Woman Shoved Onto Subway Tracks, Russian Street Justice Follows

Woman Shoved Onto Subway Tracks, Russian Street Justice Follows

CCTV video from a subway train station in Russia shows three people talking. All of a sudden, the middle aged chap shoves the woman onto the tracks. Her male companion doesn’t know what to do first – whether to rescue the Damsel in Distress or to beat the old man up for what he had done. He tries to catch the woman, but was too late and quickly turns his attention to the old man to deliver proper Russian street justice onto his mug.

At the same time, a random commuter who is seen on the platform at the far end notices what had happened and charges after the attacker. You don’t fuck with Russians. They’re short tempered and inherently violent. The old man who pushed the woman looks drunk – which wouldn’t be too odd given that the video is from Russia.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. it kind of looked like that but again if he ran that fast it must be to get his hands on the guy. i was really hoping they would drag him back in front of the camera and show street justice, too bad

    1. Kudos to you Mark for fixing the posting error. For the first time in a long while the comment posted immediately without the timeout and bg experinced a generic error message. Thanks and no I did not whine about it 🙂

  1. That old bastard’s head was up against the glass-enclosure-thingy when that punch landed. That prevented his head from snapping back and taking some of the force out of that blow. He must have gotten his bell majorly-rung! Damn lucky he didn’t get KTFO. :S

  2. If you watch what he does right after he pushes her you can tell he knows he fucked up big time…right away he leans up against the wall like oh shit I’m in trouble lol, I just hope the dude running caught up to him quick and commenced to beat the living shit out of him till the other guy could come take over, pathetic old fuck.

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