Pregnant Girl Repeatedly Kicked by Gang of Black Women in Toronto

Pregnant Girl Repeatedly Kicked by Gang of Black Women in Toronto

Pregnant Girl Repeatedly Kicked by Gang of Black Women in Toronto

One from my homeland of Canada. In the video, a girl who appears to be an aboriginal (Native North American) got into some kind of verbal altercation with a gang of black people (not sure what politically correct term is – African Canadians perhaps?) in front of a Burger King in Toronto, Ontario. During the exchange of verbal assaults, the lone girl mentions that she’s pregnant. At one point in the video it looked as though the girl walked away but eventually she returned and as the verbal fight continued, she somehow managed to knock a bottle of Hennessey off the hand of one of the black girls. That triggered a beating that brought the pregnant girl down to the ground and the gang of black girls took turns in kicking her both in her head and into her baby bearing belly.

Pregnant girl’s behavior was irresponsible. Knowing she was pregnant, she should have put the well being of her unborn child first and steer clear of the gang. She was outnumbered anyway but the fact that she bore a child should be the primary thing to command her actions. She had chances to back off but didn’t. Perhaps she thought that being pregnant gave her some kind of protections as people would not normally attack pregnant girls, but that’s the most foolish thing to think ever. People = Shit. We the human filth won’t stop at nothing. Pregnant girl? Elderly in a wheelchair? Fuck that, it just makes them an easier victim.

So yeah, the pregnant girl should have left when she had a chance but that still changes nothing on the fact that the gang of black girls so mercilessly attacked her and kept kicking when she was down on the ground. Plus they knew that she was pregnant so as if on purpose they tried to kick her in the belly as if to intentionally harm the unborn child. Human scum the lot of them.

I hope the video assist the police in prosecuting the attackers. To intentionally kick a pregnant woman in the gut is nothing short of an attempted murder. These were purposeful kicks aimed at terminating girl’s pregnancy. Video is below. BTW, could all Iphone owners die already? I would never expect an Iphone owner to understand that TV screens and computer monitors are horizontally oriented and that humans have horizontally-oriented eyes (not sure about India, but that’s not the point), but why do these Apple fanboys try so hard to make a point of being unfixably dumb.


Toronto police got on the case after the video went viral and apprehended some of the people responsible for the beating. It was also suggested that despite lone girl’s claim that she was pregnant, she in fact bore no child. This in my mind changes nothing on the fact that the attackers were under the impression that the girl was pregnant and delivered kicks in her gut with clear intention to harm the unborn child they were lead to believe she was expecting.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. In Ontario (which is where this took place) you are not allowed to drink in public even if the container is covered, and to buy booze you can only go to the government owned stores: LCBO and Beer Store. Convenient stores are not allowed to sell booze, and no establishment shall serve alcohol after 2am.

    1. They’re animals. They travel in packs, they attack people without a solid, definite cause. Regardless just because they’re black (much as it pains me to say this), any person that displays this amount of brutality over a goddamn beer needs to be put on an island far away or killed right there. If she loved that beer so much why didn’t she lick it off the ground?

    2. White scum do this shit too, makes no difference, it happens everywhere, it’s part of the gang culture that governments have been covertly encouraging for decades all over the world.
      My relatives live in Canada, so I am concerned that this sort of thing is going on there. What makes my blood boil is that increasingly governments & police alike are making it increasingly difficult for the public to defend themselves against this kind of attack. It has caused me to hate the police and the government as much as the criminals. I feel like I just want to kill the whole lot of them. Well fuck the police, if somebody seriously fucks me up, I’m going to deal with them,
      you can bet your life on that. If the police don’t like it they can have some too.

  1. I guess its the same all around the world. America, Canada, Even in Latino America(where they are technically considered Latino) , blacks are sooooo fckn tough when in a group. Even though we don’t know the whole story it just makes me LMAO because I fckn know this scenario to fckn good. Only tough and willing to fight when its at least 4 to 1

  2. And btw my father is afro-Cuban so save all the “that’s racist” bullshit. We all know at the end of the day we all prefer our own and talk shit about others so save ur fckn breath if ur going to whine and bitch like some delusional fckn child that thinks that because we have a “black” president that somehow we all love eachother now. Lol

  3. “People = Shit” Hmm slipknot reference?
    Either way its completely true.Also I’m very disappointed that at no point in the video was the Burger King mascot involved in the fight in any way.

  4. Psssshh, that baby was doomed, Moms was fucked up on crack or alcohol anyways. If anything this is natural selection at its best. I hope it died in mommies belly cause its existence would have been shit anyway. Probably would have been born all fucked up and deformed and retarded due to mommy’s addiction. Hope the kicks worked and saved the system from having to pay for more useless flesh.

