Young White Man Kidnapped by Four Blacks, Torture Livestreamed

Young White Man Kidnapped by Four Blacks, Torture Livestreamed

In Chicago, Illinois, USA, four blacks kidnapped a special needs white teenager, taped his mouth shut, and streamed 30 minutes of his torture live on Facebook. However, according to Chicago PD, the torture went on for about 5 hours.

The video shows the terrified young man crouching in a corner, cowering with his back to the wall, as the blacks shout obscenities like Fuck white people, or Fuck Donald Trump.

The young man has not been identified by name, but is said to be 18 year old from Crystal Lake, northwest of Chicago. He was reportedly wandering the streets in distress when he was kidnapped.

A sickening black woman films the abuse, as two black men slash the sleeves of the victim’s shirt, punch him, slap him, stomping on his head and cut his hair and scalp with a knife. The victim is seen bleeding from these wounds later in the video.

Chicago authorities stated that the four blacks have been taken into custody, and all reportedly admitted that they beat him, kicked him, made him drink toilet water, and slashed him with a knife.

Chicago Area North Detectives Commander Kevin Duffin said the perpetrators were charged with hate crimes due to the victim’s diminished mental capacity, and the racial slurs uttered by the attackers.

The Cook County State’s Attorney said felony criminal charges have been filed against Jordan Hill, Tesfaye Cooper and Brittany Covington and Tanishia Covington. The first three are 18 year olds, the last one is 24. The women are sisters. Jordan Hill is from Carpentersville, the other two from Chicago.

In addition to the hate crime charges, additional counts of aggravated kidnapping, aggravated battery and aggravated unlawful restraint have reportedly been filed against some of the aggressors.

Here’s the relevant part of the video of Facebook Live torture:

Some pics:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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283 thoughts on “Young White Man Kidnapped by Four Blacks, Torture Livestreamed”

      1. The news said that the parent of the handicapped young man dropped the boy off at a restaurant…were he happened to run into a schoolmate that turned out to be the negro punk with dreads. The handicapped boy made the mistake of being talked into leaving the restaurant with these kids whom he thought were his friends he just happened to bump into while there eating… After these 4 got him into the car they gagged him and tied him up…and drove over 50 miles away in a stolen van to an abandoned building which they live streamed the torture of this poor kid… The police need to lock all 4 of these pieces of shit up for hate crimes, of kidnapping, torture, attempted murder..etc…etc What kind of sick fucks kidnap and torture a retarded kid…fucked up… Where is that joke ass Racist group Black Lives Matter at now…to defend these 4 dindonuffins..?! They’ll be lucky if they only get 30-40 years each… ALL WHITE PEOPLE NEED TO STAND UP AND SPREAD THIS VIDEO AND OUTRAGE TO GET THESE 4 WORTHLESS PEOPLE LIFE…cause everyone damn well if the rolls would be reversed ..they’d be outraged, riots, looting, burning neighborhoods down..etc

          1. STFU these dumbasses in the video are making your race look bad ARE YOU STILL SALTY ABOUT THE BLACK LIVES MATTER SHIT BITCH XD, “taste of your own medicine” I’m not even white but I still know that’s not right(rhyme not intended) this is a special needs kid and you think this is ok? Just STFU and take a seat boi and think about how stupid you guys can be.

          2. @thedynasty YOU are a fucking idiot! You think its ok for these clowns to disrespect our race by committing racial crimes against others? A helpless person who naively placed his trust in people he thought were his friends? How do you believe this is ok on ANY LEVEL? And I bet YOU would be the first to holler racism and BLM if the roles were reversed wouldnt you? HYPOCRITE! You shame us with your ignorance, and if I were in front of you’d slap tha shit outta you for even saying some silly shit like that. You think this will help the image of blacks or make actually that much harder for blacks to walk around with our heads held high? Shit like this is what STARTS race wars. And if the shit jumped off, first thing you would do is run. Get the fuck outta here clown.

          3. @ip-config

            I may dislike blacks in general but I respect you if nothing else because you adhere to your own sense of right and wrong regardless of the racial standpoint.

            That said, do you not think that if black men of such calibre actually stuck by their own black women and gave birth to black children of equal character that this concurrent racial disparity would dissipate just a little?

            Black men/women who make it in the first world tend to almost always take a white trophy partner which means they inevitably always breed themselves out as well because their mixed children almost certainly choose a white partner also and the whiter they get the whiter they date and procreate, etc.

            It would seem then by any rational viewpoint that blacks in general are their own worst enemies because they hate/breed themselves out and those blacks who stick by each other tend to perpetuate their own misery via acceptance of criminality.

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          5. I am not White, but seriously, Whites gave so much to Blacks in America, but these Blacks are fucking no better than chimps. You are a typical negro sub human asswipe here.

          6. @ip-config I do have a problem with thug gangbangers. But I know WAY too many nice, normal, good black people to hate every black person. My hometown down South has a black mayor and he’d help anybody he could. He’s the kind of guy that’ll give you gas money and not consider it a loan – usually to white people. Lol This is a redneck Mississippi town and they respect that man. Because he’s not a caricature, he’s a person and they know him. When you get to KNOW anybody and like them, their race does disappear. But I admit I think that there are black people and there are niggers. That may offend and I’m sorry, that’s what I feel.

          7. @Empty Soul I’m not sure why you are so concerned with who I chose to pro create with lol. If you respect me then let it go. We have been through this before. My choice of a partner had nothing to do with her skin color. I have dated many different races including black women. There were very qualified black women whom I chose not to marry because I wasn’t mature enough at the time and knew it. I got married to the person I chose because of certain characteristics I look for in ANY woman, and the fact that I was finally mature enough to live up to my responsibilities. And you forget, I am already mixed. I don’t need to show my pride in race by going out and finding the darkest skinned black woman I can and then marrying her. Because if you want to get technical, I am both black AND white. So what should I go for then? Only another mixed race person? I’m just a simple guy trying to be happy and leave the world a little better place than when I was born into it. I am not breeding myself out. And the idea that most successful blacks marry only white women is a myth anyway. I have seen many successful black men married to black women. There is no epidemic of successful black men marrying white women. Only 7 percent of married black men are married to white women. 86 percent of married black men are married to black women. 4 percent Hispanic, and 3 percent other races.

