Muslim Insurgent Blows Himself Up Firing Mortars

Muslim Insurgent Blows Himself Up Firing Mortars

This is an old gore classic from somewhere in Iraq. A Muslim insurgent is firing mortars and doing reasonably well, but then there’s an explosion and the insurgent is no more. Everybody says that he blew himself up with his own misfired mortar, but that last projectile was put in correctly so I was wondering whether anybody else suspects that maybe he didn’t blow himself up, but took an incoming projectile himself?

Thanks Nicole for the video:

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80 thoughts on “Muslim Insurgent Blows Himself Up Firing Mortars

  1. He got overly excited about making a boom boom and prematurely armed one of the mortars. Really how many times do you have to bomb the same spot?

  2. I forgot where I read this but the guy was actually targeted by a mortar from US base. They used a type of radar that pinpoints where the projectile is coming from. If you listen real close you can actually hear the US mortar being fired. They also had a special on Future Weapons about the technology of pinpointing mortar teams.

    • yes that is correct, iam unsure of the name of the devise they use but after 1-2 morters they are able to detect the place it was fired from and send one back within seconds.
      i guess they dont have good documentrys in iraq… oh well 😛

    • There’s 2 possible scenarios. 1. is you’re right and he was hit by an enemy mortar, just coincidentally at the same time he fired his. 2. The shell just had a bad primer and exploded by itself. BUT if you look at the way it exploded it doesn’t look like it was an accident. I think you might be right.

  3. I wonder if the black mask stayed on his head after the explosion.
    Anyway, I bet he didn’t expect that to happen:) Boom! Out go the lights.

  4. This guy got blown up from the opposition’s mortar. Nearly marking his ass pocket thats what parts flew first he has no assend remaining. Look for yourself a few times to see a nice little firecracker that actually “pops” behind him. Betcha that stung

  5. Yes that was one very marked spot the x got alot bigger after each of his lobs. Looks like moving between each lob variable distances is VERY important in his neighborhood. We can just view his volley as a countdown to infinity and beyond:) Three,,,,Two,,,,One,,,,silence.
    It only hurt forever.

  6. what a dickless fuckhead “who care’s where these things land… my friends house, my mosque, a school… wait a sec i hate those things check that a madrasahs its cool as long as i praise god over and over while i do it!!!

  7. He was pushing his firing which caused the tube to heat which made the walls of the tube expand and stopped the projectile (mortar) the jolt from the 420 mph. Mortar caused the impact primer to strike and kaaabooom!!! P.s. I watched a haji do this in Iraq.

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