Woman Attacks Husband’s Secret Lover in Santa Catarina, Brazil

Woman Attacks Husbands Secret Lover in Santa Catarina, Brazil

Santa Catarina is the state in Brazil from where you won’t see many (if any at all) flip flop murder videos or photos. It’s a nice, well developed and safe part of Brazil, thanks to the predominantly white population of mostly European descent.

Still, even in Santa Catarina you’ll find random fuck ups, like the cheater husband and his mistress who gets assaulted by husband’s wife after she caught them engaging in inappropriate congress with each other. The wife had a fighting disadvantage because she was wearing a long dress, but still put on a superior fight. She should have also punched her loser husband in the mug while she was at it. If you can’t be loyal and faithful to you wife, you deserve a horseshoe to the ballsack.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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90 thoughts on “Woman Attacks Husband’s Secret Lover in Santa Catarina, Brazil”

      1. second blowjob would certainly be a good challenge. i usually want to smoke some pot and take a nap afterward one. might take a lot of time or help from the hands on number two. a blowjob with hands isn’t really a blowjob to me, no hands is the way to go ladies.

    1. Never understood women fight each other over a cheater like he’s a prize to be won While the scum watches. Such intense hate for each other like one is better than the other but in reality they’re practically teammates.

    1. absofuckingloutly. The old man should have been getting the brunt of that. I like the idea of a horseshoe to the bollocks, especially if it’s a really good throw from a few feet away bang on target. (yea, I know brokes, meanie)

      1. ewww just imagine, he is with her and doesnt use a condom and then he Returns back to his wife and put the same penis (unwashed maybe ? , who knows) inside of her. are they not afraid of HIV ?

    2. why all the hostility towards the one banging the significant other? the husband is the one who deserves to be confronted. the other lady might not even know he was a married man, ect. if i had a girl who played around on me – my beef would be with her first and foremost. sure, i wouldn’t make friends with the guy but i would certainly ask the question if he knew whether or not she was in a relationship.

  1. Whoever fucks better should get the husband – that works for me.

    I like the fact that the predominantly white population makes this part of Brazil a better place. That also explains why Caucasians rule the world & the inferior population with darker skin

  2. Been there, but never did that. I feel bad for the wife, but her husband isn’t worth fighting over. Let the girlfriend have him. There are good men out there, find one that’s worthy of your trust and respect, instead of living with someone you can’t.

      1. “There are good men out there…”

        Sure… but most broads end up choosing the “bad boy”?case in point, the cheating husband of this vid. Fact is: Most women (if not all) don’t know what the fuck they want in a man.

        1. Ceiron, My ex was a “nice guy”. I would never have even considered marrying him if he was a “bad boy”. Fact is: sometimes, over time, people change. I’m a woman who knows exactly “what the fuck” I want in a man, one who treats me with the same respect, loyalty and love I give him. If that’s too much to ask, then I don’t want him and he doesn’t deserve me. I have enough self respect not to settle for anything less than what I give.

          1. If you knew exactly what you’ve wanted in a man, don’t you think you would’ve stayed with him (your ex) in the first place (he was, as you’ve stated, a “nice guy”)? And, of fuckin’ course, peeps change over time, but I wonder what made you change your mind into considering wedlock with him, hmm? (Don’t have to state your reason(s) if you prefer not to.) Just makes me wonder what you “did” before getting back with your ex…

            Sounds a bit cynical of me to say, but yeah… just sayin’. As with relationships, you have your circumstances, after all.

          2. I think what she is saying is that he was, at one point, a good man. But as time flows, people change, and sometimes not for the better.

            I’m guessing when she met him and fell in love, he was everything she wanted in her partner, and then as time went on, he changed into something different, and became the type of guy that didn’t give her what he used to (Love, Honor, Respect, Loyalty).

            I’ve seen that song and dance. It’s something that keeps me on my guard when it comes to marriage/long-term relationships.

            My current partner (Been with a while now) might be the best thing that happened to me for the first 5 years of our Relationship. Everything I might want in a woman.

            Then she could change and become like (shudder) an Asian version of Kim Kardashian.

            I’d get the fuck outta there asap.

            Which begs a rather more scary and thought provoking question I’ve found myself asking every now and then:

            Can long-term Relationships (marriage and otherwise) ever work? If people change as time goes by, then what’s the point?