            All this race stuff gets people way too hyped in the first place. Take this attack here. As horrible as it is, and as much as I hate that it happened, this boy did not die. He is alive and presumably safe at home with his parents and the ones responsible are in jail. But what about another incident that happened not long ago? When Dylann Roof walked into a historic black chruch and murdered 9 innocent people, where was the outrage on best gore? A clear, self labeled racist who, with malice aforethought, entered that church and gunned down all those people for NOTHING. He didn’t even kill those he was truly wanting to target. You know why? Because he is a self admitted COWARD as well. He said he didn’t want to confront anyone who would be likely to shoot back like a gang banger. So he choose the meekest people he could find. What a fucking joke. It was reported on here yes, but I read nowhere near the vitriol and contempt for him as what I read here for these idiots. Are we to be fair in condemning people for their actions or not? Because that’s what the argument for hatred of blacks is right? “Im not really racist, I just judge by what people DO.” Or “Blacks mistake RACISM for OBSERVATION”.” Clearly there this a double standard here. And when people stop worrying so much about race, and more about true observation of actions then race becomes almost negligible. Race has nothing to do with crime, it’s all about character.

          8. @empty soul I would also like to add a couple of things. Here is a story about a white teen who along with his friends sodomized a mentally challenged black teen and is walking free of prison time as well as not being required to register as a sex offender for life.

            John R.K. Howard plead guilty Friday to one felony count of injury to a child after leading two football teammates to help him carry out a a violent sexual attack on a black teammate with mental disabilities. The attack was race related as the defendant made racist remarks during the act.

            The attack occurred on Oct. 23, 2015, when Howard and Tanner Ward, along with a third juvenile student, pretended to offer the victim a hug, then held him down and sodomized him with a coat hanger. KTVB reports “a third attacker then kicked the coat hanger several times, forcing it farther into the victim’s body and causing rectal injuries that required treatment at a hospital.”


            Where is the outrage here? These crimes are very similar. Yet this white kid gets to walk free. I guarantee you that these black kids will go to prison for a very long time after what they did to this kid. And rightly so. Yet we see a very different standard when a white kid is convicted of a similar crime yet gets to walk free. Continue on to college as if nothing ever happened.

            Second, my wife dated a white guy before she and I were married. Her previous white boyfriend physically and emotionally abused her. He was a piece of trash. Do you think it’s better for her to be with a person who abuses her or someone who actually respects her, protects her, and makes her happy? Her self esteem is important to me. Her happiness is important to me. She is my life and I intend to be with her till the day I die.

          9. @ip-config

            I will stop getting on your back about this from now on because like you say you are mixed and therefore don’t fall into either category however the reason why I take such an hard and emotionally charged stance when it comes to this argument is because black men dating and marrying white women is an epidemic in my country, the UK, and it has caused many social and economic problems as a result.

            The problem is that no other race wants black women in my country(as evidenced by the extremely low black female interracial relationship statistics) and that is why the number of single black mothers are at epidemic levels as well here and this causes many issues from welfare dependency and abuse on the mothers part to neglected fatherless black children that tend to become lawless and fall into gangs and criminality which of course causes many social problems as the cycle just gets perpetuated because many of those black children grow up to do the same as their parents did.

            The above only serves to further cement into the minds of every other race living over here that black people are irresponsible, uneducated and criminal because whereas they themselves stick by their own race(whether it be the Pakistanis, the Indians, the Chinese etc) and they work hard to gain advantage for their own particular group they see that the blacks do not and it creates a gap between them and human nature being what it is they fill in that gap with narratives of their own as to why the blacks cannot be accepted, a narrative they will create partly based on facts but also helped along with a portion of irrationality as well.

            The above is also why a lot of non-black people view the killing of blacks as being not a problem because they have distanced themselves from black people so much for so long that they have dehumanised them in the process. It’s the same way some rich people care nothing for poor people and their suffering because of the gulf between them and why hardly anyone cares about the suffering of strangers in some far reached country they have never visited.

            It is my opinion then that black people need to become like every other race if they wish to close that distance, not by mixing blood with those races but by taking an equally selfish, almost supremacist type stance when it comes to the betterment of themselves and their racial background. It’s what the whites do, it’s what the Chinese, Japanese, Indians and Pakistanis do, it’s what everyone does and it is also what they judge other races on as well.

            It’s not nice, it’s not pretty but it is human nature. Like I said though I will get off your back from now on because I am feeling rather ashamed of my own callousness and am not exactly Mr perfect either what with my own alcohol addiction issues and such which doesn’t really give me the moral platform to judge others in the first place.

            I will still no doubt make racist comments on here in future though, albeit not directed at you personally anymore, because I am a drunk and I am what experience has made me however just ignore them as you always have done.

          10. @Empty Soul Lots to digest there. One thing to keep in mind. And you may not want to accept this but it is true. In many ways the government is directly responsible for the breakdown of black families. Now I am only speaking from experience from an American standpoint. During the last say 40 to 50 years or so the drug epidemic has ruined black families. Prior to this time period, black families were in tact. Mostly poor but in tact. But there were times that the government deliberately flooded drugs into black communities (during the Hoover era) in an effort to directly undermine black families and keep blacks in general from empowering their communities and themselves. Programs like “Co-Intel-Pro” were designed by organizations like the FBI under Hoover. Now if you remember, this was at the time of the Civil Rights movement. Hoover saw black empowerment as a national security threat. He targeted black organizations like the Black Panther Party which was an organization similar to what you mentioned that blacks should have in your response earlier. The goal of Co-Intel-Pro and similar programs was to wreak havoc in poor black areas in order to keep blacks from developing any type of legit power base and destabilize black neighborhoods. It’s a verified fact that these things took place. Along with the so called “War On Drugs”, the government passed laws that made the types of drugs the FBI/DEA flooded into black communities punishable by harsh, long term mandatory minimum sentences.

