Public Lashing of 17 Year Old Girl in Sudan – Video

Public Lashing of 17 Year Old Girl in Sudan - Video

Public Lashing of 17 Year Old Girl in Sudan - Video

Let’s talk about Africa. The black continent is sitting there quietly thinking that the world won’t see the atrocities that take place there on the daily basis. Even though that’s pretty much the case of Africa as a whole, let’s ask ourselves this: what would happen if you mixed an African state with the religion of peace? Let me answer it for you. You get a country like Sudan. A country the leader of which (president Omar al-Bashir) is wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. A country that’s known for its close ties with Al Qaeda and Egyptian Islamic Jihad. A country widely recognized as an authoritarian state in which the military government suspended political parties and introduced an Islamic legal code on the national level. A country that’s been listed by the USA as a state sponsor of terrorism since 1993 for production of chemical weapons that it allegedly supplied to Al Qaeda. Would it surprise you that in a country like Sudan, a 17 year old girl was subjected by public lashing?

In my personal opinion, this 17 year old girl was only sentenced to public lashing because she is a Muslim (judging by the woman slave scarf – whatever it’s called). Sudan is under heavy rule of the Arabs enforcing Sharia Law. Actual Africans are treated like shit – if they’re still alive. More than 2 Million of them were killed in the Second Sudanese Civil War which is widely regarded as a genocide. Many of the ethnic Dinka people (black Africans) were forced into slavery by the Arabs. I don’t think the totalitarian government would show this type of “mercy” to an African girl.

There is no information on what the girl was found guilty of. Maybe her boyfriend practiced his Islamic right to beat the woman on her and she dared to dodge one of his slaps so she had to pay. That’s usually what women get punished for in Islamic countries – someone assaults them so it must be their fault for being there and making the man do it.

The screaming of the girl as she’s being whipped is haunting and will likely resonate in your ears long after the video has stopped. Sadly enough, the Sudanese totalitarians are used to the screams of tortured people. That it won’t haunt them is pretty much a given, but I’d go as far as to say that the screams fuel their manliness (you can actually hear them laughing in the video).

Being a woman in a totalitarian, Islamic country must suck major ass. Not only is the abuse of women greenlighted by the religion, it is also sanctioned by the government giving the women no chance of fair treatment. There is absolutely nothing a Sudanese woman can do about the abuse because this abuse is institutionalized by the Islamic government. There are cases of power tripping police officer and the government stepping over the line in Western countries, but (whether effective or not) people, including women have an option to press charges. What can in Islamic woman do?

Sudanese women are subjected to institutionalized subjugation that’s still in play since it was introduced by a 7th century destructively narcissistic power tripper with gripe against women. The barbarism he taught is practiced by the Muslims to this day. And this is what his teachings make people do.


Additional information regarding the “crime” this girl was being punished from resurfaced. The girl, who some reports say was 16 year old was sentenced to 50 whips for wearing a skirt that only reached below her knees. Because she exposed her ankles, she had to be punished according to Sharia Law. Who exactly was the first retard to call Islam the religion of peace?

The video of the 17 year old girl being publicly lashed in Sudan is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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61 thoughts on “Public Lashing of 17 Year Old Girl in Sudan – Video”

  1. I want my mum?

    Maybe, some might feel this is what should happen to the woman that drove the guy to jump off that building, in the other post:)

    Seriously, it’s all terrible and life is sad. Those guys laughing are scum. I hope they die the death of a thousand pigs.

  2. wish i could nuke Sudan and rebuild a new a government based on civilized countries like USA or EU, that’s just fucked up i bet when you are in that situation you wanna die fast instead of being lashed like that

  3. She should take stoicism lessons from Johnny Rico. Those whipper dudes are some powder-blue suited pansies. I’m glad Fatima was wearing her burqua, a whipping probably hurts a lot worse on bare titties. Although if they did that shit up in true Caligula style, there would be a lot of sweaty, lust-filled muslim boys rushing home from the town square to choke their chickens, what with all the recent visuals of screaming, terrified beaten woman flesh.

  4. fucked up, Glad I was born in a civilized country…I feel bad for these women who must endure this treatment thier entire lives…At about 1:55 looks like she took one in the face or neck…fuck thats gotta hurt…poor lady.

