Video of Judicial Corporal Punishment by Caning in Malaysia

Video of Judicial Corporal Punishment by Caning in Malaysia

Video of Judicial Corporal Punishment by Caning in Malaysia

I don’t speak Allahu Akbar so I couldn’t verify the backstory from the dialogue in the video, but someone hinted that the victim is a convicted rapist who was sentenced to 20 lashes of the cane on bare buttocks. Caning is a common corporal punishment for rape in Malaysia, though neighboring Singapore is more famous for it.

You know, funny thing is that Malaysia is an Allahu Akbar country. Allahu Akbar countries don’t hold women in a very high esteem. A Malaysian Muslim male can have 4 wives, but a Malaysian Muslim woman only one husband. It tells you all you need to know about the position of women in the society. Plus we’ve seen one too many instances of Muslim women being punished for being victims of rape. That’s just how much Islam rocks. It’s really odd that Malaysia, being a predominantly Muslim country, would punish a man for raping a woman. Unless it’s a man he’d raped, cause that would make more sense.

Brutal video either way. I have to give the victim props for going through initial lashes without making a sound. They definitely hurt like all hell but he still “kept his face”.

Apparently, aside from receiving 20 full power strokes of the cane, the rapist was also handed a 10 years in prison sentence. Given how destroyed his ass was after the caning, I think 10 years in the locker will have less of an impact than the caning. Allahu Akbar!

Props to @LePiG00 for the video:

Video of Judicial Corporal Punishment by Caning in Malaysia

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. hey all , been lurking on this site for about a year , almost coming on it everyday to make sure i dont fall into socetys protctive bubble i like to see the world for what it is , luka magnotta intresting , i started following this dude from when he killed that kitten , as i keep snakes myself and whe it all came out about the 4 cats etc , well sorta suprised , btw did you know wth police have a 15 min unedited version of the 10 min 1 lunitic ice pick videos cant find it @ all online , anyways hi mark and best gore , awsome site 🙂

        1. @tryedandtested, while I felt sorry for the kitten, I would have thought feeding an animal that could scratch/bite your pet snake would be a total no-no? This is why you buy frozen, dead rats/mice to feed your pet snake, so they don’t get bitten! I wonder what happened to the puppy in the video, it has hardly been mentioned in any of the main newspapers?

          1. @tiger , well live feeding is frowned upon but its asnakes natrul instinct to strike but yes frozen is the way forwarfd and then thaw them out , i agree the dog hasent been mentioned @ all eithour , i never did see luka eat any flesh apart from the dog , proboally media fed bullshit hype lies again lol

          2. @tryedandtested, Plus I’m sure he had pants on when he was simulating sex with the body? I bet the puppy wasn’t mentioned because NONE of them have actually seen the video!?
            I always felt sorry for a snake being fed thawed out rats/mice, (I thought it would LOVE a nice warm,live mouse)until I was told about the injury (bite/scratch) that could happen to your reptile (they don’t heal very quickly?) Plus the frozen ones should be disease free! I have a licenced bearded dragon, but of course I would love a python!

          3. yes that true aswell , some people feed live but only certain snakes have heat pits aka : a warm rat to hunt but its defrosted lol , i agree totally on the simulating sex he was still fully dressed it looked like , i have 8 snakes 5 boas 1 pythons and 2 northern pines 🙂

          4. @tryedandtested, I think reptiles make THE best pets, I absolutely love all reptiles (all animals really), my dragon is friendly but as a local reptile specialist told me “you may love your reptile but it sure don’t love you!” Its true I’m not sure they can convey affection, too bad I love my ‘Sai’ anyway!

        2. i totally agree with you thats why i ahve 8 , reptile dont like pople there fiercly indapendant especially snakes , they can look after themselves from day 1 , people associate certains things with likeing you , they dont reoptiles tolerate you ivbe had my fair share of hiss’s bites , strikes ,musking last 3 years i assure you , but i still love them the same 😀

          1. @tryedandtested, even my little guy Sai pulls away from a gentle pat on the head! He’s not really aggressive (in the wild they are plentiful so therefor a common food source to other animals) and I was told not to handle him so as not to stress him too much, but he’s used to me handling him occasionlly, he doesn’t pretend he’s dead or anything! In fact when I walk past his aquarium he sprints over thinking I’ve got food (live crickets).

