Other Videos of Four Blacks Abusing White, Mentally Challenged Teen

Other Videos of Four Blacks Abusing White, Mentally Challenged Teen

This video expands on the earlier published video of four blacks who kidnapped and tortured an 18 year old Chicago boy with mental health issues. Whereas the torture video, which the abusers live streamed on Facebook, captured the attention of much of the world, and brought attention to black on white crimes, that attention was quickly diverted by the apparent MK ULTRA victim killing five people at Fort Lauderdale airport.

Needless to say – let’s not forget the horrific acts perpetrated by the apparent racists on the boy who was an easy target because of his diminished mental capacity.

Below are additional videos of more than 5 hours of abuse the boy was subjected to. They show his abusers forcing him to, among other things, drink toilet water, kiss the floor, and say things like “Fuck Donald Trump” and “I Like Black People“.

To keep everyone up to date on the happenings:

Judge Maria Kuriakos Ciesil ordered the abusers held without bail, citing the egregiousness of their crimes.

The victim, who lives with his parents in suburban Streamwood, reportedly knew one of the attackers – Jordan Hill – with whom he attended the alternative school in Aurora. Prosecutors said Hill beat the victim in the back of a van, because his mother tried contacting him on Facebook about his whereabouts. Hill demanded $300 from her if she wanted to see her son again.

It wasn’t until the beating in the van that the attackers took the victim to the apartment in the 3300 block of West Lexington Street, from where the torture was livestreamed on Facebook.

All four attackers: Jordan Hill, of Carpentersville, Tesfaye Cooper, Brittany Covington and her sister Tanishia Covington, all three of Chicago, were each charged with aggravated kidnapping, hate crime, aggravated unlawful restraint and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Hill also was charged with robbery, possession of a stolen motor vehicle and residential burglary. The Covington sisters were also charged with residential burglary.

Check out the extra videos of the abuse below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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154 thoughts on “Other Videos of Four Blacks Abusing White, Mentally Challenged Teen”

      1. So you think it isn’t a race issue, so why did they force him to say things like ”I love black people” and fuck Donald Trump (trumpeted as the white candidate by mainstream media) while they didn’t make any comments with regards to his disabilities, at least as far as I remember. I think they just picked an easy target, and a retard is an easy target. Your comment seemed to be evasive by the way, transforming what would be a black on white race crime in a disability prejudice crime, this being more in line with the SJWs world view…

        1. I’m not surprised by the appalling and disgusting behavior of NASA’s(North American Street Ape), this vileness is a prime reason why they’re the most hated trash on this planet. I truly hope these cunts suffer far worse in the joint, but somehow I feel it may not happen but stranger things have happened. Even the cucks of the likes of Don Lemmon and other paid shill whores deny it’s a hate crime, the evidence is in plain sight.

          All MSM cows will spin it any way they want but the undeniable truth is right before your very eyes; those who are blind and stupid will side with fucking idiots say otherwise.

      2. Fuck you “isn’t a race issue.” You’re more retarded than that poor victim. Stuff like this makes me want to join the KKK. I’m not racist, but if I was to catch blacks like these four assholes I’d fucking string them up as a warning to other black people. If they’re going to be committing racially motivated hate crimes against white people for no reason other than shit that happened in the past I’m going to protect myself and other white people against them. I’d fucking lynch any white assholes who attack blacks because of race too. I’m an equal opportunity avenger.

    1. To be fair and to prove that CNN is not completely biased, they did have this as their top story for about a half hour that night. Then it became buried under the 15 anti-Trump articles, an anti-Trump opinion piece of the day, something about NAZI’s, something about the Kardashians having emotional issues with Kanye, and I think a killer whale died in Seaworld or some shit.

      1. did you see what the CNN reporter Shepard Smith did yesterday during Trumps talk? yelling, being rude and demanding Trump answer him? zionist media is showing their true face.
        more people need to stand-up and show them people cannot be bullied.

    2. homo sapiens w/white skin: humans; if they act like jerk assholes, rude, aggressive, physically abusive, rarely keep jobs longer than 1 year… they’re redneck, white trash, assho’…
      homo sapiens w/black skin: humans; if they act like these guys… they’re niggers

    3. I know right I’m not even white but I’m definitely with you on that. The Black race has literally gone full retard now and it’s even stupider when the blacks say “THATS WHAT YOU GET” because that’s just making blacks look bad and if a white man beat the shit out of a black mentally challenged teenager there would be another Black lives matter riot and they’d be bitching about a white man kidnapping and beating the black out of that mentally disabled kid but then say “That’s what you get” when a white teenager gets beaten the shit out of him it’s so fucking ridiculous.

