Xiao San Stripped Naked and Humiliated in Public by Women in China

Xiao San Stripped Naked and Humiliated in Public by Women in China

In Chinese language, Xiao San is a woman who gets involved with men she knows are married. In other words, Xiao San is a destroyer of families because she uses the fact that she’s younger and prettier than the average wife to mess with the minds of married men to trick them into being unfaithful. In many cases, Xiao San are gold diggers and with Chinese economy booming, there seems to be a growing number of them popping up all over the place.

Needless to say, Xiao San are not very popular among true Chinese women who view family as an unshakeable establishment and as such would not allow feminism to destroy their values. So when a Xiao San is identified, they take it out on them big time. In this video, the women stripped Xiao San naked and humiliated her in the street in front of everyone. The scarlet woman is held completely naked as her abductors attempt to forcibly spread her legs. A policeman shows up but doesn’t seem too eager to put a swift end to it.

Videos like this piss me off so bad. Why don’t I ever stumble across a scene like that? I’d land a helping hand without asking to make sure those legs spread open wide. Life’s not fair:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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58 thoughts on “Xiao San Stripped Naked and Humiliated in Public by Women in China”

  1. ‘Younger and prettier than the average wife’? Her body looks like a sack of potatoes to me. Whats disturbing is the little girl, her daughter? She’s clearly distressed looking to the official who pays no attention.

    1. @wicked mama it’s funny you know how every time the wife of the guy sleeping with a lady catches them in the act but instead of the lady beating the shit out of the guy she beats the shit out of the lady O_O what would you do if this happened to you ..?

      1. @misfit,
        I never take it out on the woman, well only once and I felt really bad about it . It’s the man who’s been cheating and lying to me, not some random women who’s probably being lied to herself.

        1. @wicked mama what those Chinese are doing is way off line especially in front of the little girl why didn’t they just confront the lady like the *educated* Asians they are but no to me they still look like a bunch of short yellow savages -.-

  2. this fucker took forever to get out of the car then hides behind it while recording… really? couldn’t see much but she has a pancake butt… && men are not “tricked” by home wreckers… many would just fuck anything with an entry hole…

    1. An entry hole? Chicks also have an “exit hole” located conveniently right behind the primary fun hole. Why should a guy limit himself to one orifice? The female body is an amusement park ripe for the riding.

    2. Spoken like a bitter, single mother who has a hate on for men. Just because you associate with shit kickers doesn’t mean every man is an unfaithful pig who will “fuck anything with an entry hole.”

      If what you said was true then even more blame falls on the homewreckers. They know what they’re doing is wrong and can destroy a family but keep pursuing a married man because of their need to have something that is valuable to another person and according to you men will fuck anything. Sounds like taking advantage of men if that’s what you actually believe.

          1. You have a long life ahead of you, things will work out they always do. For now, love your kids & life and fuck the rest and their SHIT TALK. All the best sweetheart. 🙂

        1. Guys back the hell off of @mentmc,None of you know what she’s been through or how tough it is to be a single Mom, especially a Mom with a young baby.She may have every right to be “bitter” about what she’s been through.
          It takes time to heal such deep wounds!!!Give her some space without jumping on her every time she post!!! Please!

    3. @mentmc people’s opinions are funny because the single moms I know left because they weren’t going to put up with less than they deserve and didn’t need a man to take care of them, this isn’t the 1950’s. I feel sorry for the women who have to stay with abusive or cheating men because they are not mentally or financially strong enough. A dick between your legs does not make you king of the castle, treating your family with respect does. I had to laugh at the tricking married men its hysterical, everyone is responsible for their own actions

      1. @misfit yea i started early lol… i was the type that wanted the love, family, & to settle down already.
        @kamar idk why people judge on single moms… not that i got to explain but i didn’t choose to be a single mom. the guy left. i do not get some peoples… oh wells

        1. That’s classic…you talk about men fucking anything with an entry hole, then go on to say that you don’t understand why people “judge on” single moms? Judge not, lest ye be judged…or something like that.

