Newbie Firefighters Bullied and Beaten by Older Recruits in Mongolia

Newbie Firefighters Bullied and Beaten by Older Recruits in Mongolia

In some countries with mandatory military service, this type of bullying is quite common. Newbie recruits are subjected to ongoing dehumanizing mistreatment only to do the same to the next batch of newbies after they’ve become seniors.

This video is from Inner Mongolia in China, but the bullying depicted did not happen on a military installation. It’s from a fire department, which is not what I would have expected.

For over 15 minutes, the older recruits are seen bullying and beating on newbies in many sadistic ways, clearly enjoying the non-existence of vehicles for the newbs to stand up for themselves.

The good news is, the video somehow made its way to the higher ups and all molesters were fired. The fire department officials confirmed that the video is authentic, apologized big time to the recruits and the public and had each and every bully fired on the spot.

Props to Best Gore member SrbijaBgd for the video:

132 thoughts on “Newbie Firefighters Bullied and Beaten by Older Recruits in Mongolia

  1. What a bunch of fucking sissies. I would start fighting the fuck back after the first moron layed a finger on me. He wouldn’t know what hit him.

    • Bullies rely on disempowering their victim. These guys probably were scared that if they fought back they would lose their jobs or be subject to individual victimisation later.

      Bullies are invariably victims themselves. Either of previous bastardry or their own inferiority complex. Intelligent people with healthy self esteems and freedom from personality disorders are rarely perpetrators.

      This kind of wholesale brutality tells me this bullying is institutionalised and intrinsic to the culture of this department. Firing these perpetrators won’t solve the problem. The issues sit much higher up the food chain.

      • Yes, i agree. I think these sort of abuses were widely known, and they were only fired because it became public. But those aren’t simple slaps, those guys were being brutally kicked in the stomachs, head. I was in awe at how they would just stand up after those kicks. But being a bully in no way justifies becoming the bully. I was bullied and never did i become like the guys who beat me. Its just an excuse, similar to those pedophiles use, saying they were raped, to in some way “lessen” the cruelty of their actions.

      • I’m sure these behaviors were widely known throughout the military but ignored, since its a “ritual”, “part of the iniciation”. However, having been bullied in no way justifies becoming the bully. Its a poor excuse similar to the ones pedophiles use, saying they were abused as children, to in some way, “lessen” their despicable actions.

  2. A bunch of hard bastards if I ever saw some. I’m fucking delighted they got fired. Probably cried and begged for their jobs back too. That’s not the type of people you want doing that job. Whatever about ego and cockyness, you can be an arseholes with your heart in the right place. But fuck bullying cunts preying in groups on people who think they might lose their new job if they fight back. If it was me I’d plan some fucked up revenge on whoever went at me. Got all the time in the world.

  3. I’m glad that all the bullies got fired. If only we could have that happen when the cops, and anyone else who bullies in the work place decides they cannot be dismissed. Videos at the ready folks :)

  4. It’s really sad how man will humiliate and punish his fellow man just to boost his own ego and status amongst his peers. I think the wicked roundhouse kick at 7:15 was my favorite part. : )

  5. Please please tell em to put their shirts back on!!!! Yuk, they look like young boys……. No manlyness about them , they’ve made my eyes bleed.
    And some where wearing flip flops with socks…… I can barely breath. That’s the most horrible thing I’ve ever endured!

  6. I had no idea this kind of hazing went on in the fire service in other countries. The worst that happens to a “probie” here in the U.S. is saran wrap on the toilet seat or eating by yourself in the app bay.

  7. Damn that’s a hell of a fucking hazing there…what the fuck..i wish someone would try some shit like this to me…i needa let out some negative energy…hmmmm…maybe I’ll find a mosh or willing opponent to fight with me…ugh…

    • I was bullied as a kid, it made me tough as nails. Now if someone gets agressive with me, I get violent quickly. But I’m not a bully myself. I basically beat the shit out of bullys. :-D

      • Yup. Gotta be able to turn on the violence quickly and brutally with no mercy. Throat chop- any strike to the groin etc. Hit em fast and make it hurt bad.

        • 100%. It’s a nice feeling seeing the regret on their face when they realise they just fucked with the wrong one. Lessons must be dealt to them, make them think twice next time they start shit.