    4. This is a race issue, I’m Mexican and not even we like blacks. Why? Well because blacks think they can walk around trying to be the kings of the streets. They get themselves in situations where they give themselves a bad image. These bunch of fucken monkeys made a mentally ill kid drink toilet water?? I swear I’ve seen. Beheadings and crazy ass shit but this video pissed me off so much, I couldn’t go past 1:32 seconds I just couldn’t watch that shit. Like i said I’m Mexicans and believe we should all live together in peace. But it’s these fucken monkeys who ruin shit for everyone.

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  1. They are blacks beating the shit out of a white… uh, is not racism. Period. But, if it was the opposite… “fuck, let’s burn the entire motta fucka town!!! Black lives mutta (but why not black fatherless babies do, and black “weemenz” do not??) Chimp out!!!

  2. The fact that they were “black” has nothing to do with it. Are all “white” people homicidal maniacs because Charles Manson was? You stupid muthafuckas. You can find more than one hundred incidents, including videos, in reference to the brutalizing of blacks by whites. Worse shit than this. And that’s excluding the hundred years of genocidal murders and rapes and lynchings. Black Lives Matter doesn’t even exist it’s not an activist movement it’s a psi-op platform propaganda tactic. The only lives that matter are those worth being lived out. Many Humans in this world exist beyond that justification for existence because they’ve already committed to horrible of atrocities to come back from.

    1. @rus Are you a tard too? There are thousands of videos of nigger on white violence. Ever heard of Colin Flaherty’s youtube channel?? Them being niggers has a lot to do with it because they’re making racist comments during the torture. Pull your head out of your ass and get the fuck over your pc/nigger lover bullshit!!

        1. @joe And the black community wonders why they are judged. Shit, my neighborhood is not littered with trash, I don’t have windows boarded up with plywood; I don’t even know of a neighbor who has a pit bull for petes sakes and there isn’t even a Popeye’s or KFC within miles from me. Let alone a farmers market to vend out watermelon and a mother who dispenses grape cool aid. Blawwww!

      1. Cucklin Flaherty’s a fraud who incites dumb loser Whites who got beat up by a nigger in kindergarten into hating and being pussies around Blacks for their entire lives. Thousands of videos. Please. That’s your PTSD from having been beat up by a nigger at age 6 talking.

      2. you’re dragging life, i for one enjoy the content posted. violence or mental abuse on any level to or with whatever ethnic group or retard or handicap is A OK . we’re on best gore right? let’s enjoy it. wished they would’ve stomped his face when he kissed the floor so he could get fat lips too lol

    2. the flaw with your comment is so simple im sure even a semi-blind sheep like you can understand it, so I will make it simple. blacks account for 12% of the population in the US, but are responsible for 52.2% of the homicides. can you see why you cant compare white and black now? there is a difference stop pretending it isnt so.

        1. the last concensus in 2015 listed the total homicides at 15,696. so a little more then half were by blacks. also the FBI report has blacks as 7 x as probable of being involved in a homicide compared to whites. that alone says alot. of course main stream media will never write about this. but the information is out there. homicide rates have been on the rise years now, every year its getting worse. gun laws certainly dont help.

    3. the flaw with your comment is so simple im sure even a semi-blind sheep like you can understand it, so I will make it simple. blacks account for 12% of the population in the US, but are responsible for 52.2% of the homicides. can you see why you cant compare white and black now? there is a difference, just stop pretending it isnt so.

      1. @sirthomasknight @thedre @joedirt9 What makes those statistics accurate because you said they were? The actions of three people or eight people or however many who happen to be white or black or this or the other or any other “ethnic background” has absolutely nothing to do with the actions of all people marginalized into that grouping. You possess no knowledge your intelligence is extremely lacking in what you understand of this world or reality. Fuck being “PC” it’s about possessing an extent of consciousness that far exceeds that which you blinded empty minds have access to. Race is an illusion. If you see this world through the scope of race you’ve already been programmed with the empire’s propaganda. Your mind is enslaved. The restrictions of limitations on what you’re even willing to understand or capable of comprehending is so far reaching that you can see nothing of actual relevancy. You have no facts. Only ignorant bullshit you make up on the fly and spout out ignorantly. Praise King Selassie fuck-heads. Fuck off.

        1. Race is an artificial concept, basically a delimitation, a grouping of human beings that have similar characteristics in a group. In reality borders are not so neat, as there has been intermingling between different populations (and I am talking about before 1500 AD), but you can still geographically trace different human being groups, which had different environmental pressures and thus developed differently. One of the characteristics is shape of the head, hence brains tend to be different in size and shape between different groups, although great variations may exist in a population. Size matters, just look at the size evolution from the Australopithecines, through homos habilis, ergaster, erectus through sapiens. Shape too, as different parts of the brain perform different functions. It seems preposterous to me to say that ”race is an illusion” as these an other differences are clear, despite the fact that individuals in a race also vary among themselves.

