Thief Caught Red Handed in Peru, Beaten to Near Death

Thief Caught Red Handed in Peru, Beaten to Near Death

A robber tried to break into a house in the Vinani area in a small town of Tacna, Peru but was caught red handed. The home owner alerted neighbors and within seconds about 50 people ganged up on the thief, ripped off his clothes, tied him up and beat him senseless. They were going for full on lynching with happy ending but for whatever reason did not finish the criminal off.

The thief is known locally as Lino Acero Pacheco. He’s 42 year old and is a well known delinquent. He barely survived this lynching attempt but whether he’s gonna learn his lesson is uncertain. After a lifetime of crime, this piece of shit may be unfixable. He surely has a long way to recovery though, having suffered various injuries including a concussion, fractured cranium, broken left arm, several punctures and lacerations to his back and bruises all over his body.

Residents said they were sick and tired of thieving going rampant in their area.

Props to Best Gore member ridonkulous for the translation from Spanish:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Yep, this is my kind of justice, no three hots and a cot or a cock. I’m sure he will think about this next time he gets sticky fingers. Now it is up to him whether he rehabilitates himself or not. I think this type of justice is much more effective than the counseling of a prison psychologist.

      1. Senor, I have nothing against “street justice” as long as there’s absolutely no doubt that the person is guilty. This type of punishment is swift, and as you said, probably much more effective at preventing recidivism.

      1. no this is Netherlands.
        where pedophile get only 2 years
        and when you steal from the state you get like 10 a 20 years jail time.

        Most people life is worth around 2 years, in this country.

        1. Wow, that lefts me indeed speechless, but not surprised, Holland is one of the most “Liberal” countries in Europe. Big mistake on many fronts. I hope you dont get the Sharia law instead of some patriotic rules in few years.

  1. The reporter only takes pauses between sentences because he’s out of air…maybe the thief was raped since the layed him on his back in the ambulance, or lets hope he was raped,hate thieving scum like him

    1. But Juicy…no trial?…no chance to tell his side or defend himself against the allegations? He did’nt even get so much as a phone call. I’m sure there’s a logical reason he did it.

  2. People can’t go through life, taking the easy road! Stealing will always catch up to them! As it should! Kids who steal from gas stations are one thing, they are kids! I used to steal war heads by the handfuls! Adults have no excuse! There are always jobs available! No matter how many people blame a shitty economy, there are always fast food joints! Beats stealing!!

  3. Poor little taco-bending criminal loser , maybe Obongo will have him pardoned, and bring him to America so he won’t have to resort to thievery, and be subjected to what is clearly discrimination against career criminals. Those Peruvians act like Nazis, dammit. No one should have to endure this denial of civil rights! Let him live happily for free in California where he can be free of discrimination amongst the Latino majority population.

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