    1. The end of the cane was really frayed from use, it hurt more than a new cane. I’d get the stick for being cocky or answering back, and it didn’t matter who was there, it’d be pants down and whack!!! The backs of my legs got it too. I was a pain in the ass and got this a lot!

    2. I despise rapists, they are the lowest form of human life you can get. They rape because their obnoxious personality or poor hygiene is why they cant get a woman of their own, and they would rather keep what moey they have than use a prostitute.

      I think every country should do this to rapists, but 20 lashes each day of their 10 year sentence that when they finally do get let out, they will cry at the sight of women and limp away.

        1. Cutting off a Paedophile?s or a Rapist?s dick/ balls wouldn?t make the slightest bit of difference.

          I have posted this comment here twice before. But the gnomes Have them both!


          Rape isn?t about Sex or Sexual urges. It is about control. So if they didn?t have their own ?fuck stick? they would make another one? A baton. Or their fist.

          The British judiciary would chemically castrate Paedophiles as part of a deal for shorter sentencing? Needless to say. When they were released. They would go back to fingering little Jane behind the chip shop. Henceforth, it doesn?t work.

          I would send them to the gallows.

          P.S. Tulio.. I heard three ?Snackbars?.

          I thought this was relevant to your conversation.

      1. all of the above. he should be castrated . his dick should be smashed with a mallet then cut off. then a caning in the morning, after breakfast, before lunch, after lunch, basically regular beatings for the entirety of his sentence.

    3. I was going to say that… or they should make him cut his own willy off, that’d teach him. I agree, rapists should get life in prison – or if it was a kid who was the victim – then definitely death.

    1. LMFAO , that was funny. If he is a rapist,he got off easy in such a fucked up country. Consider yourself the few who didn’t get beheaded and dismembered. Personally. I think rapist should all get the death penalty by diying a slow death.

      1. By making capital punishment a ‘slow death’, this will clog up the system making a backlog.

        We need to get through as many people in as little time as possible.

        I have always been a fan of Hanging.

        Instant. Relatively simple. Cheap.

        Plus, even thought the people that I will send to the gallows are the scum of the earth.

        I don’t necessarily want them to go through unnecessary pain.

        I want it quick and clinical. No emotion.

          1. I wouldn’t totally rule it out.

            The United Kingdom is very, very close from a political revolution… The next election I bet.

            With a populist government in charge. I am sure the Death penalty will be reinstituted.

    2. Ali!

      You made my safe word exceedingly hard to pronounce through a ball gag!

      She wanted me to say ‘unique new york’ followed by ‘red lorry, yellow lorry’ then I had to say ten ‘Ave Marias’.

      That lady is Bad.

          1. @ trooper

            *sigh* whatever am i to do with you???

            in the corner!! and no din din tonight!! (hah! got out of dinner AGAIN) lol 😀

  1. hey, at 2:40 and something the guy screamed “allahuakbur!” or I’m drunk??….he got thoroughly AKBARED there!….
    I will still trade the (at least) 10 additional years you would most probably get in USA for rape for a dozen akbur-lashes in my pretty buttlocks….

      1. Men are severely punished for rape in Muslim countries. Sometimes women are punished also, and that is wrong, but in repressed societies like these they don’t like men losing control and surrendering to their sexual urges. In Iran the penalty for rape is death.

        1. Cutting off a Paedophile’s or a Rapist’s dick/ balls wouldn’t make the slightest bit of difference.

          Rape isn’t about Sex or Sexual urges. It is about control. So if they didn’t have their own ‘fuck stick’ they would make another one… A baton. Or their fist.

          The British judiciary would chemically castrate Paedophiles as part of a deal for shorter sentencing… Needless to say. When they were released. They would go back to fingering little Jane behind the chip shop. Henceforth, it doesn’t work.

