Two Hood Rats vs Black Man Fight on NYC Train

Two Hood Rats vs Black Man Fight on NYC Train

Two Hood Rats vs Black Man Fight on NYC Train

These soon to be single mothers hood rats sure have a lot of experience fighting. And New York City has a lot of retards with Iphones.

Two hood rats started to bash on a black man on the NYC subway train. I don’t know what exactly prompted the fight but you can tell the bitches have done this many a time before. They teach them well in the ghetto. The dude needs to learn how to uppercut a bitch from this fellow.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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102 thoughts on “Two Hood Rats vs Black Man Fight on NYC Train”

    1. I don.t get it,, what started the fight,,did the guy say something to those bitches,,,they certainly can’t punch too well,,wild haymakers if that..!! the one bitch does have a nice ass,,and nice rack on her too..!!!

  1. That dude did the right thing in this situation, start throwing punch’s. Now on another note….stuff you dick in that ass. That trashy bitch has a nice ass. Shut her the fuck up and bend her over because that’s about all she probably is good for. That and sucking dick of course…

      1. Now you mention it i would knock those teeth out first, a nice right hook to the jaw. Think about it she is lippy, if i put my dick in her mouth she’d probably say shit like “you little dick mother fucker don’t come on my face”. I’m sure I’d be pissed at that…

  2. All dined on Colt 45 malt liquor and fried chicken after the fight. That’s how they show love “da hood”. they all deserve eachother, and the guy should have knocked the piss out of his attackers….damn shame he couldn’t fight. Oh well….just another day in a cultural mecca.

  3. Wow, black people fighting on public transport, you don’t see that everyday. I do hope that this aberration, this unprecedented rare occurrence does not cause people to form a stereotypical view of the black race in general because that would just be wrong on so many levels.

  4. The fight was probably unprovoked. I live right next to Manhattan and see this kinda stuff all the time. The thing about NYC is, there is so much crazy shit going on that nothing really phases anyone. In the subways this is especially the case.

          1. What are you trying to say…that there are very few educated well-mannered niggers on planet earth? If that is what your saying then i have to strongly disagree. There are probably 12 or 13 here in Philly alone. Hahaha

  5. Once you brandish a weapon people will back off from you. Thats why being armed comes in handy because you never know anything can pop off any second being on a bus, train, walking your dog, driving, getting milk from corner deli etc. When you show weakness people will jump on you like a pack of hyenas.

      1. Silence you intrique me I live in a place where I carry a knife or a gun most of the time … Not because I like it but you know these hip gangster wanna bes dont expect a Whiteboy to pull a gun out and put an end to their disrespect. I cant exactly move or retreat . Nor do I feel I should. Lot of lone wolves left out here ,we will end up dead or in prison atleast it will be based on honor and defense unlike the colored fuckheads

        1. Im not trying to come off hardcore if I had it my way ide live peacefully with my like minded people but it seems even unity based on love of our culuture and community as Europeans just is to dangerous for any country to allow.

    1. That’s the problem. The same men fucking and breeding with these women – Are doing the same with our women.

      White females are becoming just like Black females. That’s something a lot of people on here (even those who share my views) do not want to admit to. It’s generally kept to America, because that’s where it’s the worst. But it’s getting like it in England, too.

      Our Women are full of Liberalism/Leftism. They drink the multiculturalism poison by the bottle. They sleep and breed with Blacks at an alarming rate. Our Female teachers, are having sex with their students at alarming rate (Another one in Georgia just popped up. Married. White. Slept with 7+ Black students).

          1. Its an honest question, I’m not trying to be an asshole…go on enlighten me with your hypocritical views which you base off watching TV and being on the interweb all day.

          2. Nope. I post some information about my personal life, and you use this to attack and belittle me with juvenile and inane insults.

            I think what I’ll do is ignore you until you make a post worth commenting on, I don’t wish to be a part of another of your hijacking attempts.

            Until such a time as that, you have fun dirtying your hands slinging mud-pies into the sky, forever hoping something sticks.


