Two Dozen Men with Machetes Storm Small Office Looking for a Fight

Two Dozen Men with Machetes Storm Small Office Looking for a Fight

Two Dozen Men with Machetes Storm Small Office Looking for a Fight

Two dozen men armed with machetes stormed a small office manned by just half a dozen of guys and tried to pick a fight. It must have been some form of getting even gang event.

The saddest part of the video is the realization that nobody knows Kung Fu in China anymore. The six had an advantage of being in a familiar space with just one point of entry which allowed them to “win” the fight. Although outnumbered and outgunned, they turned the machete wielders away and forced them to leave before any real massacre could take place.

I liked how the office guys just grabbed anything that was at hand to throw at the attackers. If I was in their positions, I would be looking for the cheapest item to throw cause I’d be just damaging my own property, but those cheap Made in China computer monitors and speakers probably cost next to nothing to replace…

Props to Best Gore member d2 for the video:

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          1. Jackie Chan was never alive. He was actually a fully autonomous stunt robot built in 1977 by the Mitsubishi corporation , over the years his parts have been replaced due to sustained fight damage and not much of the original chassis remains. The model received many upgrades over the years including an English speech box and Mitsubishi’s patented realistic skin .

  1. @d2…LUVED it !
    jeesus BUT they sure as hell wanted them hardrives..counted 3 carried out out the office

    last time harddrives were in such demand in china was when shane todd got murdered cause china’s Huawei industries wanted the illegal/restricted military applications that produce GaN (used by U.S (which china has since successfully cracked)

    nice 😉 seXXXy boy.

          1. i pick the side that squasahes the war…those russian chinese anti aircraft warships with longrange capability are friends of IRAN.
            their omnipowerful capability and perfect placement outside lebanon PREVENTED what would have developed into a long range missiles war.

  2. I’m glad less of these people know kung fu, cause when we have to fight em well have better odds in close combat lol. @ate I hope you were kidding about the least expensive thing to use as a weapon, surely no item is worth your life.

    1. machete fights require more agility/ability than point and shoot for sure or saturday night pussy bar brawls
      *its a e cognized martial art artform in some disciplines
      you got a watch a duel from start to finish..pure fucking brutal.
      and the scars you wear are trophy.status badges if you will

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