      • I don’t think you have the muscle to do much against anyone who is trained and in good shape.

        I haven’t even seen you, but I’m sure I would step on you.

        It’s not about “bullying” so much, but if you’re weaker, you’d better make way for those who are stronger.

          • Judging from your pic, it could definitely apply to you……especially compared to me, but I was talking to Lil’ Zion, actually.

            If you want to avoid bullies, you should probably get in the gym and focus on some resistance training.

            Even if you aren’t interested in being strong, if you have more muscle than most men, you will intimidate the “bullies”.

            Bullies. I thought we left this all behind in grade school and yet some of you are still talking about.

          • @Division You remind me of my ex boyfriends that were in the military. They acted like arrogant retards too.

          • I could have been your next ex-boyfriend, but I’m really picky and I doubt you measure up.

            I am arrogant.

            This is true.

            You get a point.

          • And I could have added your dogtags to my collection of military boys I made cry. But nahh. You wouldn’t measure up. ;)

          • @YourNextExGirl That’s cos theirs brains have left them at boot camp. That division kike is a real stuck up!

          • I’m in my thirties, so not sure about the “boy” thing.

            I also don’t cry over women. I move on rather quickly, but I’m pretty picky to begin with…….

          • i’m not trying to show off my back muscle in that pic, dude. i’m trying to show my surgical scar.
            and btw, if you think you’re height and weight are the deciding factors in a confrontation, you may be the one proven to be weaker. i’d be curious to know what kind of training you actually have?

          • Body composition is something you see in people, whether they’re “trying” to show off or not.

            You might exercise, but you are not a lifter. Not a bodybuilder, strength athlete or power-lifter (for sure).

            I can see that. We both know it.

            Height and weight don’t matter.

            Strength is the determining factor.

            That was the point.

            Don’t worry about the training. None of that should matter to you.

          • What the fuck is going on round here lately? Shit being stirred left right and center. I’m beginning to feel left out.

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          • @ division , you don’t being called boy huh. Coming from the guy who called me kid yesterday. That’s rich haha I’m 30 and raising 4 kids…man…

          • I like the military and usually the people who serve but you are just a condescending asshole who would have absolutely jack shit all if you didn’t have the military. You’d probably off yourself or go to prison if you got discharged.

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          • Hey division, you got ADD? This post is about people being bullied in case you overlooked that. I would bitch slap you division, come on.

        • I’m 6ft and 165lbs. Done manual labor most if my life. People have made the mistake of underestimating me and that works out just great for me. If you know what your doing and where to strike all the muscle in the world won’t save you.

          • @reality
            my 5″3 106lbs says BRING IT ON (soon as i get these damn fucking clothes off

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        • I was bullied in grade 7 and 8. In university I had the stongest bench press on the football team. I’d have no problem fighting you Division, you Jew lover.

  8. Glad I’ve never seen this kind of thing going on in any departments I’ve worked in. From my experience you work better together with everyone when you can be friends with your fellow firefighters. Funny how that works.

  9. @SMuT
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  10. i would beat everyone of these skinny little dudes all teeth out of the cake hole. if not directly on the spot, then anytime later. after work somewhere in a Bar or even during the sleep, that’s for sure. there’s a point when enough is enough.

  11. Those recruits sure can take a beating. I guess firemen have to be tough, because that job is physically demanding, but letting themselves be hazed like this makes all of them look extremely weak mentally and socially. They look like they don’t have minds of their own. Their behavior is robotic. Conformity… The desire to fit in and be part of the team… That is a feeling way too many people possess. Even if it’s to get a job that’s necessary in society, like being a fireman, it isn’t worth this.

    • Anyone can say that. Few can actually do it.

      In my experience, military and otherwise, the very ones who say what you do are the same ones who fold under pressure.

      Less talking. More doing.

      • @Division, I think it’s also fair to say that people going around trying to start shit and be hard get found out when it kicks off. Whereas those who can look after themselves tend not to feel the need to start shit and try to prove themselves in front of their peers for no good reason. Like you said, less talking, more doing.

    • For the record:

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      Brazilian fighters are not the future of MMA.

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