        2. @rus YOU NEED TO TAKE YOUR MEDS! Niggers lead every category of crime and anywhere on the planet that you find large populations of niggers is where you will find the most crime. Fuck “king” selassie, fuck rastafaria and most of all FUCK YOU!!

          1. @joedirt9 lol well, my whole point is to show someone they could be wrong with hard facts. if they choose to deny those facts, its all on them. but they can never say they never knew. there are quite a few people who have been bamboozled by main-steam media and they havent a clue how, when or why.

        3. @Rus I usually think there is hope for everyone out there. legit facts and resources are plentiful and available, as I have listed some undeniable facts. unless you think the yearly US concensus and stats are rigged I dont see how you claim there are no facts. on the contrary what you write is purely fictional and you dont provide any resources to prove anything you write is valid. you can babble on for hours upon hours, but without credible references, what you say remains a figment of your imagination. your Anarchistic style (ie race is an illusion, we are all the same, lets not have borders etc) is outdated and of poor judgement.

    4. The fact that they were “black” has everything to do with it. if this happened to a black half a tard after Obama was elected it would be on every news channel for a month and Chicago would still be on fire. same shit when cnn edited the black woman saying burn white peoples homes… A storm is coming to America and it has nothing to do with global warming, although they’ll blame it on that too.

        1. I would go
          1.White Trash/Rednecks/Southern Swamp faggot rednecks

          But Whiggers tend to fall into the White trash category. I would focus on the upper middle class Whiggers for the most severe beatings and ethnic cleansing similar to swamp faggots and White trash. I have a tiny bit of respect for rednecks, but not much. And all biker gang members must die extremely horrible deaths.

          1. Svarg is a troglodyte. This boy does not fit the DSMV criteria for mental retardation, if anything I will wager he has an IQ off the fucking charts. Schizophrenics usually, (but not always) have ridiculously high IQ’s.

          1. it is a well established fact, that i mean what i say. you breed the retard out, not in. and you call me the troll. seriously dude, how the fuck can you not hate dribblers, trannies and semites?

          2. @svarg26 then you are one sick motherfucker dude. To make fun of people born with mental disabilities shows what kind of useless cunt you really are. If this was my site, i would kick you the fuck-out douchebag.

          3. wow! @thedre i didn’t realize you were a protected “species” and could insult a white man who speaks historically accurate facts and then make veiled threats with no repercussions. congrats to you.

    1. You are a vile piece of shit. I hope you suffer a catastrophic brain injury that renders you “retarded”. Seriously, people like you deserve nothing better than a bullet to the head.

  3. Don’t know if you guys have heard of Symone Sanders. She’s getting a lot of hate because she is kind of standing up for these kids. She keeps bringing up how Trump supporters attacked blacks, etc. Here’s a 5-minute video by Billy Bong. He’s just a stoner guy that makes the news more fun. He shows the footage of her arguing and he throws in his opinion lol, as well.


  4. This is only going to come back to haunt them in the future, because all they have done is cultivated another racist who has learned from his peers that “might makes right”.

    Keep an eye on this kid, because one day he’s gonna shoot up a black church, and they will have no one to blame but themselves.

    1. He seems to be mentally challenged, so that (I don’t know if it was a wrongful impression) he seems not to realize the gravity of the situation he was in, to me, he seemed too amicable towards his torturers and to show no fear, he had strange body postures, so I guess he will not be able to make the racial link, and that’s not bad, as one generally shouldn’t take a black church as a main target, it may be true people there are brainwashed, but, at least in general, they are not a threat to society as hoodlums.

      1. My theory is this kid was so eager to impress, to be part of the “in” crowd, that he just went along with so as not to appear like a party-pooper.

        And believe me, he’s going to have a lot of time to reflect on this period of his life. Just because he’s mentally-challenged doesn’t mean he won’t eventually be outraged by what happened.

        1. The lad has Schizophrenia and ADHD. He doesn’t know if he’s asleep and dreaming or awake and having a nightmare. He must have been so frightened and confused, totally heart breaking.

          If the roles had been reversed there would be riots in the streets, because he is white he is an acceptable scape goat. I am not sure how the fuck that works, white privileged and afflicted with a mental illness so devastating, he will more than likely suicide out. Yeah, that’s privilege. Only a nigger would call these porch monkeys heroes.