            Come forward to today. The long term effects of actions like these have directly contributed to the high rate of fatherless black families. Many of those arrested spent upwards of 10, 20, 30, 40 years in prison. That and the lack of resources available upon release tend to create a revolving door effect where those people end up institutionalized and never are able to make it in society. And while these men are in prison, the women are raising these kids by themselves. Only a man can teach a boy how to be a man. These rudderless kids look at whats around them and see no hope. The only role models they see are drug dealers and pimps. They have no guidance or structure. Their idea of being a man and getting an education is being as ruthless and rough as possible on the streets, and going to prison for their “Advanced” degree in criminal behavior. And the women become resentful. While those boys are growing up, all they hear from their mom is how their dad was no good. And with so few real examples of good male role models, it’s no wonder why they chose to live the thug life. White families are vastly different. Even though the divorce rate is 50 percent, the father is typically at least in some way involved in their lives and not incarcerated in some other way absent.

            Look at “Black Wall Street”. June 1, 1921, Black Wall Street was a group of successful black entrepreneurs who owned successful businesses in Tulsa Oklahoma. Whites became so jealous of them that they literally destroyed the whole section of the city that housed this black business district. In one night 3000 blacks were dead and over 600 successful businesses were lost. Among these were 21 churches, 21 restaurants, 30 grocery stores and two movie theaters, plus a hospital, a bank, a post office, libraries, schools, law offices, a half-dozen private airplanes and even a bus system. The Klan along with white city officials and sympathizers destroyed what could have been a very good start for blacks in America. Left alone who knows what those enterprises could have turned out like not just for blacks but for everyone?

            The point is this. Yes, everyone has a choice in the end to either commit crimes or live a straight life. But don’t be so quick to condemn black people for all the ills of society. Blacks have historically had it very hard in America. It’s easy for someone on the outside to look in and judge us and say “Hey, I did it, why can’t they?” That is until they have to actually walk that walk. Then things become very different. It has only been 50 some odd years since the Civil Rights Act was passed and blacks were given rights equal to whites. An even shorter time since the law and the community at large has allowed blacks to participate as full members of society. It will take a long time for blacks to catch up. But we will weed out the bad seeds among us. And eventually purge those from our ranks who hold us back. It may take another 50 years but it will happen. Social Darwinism. The weak will die off and the strong among us will prosper. We are not animals. We are human beings with the same hopes and desires you have. And if we are allowed to get our shit together without outside influences undermining us, we will succeed.

          11. @emptysoul By the way, I hope you are able to get a handle on your addiction. My wifes sister was a raging Alcoholic. In the end, it killed her. She died at age 43 from breast and brain cancer. But the reason her cancer went untreated was because of her alcoholism. It alienated her from all of us. Even her father and her mother. We literally watched her take her last breath in the hospital. It was very sad. She also had a son. I don’t wish that kind of suffering on anyone. I hope you will find a way to control whatever triggers your addiction so that you don’t end up dying before your time. Good luck!

          12. Wow!! What these 4 black people did it is sad to say as a Black American, but it was really some nigger shit!!! But in my book any ignorant, vile, taunting, disgusting, hate filled, no humanity having, piece of shit like this white, black, or brown is an ignorant nigger.. All this does is give more white ignorant niggers more reason to voice it’s okay to hate all black people . I don’t hate all wHite people for what white ignorant niggers do. I just learn the difference between the two. But very sad and disgusting..

          13. We own you so shut your mouth loser. You are still our slaves doing the shit we don’t want to do ourselves. Don’t worry we will continue to do much worse to you.

        1. Why would I ever sink down to these baboons level and cause more problems? There are pieces of shit in every color, race,nationality you would think bestgore of all places would’ve shown a bit of light on that.

          1. @ip-config no time to read all your excuses and blame game garbage…just a few quick facts for u that I’m sure u already know but choose to ignore! 1. For every negro a white person kills, NIGGERS murder 27 white people, that’s 27/01 odds, but still your people cry that they’re the victims. Out of all violent crimes between niggs and white people blacks are the predators 85-90% of the time, but they’re still the victims, u know because slavery made them the monsters that they are, because they are poor and the crimes they committed only took place because the government made them dependent, but rape is not a monetary crime…so why do niggers rape at 2-3 times the rate of ALL other races??? And before u say I wouldn’t call a spade a spade to their face i wanna let u know i do and I have, because i was raised in a ghetto(Opa-Locka, Fl) and even though my mother taught me not to be racist, the niggers I lived and went to school with taught me different

          2. @joedirt9 Ah a true testament of the single mother epidemic in the US. Nice way to be a stereotype. Boo fucking hoo, I was raised in the ghetto, and got my ass kicked at school. Pffft The fact that you didn’t even read what I posted shows that you have no idea what I was talking about. I make no excuses for poor behavior by anyone. I’ve been here a long time and those that actually read what I have to say know that good and well.

            Also, you can take those fake ass stats and stick em up your lily white ass. Either post stats with actual proof or kick rocks because only pieces of shit like you buy it. White people have been raping and killing blacks on a monumental level in this country. No amount of black on white crime can compare. NONE. Whites rape whole continents, murder by the millions both in the past and right fucking now. Those puny, made up stats are a pitiful way to justify your anger at blacks, clown. So fuck YOUR excuses and blame game garbage. So you were raised in a ghetto. Blame your single mother for that kid, not my problem. Sounds like thats the place you need to place the blame on HER instead of everyone else. Fuck outta here with that bullshit. Clown.

