Muslim in Ukraine Fires Into the Air, Passing Soldier Takes Him On

Muslim in Ukraine Fires Into the Air, Passing Soldier Takes Him On

Video from Dnepropetrovsk in Ukraine – yes, the same Dnepropetrovsk made infamous by the 3 Guys 1 Hammer video – shows a Muslim man from an unspecified part of Russia’s Northern Caucasus (Dagestan, Chechnya, Ingushetia or somewhere around there – no accurate info on that) kneeling down in the middle of European Square in downtown Dnepropetrovsk to pray. It looked stupid and inappropriate, but up to this point everybody continued to mind their own business and went about their day unhindered.

But then, the Muslim pulled out a handgun and fired a shot into the air, scaring passersby who were busy doing their evening shopping in the area. The shot even scared the cameraman who filmed the whole standoff from a window on the opposite side of the square. After the shot, the shooter put down his weapon and started to take his clothes off. At that point, as most people tried increase the distance between them and the shooter, a random Ukrainian soldier who was passing by, put down his bag and approached the shooter, clearly telling him something in the manner of:

What the fuck are you firing guns in the middle of the square in my city for you piece of shit?

To that, the shooter responded by shoving the soldier and that was all the soldier needed. He took off his hat and took the shitstain Islamist on. Soon after, several other young Ukrainians joined in and one of them quickly pacified the shooter by hitting him over the head with a bottle that smashed and spilled the beverage inside. A few minutes later, a policeman was directed to the scene and arrested the shooter.

Props to Best Gore member pnn69 for the video:

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65 thoughts on “Muslim in Ukraine Fires Into the Air, Passing Soldier Takes Him On”

    1. Wow dude, do NOT put Chechens and Caucasians together at ALL!
      Chechens are the WORST of the WORST terrorist, muzzie pieces of SHIT!
      After watching that old video of the Chechen scumbags cutting the heads off of Russian child-soldiers who they clearly ambushed and out-numbered I’ve vowed to kill any Chechen muslim piece of shit I ever come in contact with in the most brutal way possible. Chechens are pure scum.

        1. I was reading something a Kurd said and he basically called Islam out on that. Apparently it encourages Race-Mixing. Seems to think it’s a cancer that will destroy his people (Kurds) because of it.

      1. Nah Temuchin otherwise known as Ghenghis Khan is why they are crazy. He killed almost all of them and razed there cities to the ground. White people should be happy that ghenghis died when he did or europe would have suffered the same fate.

        1. What? You are saying someone other than Whites are responsible for invading lands, killing a bunch of people and burning down their homes and cities?

          Are you lying? Only White people do that!!

          1. HAHAH i know you are kidding. I have often thought about this subject. It was probably the strangest twist of fate in history. After the invasion of Hungary by Subodei in which he murdered around half the population and ALL the warriors he received news that ghenghis had died. HE immediately returned to china. Might I add this was only an expeditionary force of around 15,000.

  1. Loved how they started beating the shit out of him.
    Before he made the shot I recognized that his prayer was a really fast one.

    It’s weird how a video on BG makes you remember praying lol
    The last time I prayed I had 12 maybe.

    1. Well, if it happened in Norway or Sweden, most of those people in the street would be brainwashed, idiot Liberal Leftist who are anti-White and full of self-hate, and the rest of them would probably be Islamic savages their self-hating, anti-White Governments imported.

      Especially Sweden. What a piece of shit Country thats turned out to be. Their current PM is the most disgusting anti-White, Self-Hating, destruction personified piece of shit of any of our Countries.

      That he still breathes the same air is offensive.

    2. i was thinking the same damn thing, the muslim scumbag would be the “victim” he just minding his bisness do his prayer firing shots and he was ambushed by these thugs what a hate crime and they’d be punished to the full extent and the doucebag muslim would walk away a millinaire

  2. Funny how that other guy quickly goes there and start kicking him in the face.

    I wonder what was that splash when he held the guy down. Was that water or gasoline? Was he going to immolate himself?

      1. WHy you so happy to read my comments? You really think europe and the white man wasn’t on the brink of enslavement and death by the largest mass murderer in history? YOu have a distorted view of history if you don’t believe that story. Even detractors, european and islamic historians, of Ghenghis Khan admit this to be true.

  3. All muslim pieces of shit should be horribly beaten and lynched. There is NO SUCH THING as a “peaceful” muslim. They’re fucking animals.

