Mouthy Hood Rat Gets Tasered by Mall Security Guard in Atlanta

Mouthy Hood Rat Gets Tasered by Mall Security Guard in Atlanta

So this nasty hood rat comes to a mall in Atlanta, Georgia with her unruly kids in tow and since the kids keep going ape shit, the mall’s security guard asks for her to quiet them down. The hood rat takes offense and starts mouthing the guard off. The guard escorts them out of the Metro store and the rest is on the video.

Ignorant hood rat bitches keep venting their mouths at the guard, provoking him and nagging at him until he’s had enough and zaps one of them with a taser. Then, out of the woodwork comes a whole tribe of feral rats and the intimidation picks up the pace. Just another day in the hood.

Props to Best Gore member Tiny1 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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296 thoughts on “Mouthy Hood Rat Gets Tasered by Mall Security Guard in Atlanta”

    1. Yes, oh man, could you walk by a mother doing that, with such young, young kids, and even contemplate NOT calling someone to find out about the welfare of the kids… Sad thing is, it might actually be WORSE for them if you called Child Protective Services. The amount of children that die after being placed into foster care, or suffer serious cases of neglect and abuse, is insane. It’s a HUGE issue it seems no one wants to tackle, they would have to pretty much gut the whole system and redo it. Big, big hassle, requires lots of complex thinking and planning, and time and money to boot… I think it will just get worse. There are already too few case workers to even try to give each case what it truly deserves, which is how so many children die. It’s easy to hide abuse when you know the inspector’s coming, and they will only go so far in their questioning, because even they know they are incompetent and unable to do anything to truly help within the confines of the system.
      sorry for ranting/venting heh. >.<

  1. You could so turn this into a lil jon music clip, between the cop yelling “back it up” and the bitch yelling “shoot da ground” or whatever the fuck she’s saying he’d have another one hit wonder over night! 😀

  2. I hate myself just a tiny little bit, because I laughed when she went rigid and toppled. It was hilarious. I hated listening to those kids though; the false bravado of a kid playing a game, mimicking his mother so he feels proud, like he is doing “good” and “right”, and then the absolutely sad and scared screams of “Momma! Momma!” just gutted me. Someone who could chose to not immediately run to those (her!) babies, but continue upon their ill-chosen quest of dominance, ugh. What a disgusting mother. =/

  3. God I see this shit everyday, I live outside of ATL and these niggers are expanding. its like a circle of hell coming out of atlanta, devouring all the good neighborhoods and turning them into ghetto hotspots. Where I live, 12 years ago you barely saw anything related to these people. Now just down the street there are apartment complexes built just for these monkeys.
    Maybe if they didn’t act like this and actually provided something to our area I wouldn’t say shit about them, but this area is now failing.
    Not all black people act like this obviously, I have friends I go to school with that are black. There is a HUGE difference between hood rats and regular blacks.
    A lot of people mentioned multiculturalism. Its a fail, look at Scandinavia. Just pureness being raped by all these radicals.
    This topic really gets my blood boiling.

  4. This is exactly why i carry a gun when i go in to the ghetto. That security guard needs to get a better taser. They have some where you can shoot multiple shots in small instance. That second guy should have got tased and told to stay there till the police came. Putting your hands on and security guard can be considered assault.

  5. man that was fucking awesome. that bitch was flapping her jaws then BAM down she goes. and if her dumbass man was so worried about his kids she should have controlled his bitch better than that. the only thing i wished was that he would have taized big momma too. watch her fat ass flop around like a fish out of water. all i got to say is: FREE WILLY!!! lmfao

  6. I am SO fucking glad I don’t live in the very United States. I don’t know what percentage of police have tasers here in New Zealand… Maybe 60% at a guess. There are very few incidents with tasers though, even given the fact that we have stacks of dumb Maori roaming the streets.

  7. Ide help a cricket or a bug seriously before helping save a non white. I dont care if a whole family was burning alive. Multiculuralism is the fucking end of our race . Resist it at all cost. Whites stick together wherever your at somehow we will have a place for our decent culture. Liberal capitalist can choke on this shit.

