but seriously black trash like that woman that harassed that security officer she and her kids should have been shipped back with her rotten kids back to Africa to the zoo where the Baboons belong.

      2. They woukdent fucking stop! Wish he would have done more then tazer these monkeys. They don’t deserve to live in this country, let alone live at all the whole clan of them will never do a damn thing right for the rest of the planet.

      3. I don’t get your logic. Not only do black folk use it on each other meanly, but they have not a qualm in the world about saying it to any white person. And they enjoy it. I don’t give a good goddamn that they were slaves-that card long done been played. My family, almost three hundred years back on both sides were slaves, indentured servants, and the poorest of the poor. And we are white. Why the fuck should animals have free reign and always get to play the race card? It’s bullshit. The indigenous tribes of North America are truly the ones who have been constantly screwed for centuries. They are the only people who have a right to complain. But they don’t. And these animal black “minorities” keep crying “poor me poor me.” I hate to brake it to them, but they continue to get brakes and help and so called “restitution” from the government. But I don’t hear of any indigineous tribes getting a damn thing. Grow the fuck up, learn some manners, and give up the 12 year old drama. And I would say this to anyone poor. I am on a fixed income, but I am going to school, and I work hard to be kind to others. Their complaints are invalid and I am so glad she got tasered. I mean, come on, if her “baby daddy” really gave a shit, he would have been out there, defending her. Nope, he comes out when he has an excuse to get violent and fight just cause he can. Yeah, makes a whole lotta sense.

      1. Heishi39 and Midnight Special: I agree, I believe it has alot to do with how you are raised. Unfortunately this group is not the exception. I would have to say the security guard is(or he just didn’t want to lose his job) 😉

      1. Can you blame them, though? Think about it.

        First, they have to deal with Black men. These are the most disloyal, violent, vicious, honor-less men (Right up there with Muslim men) out there. Look at their contribution to culture – Rap. A genre of music designed around talking about how women are sluts, whores etc. (A garbage genre, by the way)

        Then, when these guys get money, they end up with some disgusting White mudshark chick, having some little mulatto children, leaving their own women to rot.

        And if they don’t get money? They are running around robbing, raping, murdering each-other and their women and ending up in jail. Hell, they still do this even with money.

        And let’s be honest – on average, White guys etc. are just not attracted to Black women. There’ll be like.. one White guy out of a hundred who would, but most of us simply wouldn’t.

        That’s why Black women in interracial relationships are rare.

        1. are you retarded?

          “White guys etc. are just not attracted to Black women. There?ll be like.. one White guy out of a hundred who would, but most of us simply wouldn?t.”

          ive seen so many black women in interracial relationships. its actually pretty common. im proud to be black. im not a hood rat but im not a rich person either. yeah i listen to rap. but im not out there shooting people, robbing. and especially “raping” how many serial rapists and killers are black?

          1. You must consider Black women with Light skinned black men an ‘interracial’ couple, then.

            And how many serial rapists and killers are black? Quite a few, actually. Even more if you don’t just focus on predominate White Countries. 🙂

          2. It is VERY rare to see a white guy with a black woman…
            I feel bad for the black security guard who has to deal with these apes on a daily basis. Watching that ghetto bitch turn soft as butter as soon as he dropped her was priceless, not so tough with 50,000 volts.
            Another question, why do black women do the “repeater”? They just shout the same thing over and over again while clapping their hands…. Low intelligence.
            There’s nothing”economic” about low intelligence, except stupid people have trouble making money, not the other way around.

          3. mm i disagree, i live in new zealand. probably the most innocent country in the world. its still a very uncommon sight to see a white man/woman with a hoodrat.

          1. @olympic XXI am happy for you to be “proud to be black”… i extended the same privellage if i were to say “i am proud to be white” ??…..or would that be considered racist and biggoted?