        2. I’m not even white… but I fully understand and agree.. these fucking bitch ass dumb ass uhhhgggggg….. this weak ass shit !!!! them dumb ass bitches and stupid ass niggas…. they make us blacks look like shit! who are these idiots parents! I pray my son’s don’t ever go through this kind of trauma!! if I was the mother of this poor boy… I would be out for blood….. when the get locked up they gona be beaten raped and some more….. what goes around comes around…. God looks after babies and the lame… ect they will feel his revenge !!!! I will be praying for this poor boy and his famliy …. this is so sad I couldn’t even watch it….

          1. hahaha…you sound like me. I dont consider myself as black…but i know there are Black people and then there are Niggers…No One likes niggers.
            These people just make our skin color look bad. What did that poor boy ever do to them? they attack him because of Trump?? In my opinion, they are just lil bitches…they cant get to Trump so they attack that innocent soul…they are all “bad ass” in the video…but did you see the mug shots? came out EXACTLY how i thought it would…with them looking somber and apologetic. UGHHHH…idiots.

        3. These ducking scumbags are deplorable and may they rot in hell after rotting in their prison cells! Anyone see CNN trying to downplay the situation (2 black people) pretty much brushing it aside and painting these monkeys as victims. I’m not racist btw i have black friends and Asian friends (kind of have to in the UK to have any sort of social life these days but besides the point) but an animal is an animal. Also loving the debate below between empty and ip I miss this shit it was one of the reasons why I keep coming back here although it’s been about a year since I have. Also great to have you back Mark (bit belated but hey) nice to know your back in the free world mate and forever thanks for destroying my rose tinted specks peace!

      2. I can’t wait for these viruses to be wiped out and posted here, what’d you expect from a bunch of NASA’s; scumbag cunts at their worst. I hope they suffer far worse in the joint and then some, then they’d know fear truly is. Of course, you have cuck shill puppet Don Lemmon running his mouth.bad training, really? Naturally, as with race-baiting cunts it doesn’t surprise me in the least. That fucking sheboon should be first, what a bunch of stupid fucks.

      3. Don’t know if this was already stated or not as I really do not want to pour over 258 posts BUT:
        One of the men was a former student/friend of the white kid as they knew each other from school.
        They ran into each other at a Burger King or something like that, for what ever reason got him and his parents thinking of a sleepover LAN party type thing.
        Got him into a stolen van and drove him to Chicago (30 minutes away) to a 24yr female friend.
        They tried to extort money from his parents and SENT them the video clips and shit over FB and CELL PHONES!!(FUCKING MORONS!!!)
        The beatings went on till a neighbor in the complex complained and threatened to call the police, which to prove how fucking thuggish they were decided to stop beating the guy and go to the next door APT who was complaining and kick HER door down and began to beat her, which is how the white kid escaped.

        The cops found him shirtless in boxers and flipflops (can’t make this shit up I fuckin swear to God!) and so fucked up he was unable to speak, he just cried and yelled.

        These four fuckin morons will all be charged with a hate crime, along with a whole slew of other charges.
        It was all over trying to get money, being ‘Gangsta’ or what the fuck ever…
        You’re not a ‘Master Criminal’ you’re just a bunch of fucking morons along with every other fuckwad in prison who is serving life for pulling something this stupid with out thinking…

        If people are going to celebrate the ‘Thug’ culture (which by the way is one of THE MOST UNEDUCATED cultures to fuckin emulate) try and pull shit that wont land you in prison for life a few hours later. You can quote Scarface till you’re still brown in the face and you still wont be smart enough to build a criminal empire.


    1. The craziest part about this situation is that a lot of NIGGERS and white apologists will find some way to blame their actions on slavery and the predators will claim that they only did this because the “whiteboy” called them NIGGERS!

        1. I was born and raised in Shreveport La. I was called a nigger my whole life, sometimes as an insult and sometimes not. I am not black but I am not racist. Slaves were called niggers and white people were slaves as well as blacks. Fact is, if you were poor, you were a nigger. These fucking ignorant pieces of shit should be hung and tortured…..fucking niggers.

      1. “Can’t watch the whole thing due to naggers.
        They sound like a group of chimpanzees.
        And that isn’t a racist comment.
        Can’t understand what that broad is screaming.
        In that dreadful nagger voice of hers.”

        1. My white dad fucked a black women producing me ive lived among white people i talk like you im as smart as the lot you yet i witnessed unspeakable racism trough my life comin from white hillbillie trash like you wich represent like 90%Of white people and you voted trump you want a war? Youre gonna get it thats what gonna happen bitch your not at the top… your government is. you are but sheep and cattle and your kind i think deserve a big fucking slap in the face for being so close minded go fuck yourselves

          One day all race will understand that most of the hate and wars was caused by the white and they will get their revenge

      2. Most of the video is her reading incoming comments on the livestream so she has cam on herself. You can hear things being shouted to the boy in the background. You don’t see it but they hit him and one yells “hit him again.” Then they scream at him to stand up and I guess he’s too scared. They start telling him that they are going to shoot him.

          1. @Hindustan It shows a quick segment where they use a knife to cut his hair. They accidently nick his scalp and it bleeds a little. The exposed scalp is a very small section – maybe an inch x inch or so. (sorry, for not using metrics) Anyway, I actually believe the cut was accidental but then they start laughing about it and think it’s funny. If there is segment where a larger section of scalp is cut, I missed it.

      1. No, they should be profiled for there’s a truth to it. I see that everywhere, be here on Brazil or the negroes that infested Europe, they usually come to you with that fake smile, offering to ”help” with your shopping bags or to give you that ”friendship bracelet” or ”just to talk”, just to change their posture and extort (by intimidation) or rob you. Plus, they are lazy and don’t pursue any sort of intellectual activity and just roam around all day, let alone the lack of respect and self-entitled attitude they have. I have lost my patience for these niggers, not all negroes are like this, but there are many which fit the profile…

      2. The thing is is that people wouldn’t profile them if they were like the 5 or 10% of the blacks that actually do good for themselves, work instead of steal, are kind to others and don’t act like a nigger, and are productive members of society instead of leaching on it and causing havoc to it.

