Yellow Man of Aleppo Beaten and Humiliated by FSA

Yellow Man of Aleppo Beaten and Humiliated by FSA

The worst thing about FSA torturing and murdering Syrian civilians is that each of us who live in a ZOG controlled society is indirectly supporting it. It’s my and your tax money that is being sent to the terrorists massacring the innocents in Syria. ZOG must go! When every single Zionist and their puppets hang by their necks from trees, atrocities like what we’re seeing take place in Syria will stop.

The “Yellow Man” has been a local celebrity in war slapped city of Aleppo since the beginning of the Zio sponsored terror in Syria. He’s figured that during these grim and dark times, brightening the streets with all yellow puts smiles on people’s faces. And so he made himself a bit of fool by promenading himself in the streets wearing nothing but yellow colored clothes. But then FSA terrorists came and seized power in Aleppo.

It didn’t take them long to abduct the Yellow Man and – as one would expext – humiliate him. The Yellow Man offered no resistance to the abuse FSA put him through and answered every question with just what they wanted to hear. Syrians know darn well what happens to those who cross the path of the terrorists. Dancing to their tune and taking the abuse without a wink was the only way for the Yellow Man to not get executed on the spot. There is no knowing what happened to him after the video was filmed.

As we have seen, the purpose of the ZOG sponsored mercenaries in Syria is simple – “torture, maim and exterminate Syrians, gain control of power so ZOG can install their own puppet as the leader” – kind of like they did in Bahrain and Yemen.

Unsurprisingly, Jew owned YouTube promotes videos produced by FSA propaganda team in which civilians they slaughtered are claimed to have been killed by “indiscriminate shelling” by Bashar’s thugs, yet when the video clearly shows who the real thugs are, JewTube is fast to delete it.

Props to Best Gore member xxXmisfitsXxxfor the video. Thank you, Canadian government for taking my tax money and sending it to these degenerates:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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38 thoughts on “Yellow Man of Aleppo Beaten and Humiliated by FSA”

  1. to make a siesta in public during these subhuman hordes hang around on the streets, isn’t a really smart idea, isn’t it. either he was retard or he was to good-natured to figure out what will happen to him. i say R.I.P. in advance to YM. await a “head off” video in the forthcoming days.

  2. That is so messed up picking on that poor guy, but I couldn’t help but laugh at the “Give me your mustache punk!” line. Hahaha… Even in these troubled times of war, these animals find humor in any ol’ thing.

    By the way, does the Yellow Man happen to have a mischievous pet monkey named… I don’t know… Curious…Muhammad?

  3. Poor fucker, those assholes sound like grade two bullies, if there is a hell, I’m certain there will be a special spot reserved for these bastards. The yellow dude wasn’t doing anything wrong, o well, at least they didn’t cut his head off…

  4. The FSA, aka the Muslim Brotherhood, just like the Africans, are loved by the Zionists because they bring disorder where ever they go.

    They cannot ever create a balanced social structure and constantly kill one another for tribal dominance, this makes them very easy to control.

    The Zionists always play the game of divide and conquer before they sweep in to take control, it is the best way to weaken your opponents and the more simple they are the easier it is to manipulate them.

    If it was merely confined to acts of violence and murder in their own countries I would not care one bit however these people also live amongst us all thanks to uncontrolled immigration brought in by our bought and paid for leaders therefore our socialites are now being polluted by this crap.

    Say what you will about the Assad regime, the Gaddafi and Saddam regime and the soon to be Iran regime but they all did their jobs well in one respect, they kept the Muslim Brotherhood form gaining power because these fuckers are truly insane.

    However the lack of the Muslim Brotherhood also meant the lack of disorder and therefore the lack of excuses for the Zionists and their puppets to invade and take control of these countries.

    The end result is a cheap supply of oil, opium and minerals that the Zionists control and that we the people still pay the same very high rates for, the only winners are the very rich who will boost their profit margins many times over.

    That in a nutshell is the world we live in, profit at the expensive of everything else, profit before humanity and profit before life.

    Life is not priceless, it comes with a price tag and a sell by date.

    1. I could dish out every bit of torture they have and then someand my pulse wouldn’t get over 60! I Hate these fucking people! If I was forced to choose between killing an animal or these cunts wouldn’t be a choice to me.Our world is way past the point of redemption. Will not be a whole lot longer and just like everything else we will finally see our permanent demise. Damage has been done long ago. So the cancer is spreading rapidly and no way to stop it.

      1. I love watching videos where the FSA get smashed to pieces by a mortar or when one of these clowns gets shot in the head by a sniper. I always end up with a huge smile on my face. I fucking hate the FSA and all the other Islamist faggots that terrorize innocent people in Syria and everywhere else in the Middle East. They’re a bunch of fucking shriveled-dick pedophiles that need to be exterminated like the cockroaches they are.

        1. They already got him. That’s why your eggs are late… He was actually on his way to you with the eg
          gs in hs basket, but the US military gave the FSA an intelligence report identifying the eggs as hand grenades so they took him out using armoured cars supplied by my government (UK).

          But there’s a happy ending as the FSA salvaged the eggs and placed them in the food ration stores.

    1. Yellow man has roamed the streets of Alleppo since thirty years, and never had a problem, everyone loved him, he was a local joke. Syria was a calm and nice country before zionists and NATO-backed islamists and lowlifes began destroying it.

    1. Not all Muslims. I dated a Muslim girl years ago. She was from turkey and just the sweetest person. The ones your referring to grew up in war and that’s all they know. If you grew up in those conditions you’d be doing the same kind of stuff they do because you’d be programmed for it like they are. It’s no excuse and I’m not disagreeing with you but you can’t really blame something for being what it is. Just be glad you don’t live anywhere near there. Unless you do in which case I’m sorry man.

  5. Really guys? This dude is trying to do something positive, albeit retarded, but still…. Better than the rest fo those savage snackbars…..

    (Side note, I’ve been lurking for awhile and my registration finally went through, and I’;m drunk, so…. I will not necessarily always side with the man in yellow.)

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