Old Woman Accused of Shoplifting is Beaten by Security Guards

Old Woman Accused of Shoplifting is Beaten by Security Guards

Unfortunately, the best of granny upskirt is pixilated in this video…

You know our friends the liberal sheep – yes, those desperate has-beens conditioned to throw the “racist“, “anti semite” and other such labels around as loudly as they can to make themselves look relevant in the eyes of the herd? Somehow I don’t think they will have much to say about this video. Liberal sheep are conditioned to label the truth as “hate speech” and for that purpose have been provided with a whole whack of monikers demonized by the left leaning media to make everyone labelled with them look like complete monsters. But what happens when truth can no longer be denied or battered with liberal name calling?

The incident in this video happened in October 2012 but has not leaked until now. In the video, two security guards are seen beating the shit out of an old woman with belts, mallets and a mop handle. The woman took it like a champ but make no mistakes, these were full strength blows delivered with tools that really hurt. This woman took an incredibly severe beating, I’m actually surprised she has not fainted.

It happened at a clothing shop in the town of Nebo, in the Limpopo province, South Africa. The woman was accused by the guards of shoplifting. The same guards reportedly beat children up last year but as with this case, nobody reported it so the assaults went unpunished. The victim from this video likewise did not report the assault but just now someone laid their hands on the video and notified the authorities so a case was open.

The only thing left to say is – we all know how much the liberals like to attack white South Africans and everyone who doesn’t constantly portray black South Africans as victims. To suggest that blacks in South Africa are disproportionately responsible for majority of crime would instantly trigger the name calling bash fest from the ranks of the demented liberal sheep who in their strife to fit in the herd would spare no expense in attacking the aware individual. Yet if this is what blacks do to their own, imagine what whites are faced with sharing the country with them.

You would only see this video pushed by mainstream media with forceful international outrage if it was white security guards beating a woman. But because it’s not, it’s gonna be passed on or only mentioned as a side story with something like this accompanying it:

It’s all Apartheid’s fault!

Props to Best Gore member Buffsmom for the video:

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      1. Well I hear tell it’s custom in some African tribe for the father to take his daughter’s virginity. On the day of matrimony the daughter must surrender her virginity to her willing and eager father who’s desired her maggot-infested dark-as-night fruits since the day she was born.

  1. They beat that woman with a mallet trying to tenderize her for a supper meal. She’s one tough old nappy head.
    I guess when your ass is getting beat through out your life you get use to it. Fucking beat her like dog…worse than a dog…

    1. I watched that video and said to myself “Well I guess that old woman won’t shoplift at that store again.” Then I imagined the same scenario but instead of a human I imagined a dog. I became enraged! What does that say about me?

      1. I think your an animal lover.
        I am also an animal lover. I would be more angry seeing the dog beat for eating off the table than a thief caught stealing, same as you I suppose. I have no pity for those who make bad choices.

    2. That IS what that was! I was wondering! Damn! I don’t think she should of been let off…..but that was excessive to the max. I’m tellin ya…..there’s some sick men who get off on this kinda shit. Hitting women. He deserves punishment too. I’m surprised BG hasn’t posted anything about Kermit Gosslin I think his name is. I know bg does exclusive stuff mainly….but thia guy is suck and bg worthy. He ran a multi million dollar abortion clinic in the US I think. And illegally aborted 3rd trimester babys….so pretty much full term. Some where born alive and he killed them. Some by severing their spinal cords w scissors. He’s on trial for killing a woman by giving her a lethal injetion on pain killers

  2. I’m actually very grateful that they decided to pixelate this granny?s up skirt moment, it saved me a trip to the opticians.

    That being said, the footage certainly was that of a zoo full of misbehaving animals, was an utter shit fest.

  3. These losers beat up on the elderly and children how pathetic. Grannie deserved some punishment, sure, but exposing her undies and beating her with a mallet..really?

    1. Should be no different than when a man is caught stealing in Brazil and is justifiably beaten almost to death. Don’t see the BG fems defending the perpetrator in those vids. Stealing is stealing, and as an elderly person she should know better as oppose to a teenager following his peers.

  4. The woman is 49 year old Ester Mankge who was accused of stealing a packet of underwear. All five employees were arrested, two of the five were given bail. She is saying “Why are you doing this? Your going to kill me” and “I paid for my purchases” One of the guards is saying break her fingers.

  5. Ewww, that was pretty nasty, how much more did they do to her after the filming stopped? For stealing a packet of underwear? At one point they were holding her legs open an beating her between her legs, what sort of person would do that to women probably the same age as thier mother. As for that witch hackling and laughing in the backround, S.A. you are well and truly fucked, all those who can find somewhere else to go, abondon ship right now.

  6. Doesn’t matter who does the beating or why, it’s still vile. Throw the fact the victim is an elderly woman into the mix and these two are clearly scum. Prisons exist to put away people like this.

