Snackbar Gets Beaten and Dragged by Villagers

Snackbar Gets Beaten and Dragged by Villagers

Snackbar Gets Beaten and Dragged by Villagers

I know neither where this video is from nor why the man was being lynched so I’m not gonna make any assumptions. But it looks to be from an Allahu Akbar country and was clearly prompted by actions the victim took that enraged the villagers. If the video is from Syria, the victim could be a foreign mercenary snackbar that received justice from ordinary people, but that’s one in a million chance, considering how well armed the ZOG keeps those killers. For bare handed villagers to taken on an armed rent-a-murderer and win – might as well play lottery that day.

I think it’s more probable that lynching was prompted by reasons similar to what starts street justice in many Latin American countries – the dude was caught stealing shit from already impoverished people and there is no police to rely on so the people took justice into their own hands.

What makes the video are beeps to censor parts of the speech out. LOL, they have curse words in Snackbar?

Props to Best Gore member kac for the video:

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      1. Hey, look at that. Lady L. 馃檪 Good to hear from you!

        I completely understand your work angle on this. There’s nothing like having a job to test your fortitude with other human beings. Just don’t do any beheading of your own over it!

      1. I can not, thats for sure. also he has not many options. but this is his life, no on gives me no consolation for my forehead scar or broken fingers etc.;) and i dont need this shit.
        i can jus watch at him and thanks god(god?) its not me in his shoes.

          1. damn, i need a woman recently , in a few days i will post my fansign, yet, im just looking for a victim, and this will be feminine one, with my intls. ??*~Juicy~*?? its your preference;)

    1. I’m not entirely sure, I think some self scarification/slicing in the gut would have made this video much more gore worthy.
      The Mexicans are much better in the death arts. Kinda miss the shite cartel stuff. But anyway life goes on , does anyone know what happened to that kidnapped Norwegian guy from the kidnap ransom video the other week?

      1. bearded man of nothern florida, have not seen you in ages. i now claim the name bearded man of south florida for i have grown a face warmer. Together we shall pillage and rape every nonbearded soul.

  1. I speak arabic but the bleeping out of profanity and the difference in accent between the arabic used in the video and what I’m used to means I can’t translate everything.
    I can however confirm for sure that this took place in Egypt, any arab or arabic speaker can tell right away because of the accent. Also, the guy who was beaten was caught trying to steal a car, it says so towards the beginning of the video where the description pops up.

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