            That woman that is faithful, loving and kind the first 5, might be unfaithful, cold, and snarky the next 5.

            If that’s so.. then what’s the next step? Just screw everything? Sow your seed and move on? Not my thing.

          3. You’ve got yourself an East Asian girl, I presume, eh Silenced? Most Asian females, after all, exhibit traits and qualities that are more suitable for long-term relationships. Of course, though, you’ve got your bad apples among Asian females as well (in particular, those who were highly influenced by Western sociocultural norms), but not as much in numbers as, say, the White females of today’s societies.

            “Can long-term Relationships (marriage and otherwise) ever work? If people change as time goes by, then what?s the point?”

            As to your questions there, I found that the older generations showcase more long-term, lifetime and meaningful relationships, as compared to today’s generation (all thanks to various influences such as feminism and whatnot).

            Anyway, kudos to your relationship… I, too, am considering an Asian woman (since most White females, of our generation, are utter shit when it comes to their values, ethics, etc.).

          4. Yea. She’s Chinese. Immigrated here to Canada at the age of 8, moved to my province and city years later from Vancouver.

            And I agree and disagree with you. I used to think it was just young White females that were undesirable for a relationship of commitment and long-term. I had a thing for older women (Though never acted on it, as most are married and I respect that) for a time. How romantic it was. Young guy finds his soulmate in an older woman who’s been unlucky in love. As the years have gone by, and I’ve grown a bit older, I’m starting to become aware of things I wasn’t before.

            Like the plethora of older, married White female teachers banging their students, for a start.

            This harkens back to the ‘people change’ thing. With the younger White females, there is no changing – they start as (largely) undesirable for anything long-term, precisely because of the societies/cultures they have grown up under. However, it’s become apparent to me, the older females are becoming just like the younger females, maybe even worse as most of them are married with children of their own.

            I’ve heard more stories of women in their 40’s and 50’s cheating, having one-night stands, banging locals on vacations etc. than anything else.

            Only question I’ve struggled with is – do these women have something in common? Is this behaviour more common among a specific type of White female (IE: Liberal) or is there nothing at all in common other than they are White?

            And yes, you can see the difference in overtly Westernized Asian females vs the ones who are not. It’s like night and day. I’m not attracted or interested in the former.

            (I’ve also dated Indian women, who I found to be pleasant. Had issues with Religion and family though).

          5. @Ceiron, He didn’t cheat before we got married, that I know of, he cheated after we had been married several years and had a baby together. I forgave him the first time, and the next couple of times, the next time he cheated, I ended our relationship. I am not back with him, I will never be with him again. I never cheated on him, even when I knew he had cheated on me because it would have been wrong, I only wanted him, I loved him with all my heart. I was faithful, he was not.

            @Silenced, Thank you. You guessed correctly. I honestly don’t know if long term relationships and marriage can work these days.
            Some people do make it work for a lifetime together, but both people have to be totally committed to each other and determined to keep it that way. You know how rare that is, these days. After what I went through, I have no desire to get married again and I completely understand your apprehension. I wish you all the best and sincerely hope everything works out for you and your current partner!

          6. @It was me

            Well, that’s nice of you to share your experiences with us?us (decent) men can learn from decent women like yourself as to not make the same mistake(s). (Cheaters will almost always be cheaters.)

  3. The only 2 states in Brazil worth living in are Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul ( colonized by the Germans and Italians)right in the south i lived there for 4 months and it was like europe 40 years ago there is graffiti over the city on bridges , walls and underpasses with “Heil Hitler” the German communities speak a strange German dialect as well as Portuguese I also lived in Parana a state above Santa Catarina but there were too many skinny little apes robbing , murdering etc…. although the women were hot.

  4. If it happens in California, five cops show up, there’s a million dollar lawsuit, everyone cries to their therapist and takes a double dose of klonopin. If it happens in Brazil, they just dust off their knees and get back to business. Notice how the cheer crowd dispersed like leaves in the wind as soon as it was over.

  5. I don’t care how special the dude is. Never ever fight for a man! If he’s willing and able to stick it in someone else, then let him go!

    Here’s a legit question- now that she knows he’s cheated and is cheating, should she stay with him or forgive him and move on like nothing ever happened????