        2. What the fuck are you saying? You have to literally be trolling, otherwise you’re venting. Any race is capable of any of those same atrocities. If you grew up seeing poverty, violence, and filth, what do you expect is going to come out of a seed? It’s an economic issue 100%. It’s an American trait, you hardly see Africans with the same animosity, only American born African rebels caused Genocide in a land of strictly poverty. Rap isn’t garbage either, it’s just story telling of the Ghetto like Country to some might just be pecan pies and beer. Women aren’t any better or worse, they allow people like that into their life which grants them the same titles.

          1. This is a straw-man argument. I hate strawmans.

            I’ve never once said only one race is locked into committing atrocities. History is littered with all races doing horrible shit. From Whites, to Asians, to Arabs, to Blacks etc.

            We are humans, but at our core we are animals.

            This argument falls flat on it’s face when you compare violent crime-rates for poor White areas and poor Black areas, and affluent White areas and affluent Black areas.

            And Blacks do act like this in Europe, just like they act this way in Canada.

            You have got to stop finding excuses. You have to face reality – They are incompatible with our Societies, Culture and way of life. Dumbing us down, ruining our Countries, Societies and people to fit a square peg into a round hole is doing nothing but ripping everyone to pieces and fostering hate, disgust and anger.

            Them living amongst us is akin to them living in a cage in a Zoo and we having to live there with them..

            Open the cages and let us all free.

            Black lands for Blacks.

            White lands for Whites.

            Asian lands for Asians.


            Multiculturalism is a massive, unmitigated disaster, as is diversity and all that other garbage.

            Just stop it.. We’ve sacrificed enough.

          2. i gotta chime in on this… it is not 100% an “economic” thing, its a “system” thing. america “the land of hypocrisy” is its own problem. the reason why ghetto ass black people act ghetto is because they are given everything in life for free. they know how to milk the “system” and get free food, help from churches for bills, chicks get taniff (government provided child support in america), section 8 housing (reduced rent in america), etc… i am a firm believer that you can do and become whatever you like in life because the opportunities ARE there! why would anyone want to work when you can get everything that you would spend your money on (bills, food, clothing, rent) handed to you on a silver platter? wanna start solving some issues…make those who collect welfare take urine screens on a weekly basis considering i have to take a urine screen to get the job that my taxes are used to cover such things. america is fucked!!! latinos roll in gangs and milk the system, blacks roll in gangs and milk the system, even crazier is the fact that white people think its cool to be black not knowing that they look and act like clowns. fuck poverty and your environment as an excuse. stop looking for hand outs, get off your lazy asses, get a job, move out of your “environment”, and try to become a part of the solution rather than raising your children to be “hood” (like kids in this clip). security guard should have shocked home boy too for being a retarded father. he worries about his kids when chick got hit (“in front of my kids”) but didnt say shit when his little moon crickets were talking shit w/ their mom. bullshit! wish dude had shot her w/ a real gun rather than tazer. hopefully that was enough electricity to render her unable to reproduce anymore kids. america… the land of hypocrisy!

    2. Well… but what you say is racist. I don’t know what the ethnicity has to do with the manner of these people. They’re just some stupid rednecks like many other. 😉

      ps: “we gave them liberty and the freedom”
      …after “we” enslaved them and got rich quick.

      1. Whites have been slaves during history. Whites have been ethnic cleansed during history. Whites have had our countries invaded and taken from us during history.

        Blaming American slavery for how Blacks act in America, doesn’t explain why they act the same in Jamaica, South Africa, France, England, Canada, Nigeria, Ghana, etc. etc.

          1. You have a valid thought Beautiful: whites go back to Europe, blacks can go back to Africa, and we Mexicans can take our beaner-selves back to…oh wait WE WERE ALREADY HERE. LMAO Sorry had to throw that one in.

          2. Ahh I am glad I am Anglo-Saxon and who is responsible for the greatest civilisation, ever collectively known as “the west” us Whites, we gave you our technology, our knowledge, our legal and medical systems, without us you would still be in the paddy fields or living in some mud hut. p.s. we gave you the English language, which you speak, the greates and most popular language in the world.