          The only problem I have with chicks who end up as single moms is that they very often put themselves in that position with their eyes wide open, then expect everyone to sympathize with them when they’re kicked to the curb by the “man” they foolishly chose to let fuck them. Some of the guys these dumbasses hook up with wave red flags like a matador, but they spread their legs for them nonetheless.

          Go out and find a guy who’s going to college or has a decent job, treats you respectfully, and hasn’t fucked half the female populace. Your chances of becoming a single mom will plummet.

          1. i did not come to this site looking for sympathy or friends. idk why dumb fucks got to criticize every little word that’s posted. guess you must be better…
            && please do not suggest what i need to do. im not a child. i’ve been with my son’s day since i was 16. thats almost 5 yrs of mi but do i got to defend myself against these dumb fucks? no. so stop already.

          2. My apologies, mentmc, for not writing more clearly. While the first paragraph of my response was, indeed, directed @ you (the part about judging and being judged), the rest was a generalization about single mothers that may not pertain to you. I find the name-calling of specific individuals–especially on the internet–to be pointless, so I don’t get into that.

            In a nutshell, I’m saying that about 90% of the women I’ve known who became single mothers got into that situation because they got involved with a guy who was a complete douchebag (and, more often than not, everyone who knew the guy in question told them as much), so they might do better if they’d lose the rose-colored glasses for a while and choose with their brain as well as their heart.

        2. My mother was a single mother because my dad died so even if you have a good man you may find yourself as a single mom. What matters is that your a good parent, their are plenty of kids with two parents at home who aren’t worth shit so don’t listen to anyone’s bullshit. I like this site but a lot of times it turns into female bashing which leads me to believe the man has a small penis and cannot satisfy a woman so instead hates them or just can’t get a female to sleep with them because they have absolutely nothing going for themselves in life rendering them completely unatractive to the opposite sex and don’t have enough money to pay a hooker to pretend that a woman would actually spread her legs for him

      2. @mentmc much respect ^_^ my mom well lets say she was a teen mom too she had my sister when she was 15 I got to learn alot of things from her mostly the bullshit but she’s still a strong women keep your head up someday you’ll find a guy that will love you and won’t treat you like shit take good care of your boy, educate him too this world is full of shit don’t let him live like I did I got to see alot of bullshit when I was growing up. /:

  3. Would I be considered sick if I were to say that I found the idea of a group of women forcibly removing the clothes of an unwilling woman quite arousing and that had there been some lesbian action as well I might have had to evoke gods wrath by committing an act tantamount to self abuse, ransacking my dignity in the process.

    1. I’ve never understood the interest of lesbians to sleep together, they only have holes so that must be fucking boring, call me crazy but watching a lesbian action disgusts me, so unnatural, so smooth, not even a single hair

  4. Chinese people are heartless, seriously. Why the hell is no one comforting the poor little girl??Whatever’s going on is not her fault but she’s absolutely traumatised. Then again, what else would you expect from a country where people willingly walk past a dying 2 yr old that’s been run over, twice.

  5. ppl could say what they want about china’s way of dealing with females, but their economy is very strong and they didn’t go through no fucking recession. They still have very strong family values as oppose to the western world.

    this same shit happened to my family when i was younger, so fuck that fucking Xiao San slut…they should fucking cut her head off like in the middle east and kick it down the street.

  6. Gold diggers are depreciating assets, after 30 years old their depreciation accelerates. It doesn’t make good business sense to buy a gold digger (marriage). Its better to lease her (dating) add a lot of miles on her. Before her beauty begins to fade and you hit the pike you must sell, sell, sell. And that kids is called the Pump and Dump. We need Gold diggers , its a form of polished form of prostitution, and we all know prostitution has the best job security ever. The world revolves around the vulva, dont know why we are just wired like that.

  7. If I start schooling there and see this. happening, I would lend a helping hand to the victim. This is just stupid why beat up and disgrace the girl instead of your lying,cheating and lustful husband!! or better still evaluate what the mistress is doing that you have stopped doing to get back you husband.

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