Torture and Rape Video from Gldani Prison in Tbilisi, Georgia

Torture and Rape Video from Gldani Prison in Tbilisi, Georgia

In 2012, Georgian national TV obtained videos of torture and rape in Gldani Prison in Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia. The videos were leaked to TV channels by a former Gldani prison guard Vladimir Bedukadze.

After the broadcast, the Georgian Minister of corrections and legal assistance Khatuna Kalmakhelidze fired the Chairman of the Penitentiary Department David Chakua, but a few days later, after leaker Vladimir Bedukadze told TV-9 in an interview that Khatuna Kalmakhelidze was aware of acts of torture and that they had been ordered by the Minister of the Interior Bacho Akhalaia, Khatuna Kalmakhelidze resigned.

Four individual videos were leaked to the media. All four have been compiled in the video below.

The first video shows ten prison guards picking on prisoners one by one, subjecting them to physical abuse and verbal assaults.

The second video shows a prisoner being forced to strip naked and do what he’s told. With his underpants off, he is then verbally insulted and spat upon. Later, he is seen being dictated what to write.

The third video shows an Armenian prisoner being mocked and humiliated. He is presumed to have been raped with broom handles and police batons.

The fourth video shows prisoners in youth detention center being forced to insult “thief in laws” under threat of being raped if they did not comply.

This video is a proof that hearts and minds of men are easily corrupted. Put them in a position of power, and before you know it, they’ll merrily abuse it. But make no mistake – this happened in Georgia, but it’s not much different in other countries either. The only difference is that no tapes of what really happens in Guantanamo have been leaked yet.

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        1. Maybe the thrill comes in understanding the submissive one or the “victim” so in turn you know how to cause that same pain to the ones who would in the later be the dominant ones in this video. Eh who is capable of that anyhow?

      1. I am mp I would of stop it if I was there I would of put them away for good Im in war every day that shit is wrong in every way to man or woman if you think this is right in anyway you should not be in this world

  1. No tapes from Guantanamo but we have from Abu Ghraib.

    No disrespect to my American friends, and I have plenty, but the US military is one of the main abusers of human rights. I know they don’t represent you, they represent the elites and the profiteers of war, so I do make the distinction between the US military and American people. I’ll make some articles about this in the next few days.

    1. No disrespect is respected in a point of view like this.

      It’s true that ALL countries seem to participate in this sort of rubbish.

      I can only imagine what goes on inside a chicks jail.

      Vag Cam ๐Ÿ˜† ………. I jest of course :mrgreen:

    2. Those videos will probably never come to see the light of day Portuguese and if all of them do alot of our military people well be in alot of trouble…lmao…I’m almost 100% positive that our boys have done some vile things to those subhuman pieces of shit……….I wish I could watch those rapings…no homo…fuck those dakka dakkaing dunecunts…..ummm sorry..lolz..

      1. My uncle who survived the Colonial War once told me that he knew of a company that went to a village and killed 200 villagers and burned their homes.
        These actions should be despised and exposed, no matter who does it, no matter the nationality.

        Muslims may have a religion and tradition I dislike, but if my county had been invaded I too think I would fight back, like anyone would, like an American would too.

        I’m working on an article right now that will explain a few things. But it will tale a few more posts to give a concrete explanation.

    3. @portuguese
      i agree with you. i’m comfortable china iran russia and korea are a powercluster equal to if in fact mightier (but wisely restrained at the moment) than america y brit france.

      WOWW i am sooo looking forward to reading yur posts coming up.


    4. I hope this happens in Guantanamo. Those vermin want to kill us and our american way of life. Are we wrong for killing them first? If us Americans want to stay on top, its not the time to be soft or considerate to our foe.

  2. BUSTED……. Again.

    This is why I love BG and todays video technology.

    More pathetic behavior done by some pathetic fleshy viruses.

    On another note…….. Be carefull when sacking someone who hates you ๐Ÿ˜†

      1. But you don’t , so…..

        I’ve seen WAY worse comments on here but I’ve not once seen you or anyone else call them out on it. I’d like to remind everyone that the BeG family is so big because we all know we can come here and speak our minds without being judged or persecuted for it. At least that’s what appealed to me when I first started coming here.

        No disrespect to you at at all Spidey, I’m just saying ๐Ÿ˜€

      2. O Spidy, wtf is wrong with you, all BG’s contents ar serious. everyone knows whats hapening here and all around the world. This is sad, but if you cant’ take it, wtf you doing in here, you came here to cry out?
        Try to do your life brighter, do not live in depression, like you do. gees…
        thats why you dont have that choice.People like you do not have that right here,that right you yapin about.

  3. Fuck man…personally….I love a good rape scenario but but when it involves dudes..oh yuck…what the fuck have I put myself thorough this morning….my fucking eyes…they burn!!!…welp…I thought I was done waking and baking…NOPE….I might even go have a cigarette for for old boy who was crying like a lil bitch…..please spare me the “well ajay if you were having things shoved in your butthole” talk…i have close girlfriends that love the asshole being fucked…and a few guy friends too….no homo though…they’re cool..i don’t judge…anywho…I wonder if this is passed down the grapevine ever after these guys go home…..go to prison…get assfucked by the depts and their batons……oooof…now this is what I call getting the long shaft of the law…although dude looked like he was riding that prisoners back…his cock probably wasn’t that big…the baton must suffice as the long shaft…I get it now….soooo much for wanting to fap to the raping…. *shivers*..yuck!!