    1. It boggles my mind that people would defend this. Just why? I honestly think it’s because they like the attention it’s getting. Which in turn promotes potential future atrocities to be committed. What a shame.

  5. Multiculturalism and forced integration upon european society at its finest. This is the norm between the races. Ninety percent of the time when violence is committed it’s done against whites just look at the evidence. When people walk down a street late at night there not worried about a gang of white kids jumping them.Many horror tales untold and lives changed forever because of forced Multiculturalism.

    1. thats true and rape statistics against white women by blacks and minorities is shocking. but its all good as long as you are not ‘racist’ yet the very act of raping a white bitch is the very definition of racism. you do not see this shit in russia and the baltic countries where they have strong pro-white leaders. its notn racist to preserve your onw heritage. the chinese are doing it, russia do it, north korea do it, poland do it. and the best thing of all they could not give a flying fuck about the word racist.

  6. i hope when the dust settles and the world realises that immigration has been a total disaster that white women the biggest and most disgusting traitors ever to inhabit this planet are dealt with severely. just to think how they turned on their own race and heritage just for some current trend is beyond the pale. what they have done is unforgivable. they wouldnt have got away with this shit with the vikings or even in nazi germany, thats when men had balls and controlled their female companions. now they are strays .. traitors and whores. when the tide turns the traitors WILL suffer.

  7. A lot of black activists like what we see on CNN and MSNBC will incorrectly claim that black people cannot be racist. They justify that assertion by illogically conflating racism with power. They claim without the power of oppression, racism cannot exist.

    Since it is their flawed logic, I ask, who in this video has the power? The answer is, the group of black thugs have the power. In fact, they outnumber and out-power the victim 3 times over. They are assaulting him and oppressing him by using force to make him do degrading things. They are stripping away the self-ownership of the minority in the room(the white victim) and replacing it with the demands of democracy(aka mob rule). That is oppression.

    Even by the warped logic that a black person cannot be racist due to a lack of power, that logic proves itself to be incorrect by the mere fact the black people in this small democracy had the majority of power.

    All that being said, what we see here is mostly prejudice and bigotry based on racial ethnicity. Which of course is a form of racism.

  8. I think the best part of this case was the press conference the cops held, a black cop stood there defending their actions. saying he didn’t think it was “racially motivated”
    What!?! are you fucking kidding me!?! again put the shoe on the other foot, different fuckin story.
    That cop should be stripped of his pension and fired immediately. its almost like they t̶h̶i̶n̶k̶ know their above it. now am not racist me, but this fuckin grinds my gears.

  9. Bottom line is these niggers have been getting away with murder since the 70’s and have our government shook. If something don’t go their way, they either riot or get Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton/BLM/NAACP to get them off the hook. What’s funny is if there were a race riot, they don’t realize how outnumbered and out gunned they really are. Hopefully Trump gets all these niggers and libtards in check before We The People have to….

    1. Agree its funny how the brainwashed white people by stupid “SJW” can defend this niggers…
      I think its getting more and more common being a “SJW” a “liberal” and “feminist”.
      This type of people make us laught!

  10. “Black Lives Matter” arguments…
    (“white” stupid boy:”you are a racist you are privileged!”
    WHITE MAN:”Why?”
    “white” stupid boy:”Because you are a fucking white man!”)
    Together whe got to controll this niggers
    Where is the fucking WHITE POWER??? common people! this is time to be Great Again!
    One more thing “black” cops also kill this type of nyggers from the ghettos ,that sell drugs and steal normal peopple.They do the right thing!

  11. I live half an hour from chicago i have to deal with dumb niggers like this everyday! They think cuz there black they deserve to be treated a certain way FUCK THAT!! Oh Trump is now in office boo hoo.. Who gives a fuck its all about skin color and it always will be! If it was up to me id say HANG THEM NIGGERS!!!

    1. i give a fuck about skin color, I don’t want black nignogs anywhere near me. they group up so they can strike people. i don’t want a fucking black thing, ban nike. ban anyone who fucking apologizes to them and feels guilty for slavery. no one should be doing anyone favors at this point, especially whites. at this point, we all should know by now that the education system is just playing us as fools. these monkeys shouldn’t get a pass for things like this. they’re going around whining about police brutality, I say we increase police brutality in 2017 and further on. i think we should put a goddamn dog collar around every one of these flee bitten retards and take them to the kennel. there is a primitive gene lost within their bloodline, we must keep digging until we find the source. the best tool would be a chainsaw.

  12. Sometimes I just want to throw these apes into a cartel video and let it die horribly. 🙂 Or send them to ISIS – let the vermin fight. Either way, they’re the only options I can think of, since killing some myself come with unjust sentencing.

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