Police Open Fire to Stop Lynching

Police Open Fire to Stop Lynching

On August 4, 2013, three brothers from Goian茅sia, Brazil started to act possessed, left the city armed with machetes and attacked everyone in their path – people and animals indiscriminately. Two were shot dead by the police, the third is seen in the video.

Police had him contained and his machete seized but as soon as the mob that gathered round had an opportunity to, like a pack of chimps, attacked the man. To stop the lynching, police had to fire into the air.

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160 thoughts on “Police Open Fire to Stop Lynching

  1. Those Brazilian people are badass. They don’t fuck around. Lots of big sticks and flip flops. It’s the Brazilian way. Tell Chicago they got nothing on these people.

  2. they swatted and squished that ‘fly’ pretty good!
    it was kinda cool how his leg was flapping up in the air as they smacked him…I like that

    on a different note…I am so tired!! someone swat me!

  3. I find lynching so.. Fascinating.
    This video wasn’t that bad, but I once saw a video of a young guy getting lychned for a rape-crime he didn’t commit, and he was laying there, helpless and everyone was just kicking him in the face. I felt nauseous afterwards.
    Btw: those people from Brazil don’t mess around, screaming “Woo hoo” and running around like monkeys with flipflops on lol.

    • Wow, that avatar of yours is totally repulsive. Speaking of Jews, have you heard about the new Jewish sports car? It goes 200 miles per hour and stops on a dime, then it bends over and picks up the dime.

  4. I guess the difference between a first world and third world country is that a third world government doesn’t give the people the illusion of having any rights or any real power. Some like to have the wool ovet their eyes. It seems?

    • @amnyc. Always bringing guns to stick fights all over the world. At least in the mid-evil era knights were like police and everything was equal. They would challenge wrong doers at hand to hand combat. A true trial. Try that with a cop. So it does beg the question of which one is more civilized.

      • Police, the hall monitors of the adult world. The kind of people that used to remind the teacher she forgot to give homework when they were kids. I hate those fucking people.

        • Absolutely no doubt. Plenty of places I’ve read where it’s clearly and boldly stated to never trust cops even if your not in the wrong. They are not to be trusted. They are not your friends to carry on simple conversations with. They look for anything to use against everyone. Because everyone they police is a potential criminal. Never under any circumstances should you say anything to a cop without legal council by your side. Stay silent is your right in those conditions. Say not a word. Otherwise they will contort it into something to use against you. Am I free to go, am I under arrest, and I want an attorney present are the only things you should say at all. And nothing more.

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      • theync is full of ghouls and gremlins ,the true dregs of society ,and half of them have schizophrenia ,both are good for gore ,even bestgore advertised theync a few month back . but i like the fact there are serious debates on here . now go and lick a weeg you strange and ungodly mortal or i will tickle your tastebuds with the cold hard barrels of my sawn off shotgun and watch you piss in your little knickers

      • You’re free to leave at anytime. Best Gore is a community. A family, you might say. We members get to know each other and generally care about each other. The ync caters to immature douches who are not enlightened. They choose to wallow in filth 24/7 just for the sake of being sick. Sure, we here at Best Gore make light of horrible things, but there is also the sharing of ideas and the general desire to grow as we experience reality not just in death, but in all aspects.

      • Yet you continue to socialize here. Go back to your hamster wheel if you think it’s so great. Otherwise get whatever you need to get out of your system and kindly leave.

  5. That mudafuka played dead when the wood started to fly…and by the way those cops let that shit happened and basically said ok that’s enough when his ass stop moving

  6. So, this looks like some one was jelous, not doing the lynching themselves can’t believe I’ve missed so much, but I’m here, at least half of me is lol

  7. The people wanted street justice so i think the police allowed them, you can see them calmly walk out of the circle, nobody touches them and then seconds later they shoot into the air to signal a stop to the beating.. Chances are they didn’t realize it would be so severe. That’s my take on the vid anyway :)

    You know life is cheap when you would so casually beat a person to death, but run away like a chicken when you hear a loud bang..

  8. Awwwn, Cmon! They were scared by a couple of shots into the air?
    They should have just ignored the cop and lynched the motherfucker, I doubt the officer would have the guts to shoot the mob to protect this piece of shit.

  9. you can clearly see that the cop shit the guy on the ground that’s why all the freakin monkeys were cheering, the cop didn’t shoot a shot off in the air. Where’s mark.? He never gets this stuff wrong. Is he still not able to log on :(

  10. I thought they were real bad asses until the high pit woo-woo’s started. Now I picture a bunch of PeeWee Herman and Justin Bieber look-alikes doing the lynching.

  11. I kinda get to the point when watching things like this that i would just say, fuck it nuke everywhere but USA, UK and parts of Europe.
    Cause the only way to get rid of these apes is that way

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