    1. Glad to see most people arent talking about I have black feiends…. Some are good… Im not racist … Go live in black communities and you will quickly shut the fuck up with that shit . In a white community you will likely live nicely no matter what race you are. Ironic

      1. 100% Agree. And it’s not even a conspiracy theory, you know? It’s beyond evident if you took a quick second and just looked at the whole picture.

        You’ll notice that the ones who are saying “I have Black friends… I’m not Racist..etc.” most of them have something in common (I won’t point it out).

  8. Ugh it just makes me fume watching these niggers. Such disgusting creatures and a waste of space and oxygen. I did have to rewind a few times when that ape got tasered and watch her drop like a stiff board – made me lol.

    Look when she got shocked, she did her sex pose, the stiff bitch.. I love watching mouthy bitches get whats coming.. Mother fucking props to the renta cops. lol

  10. haha look at the niglets jumping around when they see their mom drop like a stiff. Good for them. it teaches the kids that their dumbass crackhead of a mom isn’t the only authority in their lives…

  11. Hi. I’m new here.

    People need to get rid of the idea of “race” …. We’re all human beings – however, like all other animals (yes, we are all technically animals), there are different “breeds” of humans. Take dogs for instance. Labradors are smart, loving and generally rather passive animals…. Pitbulls are the same species as Labradors, but they carry very different traits, such as aggression, unpredictable behaviour etc (although not all of them). Diffferent breeds of dogs emerged from different regions of the world, through years of adaptation. Thus, it makes complete sense that humans from different regions would end up displaying different characteristics…. through biology as well as the development of different societies and cultures.

    I believe that Blacks, Whites, Indians, Coloureds etc are very different to eachother, and each “race” (breed rather) tends to be associated with particular traits, which are slammed as being racial stereotypes. Many people are convinced that we are all “equal”… however we aren’t…. Blacks, especially those still in Africa, tend to be greedy, slow to learn, lazy, and generally stupid.

    I live in South Africa and the blacks here are unbelievable… They’d stab a pregnant woman and beat her with a brick without a second thought (happened to my neighbour)… They just wanted to steal her laptop and cellphone and decided to assault her as well. The child didn’t survive. They are absolute animals. And it’s written into their biology to do these kind of things… as if they don’t feel guilt.

    1. My Family’s farm in has electric fencing, 6 bull mastiffs and they all have guns . Old couple close to the farm got beaten to death with hammers, after they had raped the old lady in front of her husband …… Always go for the weak or those who can’t fend for themselves! Fucking cowards!

  12. I give the oldest kid about another 5 years before he starts his criminal record. His younger siblings judging by how they speak will follow soon after. What else can we expect from black kids being raised by a mother who is this crazy.

    I don’t hate black people. But it’s niggers like these that don’t set the bar very high for black people who actually contribute to society. Unfortunately their part of the same race, there should be two different: black humans for the ones who act like humans, and then there’s monkeys like these.

  13. YES! That was SO satisfying to watch. No wonder the movie Idiocracy is going to happen; look at these fucking idiots would continue to have a dozen children. And those dozen with have a dozen. More likely than not with a relative. FUCK. I watched her fall over tasered about 5 times. Beautiful.

  14. Niggers gonna nig.
    I’ve been to Atlanta quite a few times, and every time, without question…some shit like this happens.
    Lot of times, the females are worse than the males.

    And they all know how to raise children apparently, acting like uncivilized monkeys slinging shit around.

  15. 1 black man against a shit load of niggas! Sweet the way that monkey fell though! Sad thing is them bitchs are breeding, did you see thoughs future drug dealing rapists,thugs that our tax dollars or raising? We should be thankful for the ghetto, cause these motherfucking monkeys could be your next door neighbors!

  16. Well he wasn’t worried about his babies when they were abusing and disrespecting the security guard. Or when that skank bitch was beating up on a sedition guard in front of his children. The cries ans terror screams from the children were of the two women’s making and they are the ones who need to tell their kids that. Kids should be taken away.

  17. The sad part is that all of her little nigglette kids were watching and now think that it’s okay to act like that in public because that’s how mommy acts. The disgrace will continue until someone washes that gene pool with chlorine.

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