      3. No blacks shouldn’t be profiled off of what a few of us do. Same as whites shouldn’t be profiled for what a few of them do like blowing up buildings or mass shootings or serial killings or whatever. Nobody should be profiled for their race or what they wear. Nor should they be profiled because anyone has a particular fear of others. I despise what these clowns did. There are millions of decent, hard working black folk who hate these hoodlums running around dragging our names through the mud, giving people reasons to hate us. Life is hard enough without that kind of pressure. I understand the anger but be angry at those who do this shit, not at the ones who dont.

        1. Would be great if they’d not judge all of us, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately a lot of people get too much out of a kick out of being racist.

          I just knew the comment section on this would be a shit show. These four check almost every stereotype perfectly. And in some ways, I suppose we can’t really blame the racists because hoodrats like this are entirely too common. It’s like black people consciously developed this shitty, low-class cultural identity in order to distinguish themselves entirely from whites. Witnessed a lot of it personally growing up in the ‘ghetto’. Civility, subtlety, honour, sophistication – nope, fuck that! That shit’s for whitey. Be brash and loud and pissed at the world.

          You cant even blame this shit on poverty anymore because even the poorest blacks in the US have access to reasonable opportunities for self-improvement. They’ve got no idea how fucked the rest of us living in the third world are.

          These fuckers deserve whatever’s thrown at them.

    2. Wow. OMG. !! so much compassion in bestgore comments..? Wonder, now where is the bestgore viewer’s racist taunting comments ? when shit hits home every one here is numb …LOL
      let me start now ”die you white pussy pig nigger !! jjahahha hoohaha”

    3. Wow. OMG. !! so much compassion in bestgore comments..? Wonder, now where is the bestgore viewer’s racist taunting comments ? when shit hits home every one here is numb …LOL
      let me start now ”die you white pussy pig nigger !! jjahahha hahaha” .

    4. I’m so glad the cops didn’t shoot and kill these monsters because I’m so tired of hearing how they kids were so good and did nothing wrong & didn’t deserve to die. This is just more proof of how stupid alot of these thugs are to film it and not try to cover their face. I did not see this story on news. I also didn’t hear our President Obama Say they look like they could be my daughter or kids. Especially the girl smoking either blunt or cigar because I have saw video of his daughter smoking pot and raising her skirt twurking or whatever that stripper dance move is called.

    5. See now dummies? You voted trump you voted racial war you american cant think for yourself you obey bunch of fuckin white sheep i knew you were all still racist just faking not to be you make me puke

      1. CGI Leia at the end ruined it. After handing her the plans, they didn’t have to show her face and end it right there. But I was impressed by Mads Mikkelsen’s and Donnie Yen’s performance….

    1. Like blacks don’t do the exact same things you’re claiming whites do. Every time something comes up about a black person being hurt by a white, I have to hear ignorant comments about black ancestors being my ancestors slave, and slavery this and slavery that. It’s bullshit. BOTH of the races are jam packed with racist, ignorant people who think they are better than the next culture!

    2. I know I shouldn’t give you the attention you crave, but niggers in the US of, make the majority of every category of crime, except DUIs…it’s a fact, you can check..I’m pretty sure the same goes for any/every other place on the planet

      1. Indeed retards / mongoloids shouldnt even be born.
        Run a test when your early in your pregnancy, and when you find out that you have a mailfunctioning child in you… please abort it.

        Its best for you / your family / the mongoloid itself / and its a damn drain on wellfare / healthcare. They contribute nothing. Look at any other living creature on the planet, a retarded / mongoloid / defective newborn wont last a week! Thats the way nature works. But noooo us humans must keep them alive….

        1. I’ve said this for years, I work down the street from a mentally ill persons facility and I get them in all the time fucking around with customers holding up lines asking for change, I wish I could physically kick their asses out but I can’t so I have to deal with it… and pay for it too.

    3. You mean like blacks blame all white people for slavery?
      I haven’t encountered a single black individual that doesn’t blame the entire white race for slavery in some way.
      What’s good for the goose and all that.

    1. Yeah ummmmm I wonder what’s going to happen now when a bunch of white folks grab some black kid and torture the shit out of him then let him go… Do you think the shit is going to jump off then ??? Only they won’t be stupid enough to film themselves and put their faces on there and get their stupid asses busted in the process….. stupid nigger stupid nigger stupid nigger stupid nigger stupid nigger stupid nigger

      1. @ howefrank saying stupid nigger is a bit repetitive. Not you repeating the phrase over and over. If you even said it once, like “stupid nigger”. That in and of itself is repetitive. It’s kind of like saying, Look a wooden tree! take care 🙂

      1. @thenevit Chris This is what I think and of course, people would call me racist. But honestly, we know the black people causing trouble. Honestly, you can point them out visually. The hoodrats, thugs, gangsters. We all know those are the trouble. When I see a black person working the grocery store or bank or wherever they’re working an honest day’s work, I don’t have a problem with them at all. It’s the damn ghettos and welfare housing projects that need to be cleared the hell out. My opinion.

          1. @haydolf_hittler I was scrolling through the comments waiting for your reply. Every inferior race has fuckin pride but white pride is racist. WE are the superior only dominant race. We can’t just stop being superb so they do nigger shit. Pathetic.White is superpower. The only superpower now and in the past and future. What’s a worse plague isis or niggerz? Cuz we know they are both terrorists

          2. @haydolf_hittler I agree, that’s why I think ghettos should be fire-bombed or something. But I just can’t hate all black people. One of my best gf’s, if not THE best, is black. She’s classy, owns her own home, has a Masters in English so she does not talk “black”, she refuses to date black men. I joke with her that she’s white on the inside. She acts so “white.” lol She married a white man and they were very happy. I almost cannot see her as black.

