Police Brutality in Canada – Four Cops Beat Suspect Up Instead of Arresting Him

Police Brutality in Canada - Four Cops Beat Suspect Up Instead of Arresting Him

Typical case of Police Brutality in Canada, country notorious for power tripping cops beating citizens up and then lying about what happened in the report.

The video is from Trois-Rivières, Quebec. The police were pursuing a robbery suspect who after a brief run chose to wait for the police and completely surrender to them. You can see the suspect voluntarily laid on the ground with hands spread wide apart. The cops approached him and once certain that he wouldn’t resist, unleashed savage beating upon him. With suspect’s face in the ground, the cops kept delivering one punch and kick after another, all the while the suspect remained in total submission.

As citizens of country in which power-tripping cops routinely beat people up, Canadians can never be safe, but that’s not the worst of it. The crooks lie in incident reports and cover each other’s ass. By doing that they knowingly lie to give the lies of fellow cops credibility. With cops like these, there’s no wonder police brutality is such common occurrence in Canada. They get to beat people up and repeatedly get away with it. Worse yet, even if they beat a completely innocent person up, not only will that person end up scarred mentally and physically for life, they’ll also end up going to jail cause the cop will have lied about the person attacking them.

As for the victim in this video – he was lucky because an assault on him was filmed on CCTV camera. As a result, four Trois-Rivières police officers have been suspended with pay over possible misconduct. Trois-Rivières city spokesman said police officials received information about the arrest which was not consistent with the police report. But if there was no video of the assault, or if he was not wealthy enough to afford legal counsel capable of subpoenaing people with access to these videos, he’d be faced with assault on a police officer charges and the cops would be free to look for another victim to assault. In Canada, it’s not the criminals you need to fear, it’s the cops.

Props to Best Gore member xxXmisfitsXxx for the video:

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46 thoughts on “Police Brutality in Canada – Four Cops Beat Suspect Up Instead of Arresting Him”

    1. pig kicked away his gun in the video, he used it to rob a pharmacy

      the moral of the story is: don’t commit crime

      the second moral of the story is: if you’re gonna commit crime, don’t get caught

      a note to criminals: if you commit crime and you get caught, it’s par for the course for you to get beat up every now and then, so quit your whining and take your licks

  1. Fake! I want to see a real beat and release! This looks like a perp holding his body in a cross position and a police beat down to make him release his arms so that he can be cuffed and ziped tied. This is a legit take down of someone who decided to comit a crime against society. You can’t fool the grim truth.

      1. If I was a cop I’d lie too, no question.
        You can clearly see the gun lying next to him before the police get there. If you have to chase someone you know is armed it’s going to get your adrenaline up a bit. Yes they signed up for the job but it doesn’t mean they want to get shot more than anyone else does. If you terrorise someone by robbing them at gunpoint then a little beating is just instant Karma. I bet he’ll recover from his bruises before his victims recover from thier mental truama.
        No doubt he’s going to try to get some compensation.
        We see people being beaten to death all the timeon here but when cops give a few digs to an armed robber there’s an outcry. I’m not saying I agree that cops should beat people up but I’m saying I understand why cops react like human beings sometimes in high stress situations.

  2. When I was 15 I got caught smoking weed. The cop made me put my hands on the back of my head while on my knees. I asked if I could sit or crouch because I had bad knees. I got no response soI did anyways. The dirty fucking pig punched me in the back of the head.

    Another time when I was 16 or 17 I got put in the back of a cruiser hands cuffed behind my back. I was talking shit so the dirty fucking pig punched me 3 times in the face.

    Moral of these stories: FUCK THE POLICE

    1. I stopped one morning in the middle of winter on my way to work and a Pig had stopped this guy for something and i stopped and asked “are you ok ?” .The Pig turned around and said “everything’s being handled ,please move along.” I looked at him just for a second , and said “I’m not asking you ….” He looked shaken at that response and quickly realised he was in the middle of fucking nowhere with zero backup.Just for a moment i got a sense of REAL JUSTICE.

  3. Ha Ha Ha !!!The Pigs don’t take kindly to competition !Where i come from if there’s a robbery in a store they “remove” all the Cigarettes and Booze for…..er…..Evidence.What i also find entertaining is “when” a Pig is terminated by a n ordinary joe , the pigs use all their influence on the TV to garner support.What utter fucking Hypocrites .Happily that’s changing these days and more and more public are showing less support to them.As a kid i admired the pigs , nowadays i fuckin’ hate them.

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