          1. I don’t think it would have matter what Countries I listed, theword, you would have found some excuse to blame Whitey.

            Name one Country, city that is predominately Black that is safe and prosperous.

            There might be some out there. I’m legitimately curious.

        1. What about whites throughout history? You think acting like a monkey is bad, imagine acting like a monkey and having power too. I’m not trying to defend blacks, that ratchet bitch got what she deserved but don’t hold a grudge to Blacks, there are bigger fish for you to fry.

          1. The biggest fish I have to fry, Edzi, is the complete dismantling, decay and destruction that is ravaging Countries my people built, cities we built.

            Watching our Societies and Culture become nothing but cesspits, completely worthless and lacking in anything positive.

            From our ancestral homelands in Europe, to the ones we settled on, in Canada, America, Australia etc.

            We make up a paltry amount of the Global population (5%) and we are undersiege in pretty much every Country we inhabit, watching our numbers fall, year after year.

        2. I can’t reply to your comment down there. What is with you comment about me blaming whitey? Where did i say anything about whitey? thats not the way i speak to or about people. Even from behind my computer screen where I am shielded by anonymity I address people as I would in person. I’ve read all your comments. I think you just like trolling. And it makes no sense to try to have a reasonable discussion with you about anything.

          1. I’m a firm believer that the environment you grow up in ultimately shapes the person you become. It’s beyond me why Blacks may seem degenerative or unable to grasp progression. I think you can only truly understand if you somehow witnessed their full development from infant to adult. Maybe you need to take some time to read the history of different peoples and their advancements, contrast it to black inhabited areas. Their is a reason for everything, I don’t think it’s genetics.

      1. What are you smoking shes a human her and her kids could have used a government funded abortion. Yeah Americas real Nazi with millions of these apes allowed to prosper and terrorize . I bet you dont live around apes like this . The only thing better than the whore falling stiff as a board, was the ape calling the guard gay!

    3. the security officer has patience of a god, he warned her ugly nappy headed ass to leave but the only option was to act with swift legal justice. male or female to get in my face or any one else’s is uncalled for ….the bitch had it coming !!

    1. Just think they live free the government pays for their food, house, and they were making calls from their Obama phone. And soon will have Obamacare. These are the parasites raising more parasites. This video really pissed me off.

  1. Why can’t the rest of the country follow Chicago’s example? Everyone else leave the city, flood it with guns, and let the groids settle their affairs themselves. There’s no need for humans to get involved.

  2. I wish I knew what happened at the end of this story lmao see the guy standing in front of store cool as shit lmao omg i had a [email protected] giggle attack [email protected] aint see that chit coming! She shut the [email protected] up real quick lmao [email protected] froze and collapsed , then she started crying lmo love it aaint so tough now huh? and those little loud ass bebe’s kids , not so tough now then here baby daddy punk azz he wasnt around till after she got her azz tazed! What beastly looking dirty hood rats how gross did they look? ewwww she haraassed him threatened him and attacked him. well u wanna act like a man there u go . nasty [email protected] and ugly ass loud mouth bad ass kids!

    1. I’m not racist, but I know there is a difference between a black person and a ghetto nigger….and those are some ghetto good-for-nothing, waste of air, welfare niggers. I hate nothing more than people that act like that, and those kids are hood rats in training.

      If you are black or any color, and you act like that when being asked to do something, please kill yourself.

      And Uli, I can’t read that, but I tried.

      1. Racism don’t exist. It’s just a word to smother discussion and truth. The same as any ‘ist’ or ‘ism’ word.

        Sex’ism’. Race’ism’ etc. Same shit.

        It’s why we can no longer talk about real issues without being labeled one of those idiotic words and being robbed of our voice.

        1. Shame on it! Ism & ist isn’t the same!
          I’m d’accord with taking out from our language the expression “Trabajar como un negro” (“Work as a nigger”) because… Who has ever seen a nigger working?