  1. These 4 people don’t stand for anything. Proven by their blatant disregard for another person, especially one who is weaker than them by mental illness/handicap which can encompass anything from a mild to a severe deficit. Then to have the audacity to livestream on fuckbook – I’d say they made their intentions and message very clear. Whatever ill will they harbor against white people or whoever is pure hatred and racism within themselves. They only wanted an excuse to justify their actions as appropriate because, as it’s been spin cycled everyday throughout media, black lives matter. No matter what they do, black lives matter.

    A crime of opportunity at its finest.

      1. Flare – I have an opinion. Having seen a lot of natural blondes in my family, I think she is a natural blonde but a little bit darker blonde than current pic. Her other pic is a natural blonde. It think this may be a pic from summer and it’s lightened from sun. Her roots look natural blonde. I thinks she’s natural with sun highlights or maybe some bleach but she’s still a real blonde. yay! I know you like those natural blondes 🙂

  2. Trump should send black people to Kenya or those Africa countries. Okay, that was a joke, maybe dreadful one but as a non USA citizen /ı dont have any negro friend also/ I just dont understand black society on America, their ancestor were slaves and how can one be ok with that, knowing that your grandfathers were working on tobacco fields which they delivered by ships chain on their necks. Again I am not racist, ıts just ı need answers how black people deal with that? specially nowyears.

  3. Again I reiterate …all lives matter… fuck whatever else you say… all lives matter, that’s it. End of sentence……. now let’s talk about the difference between black folks and niggers… There’s a lot of good black folks and that’s all good no problem …So the difference is that Nigger is ignorant on purpose… look at the word ignorant, ignorant means that you know and don’t care… in the act of being ignoring of the facts whatever they may be …there’s a big difference between stupid and ignorant , stupid can be fixed with education …you can’t fix ignorance that’s what makes a nigger any color

  4. If a bunch of White teens did this to a black autistic man. There would be a second Chicago fire. Hell every Liberal city in America would burn to the ground. They would be out stopping cars and killing whitey. They would be looting every store they could. All hell would break lose and we would have a race war. However I believe that is what the powers that be want. They want a reason to declare fucking martial law. Still those four black teens are ugly!!!

    1. Hey guys…Long time reader, but I had to make an account to chime in on this. This is totally disgusting and subhuman behavior, but its nothing compared to what several black men and 1 black woman did to a young couple in Knoxville Tennessee USA. I know there are so many crimes of a similar nature we will never know about, but the case of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom I’ll never forget.
      It happened almost tens years ago to the day. Channon Christian and Chris Newsom were car jacked, kidnapped, both raped and violated sexually in every way possible. When they were done with Chris, they threw him on the railroad tracks and burned his body. They continued raping Channon then poured bleach all over her, down her throat, and inside her so to try and kill any evidence. They then stuffed her body in a trash can while she was still alive and she suffocated. All we’re found guilty, I think one or 2 got the death penalty, but this was not classified a hate crime. There was no media acknowledgment aside from local media, until a caller into the Glen Beck show told him about it several years later, but still no major media coverage. Then it was found the presiding judge was on drugs and a huge scandal erupted around him (Judge Baumgartner), and those foul beasts were given new trials. Even then, MSM could’ve cared less.
      I don’t understand how when crimes like these occur that it’s almost never a hate crime when it’s black on white crime, but were roles reversed then it “must be a hate crime”, and as others have said cities would burn.
      I’ve been a reader for several years, but never thought to see if BG had a post about this crime. If not, may I recommend looking into it. Also wanted to thank everyone that contributes with posts and comments. I’ve always enjoyed everyone’s insight and humor. Also, thank you to those who keep this site going and for all the work you do. Thank you Mark!

      1. Perhaps it is more difficult for African Americans to pass a test of “hate crime” because it is the rule rather than exception for lowlifes like this. If we determined more prolifically that blacks are guilty of hating whites and prosecuted respectively. There would be too few left to serve you fast food, work at the dollar store and to generate the crime that keeps lawyer’s, judge’s and cop’s pay and pensions flowing?

  5. So ….. if nobody does anything over this and there’s no retribution between white folks doing nothing or white folks being smart enough to take the upper hand ARE we’re being stupid ,scared, soft , or smarter ?????… only monkeys throw their feces and destroy their own cages

  6. Fucking animals. I hope they get 30-40 years apiece. Poor disabled dude was just trying to be friends (he attended school with one of those creeps.) He was probably taught by the school and his parents about multiculturalism, see where that got him. I’m disabled myself. But, I have a Taurus .308 and a concealed permit. Some yard ape approches me thinking a crippled dude is an easy target, that will be one dead nigger.

    1. 30-40 years is not enough in my opinion. If I were a presiding judge over this case, I would struggle to accept ever releasing them. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for the further destruction these people are clearly capable of and pleased to do. These suspects are young. Being capable of such hate and malice so early in life indicates a probability that no good will ever be the result of their efforts. They are seeds sewn to hate and poisonous tree cannot someday bear good fruit. I would sentence 60 years a piece or some number of years that ensured they were physically much less capable of violence upon release.

  7. I don’t get how two people can be from the same family and be so different. The one sister with the phone is a piece of shit. Meanwhile, her little sister commented on the livestream that this “was not funny”. Then commented that the group was “going to go to jail”. Maybe they weren’t raised in same home or have different dads. But I’m glad the little sister we didn’t see gave a damn and publically shamed her idiot sister and friends.

    1. @dethbyplaster Thats because she had a lick of common sense. Contrary to common belief, most blacks understand right and wrong. These four included. But they chose to ignore reason and abandon logic. They chose to allow mob thinking to rule their actions and the result is shamefully, this. Those of us decent black folks despise these clowns in our communities. We hate them with a passion. They don’t just do this shit to poor handicapped white kids, they do this to their own as well. I never understood in all my days why blacks fight each other the way they do. If they could just channel that energy into something positive, the continent of Africa would be a Superpower. But as it stands, we have a bunch of idiots with no home training running around terrorizing the rest of us. I hate Trump but who knows, maybe he will send the National Guard in with orders to kill some of these vermin who hold the rest of us back.