        1. Lolz…how correct you are my friend…cleanliness it’s always number 1…and thank you hun…I feel a shit ton better then yesterday………thank goodness!!….I’m glad you’re feeling better as well hun…this group of people makes life a lot more enjoyable for me as well… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. No one ever called me that, but I think my reaction would be laughter ๐Ÿ˜›

      My mom’s cousin was shocked once however when she found out I was never baptized, never went to a church and was an Atheist. Well, she asked, I answerd. And left her speechless ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Never ever been to church? I wish I can say that. My mom hops from one religion to another. She was brought up in a catholic family like almost any other mexican then she was christian and then a jehovas shitness. Me, I used to be naive but then shit in life happened and im glad it all went down cause I love who I am today.

      2. So do you make it a habit to make all the ladies in your life speechless Portuguese?..lolz..I used to laugh but now I find it irritating..I mean think bout it..believers want others to come at them with knowledge about their beliefs when speaking about beliefs right…but it’s okay for them to call anyone whose not a believer like them a devil worshipping atheist?!?!…get the fuck outta here man…i don’t judge believers…but atleast have the decency to have knowledge in my LACK of beliefs before confronting me or mine…..ugh…

        1. I can leave women speechless in a number of ways.
          If only you knew…

          I respect the type of religious people who are like my mom. Non intrusive and respectful. Who really don’t care if I believe in supernatural entities or not.

          Luckily, most people i’ve met have been like this, since skepticism, atheism/agnosticism is on the rise here, but every once in a while I come across people who simply have to incorporate words like “god” “hell” “fear god” “jesus” in every sentence they pronounce and can’t grasp the concept that not everyone shares their delusions.

          That being said, if people don’t approach me with religious conversation, I won’t even mention this, but that’s what I think what are. Delusional. People who were fed lies, the same way they would believe in Krishna if they had been born in India or Allah if they had been born in Yemen or in ancestral spirits if they had been born in a tribe in the Amazon jungle. It’s all subjective.

    1. Lmao…thanks Mikey..but I’m going nuts over this shit…this shit just happened to me the other day…I was called a devil worshipper because I called myself an atheist….well now today I’m on one of my sites and what do I see…a fucking believer belittling a fellow non believer….calling him a devil worshipper for being an atheist…the least people could do is be educated in the subject that they are calling out..i hate people……..fuck…

      1. I agree baby girl, if you don’t know shit you can’t talk it! She it comes to religion and being an atheist I’d have to I am somewhere in the middle and I say that only because whenever I am taken into a discussion about this topic I always say the same thing, I simply just don’t know enough about god or religion to say that I believe or don’t believe and I haven’t found myself in a situation yet where I felt that I needed to figure it out. I question a lot when it comes to the world we live in and universe we are in and right now I am okay with the answers I have and the ones I don’t. Now with all that being said, I absolutely hate, hate, HATE when someone tries to push their beliefs on someone else regardless of what it may be (I.e believer or nonbeliever) I understand that we all think we are right when it comes to our beliefs and that’s fine, that’s why they’re called “our beliefs” but that doesn’t give anyone the right to disrespect or look down on someone just because they have different beliefs than you. I, myself, try to stay open-minded and I love a good, respectful debate about religion and beliefs as I am also open to hear both sides. It’s a shame that most people don’t share the same mindset.

        1. I agree my dear sunshine if people were to be a lil more openminded…a lil less loose lipped and their ears deafened a bit there would be alot more understanding towards one another..not just in a religious aspect either…blah….whatever I’m over it….for now…I might as well just get used to the ignorance….sigh..

      2. Next time one of ‘them’ approaches you @lady, just say, “You’re right, I’m an atheist white she devil succubus bitch from hell who likes to taste dead babies, now get away before I eat your kids!” hehehe.

        Well, you don’t have to be that blunt, but there is no reasoning with people who resort to insults, so why even try.

        If you refuse a gift from someone, to whom does that gift still belong to? Same can be said about insults, <3, hope your feel better soon!

        1. Lmao..anomalyze that was an awesome comeback…I think I might just take you up on your idea…I used to love fucking with the witnesses that would come by……….I told one set of em that I was a devil worshipper and if they had a moment I’d LOVE to invite em in to talk about our dark Lord and sadistic savior…the looks on there faces were priceless….I’ve never seen old people run so fast before…lolz….they don’t ring our doorbell anymore…I guess they aren’t as openminded as they proclaim…….i don’t have anymore entertainment come to my door anymore… ๐Ÿ™

          And thanks love..I’m feeling alot better today… ๐Ÿ™‚

        2. HAHAHA! @anomalyze, that would be the funniest shit ever. I picture someone saying this to one of those religious, goody-two-shoes woman who condemn anyone who doesn’t have the same mindset as her. Oh man, I can just picture the look on her face…. LMAO that would the fuckin’ best!

          Oh and I have to add to my above comment on this topic, nothing irritates me more than someone who says they believe in God, ac holier than thou and are really living more corrupt lives than that of someone they try to condemn. Those type of people are the ones who give religion and believing I’m God a bad name

  4. This evokes to mind the Stanford prison experiment we all learned in any psychology course we were required to take in school. Individuals assuming the position of power without the fear of punishment would be tempted to control their subjects to manifest their authority.

  5. in the first scene it almost looked like one of those dances different ethnic groups do at weddings and such…
    I was just waiting for the guy with the accordion to clog past…

    someone needs to shoot the female announcer…either that or get her the meds she apparently needs

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