      1. No idea. Lol. I only asked my question because what if her leaving him have her that famous single mom status. Does her situation change anything, or does leaving him and moving on still give her the short end of the stick?!

    1. way I’ve seen it too many times is they make-up then it happens again in a few months and they make-up over and over and over ! like a man that beats his wife but she never leaves . strange but they like it that way ! I don’t get it !!!

    2. I would leave his ass. After i kicked him in the nuts. He cheated once, he’s probably gonna do it again. And girls are the same way. My ex cheated on his wife with me. I had absolutely no idea he was married, and now he’s getting divorced. Even being divorced I’d never be with him again. If he cheated on her with me.. He’s gonna cheat on me too.

        1. Exactly. Their kid was the one that got the bad end of the deal because of his dumb ass dad. That’s who I really feel sorry for. And he admitted he’d do it again because he “had a really bad problem”. Yeah, a bad problem of keeping it in his pants.

          I want a guy to answer this question.

          1. so what is your question ? but first my answer ! I was married to a whore that could not keep her legs closed ! when I finally ended it the bitch said to me ” I thought you would not ever get tired of my shit ” ! I raised our daughter bye my self ! guess what I am now raising a son from another bitch that me and my little man have not heard from in over two years !!! he is 4 now it’s been just me and him since he was just ONE ! it’s not just men , people do not have morels any longer ! imo …

          2. @rungsat- I think women can be just as fucked up if not more than men! It totally can go both ways. I think it’s awesome that you’re such a stand up guy for those kids personally. I just wondered if the lady above would be considered failed if she chose to leave the douche and become a single mom..

          3. @silenced- yes, I guess so, but on here when it’s just assumed, no one really knows and usually places them in the same category. I can agree that it’s not a one size fits all, but let’s be honest,most people just judge before getting to know or even asking what the story behind it is, which is pretty sad. In cases like the above, I think if they had kids and she stayed and he continued to cheat, etc. She’d just be teachingher kids to accept that behaviorwhen they’re in their own relationships. I was just curious how this changedthe view on the subject for people.

          1. @rungsat- not all women are the same. Maybe the majority wouldn’t, but that’s not all women. If I fell in love with a man that had children,I’d accept his babies as my own! Love isn’t something that you can necessarily control- imo. I know many women who help raise other women’s children and love them as their own. I know I could and would. If you love someone, you love everything that comes with them, at least in my eyes. It’s a package deal..

          2. your too sweet juicy ! no she is not a failure ! and I would give her more respect than if she stayed in which case I would give her none !

          3. sorry !!! I was not trying to be a dick it’s just dads are given so much shit and never dead-beat mothers … and yes I know you are a good mom I’ve plenty of your posts . sorry again !

          4. @rung That’s definitely not true with all women. I’ve been talking to a guy that I met before he deployed and he told me at the very beginning that his ex is pregnant with his kid. That didn’t turn me away from him. If the man is a great guy and the woman a great woman.. Either one having kids wouldn’t change a thing.

            @Juicy Honestly, I think the whole “all single mothers are failures” is bullshit. Just like anything else. Some are amazing strong mothers that work their asses off and raise amazing kids. Then there’s bad ones that just don’t care. All single mothers should not be grouped into one “you failed” category. But that’s just me.

        2. @Juicy I don’t begrudge any woman leaving a toxic relationship (Cheating, Abuse both mental and physical, abandonment both mental and physical etc.) and raising her children on her own. In most cases, staying in a broken home like that will do nothing but damage the kids.

          I envision myself, the husband, staying with my wife, knowing she’s cheating on me, for the ‘kids’. I also know I’d grow to hate and despise myself. I’d hate and be disgusted of her. I wouldn’t touch her in any shape or form. No hugging, kissing, shoulder rubs etc. I wouldn’t stomach being able to sleep in the same room with her, let alone the same bed.

          And I know my children would pick-up on that, and it might influence them in the future. “This is normal. My parents were like this.” type of thing.

          So I don’t begrudge single-mothers being made single-mothers from something outside their sphere of influence (Husband/Partner dies, Cheats, Leaves etc.). This is what I call a ‘Forced Single-Mother’.