      1. @IPconfig Despite my opinion on blacks, we can say that the media has much to blame for this. If you turn any video clips channel you’ll see all those niggers with the same posture as those above have, and many criminals who talk like primitive bastards and use cursing words. They always show them with all the ”bling” and girls. Now, it has a profound effect, as these are seen as successful people. There are white kids in Europe and here in Brazil who absorb these concepts and emulate them, let alone black themselves. Now, I don’t know why the media chose to tap so much into these stereotypes, do they have agendas and use the black community for it being the most vulnerable (and this extends beyond the media realm), are them degenerates of a bad character, are they simply offering a product people will buy. I don’t think the latter can account for all of this, and that the others play a part also (so they add fuel to the fire, so to speak). I am not even gonna enter into the constant bombarding of propaganda spit out by Hollywood, this one being even more powerful than the music industry…

    2. I’m the second born of 5.
      The first and the youngest they cAme out with almost no pigmentation in their skin while me And the other two Are a bit darker.
      One thing I noticed while growing up and still to this day is that my older sister always felt and feels lots of pride in her skin. She loves her skin being Aryan toned and she would never go under the sun for too long and she would exhibit a feeling of superiority to the rest of the family.

      I have lots of friends from Guerrero And a few from Acapulco. One friend in pArticular everybody calls him Negro because he’s dark like A negro. Negro is a funny dude so most of the time he’s being funny or over sarcastically, and you could tell right away by his tone.
      One time me and a friend went over to Negros house and he’s always drinking but never drunk but this time he was actually drunk and he started talking all types of shit like the way he reAlly felt about stuff. He called his wife a whale cause she’s fat, and amongst the many things he said he sAid something I will never forget,
      he told us….If I could hAve asked God the way I wanted My life to be in order to hAve had a perfect life I would have told God to have mAde me a little less dArker, everything in my life is perfect even my fAt wife is perfect.
      I love my everything xept for my skin I’m meAN look at me I would have been perfect if I wAsn’t too dark…

      So As I grew older seen the wAY people are I came to the conclusion that its something natural about white people feeling superior to darker people and Negro people feeling inferior to white people.
      there is nothing that anyone can do about that.

      I do believe that God is of blonde nature and so are His angels but I also believe that God created Negros and I believe that we’re all creation of God regardless of race or ethnicity.

      I believe that we’re all equal.
      Exept for niggers that is. And when I sAy niggers I don’t mean niggers as in black people in general.
      To me you could be black and not be a nigger.
      To me a nigger is a real racists, a guetto uneducated person. One that talks like a nigger (like beyonce)
      one that cliques up with other niggers and goes around doing nigger shit.
      One thAt cant go on talking A full sentence without sAying the word nigga.
      One that gets offended if they hear someone else other than a nigger saying the word negro or nigga
      Those are not like me, those negros are not my equal.
      And I don’t hate them I just don’t like them and I don’t wAnt anything to do with them.
      I’m not racist, I do have very few African American associates but they dont behave like niggers.

      I Have never felt less Or more thAn anyone nor have felt anyone being more than me. I guess having an Aryan narcissist sister (full blood) and growing up with her and having a dark-skinned MexicAn friend allowed me to see that its not a race thing but more like a personal thing when it comes to skin color.

  8. Fuckin disgraceful excuse for human beings. I’ve been on this website for over four years, rarely miss out but won’t and don’t want to watch a special needs kid being terrorised.
    I hope they all get lifed off, knowing US sentences…

  9. Dirty ass fucking niggers won’t be laughing when they’re in prison for the max for this shit. I don’t understand why the procedures can’t be changed so that you get the same punishment that you dished out in the first place. Just at the end of this one, tie a noose around their necks and let em hang. Now that would be justice. Hope their POS parents are proud of the way they raised their thug wannabe worthless loser kids. Despicable.

    1. Honestly….. It would surprise me if they get much of any punishment… Obama or Trump. These black skin beast, missing link niggers rule the world…. The worlds standard operating procedure is to cuddle the niggers…. I remember in Hurricane Katrina…. The 101st airborne was in black hawks for a search and rescue Mission… those niggers started shooting at the choppers!!! The commanders didn’t know what to do… It’s just nigger…. It’s all that can be said.

        1. I got my news from soldiers on fort Campbell that was on that mission. Talked to them personally… I served with a few of them… I’m guessing your kind ( niggers, from the looks of you) wanted to jump at the chance to steal and create a beneficial situation out of Katrina… Rescue workers wasn’t going to help them any. Niggers love crisis…. While everyone else helps or dies… Nigger loot and riot lol… Never knew it was on foxnews but in guessing you watch those nigger loving networks… MSNBC? Lol

          1. @6Sixstringsoldier Gets corrected and when can’t come with a credible source resorts in personal attacks. More like S6stringsucker. Very intelligent. Who’s the Nigger? The shit didn’t happen. Period. I don’t give a shit what lying pos clowns you served with. That shits been debunked long ago. But if you want to look a fool by repeating it then go right ahead, expose yourself for being a dumbass lol.

        2. Yes it did happen. I was there with our dept.carrying out search and rescue. And it was something I hope none of you guys will ever witness first hand. Images seen on news was only “clean” in comparison. When you start seeing the uncensored. I still refuse to talk about what all I witnessed there.

  10. To anyone living with these feral beasts, this video comes as no surprise. You’ll note that there is no reference to this outrage in the New York Times and little to no reference in any other major news outlet.

    The only place you see such outrages is on ‘alternative’ sites such as B/G or others. The question becomes when will the Left’s Pet Niggers’ behaviors become so outrageous that the Leftist/Globalist lies can no longer cover for them

    Thanks, B/G for showing the truth.