    As if the violent Sunni scumbags weren’t enough, the supposedly “peaceful” and “civilized” muzzies go apeshit when you show them a video making fun of their pedophile prophet.
    I mean I’m no Christian, but I guarantee you if you told a group of Christian college students that they were about to watch a video making fun of Jesus, they’d either walk out beforehand, or deal with it in a civilized manner.
    These fucking muzzie cunts (who are invading the shit out of Sweden [where the video took place]) agree to watch the video, then go TOTAL APESHIT screaming snackbars all over the place and trying to start a riot.

    Complete, fucking, animals. Kill all Muslim scum!

    1. If someone made a video making fun of your mother or whoever, wouldn’t you go apeshit? That’s how their twisted minds think. This mohammed means more to them than their own mother. However, not ALL muslims are violent people. I must correct you on that.

  4. Hit up Google-Maps and take a stroll around Rinkeby, Sweden. Count the amount of Africans and non-Whites you see in just that little block.

    In Western Europe, there are places the police will not even walk into without a full armored escort because of the amount of Muslims/Africans. I recall reading, I think it was in France, police being shot at when they tried to enter an Islamic hotspot. Like being in Baghdad or something.

    Then of course, we have the riots they have been responsible for, recently the Swedish riots.

    So, if Eastern Europe is smart, they’ll learn from their weak, pathetic counterparts in Western Europe, who failed to learn the lesson of Serbia, where Muslims went around ethnically cleansing non-Muslims.

    And now what do we have? The United States fabricating lies about Syria using chemical weapons so they can support the Sunni Islamic nutjobs there wiping out non-Sunni’s.

    In a perfect world, the United States would be flooded with actual intelligent people protesting against this, but as we all know.. Our Countries are full of ‘University’ educated zealot lemmings.

    And thus, our hands will run red with the blood of innocents slain and massacred in the name of Allah by Sunni-Extremists, because once again, our dear leaders have decided to support the wrong people.

  5. Overly religious idiots aren’t all bad.

    Walked into a convenience store run buy muslims.

    It was prayer time so they had all their dinky little mats rolled out in the aisle and were praying.

    I wanted a chocolate ba and a drink. The store attendant saw me but kept on praying and bowing up and down. Didn’t acknowledge me… you know, because I’m a stupid westerner. A few minuted passed before I got sick of politely waiting. I walked out with my can of drink and my chocolate bar without paying.

    Thanks overly religious idiots.

  6. You know these fucking camel jockies come to our countries and think they can pull their shit! Well guess what? Most people who like myself weren’t racist or bigots now are! I truly hate how these fuck preach peace and harmony and then blow themselves up along with other innocent people!

    1. All religions do such things. Muslims have violence, Jews have power and money, and Christians molest children and brainwash dumbasses into giving them more money, fighting their wars, forgiving them for their crimes, or voting another Jew or Christian into office

      1. I think you need to change that to Islam raping, butchering, colonising and stealing as befits their loyalty to Muhammad the child raping pervert. All other religions are way behind Islam when it comes to imperialis slave trading butchers.

  7. For me, this is the most beautiful piece of art I ever seen.

    This makes my heart grow. Im proud to be slavic. This shows that slavic people like Russians, Ukrainians, Poles, belarusians, serbs etc. are the last hope for europe.

    50 years of communism make our people tough like stone.

    I would do EXACTLY the same and Im always SURE that there are people who would join end help me asap.

    I can be homofobic, xenofobic, alienofobic call me whatever You want but I live in country where 99% are indigenous people.

    Id rather suck allah`s cock than live in shit like norway or sweden. Personaly swedish people are equal to snackbars for me. Because it seems like they like to have anal sex with snackbars and be their hookers.

    I`ll tell you more. French, Germans, Brits are same shit as snackbars. They are infested with snackbars and cant do shit, seems like they just like arab cum.

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    Take that, and you can suck my cock western pussies.

    I hope they will slaughter you in most brutal and

  8. Now THAT’S entertainment! Some stupid fuck getting the allah kicked out of him. We need more videos of insurgents and others who wish to push their brainless religious mentality on others getting shitkicked, blown up, shot, or whatever it takes for them to shut the fuck up and let the rest of us ‘get on with it’.
    Freedom FROM religion. NOW!

  9. this guy was so dumb! I am glad that the people got together and took him down. We need more of this. I mean he should of never fired his weapon in a public place like that. He was really very stupid! Such an idiot! Sorry this makes me mad.

  10. What the fuck is up with stupid white people turning into muzstard scum muzzies?

    Stay white you fucking idiots… fuck the crescent moon and burn Mohambone to the ground! Islam is the religion of whores, everyone knows this.

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