          I would send them to the gallows.

          P.S. Tulio.. I heard three ‘Snackbars’.

  2. I fell on the floor laughing hard when I saw how he walked after that ass wacking treatment.
    The guy doing the caning looked like he had some fun doing it, I know I would. But castration would be a more fitting punishment.
    Now that he got that ass treatment, next comes bubbas treatment…….Talk about speed bumps……Shit it’ll hurt for a month just to sit and take a shit…..Ouch.

    1. Hey BoatMan, what the hell was that e-mail address I gave You a few months ago? I can’t fucking remember what it was, and I wanted to check if you were coming around Reno (or had already passed through)
      I’m fucking retarded!

          1. Well shit rivets.
            I can’t remember the fucking password, so I just made a new e-mail….anyone who wants to get ahold of me, do so at rottenstenchdon (ot) yahoo (dawt) com

      1. That’s just my demo’s cover. Besides, I made a special gift for the bg community to kind of ease myself in, since I just joined yesterday, and that gift is my new avatar. I found it entertaining, thought you guys would like it

          1. Yeah, the text on this one doesn’t really show up as well as I had hoped. Heh. Makes me laugh though. “I don’t always Allahu Akbar, but Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar”

      1. Between FDays and Boatman you guys had me rolling on the ground laughing so hard I almost wet myself!!!! Looked to me like two vicious bloody pigs fighting over a chocolate donut!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. @Boatman Farting in public is awesome. Last time I did it, I got this nigger bitch good at Best Buy. I just walked past her while she was looking at the Blu-rays, and I let her have it. I turned back to see if she heard it, and man… If looks could kill. 😀

        @Sagemoon Pigs fighting over a chocolate donut? That is friggin’ poetic. Good one!

    1. “Nervous farter”,thats some
      funny shit right there,imagine
      ripping one off and getting
      follow through just as the
      cane makes contact…..splatt.
      that would make them mad,
      disrespecting the cane is
      probably a caneable offence,
      back to court for him,you
      would want to hope you did
      not get the same official as
      before,because you just know
      you are really going to get the
      dirty end of the stick.

        1. I don’t know why, but those comments remind of the bugs bunny episode where he says,”how many times have I told you not to play with the dirty money
          Maybe cause I’m still buzzed! 😉

  3. I believe this video is Indonesian… The guy talking is counting in Indonesian. Satu, Dua, Tiga, Empat, Lima, Enam, Tujuh, Delapan, Sembilan, Sepuluh etc. I used to learn Indonesian in school.
    Never thought I’d get to use it at all in my life 😛

  4. Living in Malaysia for more than 25 years I can tell that this is probably the most interesting country in the world. This is the only country in the world where government is promoting racism. The Chinese stands about 25% of total population but have to pay about 75% of total government income, and the Malays (so called bumiputra) get 7% discount when they buy houses, free 30% shares on public listed companies, free scholarship, school education etc.

      1. Big brother here in the States… How lovely it is! Keeping the white man down; been unemployed for nearly a year. Skilled engineer, U.S. Army exp. We are a minority now. Lowest birthrate in the world……

    1. I have also read that the Malaysian Government wants to create a ‘Malaysian race’ by 2030.

      God Save Malaysia!


      It is disgusting isn’t it?

      I have NO problems with other races. Provided they live in their areas and leave me to live in mine. We were naturally segregated for a reason. As like good Beers. We don’t mix.

      I am sure all Darwinists will agree with me on this one.

        1. Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore are likely the only Muslim majority nations worth their weight in salt.

          If they want to take a bigger slice of the pie from the Indonesians… I say good luck to them. And how many weapons can I sell to them?

          Every worthwhile nation on the planet is increasing the size of it’s arsenals. With the exception of the UK.

          Thanks to our great ‘leaders’.

          It is times like these which make me want to lead an armed insurrection.

          3,000 soldiers, sailors and airmen were sacked in a SINGLE DAY this week.

          The largest such loss since the end of the last War.