  3. I like that dude at the end is all upset about the fact that the kids just saw their mom (?) get tasered and is all”my babies right there. My babies right there” and yet I bet he does ALL kinds of dumb shit in front of those kids. People who care about their kids do not A. Behave like that in front of their kids and b. Let their kids act like that!

  4. Let me just say that whenever black people start yelling the same sentence over and over again, it makes me want to shove a pen through my eardrums. Also, I wish that everybody who set such a terrible example for their kids would get tased. My parents certainly weren’t perfect, but they wouldn’t have been caught dead acting like this in public. If I would have said the word “gay” at that little boy’s age, my dad would have been beating my ass so quick that it would make everyone’s head spin. Hopefully, this is the wake up call those folks needed to get some class, and stop acting so fucking stupid.

    1. I agree with you on this. Wtf do they repeat themselves so much for? This woman was just plain being an ass! When she started yelling the kids were just standing there trying to figure out what’s up, then they start screaming stupid shit just because she was. If she really cared she wouldn’t have been acting like that

  5. I’m guessing one of those kids was his and he wasn’t helping them enough financially. That part might be his bad, but I think he did the right thing with the taser. He seemed level-headed even during the aftermath.

        1. When a pride of Lions attack and eat their prey, do you ask “Why do they do that?”

          No. Because it’s natural. It’s in their nature.

          Same thing applies. It’s natural for Blacks to be more aggressive and violent than others. It’s a racial trait due to their biology.

  6. You see America those two nasty bitches are the type of people that were supporting with our taxes, for each one of those little rug-thugs running around those nasty hood rats get checks paid for by our hard work…ain’t that a bitch

    1. On another note I don’t hit women but i wouldn’t mind making an exception on those two…they got the type of mouths that fist love to hit…I love how they were all acting hard in the beginning then all started crying at the end lol :'( boo hoo bitch

  7. there is so much wrong here where do i begin? i’m breast traumatized due to the close ups of the UGLY babboon’s boobs in the beginning. it’s enough to turn a dude GAY. a mouthy hood rat needs a quick bitch slap. you think her pimp would’ve had a much patience as that guard? the little nigglets are another story. future prisoners and gang bangers all of them. did ya catch the beast in pink pants at the end? this guard better get himself some firepower cuz dere gonna be some retaliation down the road cuz dats how dey roll. fuking welfare cases. Atlanta is nigga central.

  8. Has anyone else noticed that when black people get into arguments the only things said are nigga, fuck, and other such things, maybe because they don’t have anything to else to say and just repeat the same insults to continue fighting ? I don’t know, just a thought.

    1. I’m betting on the lack of education for their inability to form complete sentences and use intelligent wording when in conversation / argument. I have a phrase i use in just such an occasion….(When you say nigger…you’ve said it all !) Meaning you have no need to use other words to describe a nigger such as lazy, dumb, welfare recipient, scum bag, worthless, degenerate, and so on, and you probably get my drift by now. These bitches and their little turds are never going to amount to much in life, the writing is on the wall, if only they could read…

    1. If the security guard was white he would need an entire police department to rescue his ass. The mall must use blacks to police blacks just for such occasions. Someone took a look into the future when putting security in place..

  9. Hi everyone, I’m new here, I’ve checked the site for a long while, but I had to register to share with everyone I was fucking happy when he tazed that bitch.

    Bitch had it coming and I watched the whole video anticipating the tazing and it delivered! It was a blast to watch her fall, stiff as a 2×4. But he should have tazed the fat bitch with the blue shirt too. In the tits. Her loud ranting annoyed me and I wouldn’t be sad to see her in a gory truck crash posted next week.

    1. Welcome Monsieur Xul!
      Glad to have you along for the ride.
      I’m not to sure about the ginormous breasted chic being tased, I took it as she was pregnant( I’m a softy when it comes to kids). But I too was extremely happy when the tasing did happen. I thought he was even reloading…shame.

