White Guy Delivers Humiliating Beating to Black Thief

White Guy Delivers Humiliating Beating to Black Thief

White Guy Delivers Humiliating Beating to Black Thief

All I know about this video is that the black dude was caught stealing shit from the white guy so the latter delivered beating to the sorry thief’s ass. After first humiliating knock down, the white guy allowed the black thief to get up and try at him again if he wanted to, which the thief did choose to do but got knocked the fuck down just the same. Completely humiliated and dripping blood on the floor, the black guy came out of it all as a complete loser.

Best Gore member Hawk who hooked me up with the video summed it up the best:

The differences between a white and a black attack is:

  • White attack is one on one
  • White attacker does not continue to stomp and beat the black guy into a coma when he’s down
  • Black guy threatens to shoot the white guy even when he’s bleeding on the ground

More people need to stand up for themselves…

Props to Hawk for the video. Lots of World Star Hip Hop watermark:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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134 thoughts on “White Guy Delivers Humiliating Beating to Black Thief”

    1. that’s a good call doc

      he had socks on along with the slippers, so his punches wouldn’t have much snap because of a weak base

      that’s also why he couldn’t complete the takedown

      I definitely think it would be a different fight if he had rubber shoes on

      1. The black guy should have had the sense to take his socks off the first time he went down.
        If I ever get the slightest whiff I’m in danger and I’m wearing heels they’re off.
        I can fight in bare feet, but in heels I’m completely unable to defend myself, one push and I topple over.

        1. @WM- I totally feel you! Those babies come off of I’m about to get down! I’m 5’3, so i lose some height bit gain a world of stability! Walking in hooker-heels is hard to do in itself. To fight in them?! I’d probably slip over my own self! Lol

      2. Your a Jewish brainwashed fuck if you think blacks have to win a fight one on one and only lose because of foot wear. This nigger was a bitch and just resorted to saying hell shoot him… For getting beat for stealing. The white dude should of kicked him in the face. Sorry nigger knew he had no power . Ive never seen a nigger fight one on one. Too bad the white dude didnt kill the nitch. If you get beat for stealing dont think you deserve to be let up and helped ,you deserve to be kicked in the fucking head if you get fucked up and fall down. Come on Jews more reasons why niggers are the best and this was a fluke . first rule dont make an ape your roomate . Second rule if your sweat pants are falling past you b ball shorts and your wearing socks dont start a fight . Lol great job white pride.

      1. ‘Whitey’ should be thankful he isn’t in Jail for a hate crime.

        I’m guessing this happened in the Liberal invested, White oppression sanctioned United States of America?

        Not that it would have mattered if this happened in England, France, Canada etc. The White man still has the possibility of being charged with a hate crime or some such law.

        1. Why would h get charged with a “hate crime”? He beat his ass for stealing not because he was black.

          This is a good example of just how fucking stupid this whole “hate crime” is! Now you get every non white who gets his ass beat for reasons I consider justified trying to stir up every huey, duey and jigabooey from naacp to turn it into some sort of racial thing. Making it almost impossible to defend yourself anymore.

          1. Exactly my point, Wilson.

            Hate Crime laws are just another form of oppression on Whites.

            Especially exposed when the Attorney General of the USA said, and I’m paraphrasing here: “Hate Crime Laws are not for Whites”.

    2. The black dude lost because he does not know boxing….and the white guy is a boxer….
      It does not matter if you are in shape….
      A boxer will get you down very quickly.
      If you don’t have the technique!

    1. yeah, it’s like the multiculture cess pool of different vietnamese, and cambodians, blacks, and latino gang mentality.

      Any groups of whites attacking a non- white would be a hate crime and jesse jackson and al sharpton would be all over it.

  1. This is the only way a white guy is allowed to fight a non white. anyone non white can attack any race in groups and at the worst its deemed gang attack. but make it multiple whites against a non white and its a hate crime. The area i live in this happens all the time

  2. Yup most don’t respect the honor in a one on one. Gangs don’t give a shit. That’s why their in gangs. Then again if u were getting jumped everyday, it might make u want to join a gang. Hard not to feel bad seeing someone put down like that too.especially if u did it! I’ve been on the giving end quite a few times ( all righteous and called for defense!) and every time I felt bad after. Even when I stopped an intruder from entering my house at 3am with a billy club! I don’t think I’m soft, it’s just human nature to feel that way. And if you don’t feel a lil bad for someone totally put down and humiliated, there might something a lil wrong with u!

          1. Hahaha! Proper English, Brokeback you’re killing me!

            You know there have talks about making Ebonic classes in school in CA.

            This confuses the Liberal, on one hand they are taught that blacks are our equals, on the other hand they have been taught that you have to give blacks anything they want…

            I say give black people their own Ebonicz english classes.
            As far as I’m concerned, the further Black people separate themselves from White people, the better!

  3. i would be surprised if there is no part 2 to this thing, monkey got punked and the entire thing is on the internet

    note to monkey: next time you have your slippers on, you better make sure you have a golf club or a baseball bat, and you just slug the white guy with it without warning and when he’s not looking

  4. Nice.
    But you shouldn’t call it white attack and black attack. You can definitely find white people that will act like niggers in that kind of situation.

    It’s not about black or white. It’s about civilized and uncivilized, educated and uneducated. Just think about the fact that if you had been born in a family that raised you to be an uncivilized animal, you’d probably be a nigger right now, regardless of skin colour.

  5. we dont take any of that shit over here , pakis chinkies blacks..they mess about in this area they are out..might even get a warning.. “be out of the area in 12 hours or else” – very few stay the whole 12 hrs , if ya let them walk all ovber ya ur area will end up like some ghetto in the usa..be warned.

    1. i think the black kid was arse raped and had a gut full of spunk…thats why i think he lost the scrap and explains why his pants were pulled down…maybe the other part of this clip will be on a ebony ivory porn site……just a theory!

  6. the white guy knew his stuff,black guy was in trouble with or without shoes on. and he did it with class,no racial insults no stomping on head while he is down, no friends jumping in and he gives the guy an option to fight on or surrender. good shit,i love seeing punks get owned!!!

  7. i think he got what he deserves. i don’t like thieves but i fucking hate racist bitches even more. every time i get on BG and its something about a black person its always the few assholes that hide behind their little computers shelling out the word nigger. i put money on it that they would never say that shit to a black persons face. if you don’t like it fuck you nazi gay ass hitler pig.

  8. One other point ..
    – Black people always try to do a take down before they try to hit them because its obvious they don’t believe in a fair fight and if the get someone on the ground is easier to kick someone when your pants hang around your ankles all day fucking hood rats …

  9. What’s really cool is that most BG people would be equally ready to applaud if the thief had been white and the guy kicking his ass had been black. The truth is that decent types just really don’t like people who fuck up their lives. Most people just want to live their lives unmolested.

    By the way, that white guy was truly admirable. Bravo, man.

  10. Of course, the fact that blacks commit 10 time more crime than whites does tend to skew the figures.

  11. I like this video as much as the one as those two high school kids fighting after school and the Asian kid beat up the white kid. Anyhoo, what kind of dwelling are they in? Barracks? Dorm? What?

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