          My only hope is that this loss will facilitate the speed in which the second civil war would take place. When we could finally hang all those Westminster Rats from lamp posts.

          Yes. I am quite bitter,

          1. Tell a lie.

            I would include Oman, Syria, Jordan, Libya, Morrocco, Iran and some former Soviet Republics into that list.

            Apologies to citizens of those great nations.

        1. What a gay way to punish a gay dude for doing gay shit (makes them all gay, wouldn’t you say?)

          Aaanyway back to you babe, i’ll punish the corporal out of you any day, btw did you change your pic??? (speaking of pics, wanne exchange some??? ;-P) juuuustt kidding, no seriously though wanne….still joking

          1. It is pretty damn gay.
            Hahahahahah well thank you 😉 and yes I did! I recently got my hands on my sisters computer so I decided to update. Sadly, my tumblr is down so no link yet :/

            LOLOL you sure you’re kidding?

      1. It’ll you what Phatman…

        You can take a closer look at her ‘fairy’ to see if she really was fingering herself… Whilst I perform an official examination on her to determine whether her boobs are real or not…

        We can make a ‘manwich’ out of her.

    1. It’s cool, man. Them buttcheeks get gored by the caning, so it makes sense for an SOB like yourself to be looking at them. No homo. No worry.

      Also, man… That link… Watching that video feels like an eternity ago now. I was glad to watch it again. So nasty. 😎

  5. Indonesia is an Islamic Country whereas Malaysia and Singapore is not. By the way, Hi everyone! I finally decided to sign in after 2 years of loitering around. I’m from Singapore and I would try to help translate anything that is spoken in Indonesia and Malay Language as much as I can in the future. Cheers!

  6. If he is a convicted rapist, they should really cane him on the front end. Prison will take their turn on his arse, but he raped with his dick so let his dick suffer. Makes sense? Yes, this is why I should rule the world.

    1. Maybe tea-bagging a bucket of gonnorhea piranhas with scorpion stingers glued to their foreheads would be appropriate? And then they could attach a bag of salty acidic aids juice where his balls were and make him shake hands with his beef until that wonderful fluid works its way through his inner tubing out onto a sopapilla that he gets to eat with NO HONEY OR SPRINKLES MUFFUCKER!!

    1. I hope you do be more sensitive in this matter. I am a Muslim. It would be insensitive of me to insult something that you worship too. Please understand that Most videos that you see here from the middle east and Indonesia are from people that are extremists and fanatics. Not all Muslims are such.

      1. But unfortunately the media monster wants everyone to think they’re all bad. Any person or group that is continually mistreated will eventually snap. We’re never told about the events that lead up to an attack, just that some psycho decided to strap a bomb to himself and make some confetti. It’s an endless game of name-calling based on lies, just to turn a profit. I could be wrong, but that’s how I see it. Who knows what to believe in anymore

      2. I agree that not all Muslims are ‘Snackbaring’ maniacs.

        Yet I feel safe to say that about 66% are.

        I myself have a Muslim friend. He is the salt of the bloody earth and you wouldn’t find a nicer guy this side of Rome.

        Yet due to our friendship. We don’t indulge in Political talk with each other.

        A lot of people here know my beliefs about my Country. Yet I still have friends that are both Irish Republicans and Unionists. Yet we don’t talk politics.

        By the way. Freedom of Speech is paramount on this site. If you are offended about what people say here. Speak to @Razor for one of her ‘Butthurt forms’.

        1. I enjoyed all of your vids…

          You have some lovely pussy in your house… Lucky sod.

          And your x-ray shows that you must have fucked yourself up pretty badly. I hope it’s not giving you much jip.

          1. it was a really bad year for me. i got traffic tickets, my cat died and then the horrendous car accident. i lost all my motorcycles as well. 2003 it was. i fell asleep driving too many hours at night and drove into a truck. lights out.

    1. That’s what sets this site apart from the others. The SOBs here make gore fun and educational. Plus Mark provides the story behind the gore whenever possible. Thanks again to Mark and all the gorebags around the globe! BOOBIES!!!

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