    2. Welcome Monsieur Xul, I’m sure you find it rewarding as i do to write about how you feel towards an individual(s). Let it all out because we here at BG really enjoy telling it as we see it. Like you i hope to see this loud mouth yard ape in a post soon, real soon. I’m thinking i would like to see her get that ugly fucking melon head smashed flat by a large truck tire and her little turd kids get a chance at life without her for their mother….yeah that sounds good to me..

  10. Fucking confrontational cunt. It’s people like this that make me want to punt children. Terrible parents, purposefully disrespectful, and annoying as all hell.
    Nigga this nigga that stop telling me I need to discipline my loud ass kids cuz they’re allowed to do whatever the hell they want, especially if its the exact opposite of what’s polite and appropriate. Now I’m gonna puff out my tits and get in your face like my momma taught me, then I’m gonna yell the same shit over and over until you give up and I win.
    Jokes on you ho, cop’s got a taser. And thank fuck for that. Dumb broad, learn how to either not make a scene everywhere you go for no reason or a bit of fucking decency. I’m glad the bitch got tased. She totally deserved it, and it was beautiful after seeing those poorly raised little shits act that way. My parents would’ve whipped my ass up and down the street for less.

  11. This guy handled the situation pretty well. I certainly wouldn’t have as much patience, that’s for sure. Tased that mouthy whore good though. After she dropped like a sack of shit on the concrete, I thought the rest of them were gonna go ape shit on the security guard. Big props for giving that mouthy bitch what she had coming.

  12. Same thing happened to me I was sitting in my 3 week old new car with my 1 year old son waiting for my wife to come out of the store , a moon cricket pulled in next to me and opened her door and hit my car . As I get out to see what it did she said “I am sorry” and started to get her milkdudes out her fucked up ass car . I look at my new car and see its dented and paint is missing. I tell “her mam you really hit it kind if hard and messed up my paint”. Bitch started screaming and yelling getting in my face her fucking kids running around me like wild dogs. I finally snapped and said ” bitch sorry don’t cut it you dented my car and your going to fix it”. She kept screaming and screaming finally I said fuck it and got back in my car with my son who was asleep and didn’t want to wake up seeing a monkey next to his window. She gose inside my wife comes out and I step back out the car. It’s amazing how much a dent your knee can make just with such little room and momentum against a car door and how easy door handles come off. I put I am sorry on the dirt on her window. Now I know next time just taze the moon cricket to get it to shut up.

    1. Hahaha…love it.! Fucking monkey bitch needs to understand you don’t damage someone’s brand new car an expect to walk away without owning it. I like to use my keys when such retaliation is necessary. Best of all you realized early this cunt was not someone who you could have a civilized conversation and did the only thing possible, wait it out and seek revenge….high five !

          1. So, Blacks cannot live around Blacks, but we Whites (or Asians) are forced to live around them?

            That’s unbelievable.

            Look – I don’t want to be argumentative or get into a long ass debate, so I’ll just ask a question I’m legitimately curious about:

            Does there exist, on this planet, a Country or City that is predominately Black, that is safe and prosperous?

            This is not a challenge – but a legit curiosity.

  13. First, those kids are ruined. The four and two year olds are yelling gay. Second, I hope this guy isnt killed. Becuase these two women are fucking crazy and the saddest part is these black animals are in the majority. They think they control the world. Has anyone seen the recent video where a black bitch pepper srayed a guy in line at the gas station? USA is fucked, these are the people getting my tax money to pay for those kids that they teach this nonsense to.

  14. I hope the BG friends that had a problem with the Rent-A-Cops at the metro rail station aren’t talking shit about these sewer mouthed moms. It’s the same thing. Were thelittle baby boys were calling the cop gay,?

    1. that sucks princess. Where in Atlanta were you carjacked? I’ve had several friends get robbed – my window was smashed in Little 5 Points so the fukkers could steal a Pirate flag I had in the car. Left a perfectly good cooler – they just wanted the flag. Fuckers.

