Street Fight in Toronto, Canada – Cripple in Wheelchair Takes on Robber

Street Fight in Toronto, Canada - Cripple in Wheelchair Takes on Robber

The main protagonists in this fight are a legless and armless guy in a wheelchair, and a bearded bum-like guy with bad teeth and a suitcase. The cripple accuses the bearded guy of having stolen his sunglasses. The bearded guy says the legless/armless fellow lashed at him. The wheelchair fellow has a female companion with him – she was the first to jump the alleged robber but it didn’t take long for the cripple to dismount his wheelchair and hop across the road to join in on the assault.

Since this happened in Toronto, Ontario, Canada none of the many onlookers felt like engaging too deeply in the scuffle, until a middle-aged man decided to play a hero and grabbed at the bum. Police later arrived and took charge.

The wheelchair guy must really like his damn sunglasses. Props to Best Gore member NuvosOrdo for the video. Filmed by an Iphone retard:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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64 thoughts on “Street Fight in Toronto, Canada – Cripple in Wheelchair Takes on Robber”

  1. I live 4hours north of that shit hole thank fuck. Most definitely a white minority city big time.

    I just watched some videos on that trutube site. Do any of you people have an informed opinion on it? I can’t form my own just yet I only found it today and im not sure what it’s all about yet.

    1. Omg me too, hell when I saw him bouncing on his quick little nubs I spit my water out on my screen! xD It’s like, what was he expecting to add to that fight? Become a dead weight while his partner beat up the bum? Or beat the bum with his little nubs? xD Maybe he was trying to bite him…

  2. That guy reminded me of the Black Knight in Monty Python’s Holy Grail when he has no limbs left and he shouts;

    ” Oh, oh, I see! Running away, eh? You yellow bastards! Come back here and take what’s coming to you! I’ll bite your legs off!”

    They say you shouldn’t laugh at cripples but I say sometimes it would be rude not to.

    1. That’s hilarious, I just saw Spamalot a couple of months ago, great show. That Mini me in this video is 50 pounds of bad ass. LOL, it has to quite disarming to see a 3 foot loaf of meat hopping over to kick your ass.

    1. As mentioned earlier here , he called him “goof.” Now you may wonder why if you are not Canadian or not a canadian criminal. Goof is about the worse thing one can call someone on the street or in a correctional institution. “Goof” is slang for a child molester or rat. Basicaly, if in prison or in street culture, if you get called that word, then you better challenge that person otherwise you would look like a chump. I guess its the canadian equivalent to being a punk bitch in US prison.

  3. Yeh the thing is, misinformation could lead to wrong assumptions. The bearded old man is no bum, judging from the accent, he is a Trinidadian of east-Indian decent either visiting or living in Toronto. From the lack of conversion in his speech, i would say he is visiting. Most have kids studying in University there( UW or U of T). So a guy who prob. in his 60’s, steals a sunglasses from a handicap dude, then hangs around to get assaulted and waits for the police???. *sigh* anyways, mad props to the Trini for taking the assault from the crazy bitch and stumpy the crack head without retaliation, respect. If it were me, i would have kicked that little fuck across the street so fucking hard…then thief his sunglasses 😉

  4. I was more in shock that they were arguing in the middle of the street! Lol!! The guy in the wheelchair don’t play! Lol. And I couldn’t help but laugh at his train-wreck girlfriend when she tried to take the bum down! Lol

  5. This is the dude (the one in the wheelchair) who “plays” programmed tunes on a keyboard during the summer downtown. I think you can take pictures with him (but he might charge you). You can hear him play at Spadina & Dundas.

  6. This video made my fucking day! XD Did anyone else notice in the one shot it looks like he has sunglasses on his head? And that Courtney Love-looking chick he was with trying to kick box in 90’s platform shoes? The way he’s waving his little arms around he reminds me of the pirate from Family Guy. And the feeding his children thing- it’d have to be like humping a pillow to mate with him. When the “thief” flies back home how do you suppose he’ll respond to “Did you enjoy your time in Canada?” I’m not big on laughing at handicaps but he made such a scene I can’t help it. Then again if they wanted be treated like regular people, well they get robbed and laughed at too. Pick him up by the pants and toss him like a hay bale, he’ll tucker out eventually.

  7. Should have punted that little loud mouth bastard. All cripples think you own them something. You want something, get it like I did, EARN it. It’s not my fault GOD fucking hates you…. And don’t give me that handicap shit…

  8. Me thinkith:

    1) He has his U.S. Constitional rights, under the second amendment, that he can exercise.

    2) He brought small arms into the fight.

    3) Its not the size of the Dawg in the fight that counts, but the size of the fight in the Dawg.

  9. I take it that becoming a quadruple amputee is a miserable experience. He’s probably hyper defensive because he remembers how people used to respect him before he became a defenseless bean bag. Poor guy, but either way he made quite a spectacle, and seemed to want to mention his kids quite a bit, as though to imply to everyone around that he was not some impotent joke, but that he deserved the same respect that anyone else deserves. The way he went about it was fucking comical, though. Like when a little chihuahua is growling at you, and you just pick it up by the scruff and drop it in a laundry chute.

  10. Idk… The limbless guy could of died/committed suicide from being limbless, but he continued to live. Who the fuck cares that he falls short. The point is he is NOT a pussy, and won’t let someone walk over him, like the many pussies there are in this world. Learn a lesson from him 🙂 Or keep gaining more confidence over that (“Xtra gell cushion”) arm rest you use to type for 19 hours a day. Enjoy.

  11. “Nobody steals from me! NOBODY!”

    that had me dying of laughter. these fucking “goofs”.

    “i love you” (says the immigrant wearing a canada tshirt)

    you know he stole the glasses because nobody would deal with all that shit for a pair of glasses that were theirs. if somebody was attacking you for a hat, and they were clearly as fucked as this bob oblong look-a-like, you would toss it to him and be on your merry way. at least thats what a REAL canadian would do.

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