Video of Handcuffed Man Getting Brutally Whipped

Video of Handcuffed Man Getting Brutally Whipped

Video of Handcuffed Man Getting Brutally Whipped

Video from Syria shows a topless, handcuffed man getting brutally whipped. It doesn’t look like an interrogation cause I think this man was ready to tell them whatever he knew long before the whipping started, they just wanted to beat him up anyway.

It’s impossible to determine who is who but since Sunnis (terrorists) won’t say two consecutive words without stuffing Allahu Akbar between them, I don’t think the man receiving the whipping is a Sunni. It’s probably the Sunnis delivering the beating. But Who knows.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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39 thoughts on “Video of Handcuffed Man Getting Brutally Whipped”

  1. Its Ironic that the vast majority of Muslim men, the devout ones, beat their women at home and the women simply take it but when the roles are reversed the men cry like babies.

    I don’t know what it is about Muslims but even their cries of pain seem to irk me.

  2. hey all, what is written in the comment up there about sunnis whipping the guy is true……..but why, this is because the whipped guy was caught red handed dragging a you nude girl to the streets after rapping her….so my opinion is fuck both of them they are both criminals.

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