Pakistani Army Filmed Viciously Beating a Prisoner

Pakistani Army Filmed Viciously Beating a Prisoner

Remember the last time we had a video of Pakistani army torturing an old man by dragging him through the streets? The torture saga as it turns out – continues. In this video, the Pakistani army is seen beating a prisoner who is accused of having ties with Taliban. The interrogation consists of someone who appears to be an army officer speaking to the prisoner and later giving a sign to the lower rank soldiers to unleash vicious beating. The prisoner takes kicks with military boots into kidneys and gets whipped with some kind of bendy stuff (a drive belt, maybe?). The punk who delivers the whipping seems to take great pleasure in beating someone twice his age.

Despite vicious looking whipping, I don’t think they really wanted to beat the shit out of this prisoner. He was definitely luckier than the guy who got dragged in the video before. The kicks were not all that serious and the whip they used may not have been all that hard either. Brutal never the less.

The prisoner is of Pashtun ethnicity – which is a group of ethnic Afghans living in northwestern Pakistan. The video starts with a caption claiming that “this is how Pakistani army interrogates innocent Pashtuns – without a court or a trial“. The part which claims that the Pakis torture prisoners without a court or a trial is true, but we really don’t know whether this man was innocent or not. Systematic torture has the power to make the man say what the tormentors want to hear. If they want to hear him confess to something, they will make him, if they want him to accuse somebody else, they will. Torture a man badly enough and you’ll have him say what you want to hear. The video is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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23 thoughts on “Pakistani Army Filmed Viciously Beating a Prisoner”

  1. Look at the background closely on the right, there is a man standing behind a door of a prison or jail. Therefore I say he is a prisoner, but what he is accused of, who knows?

  2. lol. for some reason im just not intimidated. is this a joke? i got my ass whooped worse by my parents. and im sorry, but a vicious beating, imo, generally includes unconsciousness, broken bones or at least some bleeding. this crap got his clothes dirty. ive seen bigger welts on peeps skin at the paintball field. this really should be posted on youtube in the comedy section or maybe the lifetime channel

  3. 1st of , innocent my ass! innocent are the people are being beheaded by these extremist mother fuckers every single day!

    2nd , this aint torture, when there’s no knife , hammer or electric shock no harm will these mother fuckers will ever get. they’ve been trained very well under tough situations , beating them like that wouldnt make a difference .

    They all deserve to die like stray dogs along with their mother fucking leader so called Binladen.

    1. So true,! hate fucking muslims, . . N0t just me.. I think the world just hate them.. They even hate themselves.!hahaha. Remember the w0man being whiped? That was awesome., but this?

      Hmmmm., i remember a video here in the philppnes that leaked, b0ut a criminal being tortured t0 death, then the p0lice g0t impris0ned 4 that., i tried t0 search 4 the video,.until n0w, unsuccesful,. Every bit of that was the difiniti0n of t0rture.. Wish you’ve seen that.!

  4. I hate when you don’t know if the person being beaten is guilty or not. I never know if I should be happy or sad that they’re getting the shit beat out of them. Oh well, this guy doesn’t look like he’s getting it too bad, I mean he’s practically bouncing back up from the ground!

  5. Doesn’t matter who or what they are, it still takes a gutless cunt-ox to beat up on a defenseless man like that. These guys probably go around pinching baby’s ears and spitting on pedestrians in their spare time.

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