Group of Men Killed by Iraqi Soldiers

Group of Men Killed by Iraqi Soldiers

Group of Men Killed by Iraqi Soldiers

This video is from Iraq and it is Iraqi soldiers and officers that are seen abusing the slain men post mortem. Not much more is clear about the circumstances that lead to the deaths or who these men were.

I suppose when one talks about the Iraqi soldiers, he means puppet enforcers put in the position by chief puppet politician who was put in power after destabilization of country’s security with operation Zionist Destruction of Iraq, I mean… Iraqi Freedom.

Props to Best Gore member DerSteppenwolf for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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39 thoughts on “Group of Men Killed by Iraqi Soldiers”

  1. I don’t understand what they were saying, but they clearly seemed angry.The guy in the blue shirt with white stripes wasn’t dead. He lifted his head up at the worst possible time, while he was being filmed, before resuming his possum impersonation.

        1. What kind of question is this ?..
          Whenever I contribute with a video here I try to translate what I heard, and this video had a really bad audio quality.

          If you don’t mind, tell me in which second did you hear those informations and write it in arabic if you it will be easier for you.

          1. I am Iraqi myself. I understand every bit of the video. I make it shorter for you by telling you this is a video of a gang of snitches being caught. The one in blue is a road cleaner were he was caught filming the cops. The video you see is a shorter version of many videos.

          2. I asked you to tell me what did you hear in this video, not giving me informations you heard from other presumed videos.

            Or maybe you want me to ask some iraqi friends to verify ?

            Iraqi dialect is not that hard to understand , I heard some “khallih ykamel” “sawwer”.. other than that I couldn’t hear clear words, so I ask you for a second time , in which second did you hear the snitch part .

          3. I speak Arabic too (Lebanese dialect); I didn’t hear anything about snitches or informants, but then again the audio quality is so incredibly garbled.

  2. Agree with Mark about the puppet government over there. Sadly, in this administration, or under Saddam, people in Iraq live in fear of these kinds of atrocities. I am afraid that Syria will follow suit.

    I am no sheep. I do not believe all of the bad things I hear about Saddam or Asad. But I have seen enough video from Iraq pre and post Desert Storm to know Saddam was no angel. I feel the same for Asad. It’s almost as if they must be a feared tyrant in order to keep order in a middle eastn country. Way too many unemployed, angry young men who are easily frenzied into a cause or rebellion. And this is starting to become the reality in the western wold as well.

  3. I am back from Kerkuk yesterday to a safer city now, now I have another scar ( stab 3 cms till lung) at my back for a couple of dollars 🙂 I would give him gladly if he asked for, anyway now I am ok, wish there would be a section where we can share our photo shots.

      1. Thanks mate, but there is no section for such sharings on the board and I dont want to change my avtr to show off a small sish kebap hole 🙂 no worries this is one of the smallest scar on my body, god still stands by me 🙂 thanks for your concern about me.

        1. You just submit the pictures and a brief story about what happened to Mark. Other members do. I’m glad God stood by you! I wouldn’t think much of myself as a woman, if I didn’t have concern for others. 🙂 Stay safe, Joe!

  4. Thanks to the U.S. invading Iraq the word Freedom has been turned into a concept to be feared.

    Here on the home front, it’s just a word that gets used to cheese things up. Thanks to all of our post-9/11 Walmart Patriotism. You know, people walking around wearing the American flag as clothing like shirts, and hats. The bald eagle is usually somewhere to be found on these rags Hecho en Mexico, too.

    The use of the word Freedom should be put on the back burner for a little bit…

  5. Thanks for this video. Havent seen or heard much from Iraq lately so I’m not quite sure where they fit in at that moment. I don’t study the news as much as my other BG brethren.
    i’m just happy I got to see a bloody war-torn mess and I didn’t hear a single fucking snakbar! 🙂

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