  11. oh okay, so let me ask this nigger something. what has donald trump done that is worse than what you punks do? who is more violent? who goes and kidnaps people and scalps them. oh shit, oh wait, that is you. i would love to take a hot knive and cut them into a thousand pieces, bit by bit. who gives a fuck if someone voted for trump, i hope one day people will start retaliating against hood rats and actually teach them a thing or two not to fuck with whites. they’re lucky they don’t have to really worry about white people, we’re nice, they’re not. this game is gonna end with their heads on stakes by the end of america.

  12. Idc what others say or what white racist America does…. All I know is i wish niggers would disappear from earth. They have never brung anything to the world except problems. We genetically bred them for work and the gift later on, helped them in athletics…. But I mean…. Do you think through out history… Almost every race and culture has looked at niggers as inferior, was a mistake?????. A black beast comparable to a mule or gorilla.. Until PC liberals started going insane about it so monkey man would vote them into office. ” we will support you with everything you want… Just vote us in, niggers” black culture destroys everything it touches. Look at any city.. The south as well… If it was up to blacks… The west would look like Africa…. An aids infested, shit hole.

      1. How did we let them run free and wild when slavery was abolished?? Back to where you came from, all niggerz. We fucked that one up now it’s a disease that has no cure. That served their purpose to my ancestors that were too busy needed some monkey help, when the help wasn’t needed why did these fuckin big lips stick around just to bitch about the white man. Go home, all nigs.


    1. you are one sad dirty monkey cunt and sometimes i would see admin leaving comments about your input to this site and think you may be one of the ok groids but after that you can go and get necklaced for stealing a teabag or whatever you niggers do in africa to get lynched you are just as worthless as the coons in the video who attacked a disabled kid. i bet you are fat and stink like fuck and wear a shitty fucking hat with flowers and wobble side to side as you sing ‘christian’ songs you are vile.

      1. Me singing those fucking Christians songs, nope! Am not a brainwashed nigger like other faggots we live with. Am an Independent minded person and what I post here are personal thoughts on a particular topic.

        If you don’t like my thoughts, go hang by your balls!

    2. What happened in SA is no justification for criminal behavior. Bad is bad. We have here 4 very bad human beings. They could CHOOSE to get a higher education and a career or to be animals. They chose to be animals. They are nonproductive and antisocial. They are yet another example of blacks who live up to the stereotype perpetuated by racists, that blacks are violent and of low intelligence.
      In the USA, a black person can have a high standing in society. All the you need is to not make excuses for themselves and work hard. In SA, the ANC has roles for almost 23 years. Any black who blames apartheid for their problems is full of Kak. Whether a black is American or South African, the common practice is to blame personal failure or incarceration on “slavery” or “apartheid”. Blacks should look at how their attitudes and actions failed themselves rather sick han blaming past injustice. The sooner they take responsibility for their lives, the sooner they’ll stop being backward and a detrement to their society.

      1. Sorry to inform you, but the Bantus originated in central African. They migrated to Southern Africa and displaced the San and Kwai people (Bushmen). The whites began coming to the Cape around the same time.

        Blacks love to blame their issues on whites. Most ethnicities have been enslaved at one time or the other. Many have come to America with nothing and built good lives. Blacks CAN succeed if they want to. Sadly, they have a culture of self pity and laziness. The Chinese work day and night. Their kids RARELY end up in jail or shot by cops. The same can’t be said about blacks. Blacks need to stop blaming Honky do their problems.

  14. Fuckin niggers, we should’ve deported them after the civil war. They’ve done nothing but destroy this country. The wrong side won the war, our founding fathers would be rolling in their graves if they could see what this country has become !!

  15. And niggers wonder why white people rule the world. We can’t have monkeys running around doing shit like this. Send all the niggers back to the jungle with their famiy. Why don’t they pick on someone who isn’t disabled, they would get their asses kicked. Pussies. Fucking ugly chinky niggers. This isn’t planet of the apes. Where they raised by a trashy cunt of a mother? Probly on welfare and drugs. They look like my shit when i took a dump this morning hahaha

  16. Fuck all you white pieces of trash I’m glad this happen you inbred fucks finally got a taste of your own medicine. White pride pussies think America is thiers lmao don’t make me laugh. White men and women come on here to rent cause in reality your scared of the black man but don’t worry you’ll all have mixed grandchildren one day

    1. Sadly…. This is right…. From birth we are drilled that racism is wrong and blacks deserve the entire planet. Since we used them like the farm equipment they are, white thrash whores want black men. They should be shot honestly but eventually nothing but brown abominations will be everywhere just like it is now….. Even Obama’s nasty whore mom screwed a African beast…. Beastality at its finest description. PC police has manipulated this stupid country so much that white fucktard kids think it’s cool to be black…..

    2. My children and grandchild are “mixed”. I love them all. It’s not color that makes a person inferior, it the attitudes the person espouses. The 4 people who participated in torture and broadcasted a portion of their crime are truly inferior humans. They are non productive despite being able bodied and if at least average intelligence. Rather than working and contributing to society, they choose to commit a horrible crime. There is no excuse for kidnapping and torturing a disabled person. Full stop. Rather than “black lives matter”, how about a “no more excuses” movement…No more excuses for black underachievement and criminality. It’s so easy to blame bad behavior and failure on others (society, racists, slavery) and so hard to blame yourself.

    3. so you are going against proud black guys like mohammed ali who said blacks should breed with blacks and whites with whites. niggers hate theirselves so want little half breeds everywhere, niggers are proud when they have half breeds, whites find it demeaning and disgusting. thats the difference …. niggers want half breeds cos it raises their gene pool, whites arent keen cos it lowers them. haha have you noticed all niggers are keen on mixing !! this is because they know they hate theirselves. you can see with brazil what happens to a mongrel nation.

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