  6. Hahaaha “Yo, I’m pregnant!” No shit. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were all pregnant, purple-shirt guy included. How disrespectful to her and her unborn child to fight knowing she was pregnant. Sad as it is, the fetus would be better off it it didn’t make it, just to grow up in a shit hole like that.

          1. How the fuck did that^ happen…eh.

            Even if she is pregnant that just goes to show what a real piece of trash that woman is trying to fight a man risking her bastard baby being killed, which is what she probably wanted to happen in the first place so she wouldn’t have to pay for an abortion and could use the money on hair weaves and press on nails.

    1. It would be nice to see if he does a man-punch. But, if the altercation was serious where the ladies got seriously hurt. You can see a law-suit coming and possibly jail. I guess in a way he did the right thing by not hitting back. I am sure he could of, and does some serious damage.

  7. What’s up with the whole “single mother” thing? I’m a single mother and I’m not a hood rat whore druggie and was in a long relationship w my sons father. Not all single moms are whores and ghetto. Maybe use a different term.

  8. This happens all the time in NY especially on certain trains on the weekend. It’s so easy to point out hood rats, and it’s more fucked up when they are pregnant bringing in a child to be raised by a hoe on it’s own. The man can not fight for SHIT. Smh

  9. them bitches need to be shot. someone comes at me like that they gonna get a piece of lead in their ass. im not gonna stand there and let 2 hood rat bitches come at me like that. they better hope im having a good day then i just might break me some leg bones with a collapsible baton. put them down for the count. haha nice to see them rolling around on the floor screaming the freaking heads off. lmao

  10. Single moms cum to me. White men and women do seem to be the biggest anti white folks these days. White women are being brainwashed into thinking other races are better but thats ok silenced all of those wiggers who like rap and multi cultural bull shit need to breed themselves out of existance. They are a joke anyways thinking they will be accepted by other cultures. They just succeed in being cum dumpsters who all races mock. And the majority of white race traitors are fat and ugly. . . I do see what you mean they gobble up the whole bigger Dick myth shit, booty shaking is a skill… I have one across the street she looks like a speed whore with little ugly kids and annoying loud dogs. I wouldnt help them if thier babies where burning alive lol

    1. Well, we are fed anti-White propaganda almost every day in our Countries via Movies, Music, News, School/Education, Jobs etc.

      This is represented on a multi-layered level. One of those, represented in America, is racism in Sports. How many White guys do you see in the NFL or NBA? It’s subconsciously saying; ‘They are better than you.’. It breeds anger, disgust and hatred.

      Black History Month, but ask about a White History Month? “No one wants to hear about how we treated other non-Whites like shit”

      For us, it’s always a cage of negativity we exist in. Being proud of your racial heritage is akin to being a dirty, cross-burning, White supremacist. It breeds anger, hatred and frustration.

      Black Pride? Welcomed. White Pride? Prosecuted.

      All Asian group? Meh. All Black frat? Meh. All White anything? Racism. Prosecution. Dismantling.

      Black girl turns down White guy? Meh. Asian girl turns down Black guy? Meh. White girl turns down Black guy? Racism.

      Black girl says “I don’t Interracially date”. Meh.
      Asian girl says “I don’t interracially date”. Meh.
      White girl says “I don’t interracial date”. Racism. Bigot. Nazi Lover.

      What makes me laugh, is when a song or movie comes out about fighting for freedom.. They don’t realize how close that represents us now. I’m a rational individual. I was born in a peaceful Country, around peaceful people. Yet I feel as I do. I went through my period of listening to rap, hating myself because of my race etc. I know that if I can feel this way, there are so many more of us out there. So many.

      If sparked in the right area, a simple match can turn into an inferno and burn an entire Forest or City down.

      We are that match. And sooner or later.. The right match will meet the right place.. and just like that..

      As far as our women go – I wish I could agree with you. But it isn’t only ‘ugly’ or ‘fat’ White women. I think those two things are subjective, by the way. It’s also ‘beautiful’ women. I mark beautiful because White women cease to be that to me when they cross that boundary. They may have the exterior of what can be considered beautiful, but inside? Ugly. They become tainted.