  7. I like this video because I don’t like old people. Old school Vegas style – you steal from us and we will take you into a back room and beat the shit out of you. Do it again, and we will kill you.

  8. She indeed took that beating like a champ. You know the pain has got to be at the extreme when you get turned upside down and belted in your cooch. Even maintained her sense of modesty by trying to cover herself up when they had her upside down. That is one tough woman.

  9. I would suggest to anyone who wish to learn more about the Negro, to read “Negro in Negroland”. It is a compilation of past historians, exploders, writers, and anthropologist who traveled to the dark continent and document the behaviors, social life, and traits of the Negro unbridle in his natural environment, it is a fascinating read. (available online form free)

    Here are some quotes

    A number of old women had been taken in the general slave hunt ; these could not walk sufficiently fast to keep up with their victors during the return march ; they had accordingly all been killed on the road, as being cumbersome. In every case they were killed by being beaten on the back of the neck with a club.” ?
    Bakefs Great Basin of the Nile, page 405.

    ‘ It is hard to make them feel that the shedding of human blood is a great crime ; they must be conscious that it is wrong, but, having been accustomed to bloodshed from infancy, they are remarkably callous to the enormity of the crime of destroying human
    life.” ? Livingstones Africa, page 217.

    “We found the criminals seated on blocks of wood, in a street near the king’s residence, each accompanied by an executioner. One of the executioners was the lad who told me, on the 17th of December, that he had himself decapitated eighty persons. Two
    knives were forced through the cheeks of each criminal, one on each side, which deprived them of speech. This is done, it is said, to prevent them cursing the king. We did not stop to gaze on the
    horrid spectacle.” ? Freeman’s Africa, page 164.

    when they went to war, the dead and wounded were always eaten ; that the hearts were claimed by the head men ; and that, on asking them why they eat human flesh, they said it was better than any
    other, and that the heart and breasts of a woman were the best part of the body.” ? Denliam and ClapiJertoii’s Africa, Vol. IV.,
    page 262.

    ” The butchers’ shops of the Anziques are filled with human flesh, instead of that of oxen or of sheep. For they eat the enemies whom they take in battle. They fatten, slay, and devour their slaves also, unless they think they shall get a good price for them. . . . There are indeed many cannibals, . . . but none such as these, since the others only eat their enemies;
    but these eat their own blood relations.” ? African Explorations by Eduardo Lopez, quoted hy Huxley, in Man”s Place in Nature,
    page 55.

    All this pretty much reflects the Negro today. If it were not for a welfare system that supports their negro and niglet life style, they would still be kill and eating each other… some of them still are in fact.

      1. No, the Black race is just disgusting full stop. We’ve all done things that we might have wish we hadn’t, but the Blacks have simply achieved nothing.

        Try looking at it from a non-Black point of view asshole. Quit zealously defending your inferior necks. It’s embarrassing. Telling your superior races that ‘every race has parts of their past that people would consider disgusting’. What platform is granted to Blacks to speak of the crimes of other races?! What about the million acts of violent Black-on-White crime committed in the States each year?! Compared to not a fraction of that in reverse. One day you’ll all be dog meat. When humanity comes to its better senses!

    1. Hawk, I live in Apefreaka and have a copy of “The Negro in Negroland”. It’s hilarious, but also scary, because it’s true. Nothing has changed, and nothing will change. They were savages 1,000 years ago and they are savages now. If you are nice to them, or polite to them, it is perceived as weakness. And the weak are seen as prey. You can see where I’m going with this…

  10. I feel bad because I laughed, when one guy hands his partner a belt and she gets double teamed. A bit excessive maybe, there is so much wrong in this video her for stealing and the dudes for wack a moling her.

  11. She definitely took it like a champ, a brazen one at that for grabbing at her attackers’ weapons. I also genuinely wonder if she were truly guilty of the shoplifting she was accused of… If so, the crotch whacking makes sense. They didn’t mutilate her nor kill her, as far as we know, so if she is guilty, well goddamn she had that shit coming and got lucky to boot (har, har, I love shitty puns and it’s late). That aside…

    These fleshies have such a lust for violence and as mentioned earlier by Hawk and VMax, the desensitization that they are involved with in cultures like this shouldn’t surprise us anymore. Hell, I know that in the U.S. mass shootings and bombings are quickly becoming something that our nation shakes its head at but quickly returns to celebrity gossip, texting, Facebook or whatever else vapid garbage is consuming the U.S. at the moment. So in that respect, bombings, mass shootings, and other senseless killings are rapidly becoming are part of our own culture as a nation. A shame, it is.

  12. Vincent I do not see how 2 black males can represent the whole black population and make up your argument. Maybe you should provide links upon your research so we do not devalue these claims as assumptions.

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