  5. How do we eradicate these animals from the earth? Simple; send them all sorts of products over there without warning labels. You know how it is. Warning labels protect stupid people from killing themselves.

    Paint thinner, “Do Not Drink.”
    Nail gun, “Do Not Point At Body.”
    Snow blower, “Do Not Use On Roof.”
    (Disregard last entry)

  6. Did she even feel it with all those ugly muslim clothes on?
    The lashes weren’t that hard either.
    I’m not shocked in the least; the vid with the guys who got hit with a wooden plank in prison, now th?t was a shocking beating.

  7. Well… I know this is rotten, but it reminds me of ME when I was a little kid. I’d start crying and screaming BEFORE the beathing ever started.

    Personally, as bad as this is… I think the dudes took it fairly easy on her, “COMPARED” to some of the Cruel Crap I’ve seen some out of that armpit of the world.

  8. at least it wasnt 50 actual lashes, if that was what it was lawfully suposed to be, she got off lucky, i never realised it’s this bad, i’ve heard of people getting up to like 100 lashes? or something around that figure, i can’t begin to imagine how someone would survive that! iether way, 50 or 10, i can only feel sorry for the poor girl, i fucking wish it was that bitch who made the ukrainian guy seal his fate the other day, shit i’d pay to see that, i’d even happily do this to her and save me the money, then put it on here.

  9. the only time a woman should be beat like that is if she cheats on her husband or boyfriend and she should be killed if she cheats while pregnant. idk what this woman did but unless she did one of the two listed above then she should not be hit. maybe pushed but thats it… i wish we knew what she did they should have said in the video i mean if the fucking camel cunts could call her a bad girl they could atleast say why she was a bad girl.

  10. Uhh, not to state the obvious here, but everyone in the video is obviously African, they are way too dark skinned to be Arabs…IHACTA247, I’m not touching that one, but I feel you…I have to agree with Licky on this one though…It wasn’t really THAT bad compared to some of the other things out there…good point about the guys in prison, bet those guys couldn’t walk, sit, stand or do much of anything for atleast 2 or 3 weeks…this chic would have been fine in a few hours…physically anyway…still nonetheless fucked up

  11. The E.U. is not civilised. They’re a regime. Countries that join the E.U. are not allowed to have individual foreign policies, for example, and just generally not allowed to control their own affairs. Once a country joins, the E.U. makes sure that it would be economically crippling to leave.

  12. These guys obviously aren’t Arabs, the Arabs live in the north of Sudan.

    Nothing good has ever come out of Sub-Saharan Africa. Ever. Name one civilised black country. Living in mud huts like we were 10,000 years ago.

  13. Think about it, dude – Sudan is run by a totalitarian Islamic government of Arabs. Do you think they would give the position of an executioner or a policer to a non Arab African man? They have total grip over everything that gives them control in the country – judges, police, military, public sector, etc. It’s as corrupt as it gets because it’s a totality.

    Just because the man looks black it doesn’t mean he’s not an Arab. We are talking about Arabs who live in Africa. Surely they will be darker than their non African counterparts. They’re just as fucked in their heads, but they are darker looking.

    Seriously, African people are oppressed by Arabs in Sudan. It’s just unfeasible to think that the man lashing the girl would not be an Arab.

  14. Awesome. I can’t wait for a mosque to open up down the street from me so I can go hear about (and maybe watch) some good old fashion islamic bitch whippin’ in the name of Allah. Crazy fuckers are a hard core gore merchants.

  15. What a bunch of fucking cowards. Yet they wonder why the rest of the world thinks they are scum. Even when told that it was enough the prick kept going. Too bad it isn’t him getting his dick lashed 50 times with a whip.

  16. I was crying because,you know that its very painful and I know that she’s a bad girl or something,she must punished in jail not in streets.How stupid police,they keep on laughing and laughing they’re bad.

  17. I almost felt bad for her…Almost.. Feminism in the west made men so hateful of women, even shit like this doesn’t bother me. In fact, i laughed a little inside. Getting robbed outta your possessions, your right to see your children is denied and the fact that a woman can beat a man in public in the west with people laughing and no one stepping in to help makes me just as sick. I lost sympathy for females, and i hope they never have any rights in other nations.

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