      As far as dick size? Well, I have no idea. I’m about as White as you can get (Sky Blue Eyes, Blonde Hair, Pale Skin) and I’ve been.. lucky? I guess in that area.

      All I know is – You rarely if ever see a White woman with an Asian man. When they cross that boundary, they do so with Blacks. At the same time, there’s a major WF/BM brainwashing push in our Countries.

      What I will say is – If White women need like.. 8 Inches to feel satisfied long-term sexually, and the average White guy isn’t close to that, then evolution fucked up.

      Then again – a member called me a hypocrite earlier, and he’s right. I no longer even bother with White women romantically. I’m actually currently in a relationship with an Asian woman, and haven’t been with a White woman for quite some time. As a monogamous male, I don’t see any point to it.

      Which brings me to my next point on our women – Removing the whole race-mixing angle – Our Societies/Culture have all but ruined them.

      They now have high-rates of Promiscuity, Infidelity and Divorce. So a relationship with one is almost sure to fail, and most times miserably. Who wants to fall asleep with, and wake up next to a woman who counts you as number 233? Or has seen more dicks than all the guys at a Pride parade put together?

      Which flows back into the single-mother angle. For me – Our women have come to view us men as replaceable as an iPad, iPhone or some other accessory. New upgrades every year. The problem with that is simple – Men in the West, are utterly discriminated against when it comes to Divorce/Child custody. So you end up with just another single-mother, who decided she didn’t want the man of her child in her or the child’s life.

      Which, all comes back to the same point of all, the bigger picture.. That contains all the things I’m against – The ruination, decay and attacks that our Societies/Culture have, and continue to suffer.

      All these things (Immigration, Multiculturalism, White Oppression, Non-Functioning Family Units, No Morals, Values, Ruination of Women etc.) are all tied directly to the massive cracking and breaking apart of our Societies, Culture and customs.

      Some of my views are celebrated, others are reviled. Even by people who share similar views to myself. I understand it on an emotional level, but emotions cloud things. I try to look at things from as unemotional a level as I can.

      Some people say I think White people are some angelic people, with nary a blemish on our records. Those people aren’t comprehending, emotions are blocking their ability to critically-think, and through that, understand.

      What I know about Whites is this – We make up a minority of the global population. Our birthrates are dropping, and in every Country we inhabit, we are under siege.

      Meh. This post is exceedingly long. I wish I had Tags that would hide these posts unless you click on the “Show” icon. One thing of many I have no talent with – being concise.

      Until another day;

        1. Nobody tramples him @brownshirt, for his opinion. It’s the repeat posts and the constant belittling he does to the bg members that have been here way longer than him. He’s very arrogant. So don’t get it twisted. If you disagree with him at all he’ll try to bite your head off. And hit below the belt. just try it…….

        2. Thanks @chiefbrownshirt. Don’t worry about me, I have thick skin. I’ve dealt with far worse.

          Did you see the Superbowl last night? Americas biggest sporting event.. Pretty much no White People. To see reality stare you in the face like that was… nauseating.

          I wish all my American brothers and sisters safety and prosperity.. It’s going to be a dark future for them as long as they stay in that Country.

          1. I watched the Super Bowl and the majority of people in the stands were white in my opinion. Nothing wrong with Blacks, White’s, & Latino enjoying a sporting event together.

  11. I don’t believe a guy should hit a girl, but that doesn’t give any right for a girl to go around starting shit trying to hit a man. A man has every right to defend himself doesn’t matter who it is against, if a black woman tried to say shit to me and tried to fight me i would gladly break her jaw to show to her not to fuck with anyone again

  12. This kind of criminal boldness happens when you tell black women that if they attack a black male, there is nothing wrong with them; they are doing nothing wrong. But, if the black male victim attempts to defend himself, THAT IS THE START OF THE WRONG DOING. This kind of training by society says to violent women, especially violent black women, that while you are violating the person of a male, you are doing nothing wrong, and if he attempts to defend himself, then you are a victim of violence by him, especially if you get a scratch on you.

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