  15. i honestly believe that all of the bitches like that need a good gutter stomp, the kids need an axe kick or to be thrown at a wall from a giant sling shot…. then the males with the same attitude should be taken to Brazil or some place where lynching is common (haven’t seen a good lynching video for a while) and see how long they last with their attitude there.. and people wonder y the KKK is so racist …

    1. the kkk was formed to stop blacks from raping, looting and doing things blacks love to do throughout the south.Fact.

      When is the last time the KKK did anything to a negro?

      Serious, question, I hear negro’s going out killing white peoples every freaking day of the week.

      Some of these whites are children that don’t deserve it…

      The Black Panthers put a ten grand target on Zimmerman and threaten race war just a few weeks ago.
      Yet, you’re targing the clan?

      This is precisely why they had segregation in the Southern States, exactly why they had and NEEDED the good ol’ boys of the KKK to ‘take care of business’ etc. This is why they had segregation in South Africa

  16. Looked to me that the security guard kept provoking those bitches by going back in and coming back out and taunting them. But that gave them no excuse for coming back and slapping him, thus getting tased. Was the guard black? Hard to tell. Those kids are fucked up now, seeing their mom acting like a fool and getting tased in front of them. I expect those brats will grow up to be just like mom, a black big mouth criminal. And blacks wonder why there’s so much racism in this country. And it looked to me that the fat one in blue was pregnant. I’m betting that each of those brats has a different daddy. I saw a video on YouTube with a black bitch living in a motel room with 15 kids with no shoes and nothing to eat. She had gotten evicted from her apartment for nonpayment of rent. The landlord threw all their belongings to the curb. The kids were taken away from her and placed in foster care and she was jailed. I’ve had my run-ins with hood rats myself.

  17. If he were clever, he would have approached on the pretense of clearing the entry way due to fire code.. “Hi folks, we were recently fined for having our exits blocked.. Please can you be a dear and take two skips and a jump that way? Thank you..” Remain professional. If they still cause a ruckus, call the police for backup. Best case scenario they spray the crowd..

    The “security” guard filming has instigated this confrontation. I realize how annoying kids can be in general, but there is a more professional way to request they cease exerting hi frequency shrills at maximum volume than saying heyy!!!!! He took it to a personal level, which is not productive or ethical while on the job.

    That being said it doesn’t excuse the women’s behavior. Bad examples for the kids ,but as they say, two wongs don’t make a white..

    1. No, even white people are no better than animals.?In fact, we are all animals, but our ”intelligence” is what makes us inferior in many ways. Animals don’t kill and tease for fun, they don,t make war, they are not greedy and centered around money.

      1. Our intelligence is what makes us superior, the capability of it is what makes us better. If it’s not being used by 100% the world population I still wouldn’t claim animals are better. Animals are instinctual, they don’t ” KNOW ” any better, so how could they possibly be. I’m sure if a Lion understood the concept of money he’d rape the zoo.

        1. You just prove my point that intelligence makes us inferior. If a Lion would understand the concept of money, he would rape the zoo? That must mean that understanding this concept is not a good thing? Don’t you agree?

          besides, animals don’t only have instict, some are quite intelligent and while they don’t understand complez cencepts, they can solve some problems on their own

          1. Then personally speaking I can tell you I’m not inferior to any animal. You haven’t met everyone in this world to make such bold statements. You speak from a pessimistic perspective but the realism is Humans are capable to do acts that make them lower than a beast or near a god-like level. I agree with you on behalf of those that seek the very things that plague our world. I’ve seen it everyday of my life, and you probably have to. From any random person to my immediate family, there seems to be a void in the aesthetics of living. Proper food, water, and rest doesn’t suffice for anyone. You’re not giving credit to the world that’s been structured before you, regardless of all that’s been sacrificed for it. You want to believe we are less, at least know its possible to be equal. Venture off, settle down somewhere you can do what’s only necessary to survive. You feel our intelligence sets us up for failure?

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