    1. It’s illegal to inflict discomfort to a possible future registered democrat! I wonder if BK will still have the late night menu after Ameriker is handed over to the Chinese next year under Agenda-21?

  5. stupid niggers want respect from white people but they teach their kids to do this. i have no problems with any one based on race except black people. ever since i worked as a waiter when i was younger i have a visceral reaction to roody-poos.

  6. Funny thing: it’s illegal in Toronto to drink anything alcoholic in the streets. But of course no one really does anything if you do.

    Young women were so different just 50 years ago. The whole Women’s Lib was so they could be assholes, just like men. It was unfair that, back in the early 20th century, only men could act as imbeciles and still be socially acceptable.

    Now, women won the freedom to act in public like boors and sluts, and it’s considered fine. Here’s to Women’s Liberation!

  7. EVERYONE involved was wrong including the guy with the cam. He should have been man enough to step in and stop it. BUT NOOOOooooo He wanted to record it. For what? incriminating evidence?

    They are all wrong and all deserve to go to court and jail.

  8. Vocês americanos são um bando de filhos da puta mesmo. Não é só porque são negros que são os unicos a cometerem atrocidades, seus brancos filhos da putas, muita gentinha da sua cor também comete esse tipo de coisa.

        1. Tak kurwa! Mów.. pisz po angielsku, bo Google Tłumacz wciąż daje dupy przy bardziej egzotycznych językach. Jeśli chcesz podzielić się opinią tylko z wybranymi to chociaż koduj to w ROT13 albo suahili.

    1. portuguese? ahhh beautiful language…i understand about 80% of what you said and i speak no portuguese….haha although i did make friends with the brazilian exchange student in high school…she spoke to me in portuguese and i would answer in spanish. good times lol

  9. The nigger fuckers in this video deserve no excuse for hurting an expecting mother, and if you look the guys aren’t black. Anyone who acts like this is a nigger. I may be white, but my wife and daughters are not. I have been very careful to not let her see me show hate, but she learned it not from me but them. She has some black friends as do I. But they don’t hang out in packs like dogs or attack people because they are mad at them. They also don’t hate me because of something my great grandfather did.also don’t give me that oppressed bullshit. Because when I was in school trying to learn something they fucked it up by keeping with your stereotype and thinking someone owes you something. so in closing if the word nigger bothers you then you probably are one.

    1. That pregnant girl was an idiot !! The black girls behaved like animals ..Why harm that pregnant girl & her baby? Pure evil. I’m so disgusted at all involved. Hope these animals get arrested and charged.

  10. First things first. In the US black women do use the word cunt. Now to the stupid drunk idiots. They were all high. They can not stop because “STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES”. I hope that the baby is ok. It is the only pure one there. May they all go to jail and let Mommy lose custody of that poor baby. It deserves better.

  11. Here’s an up date on this one ( from my hood..)

    Girls charged with beating woman in video held in custody

    Two teen girls have been remanded in custody on charges related to the beating of a woman in downtown Toronto that was recorded and uploaded to the internet.

    On Wednesday, Toronto police arrested the two 15-year-old girls, who live in nearby Brampton, and charged them with assault … (continues)

    The article also clarifies the woman was not pregnant… like somestupidusername already mentioned above.

  12. First off… that girl should have walked away and not hung around, like the black girls said.. “why you still here?”
    so, that could have stopped such a situation.
    second, why lie about you being pregnant? just so you dont get beat on? clearly that back fired.
    and third, what kind of people kick the shit out of someone who is (in their minds) pregnant. fucked up.

    oh. and i hate when people spit on other people. swear to god, its disgusting. lololol.

  13. In this vid it’s black people, in another it’s muslims, in another it’s white people… It doesn’t matter the colour of skin or the religion/beliefs, scum is scum and by god all societies around the world are spewing fresh, ready to be brainwashed scum out of their rot infested pussies on a daily basis. Imagine future politics of the world based on today’s youth:

    American President to Russia:
    “You’re a fiend yo! Yo momma’s a ho yo!”

    Russia back to America:
    “Who the fuck you think you talking to? What you saying, what you saying, come on then you wanna start something”

    England from the anus of America (Where our government is currently so firmly lodged):
    “Go on America, bomb them, you gonna take that from them”

    America then slaps the bottle of vodka from Russia’s hand and all hell breaks loose with the people in power cowering in their security bunkers.

    A slight exaggeration I know, America would never have the balls to attack Russia but it was the only three countries I could think of, wish I paid more attention to geography but hey ho…

  14. My racism spans across all races and nationalities equally.
    Living in Alberta, I’ve been beaten up and robbed by some big native bitches.
    What I see here is one dumb squaw bitch and some dumb nigger bitches.
    And a bunch of crackers walking by and watching. Fuck I hate humans. I wish I was a bear so I could maul them and eat their faces.

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