          It’s the other ones I have an issue with. Knocked up because they had a one-night stand. Knocked up by some random dude they met at a nightclub. Single-Mother because she cheated and took her kids from the father when he left her etc.

          It’s the selfish, narcissistic, histrionic, vain, vapid, entitled, etc. single-mothers I have an issue with. But I have an issue with them even without kids, so 😛

          1. @silenced,
            sometimes you try to do everything to make a relationship work. When I first my son’s father I spent ages looking at his friends, how they responded to him, his family. I wanted to make sure he was a good man, he would be a good father and partner. He lied about everything and turned out to be an abusive shit , I had to bring my son up on my own without a penny from him. My son is a fine young man, good decent and honest. The toughest thing was teaching him to be a man, i’m a women I don’t what it is to be a man but I had to teach him to be a man. I was successful and my son has never given me a moments trouble. He’s streetwise, he had to learn to be that way but it never ruined him or made him like them.

    3. I think there are two kinds of affairs that one can have. There is emotional or sexual. I think if I found out that my husband and an emotional connection with another women I’d be more hurt. If it was just a one night thing I could forgive a lot easier. Maybe that’s because I’ve been married over 10years and have been together for 15 years. When kids are involved you can’t make heat of the moment choices.
      Either way he’d still get a slap across the face !

      1. Are you saying that a man can only love his wife and nobody else? I have more women friends than guys friends and I love them all. I have strong emotional connection to them all, else what is the point of being friends with them?

        I never signed a paper saying that I could only love my wife an nobody else. My love does not belong to one person only. It is possible to love one than one person for sure. However, although I love them all, I guess only my wife has access to my tools.

        1. I don’t mean a friendship kind of love . I too have a lot of male and female friends that I love and have very strong emotional relations with so does my husband! However those relationships are like a love for a brother or sister . I’m talking about an emotional relationship that you have with a partner (that’s includes sex). Big difference to a friendship!

        2. I think she means “falling in love” with someone else. I think emotional affairs are way worse than sexual affairs too. You can possibly forgive someone for screwing someone else, but falling in love with someone else.. How would you forgive that?

          1. Falling in love with another person is a lot harder to forgive. I understand that people can fall out of love with one another but ended with dignity so both parties can move on with a bit of class and grace, rather fucking up the persons mind

        3. Haha, if I told my partner I loved other women, she’d flay me alive.

          Lucky for her I’m a relationship guru and know all about boundaries, emotional cheating, slippery slopes and all that.

  6. Thanks for saying good things about my state. I’m a huge fan of the website.. but I don’t like when you say anti-racial stuff 🙁

    I think you have many points!!
    But you need to remember that we are all humans.. we have feelings…

    it is ALL ABOUT THE WAY THAT WE WERE RAISED! And when we reinforce this hate, it all turns into a snow ball… and it’s going to grow until we stop it.

    I’m very proud of my german ascendents – with their hard work they built this state! but I’m also proud about my indigenous background!

    I think that black people from ->> USA <<- have been acting in a way that is encouraging that hate… But you know why? Because we threated them like shit before.. and their great/great parents taught them to be TOUGH… but in some point of the history that toughtness turned into stupidity. We ALL need to change the way we think

    1. Unbelievable. The proof is in the budding. Very little difference between the Blacks in the States the Blacks in Canada, the Blacks in Europe.

      Only difference is, the States has more of ’em, so the problems they bring are far, far more noticeable.

      But it’s not exactly invisible in England, inside London. Or in Canada, inside Toronto.

      Look at Countries on the American continent (And Caribbean) with large African demographics. Or without large White demographics.

      It’s nature, not nurture. Has been proven through history. We all started at the same points. Actually, if you believe the “We all came from Africa and the Blacks” nonsense, then some had a head-start. Yet some advanced far, far faster than others.

    1. I am brazilian
      some small towns in southern brazil with population of european origin are quite safe
      in large cities and the rest of the country safety and civility levels are falling thanks to socialist anti american political

  7. I just cant figure out why the spouse always goes after the other woman /man…..They ought to be super gluing there ball sacks to there anus while they sleep. At least thats what I would do……

  8. Why fight the other woman when it’s your mans fault he cheated? Shit if that ever happened to me, I’d tell the girl and team up with her to publicly embarrass the bastard with a nice ole’ kick in the balls.

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