Pakistani Guards Torture Inmates by Crushing Their Genitals

Pakistani Guards Torture Inmates by Crushing Their Genitals

We’ve had many videos of Pakistani security forces abusing their power and torturing people, usually justifying it with a claim that they tortured captured members of the Taliban, but in this case they simply had a bit of homosexual fun with regular inmates.

In the video, several blindfolded inmates are tied with their hands above their heads along the hallway of the prison as guards punch them in the genitals and grab their balls to crush them as the inmates writhe in pain. I wish they would punch the moron with the camera who chuckles at it. You’d think the Pakistanis could not get any more idiotic…

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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90 thoughts on “Pakistani Guards Torture Inmates by Crushing Their Genitals”

  1. These Muslims blokes, when they are not sodomising other men with blunt objects they are fondling other men?s balls, It?s safe to say a lot of them are closet homosexuals, mind you, you would be I suppose if you lived in that shit hole with all its medieval rules and your women all wore sheets over their faces.

  2. Context & Irony: This can be construed as “torture” in a situation like this. For Middle Easterners. However, a free Western man like myself would gladly pay a Dominatrix to subject me to the same kind of activity. I’d probably even have to BEG for it before she did it. I’m glad I’m from Florida, and not from Floridastan, or some other beachy dune coon equivalent of my homeland.

  3. He was playing them like some sort of Islamic musical instrument!

    The Taliban Choir certainly produced some good music! Nothing more satisfying to hear Squaddy-killing-Muslim scum squeal like little Piggies.

    I especially love the reaction the Pakistani Soldiers have as well… Giggling and cheeky smiles at the camera… Luvvit.

      1. actually troops, that would make a great little flash animation.
        Each prisoner plays a different note and you play little tunes by squeezing thier bollocks. Much more fun than playing a recorder. I can definately see the educational potential in it.

    1. These activities are daily routine in many prisons. Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, North Korea, South America and other places. In most cases the prisoner is stripped naked, beaten or electricity is also used.

  4. If it wasn’t patently obvious what a gay fest it is from the beginning, near the end the guy swinging the prisoner by his bollocks gives him a gentle slap on the arse. You know as soon as the camera goes off it’s going to be chocolate stabbing alround.

    Or, maybe their not prisoners at all, in which case thats the toughest initiation I’ve ever seen. Count yourselves lucky all our brave servicemen.

  5. As one might assume from my screen name, I’m usually not the guy laughing during all those America’s Funniest Groin Shots” Videos. When I see those, I really just have flashbacks to my own traumatic experience. Guess it’s PTTD – post traumatic testicle disorder, lol. Ayway, as I started to watch the video my frame of mind was more feeling sorry for the prisoners, and my mood was pretty solemn. But as the one guard started doing those big, wide steps, and really hamming it up for the camera, I actually laughed. It was like watching some sick twisted combination of WWF and someone acting for kindergarteners.

      1. Had an accident. Was in a karate competition when I was 13. At that age it was common for boys to spar with girls, as they were usually much bigger. Anyway, I went for a roundhouse right as she went for a forward kick. Lefty got trapped between the edge of my cup and my pelvic bone, and that as they say, was that.

    1. Ooooh yikes!

      I know two different guys who both lost 1 of their balls. My guy friend lost his after being elbowed in the groin during a game of Basketball. And the other guy was my cousin’s ex boyfriend. He was shot in the groin (not by her 😉 ) and lost a ball.

      1. As weird as this may sound, I can’t even imagine the pain involved in getting shot there. Rupturing is bad enough, but getting shot? Fucking OUCH. Especially since exit holes tend to be much larger than the bullet itself. What the hell was he doing to get shot in the berries, anyway?

        1. He was mixed up with a lot of bad people.. He was shot in a drive-by shooting. My cousin dumped him a few months later, but it had nothing to do with his abilities in the bedroom after the shooting, she told all the inquiring minds that everything still worked just fine 😉

  6. @uni,
    may I be so bold as to enquire if you would share with us your own ‘traumatic experience’. I only ask as you brought it up youself and we are a nosey bunch of gits on this site.
    Also, where is
    you haven’t let us know whats going on with your bollocks either.

    1. Wicked, it’s just a few posts up where I explain what happened. It happened so fast it was kinda surreal. At first there was blinding-hot pain, a sensation of “popping” if you will, and that instantaneous gasping inhale with the inability to exhale not unlike when someone falls into ice – cold water. Onewould think that would be the worst part, but it was the ambulance ride when things really started throbbing that sickeningly sweet pain that we guys learn to hate but oh so much worse. Of course then came the operation called the orchiectomy, and a weeks physical recovery. Mentally, it took years to recover…fear of being teased in locker rooms, fear of not being accepted, etc. Thankfully, I found my high school sweetheart, who couldn’t care less if I was missing one. We’ve been married now for 22 years. 🙂

  7. The two guys in white at the end of the clip looked nervous as hell. They ran over and started randomly sweeping the dirt floor trying to blend into the background like they were the janitors. Don’t mind us, we just work here.

  8. As a guy who suffers from DTS (delicate testicle syndrome) this was difficult to watch. It hurts like hell when something even grazes my balls and I am very carefull when masterbating so as not to touch them at all. If someone were to squish them as seen in the video that would be the end of me.

  9. Nothing pleases me more than seeing Muslim men in pain.

    A lot of people have the wrong idea about Islam based on some cultures’ treatment of gay people but the religion is steeped in pederasty and homosexuality. The Mullahs love pretty boys far far more than the evil unclean pussy. What we saw here is just foreplay, I would love to see the orgy afterwards.

    1. Yea, I saw a documentary called ‘the dancing boys of Afganistan’ or something like that. They take little boys away from home and train them to dance and dress them in female clothes. It’s really popular with the Al qaeda leaders in the mountain regions. They get a load of them out to dance and then they were all boasting about which one’s they’d fucked.

  10. That is what you call torture? I have seen worse from College hazing. Certainly seen and been through worse myself with Military hazing.
    Have you ever seen what happens when military people get to certain rank levels? Like Navy getting the “Crow pinned on” or Marines getting the “Blood Stripe” and Corp. strips put on?
    These fricken cry babies wouldn’t stand a chance !

  11. @1:10 was he giving the guy a handy?? And yes as previously said i too found this to be of WWE quality acting!! Hahaha!! I cant tell you how many times i had to grab a hand full of balls and squeeze when my ex was beating me.. He never quit doing it though so it seemed as though he grew to like it? What a douche though, he permanately fuked my nose up and gave my fave a bloody fountain more than once. So glad tO have found my hubs!!!

  12. If you don’t have a tolerance to this type of pain than you will be crying for mamma, or your head to be cut off, or to be set on fire.. Really, don’t let anyone mess with your junk. Itzs more than physical pain.

  13. LOL, the guy doing the grabbing reminded me just of ric flair, who also grabs balls. I dont have balls so cant imagine this pain but damn Im not gonna lie I found this rather funny, the squeals where just hilarious, he owned him.

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