Turkish Protester Knocked Out with Water Cannon

Turkish Protester Knocked Out with Water Cannon

As protests in Turkey continue to involve more and more people, the country’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he would not yield to “wild extremists” but also admitted that police may have used “excessive” force. Meanwhile, police official said their forces have withdrawn from Taksim Square in Istanbul where protests have been most intense.

In this video, an angry protester offers himself up for a water cannon and delivers a flying kick and a hammer fist to it. The police inside retaliated by punching him in the face with a stream of pressurized water that knocked him off his feet and seemingly out for a while. He slammed his head really hard, you can hear the thump quite distinctly.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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72 thoughts on “Turkish Protester Knocked Out with Water Cannon”

  1. When my son was a little boy his granddad took him to a water park. HIs granddad was standing there minding in own business and what on those spray things that are intermittent went off like a water cannon directly in his face knocking him flying onto his back. I killed my self laughing when my step dad told me. He should have pretended he’d hurt his back.

      1. @buttgina,
        no, luckicly he didn’t hurt himself.

        thanks for the complement.,
        That thing was so dangerous, the force it came out with no warning, it’s a matter of time before someone sue’s their arses.

        1. Hey WickedMama, thats a funny story, it gave me a good chuckle, reminds me of a time my daughter and i copped it at the water park up in Dubai, that resort shaped like a big palm has this big bucket suspended about 10 meters up and it dumps on you when its full, good clean fun! More fun than getting hosed down by the plod.

          1. Hocks,
            I burst an eardrum once being a smart arse and going headfirst down a giant bowl that swirled you around and dropped into water. My son always thought I was a bigger kid them him.

          2. Ha ha keep it up mamas an it’ll keep him laughing. Just stay away from skateboards and big hills okay ? You sound a bit accident prone…

          1. Oh shit, I didn’t follow the correct line apparently! 馃檨 I didn’t really even get why I was mentioned so I just kinda rolled with it! Sorry @Mama!You i got mad “no homo” love for you and those lips! 馃槈 Someone did this to me the other day and it felt shitty! 馃檨 We all bring something special to the table! @Doc, I think it’s great that you stick up for your girls! @nocturnus- juicy loves to be complimented but juicy doesn’t like to be compared to her best girls at all! My @Mama is super fly!! Love you @prettymama!!

          2. Again @Mama,I’m sorry that I didn’t realize what exactly I was responding to. I’d never accept something at someone else’s expense!It was very rude and like i said, I didn’t even get it until @Doc posted.

          3. hey doc, it’s and juice,
            thanks that was so kind. sorry I didn’t reply I only just saw this. I wasn’t bothered by his comment I just didn’t see the point really. It makes more sense to just complement a person directly than to join on the bottom of a conversation and saying something unfavorable about someone who isn’t even talking to you.

  2. Things are really heating up in Turkey. I heard on Pube-lick radio that there are more spies there than anywhere else in the world because it is the crossroads of lots of spook shit involving Russia, Iran, Saudia Arabia, the US, and of course israel, to name the big players. I think if Turkey falls apart it will be game over for the “real” countries. Hopefully this will put multiculturalism to bed for good in Europe.

    1. That’s as likely as a revolution within Islam itself turning it into a peaceful Religion.

      Multiculturalism will end when White people end.

      I haven’t been keeping up with global demographics, but last I checked we were around 5%, and with a birth-rate of 1 per, it shouldn’t be long now.

      1. Do you mean to say that white people represent 5% of the global population ? If so how is that determined? I’m a white guy in Australia my nan and gramps were Irish, but my nan’s mum was Italian. I’m pretty sure this scenario is replicated the world over, and these facts can’t be found in any sensis. So how can the 5% be true ? If anything it has to be lower.

        1. Yeah, last time I checked, Whites constituted 5% of the global population.

          Han Chinese made up 15%/20% and were the largest ethnic group.

          Checking real quick..

          Okay, Han Chinese was the largest at 19%, but the second largest, the Bengali, are only 4.8, so Whites are even lower than the 5% I thought.

      2. I just checked out European demographics for my self and its frightening to say the least. Thus I have come to a decision to pump out as many little white folks as my penis will allow me. All I needs is some women willing to engage in such a proposal and not prone to false rape accusations. Who wants my sperm?

  3. Yeah sadly the cops inside are probably having a blast doing those kinds of stuff. Funny as it may be these people are fighting for something so I respect them. (the protesters not the cops)

      1. Honestly I would be pissing my self from laughter if I was inside it. Just imagine being in a huge armored truck when outside an angry man screams, shouts, kicks and flails around and then you aim a big water cannon at him and make him do a backflip… 馃榾

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